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Chapter 686 - Happy While Suffering

Huang Shaotian said he doesn’t want to say anything!

The reporters were immediately excited. What a powerful way to express his emotions! If it had been someone else, he or she would have to use an immeasurable amount of words, expression, and even tears to express how sad and disappointed they were at the result. Huang Shaotian just needed one sentence, “I don’t want to say anything.”

This was a true instance of  “ silence spoke for itself.” Many reporters had already decided that tomorrow’s reports were going to be mostly revolving around this sentence of Huang Shaotian. Indeed, when even Huang Shaotian had no words to say towards this defeat, was there a need to describe how angry and disappointed Team Blue Rain felt towards this match?

On the other hand, the intensity of Team Blue Rain’s emotions only illustrated the brilliance of Team Samsara’s victory.

This was the first final match in eight seasons to end early. Yes, this result may disappoint many, but to the reporters who were writing the reports afterward, this made a very good topic. Although the topic was good, because the match ended early, there wasn’t much material for the reporters to work with. Therefore, they had to dig deeper into the inner emotional world of the players. 

No matter what, the focus would still be on the final champions: Team Samsara. In that moment, any reaction from Team Blue Rain would only be used to emphasize the strength of Team Samsara. 

Of course, some Team Blue Rain fans among the reporters might draft up reports that favored Team Blue Rain and pointed out their merit. Even if these kind of drafts were accepted, they would only appear in some unnoticeable corner. 

This was how the competitive scene worked.  

The halos of glory would only be bestowed upon the victor. Second place? Silver medal? They sounded like good results, and they did acknowledge these teams’ strength. However, they would never be seen as a glory. In fact, because of the glory showered upon the victors, the mark of the losers only seemed more noticeable on these teams. 

Team Hundred Blossom is a good example of this. They had lost three finals. Did anyone mention that Team Hundred Blossom was the second best team that beat many of the top teams? No. Their three second-places were often mentioned as a joke. They were the pitiful sacrifices to the glory of the victors.  They looked even worse than the no-good teams that became cheerleaders after finishing the regular season without getting relegated or getting into playoffs. . 

The competitive scene was cruel in this way. No wonder the media was so easily swayed. No wonder that they approached Team Blue Rain with wicked intentions during the press conference. 

Nonetheless, Yu Wenzhou took over all the responsibilities. After Huang Shaotian’s “I don’t want to say anything.”, the reporters threw out more questions. Facing the media’s attempt to dig deeper, Yu Wenzhou smiled, “Even Shaotian doesn’t want to say anything, what is there for us to say?”


While the reporters were still spacing out, the Team Blue Rain team members had gotten up and quietly left under the lead of their team captain. 

After their thoughts ran off wildly in every directions, the reporters quickly pulled their thoughts back and surged forward with their equipments like cheetahs towards the main characters of today: the champions, Team Samsara. 

The final was an away match for Team Samsara. After they attended all of the necessary events, Team Samsara only celebrated a little bit. The next day, when they returned to City S, their homebase, their club already had a huge celebration in place. Thousands of fan crowded the Club’s stadium to welcome their heroes’ return. 

Champagne, flowers...

To Team Samsara and its fans, this day was indeed a very happy day. 

Their team captain and ace player, Zhou Zekai, finally welcomed his personal final coronation after winning the championship. All throughout the regular season, playoffs, even the finals, his performance was unquestionably worth of all the glory he received. 

In the eyes of the fans, he could do everything besides heal. 

In the eyes of his teammates, he was undoubtedly reliable and victorious. 

In the eyes of the League and sponsors, he was the grandest source of money. He had unmatched popularity and handsome looks. The only problem he had was his shy personality and the fact that he didn’t speak much. However, that was no big matter. Even if he didn’t say much, there were more than enough ways to package a star. With his looks, it was easy enough to make the fangirls scream at posters for awhile. 

His value as a player and in the advertising field had both reached a peak. This was an achievement that no one had done before. 

Ye Qiu’s competitive success was still an unreachable summit, but his commercial value had always being non existent. Although the other God-level players did not reject commercial activities as much as Ye Qiu did, none of them had reached a height like Zhou Zekai had.

The title of number one in the Alliance became his from this day on. During the entire summer, Team Samsara and Zhou Zekai would be sought after by many. 

On the night when the champions were decided, war erupted out in the game. At least this time it was no longer a world war. It was just between Blue Brook Guild and Samsara. The fans and guilds of the other teams took to the sidelines the moment that the war started. Although there were a few fans that ended up on one side or the other, the guilds would never let themselves be involved in such meaningless fights. After the champions were announced, no one bothered to argue over the events that took place during the knockout stage before the playoff. All the fights and arguments were coming from the two teams that made it to the finals. Therefore, the other clubs enjoyed the show quite happily. 

