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Chapter 679 - It’s Just a Level 60 Wild Boss

How could these injured players still have the passion to continue fighting? The vast majority of them were starting to feel annoyed at their previous hot-bloodedness. There was always silence after noise. This time’s world war had erupted quickly. The first signs of its development started at the beginning of the playoffs. By the time the first round of the finals finished, the war had reached its peak. That night, very few of the still fighting players left the battlefield in good condition, especially the individuals who fought alone; they were practically running around naked, when the sun rose.

If they were able to actually win some honor, the war could be considered meaningful. The loyal fans definitely wouldn’t feel any remorse. The problem was that no guild had suffered any significant losses. Which guilds had been slaughtered until they were left running away, crying for their parents? None. The small advantages gained in any of the battlefields didn’t affect the overall situation. The big Club guilds involved in the world war wouldn’t be shaken in just a single night.

This war was purely a show of intent. Apart from venting their emotions, it was completely meaningless. After a burst of passion, emptiness would naturally follow. Their hearts would be empty as well as their inventory.

Many of the players wanted to cry! Of course, there were no lack of players, who found the experience thrilling. They skipped delightedly without any clothing over to others and bragged about how they sliced off the head of an arrogant enemy last night. These people clearly pursued happiness.

Ye Xiu had Lord Grim to walk around casually. Most of what he saw were players standing around at a loss for what to do. The big Club guilds wouldn’t be so idle though. They bragged on the global chat about how brave or fierce their players had been in the world war and how their team’s fans didn’t lose to anyone.

From the announcements given by the Club guilds in the global chat, it seemed as if everyone had won in this war. But from the appearances of the players all over the streets, it seemed as if everyone had lost this war.

Ye Xiu wasn’t too surprised by this scene. A war based purely from passion would end with this result. It was just a game though. If no one had any passion and everything had to be done based on what benefits or profit one could gain, the game wouldn’t be fun.

The various Club guilds praised their players for being mighty, while consoling them for their losses. The guilds all had some kind of equipment compensation event. It wasn’t too important if someone wanted to take advantage of it.

They distributed their equipment to everyone. It was more important to provide care for their fans and let everyone know that they were one group. For the Club guilds, their attitude towards their supporters was important.

How could these Club guilds not be skilled with these strategies? Their players fought until they were covered in red and then they had to pay for their losses. It sounded painful, but this was the passion of their players. In truth, the Club guilds liked this sort of passion. If everyone was cold and rationale, a lot of work would be difficult to do.

“To think this war would end so quickly.” The four allied guild leaders sighed. They hoped that these big Club guilds would never stop fighting. But it looked like that this period had come to an end. Many players couldn’t continue on with their injuries, so the war slowly died down.

“No problem! There’s still the second round of the finals!” The guys, who were taking advantage of this situation, obviously hoped that the second round of the finals would cause another war to erupt.

“How many wild bosses are left this week?’ Ye Xiu asked Loulan Slash.

Loulan Slash had a detailed count. “36.” He replied.

After the guild war ended, while they comforted their fans, they also began competing for wild bosses again.

“There are still 36 wild bosses remaining this week. Among these, there are nine Level 70 ones. Last night, when everyone was still busy, a total of 7 wild bosses spawned. Among them, four were Level 70. They were Darkness Palace’s Night Streak, World Tree’s Guardian Vich, Sighing Ravine’s Sword Master Kayou, and Setting Sun Waterfall’s Hidden Warrior Alyan.

Don’t look at how the big Club guilds were busy PKing. They didn’t stop paying attention to wild bosses, especially the important Level 70 ones, which were given more details.

“It seems like a few guilds took advantage of the situation.” The various big guilds thought. It didn’t matter who killed them. If they set out, those guilds had no chance anyways.

“While we have nothing to do, have everyone be on the lookout for bosses.” The various big guilds all gave similar orders to their subordinates. The finals wasn’t over. They didn’t know whether the fires of war would erupt again. In any case, as guilds who could control themselves, they definitely wouldn’t take the initiative to provoke a war. The big Club guilds let these 7 wild bosses go and participated in this unfavorable world war to side with their fan’s passion and resolve.

Now that things were looking calm, they wanted to take a break. Of course, this break didn’t mean vacation. Wild bosses still needed to be won.

“Understood!” The players gave a resounding affirmation to their respective guild’s orders.

