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Chapter 688 - Coming and Going

Chen Guo knew who they were talking about. She had interacted with and learnt from Deception, so she knew he was very skilled. Of course, Chen Guo welcomed skilled players, so when she heard that he was online, she quickly logged onto her account to take the load off Ye Xiu.  

“Where are you all? Chen Guo asked as she hastily turned on two more computers. She was planning to log on and unload the goods of the three characters at once. She knew that the movement speed was crucial when dealing with Deception. Every time these three went out for scrap picking, their movement speed would always be hugely affected by their heavy inventories, which wouldn’t be enough to deal with Deception. 

“Unload mine first, then unload those two. Opening three computers at once…… it’s not like you can use Shadow Dance.” Ye Xiu said.  

Chen Guo ignored him as she quickly logged onto Chasing Haze and rushed to Lord Grim’s position and traded away everything on Lord Grim. 

“Alright, I’ll leave first.” Ye Xiu said before running off. Lord Grim’s features were no longer unbalanced. After these past several days of fruitful labor, he naturally had high-end equipments he could use instead, even if Ye Xiu didn't change his principle of prioritising the equipment’s stats over the physical appearance. However, his random matching of clothing was more civilised this time and it didn’t look as absurd and ridiculous as before.

After asking Loulan Slash about Deception’s current whereabouts, Ye Xiu was a little gloomy. Judging from the information he received from the allied guilds, the direction Deception was sprinting towards might be the teleport formation . Once he teleported, who would know which city he would head towards? Furthermore, there was still a distance between Lord Grim’s current position and the teleport formation. It would be impossible rush there and kill Deception before he teleported, no matter what method he used.

“Can you send someone to stall him?” Ye Xiu asked the four guild leaders.

“About this, I’m afraid we won’t make it in time……” The four guild leaders had also determined Deception’s direction judging from the reports they were given. They wouldn’t be able to arrange enough people to stop him before he reached the portal. 

“Sigh……” Ye Xiu felt regretful. Just when an opportunity came, that guy still managed to escape. Ye Xiu only focused on the places good for scrap picking and neglected the matter that Deception might try and teleport the moment he logged on. 

“I won’t make it in time, too, sigh.”

“Don’t worry, God. Once my message is out, no matter where that guy teleports to, as long as he’s seen by our people, we’ll know at once.” All four guild leaders replied.

“That would be great!” Ye Xiu was relieved. There was strength in having a number of people!

As he was thinking, Ye Xiu had Lord Grim run towards the teleportation portal. He prepared to immediately pursue Deception the next time Deception was discovered. At least this guy was online. Based on the foundation of the four guild’s players, it might be possible to run into him. 

Lord Grim only travelled for a short distance before all information on Deception was lost. Deception’s movement speed was too quick. Normal players weren’t able to keep track of him for a long time. 

While he was still on his way, he soon received another message. It came from Yue Ziqin of Conquering Clouds. Someone in their guild had noticed Deception.

“Where?” Ye Xiu hastily asked.

“Oak City.” Yue Ziqin replied.

Oak City!

Ye Xiu was startled. What a coincidence!

Oak City was currently the closest city to Lord Grim. In this way, he didn’t even have to go to the teleport formation. Why did Deception coincidentally choose to go there out of all places?

After a brief moment of thinking, Ye Xiu immediately understood. Deception targeted here because this place was the main battlefield of Blue Brook Guild’s first and second elite groups. It didn’t matter whether you were in a group. It was hard to be in their league. Even fans of Blue Brook Guild would consciously avoid going here. After all, the maximum limit of a group was a hundred players. Players that went over the limit wouldn’t receive damage exemption. Fans of Blue Brook Guild were worried that they would be killed under the valiant bombarding of their own guild’s elite group, instead of their opponents’ attacks. 

Such a place was undoubtedly an excellent place for scrap picking. Ye Xiu’s group came here to scrap pick, so it was natural that a scrap picking veteran like Deception would also make such a judgement. However, the way Deception rushed there the moment he logged on made Ye Xiu remember Deception’s situation during his first encounter with him. Ye Xiu was now even more certain that this guy had alternate accounts. Even though Deception wasn’t on these past few days, that didn’t mean his alternate accounts were idle. 

However, Deception finally appeared again, so it was a given to keep an eye on him and give him a lesson. 

After knowing where Deception was headed, Ye Xiu immediately made a rough prediction of his route. Yue Ziqin also continued to update Ye Xiu with more information. Ye Xiu saw the direction Deception was advancing towards and confirmed his prediction. Deception was definitely headed his way. 

“He’s saved us a lot of trouble!” Ye Xiu was excited. Lord Grim ran back and waited. Why would he be in a hurry to run into him? It’d be better to give Tang Rou and Steamed Bun a chance to unpack and guard the revival point.

Because Lord Grim had emptied his inventory, Soft Mist and Steamed Bun Invasion couldn’t keep up with his pace. They were currently struggling to transport their items. Chen Guo had just switched accounts to trade with the two, but before she could meet with them, Deception actually arrived first.