As for the start of this war, the reason behind it was no longer findable. No one know if it was the continuation of the previous wars or if there had being something new. But everyone knew that it had to do with Team Samsara’s strong performance and the fact that they beat Team Blue Rain during the individual match. 

On the battlefield, Team Samsara was indeed very strong. However, Team Samsara’s style was just like their ace Zhou Zekai. Although they were rather forceful on stage , but down in front of the press, they still used words like “the opponents performed well. We were just better.”, just like most professional teams would do. As the old saying goes, ‘No arrogance in victory, no despair in defeat!”

As for Team Blue Rain , no matter what Team Samsara’s reaction was about the victory, they would still respond respectfully and not belittle Team Samsara in the slightest. This was also Team Blue Rain’s manner. 

Unfortunately, teams were teams; fans were fans.

A team would act as a whole. The members would help each other out, move together, and take the same stance. The fans wouldn’t. Their numbers were too big. Despite being bonded together by their shared love for the same team, to say that they would all coexist peacefully was still ridiculous. 

Therefore, after the results were released, many people jumped out. 

On Team Samsara's side, most of those troublemakers surfaced to show off. On Team Blue Rain’s side, there were quite a number of people who shouted out for no reason. It was simply because they could not stand the crushing defeat. 

The finals had ended, but the battles in the game were just beginning. With the help of certain individuals, the flames of war easily ravaged across the whole server. Although there were many logical people like the team members among the fans, but who would listen to reason amidst such chaotic times? On top of that, facing those who had trashed Team Blue Rain to the ground and praised Team Samsara into the sky just because the match ended early, even the logical people would feel the rage roaring within. 

Despite the efforts of the two Club guilds, the fans of those two teams still waged a war of their own. After all, fans are fans. The words of the guilds, teams, and even players only hold so much weight. There was no way for the fans to carry out the will of the club perfectly. All that the Clubs could do was suggest, advise, and hope. 

If others won’t listen, what could you possibly do? Hurry up and grab as much toilet paper as you can hold to wipe the asses of your own fans!

When the war erupted, the two guilds of the two Clubs got involved forcibly. If they just let their fans do whatever they liked and ended up causing their fans to blame themselves, that would truly be a headache to deal with. 

There was no time for the two Clubs to take a breather. As loving as they were for their fans, they kept on emphasizing that they needed to stay logical, they needed to face the results maturely, and that was just how competitions were like. However, all their efforts were ignored. Even the Clubs could not trash talk themselves while praising others. There was simply no way for Team Samsara to say. “Exactly! Team Blue Rain is garbage. We should not be wasting our time on such trash!” Following the same logic, Team Blue Rain could not possibly say that, “Screw it! Team Samsara is just a group of bastards who stole our victory! However, as civilized people, we should not be arguing with those bastards!”

As a result, both ended up saying that there is always a victor and a loser in any match and we should respect our opponents. Unfortunately, such words were uttered by every team after every match. Everyone got tired of them a long time ago. Such pleading had no effect to speak of. Even those really moving speeches might stop some players, but it would not stop all. The flames of conflict would not be put out so easily. These kinds of wars were waged after every finals. This year’s was just more intense because Team Samsara ended the match early. 

The excitement was expectedly high for this first time championship victory . On top of it, Team Samsara won by a landslide. No matter who it was, the fans all wanted to show off somewhat. 

Overall, it was still because Glory was different than any other sports. Because it was based in a game, it gave its fans the room to vent. 

If it had been any other sports, after the results are out, all the fans could do was just have some verbal arguments. Even if actual conflicts were to take place, it was still be relatively of small, since even if they wanted to make things bigger, they would have to organize everything. In addition, there was public security to prevent such occurrences. 

Glory was another thing altogether. The Heavenly Domain  gathered all the fans in the same place and let them carry out their conflicts the most direct way. Without any rules to abide by, the battle escalated without limits. Even if you lost all your equipment, you can’t take revenge by calling the police.  

This kind of war obviously harmed the guilds. Samsara was slightly better since their team won the finals. They saw the losses as sacrifices for the championship victory. In a way, they were happy while suffering. Blue Brook Guild had gotten themselves into a total tragedy. They didn’t win the finals and still had to pay for the satisfactions of their own fans. As of now, tears were streaming down the cheeks of Blue Brook Guild’s guild master Changing Spring: Who did I offend? 

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