Time slowly passed. There weren’t too many players in the early morning. Everyone had sorted out their emotions and made up for their equipment. As for the Club players? They adjusted quickly, especially the elite teams. After this huge war. The guilds spent great efforts to regroup everyone back together. Everyone’s equipment was compensated and they worked hard to regain their lost experience. In such a chaotic war, everyone had died at least once, unless you never fought on the front lines.

Everyone was done methodically up until the various big guilds suddenly received a message.

Rising Sky Strait, Level 60 boss, Ocean Returner Ganliya.

“It’s just a level 60 wild boss?” The core members of the big guilds said. Level 60 wild bosses weren’t something they coveted. Let alone the elite teams, they didn’t need a fixed group to send over. Just send whoever was nearby!

“It’s just a Level 60 wild boss?” What the big guilds didn’t know was that several smaller Club guilds had the same attitude as them. They would certainly raise their eyebrows if they knew about this. When did these guilds ever express such indifference towards wild bosses? Even if it was a Level 60 one.

Rising Sky Strait.

The various guilds, who received reports of the boss, quickly dispatched players to hurry over.

On Blue Brook Guild’s side, Blue River was controlling his main Heavenly Domain account, Blue Bridge Spring Snow. He was leading his hastily put together group to Rising Sky Strait.

After experiencing a world war, the guild players were exhausted. How could Blue River not feel bad standing out to share some of the burden? As a result, the position of leading a group to snatch a wild boss, which he didn’t like to do, landed on him.

“If we get there fast, it’d be great if we could kill the boss before anyone arrived…….” Blue River thought rather extravagantly.

Clearly, Blue Brook Guild wasn’t the quickest to arrive. Midway, they received a message from up ahead. A guild had already gathered there and was starting to clear the field.

“Which guild? So fast!” Blue River asked.

“Parade.” The other side responded.

“Parade, huh. So they want to poach….” Blue River thought to himself. He had knowledge of the strength of various powers. He was very clear about the strength of these smaller Club guilds.

“Hurry!” Blue River shouted to his group. Even though it was just Parade, the boss was only level 60. Killing it wouldn’t be difficult for them. If they arrived too late, the boss might already be dead.

“Be careful and watch it carefully.” Blue River contacted the scouts up ahead.

“Another guild has arrived.” The other side replied.

“Oh, which guild?” Blue River hastily asked.

“Heavenly Justice!” The other side reported.

“Oh, that’s perfect. Let them fight it out. When we arrive, they’ll be easy pickings.” Blue River was delighted.

“Another guild has come.” The scouts continued to message, “Radiant.”


“Conquering Cloud has also come!” Another message came.

“What’s going on? How could these guilds be faster than us?” Blue River was a bit depressed. Wild bosses depended on manpower. The more players a guild had, the larger their intelligence network would be. As a result, the top Club guilds with their huge fanbase had a huge advantage over these smaller Club guilds. Yet these four smaller Club guilds had arrived first, while their Blue Brook Guild was still only halfway there, which meant these guilds’ intelligence network was much faster than theirs.

But it didn’t matter who got there first. The boss still had to be fought over. If they couldn’t move the boss away, then it was actually better to arrive late! Blue River thought. He messaged the scouts up ahead: “Give me reports about the situation whenever you can.”

“Herb Garden has come!” The scouts replied.

“How lively…..” Blue River mumbled.

Waves slammed fiercely into the the stone shores of Rising Sky Strait. A huge battle had already began on shore. The first to arrive was Parade. They weren’t polite and started fighting the wild boss Ocean Returner Ganliya already.

A group from Herb Garden had arrived. This group consisted of nearby players as well. The player leading the group was called Amaranth, an absolute core member of Herb Garden. A core member like this was definitely trustworthy. Letting him pick up the items wasn’t an issue.

When Amaranth led his group over, he suddenly felt confused. Parade was attacking the boss and around them were three guilds just standing there, watching.

He could understand if these spectators wanted to wait and attack Parade later, but why was Parade doing nothing? Parade could clearly see the oriole standing behind them, yet they’re just continuing to slash around as the mantis. What were they thinking?

Amaranth was puzzled, so he didn’t move either. Who didn’t want to wait and kill them later for easy pickings? It simplified matters! And like this, guild after guild arrived. Tyrannical Ambition, Blue Brook Guild, Samsara, Misty Rain, even Excellent Dynasty. Even though they had been relegated, they still had aspirations.

The guilds had all arrived. They were all confused as they watched in wonder. The Parade players killing the boss were a bit nervous! F*ck, why are there so many people? Are you all here to watch us perform or something?

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