Deception’s movement speed was too quick. The players of Conquering Clouds soon lost track of him. However, Ye Xiu was confident. He was certain Deception would pass by here.

“I need to find a place to hide.” Ye Xiu checked his surroundings. He wasn’t planning to mount a sneak attack. He was just afraid that Deception might see him from the distance and take another path. Wouldn’t it be troublesome if he had to pursue him all over again? After looking around, Ye Xiu had Lord Grim hide behind a tree. He would reveal his head to peek out from time to time.

“Oh, Loulan you’re also here……” Ye Xiu didn’t see Deception, but he caught a glimpse of Loulan Slash.

“Ah…… yeah……” Loulan Slash originally came here to watch the scrap picking. After the three finished scrap picking and ran off, he also left. Then, he received the new information partway through, so he wanted to follow Ye Xiu’s Lord Grim to watch the fun. In the end, he just saw Lord Grim hiding on the side of the road, preparing to mount a sneak attack…..

If it were someone else, a sneak attack would be normal. However, Ye Qiu was a God, Loulan couldn’t bear the fact that even he needed to ambush a player. He sympathised with Deception. He wouldn’t think that he would have been caught by God. 

“Oh, I was just passing by, passing by.” Loulan Slash said. 

“Oh? Are you here to scrap pick as well?” Ye Xiu asked.

“Ah…… No, I‘m just walking around……” Loulan Slash said. He wouldn’t stoop so low as to scrap pick, but since God was scrap picking, he obviously couldn’t reveal his disdain towards scrap picking, so he explained his actions in this way.

“Oh oh, if you have nothing to do, then why don’t you help us? Steamed Bun and Soft Mist are in the back. They’re really slow because of their heavy inventories. Since we have business to do, why don’t you help us carry these items back! Help share some of the burden.” Ye Xiu said. 

This was an effortless favour. How could Loulan Slash say no? But the problem was…… he was a great guild leader! He would soon be the captain of a pro team and the team’s boss. Now he had to do this? What was this? This was lower than scrap picking! He needed to help a scrap picker transport goods…… Loulan Slash felt that he should have said he was scrap picking and was going back from a successful run!

Even though Loulan Slash thought of this in his mind, he still did the favor. He just felt regretful because he wouldn’t be able to witness the scene of a God ambushing someone.

Even though Deception’s movement speed was quick, he was quite far away, so Tang Rou and Steamed Bun arrived first.

“Hey, boss!” Steamed Bun greeted warmly. 

“Hm? Loulan Slash helped you transport the goods, right?” Ye Xiu asked. 

“Yeah! That guy could carry a lot!” Steamed Bun sighed. 

“Of course, he’s a Berserker, so his strength growth is very high. His equipment also has a lot of strength increases too.” Ye Xiu said.

“I don’t think my strength is inferior to anyone’s.” Steamed Bun spoke. 

“I was referring to the strength stat in the game……” Ye Xiu said. 

“What a pity. If I had strength that high, I could move a lot of things.” Steamed Bun said. 

“When our equipment improves in the future, you’ll have lots of it…..” Ye Xiu said. Even though Brawlers mainly dealt physical damage, very few emphasized strength. Brawler’s skills had a lot of additional effects. In order to strengthen these effects, spirit was essential. As for the specifics, that depended on the person. It was like how a Battle Mage chose between strength and intelligence. The current, most players emphasized strength and put spirit as their secondary stat. However, high-end players usually found their own specific stat allocations to match their styles. As for Steamed Bun…… for such a crazy guy like him, could he care about these details?

Soft Mist and Steamed Bun Invasion didn’t go anywhere after that. Deception dashed this way the moment he logged on and didn’t switch accounts either. After reviving, he would return to the main city. It was too far to have the two go and guard the revival part. Besides, Ye Xiu reckoned that Deception was smart. He would probably log off as soon as he died and wouldn’t revive again. 

The three hid and waited. Soon, Deception could be seen. He was moving very fast towards them.

“Let me jump out and scare him.” Steamed Bun was eager to give it a try.

“Don’t kill him too fast, I need to ask him some questions!” Ye Xiu said. 

“Oh……” Tang Rou answered. 

The three waited. They originally thought that Deception would appear now. All three were straining their ears to hear his footsteps, but none of them could hear anything. Ye Xiu felt that this wasn’t normal. He poked his head out to look, but Deception had disappeared.

“Huh? Where’d he go?” Ye Xiu said. 

“Did he see your head sticking out?” Chen Guo was very concerned about this matter. 

“Impossible.” Ye Xiu overruled the idea firmly. He knew how the game worked very well. Judging from the distance between them, it was impossible for Deception to see half of his head from behind the tree.

Ye Xiu turned around to look at Steamed Bun Invasion and wondered if Steamed Bun had left any traces behind. But when he turned around to have a look, Steamed Bun was well-behaved as he hid there! 

“That’s strange. I’ll go out and have a look.” Ye Xiu had no other choices. Had Deception logged off again?

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