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Chapter 678 - Crimson Scene

Four guilds.

Although one of Parade’s groups had been wiped out, they had been rather heroic, fighting the boss. Compared to the other three guilds, they had fewer players remaining, but with a promising future, Parade’s performance didn’t lose out to the other three. Besides, they still had many more people than Ye Xiu’s group. There were only four people on Ye Xiu’s side.

Chen Guo felt the need to hurry and establish their guild, after seeing the elated and overjoyed looks of the players from the other guilds. She started to count with her fingers to see if she could think of 20 players to create a guild together. With Chen Guo’s experience with the game, this was doable. But after scrolling through her friend’s list, it didn’t matter whether they were in Excellent Dynasty or not. All of them were in a guild already. This was because no one wanted to miss out on the stat points rewarded by the guild’s guardian. Even players who were determined not to join any guilds didn’t like missing those stat points. They often complained to the game company why they needed to join a guild in order to receive those stat points.

However, switching guilds wasn’t a difficult task. Chen Guo didn’t try to persuade her friends one by one. She just sent it out in the notification group, asking if any of her friends were willing to come and give her a hand.

Chen Guo had good relationships with people. Apart from a few, who were really attached to their guilds and expressed their apologies, many of them were just there for the free stat points. They weren’t very loyal to their guilds and said: “If you’re planning on establishing a guild, then of course I’ll help you out.”

Chen Guo received these kinds of replies and easily gathered 20 people. However, she was clear that these friends were only joining to meet the required numbers, so they wouldn’t be very loyal to the guild. This meant that they wouldn’t be interested in any guild activities They were the types of people who would play with their close friends. To them, guilds were only a source of skill points. So even though Chen Guo had received help from these friends, she still needed to hurry and take down the guild guardian.

But to obtain a guardian, one needed the appropriate guild level, which was something that needed to be leveled by the guild players. Those guys were there take what was readily available, so they couldn’t be counted on. As for people like Ye Xiu, Tang Rou, and Steamed Bun, it would be a waste to have them spend time completing guild quests. Would Chen Guo have to do everything by herself in the end? Chen Guo began to sweat just at the thought of it. Tthis wasn’t something that could be achieved by a single person. It seemed that Chen Guo would need to recruit people from the outside.

When Chen Guo was thinking about this matter, Ye Xiu was having a discussion with the guild leaders of the four guilds about their following grand plan. They felt that they already had enough members in the alliance and that there was no need for any more members. After all, there would only be around 20 items dropped from a wild boss. If there really was an alliance between all 20 Club guilds, then would that mean every guild would only receive one material after killing the wild boss? It felt pretty tight. Furthermore, there were times where there were fewer than twenty items. In that case, it would be awkward if there weren’t enough to divide between everyone.

They would experiment with four guilds first and recruit more allies if it didn’t work. After all, this wouldn’t be difficult to do because there were only a few major guilds who had the capability to win over the wild boss. There were still queue of guilds who couldn’t get anything!

The few were chatting while waiting on any news about wild bosses. But after chatting to a point where they were searching for things to talk about, they felt that something wasn’t right.

This was not how they should hunt for a boss! Who would just hang in the game waiting for news? They should still use this time to do whatever they needed to do! Everyone should only come together immediately after receiving any news on the boss.

When they thought of this, everyone prepared to leave and do whatever they needed to do. Now that Ye Xiu had gained three guilds as his allies, he promptly requested the three guilds to be on the lookout for Deception.

“God, are you really going to keep killing him. Aren’t you taking this too far?” Loulan Slash joked. He was someone who had interacted Ye Xiu for a long time, he wouldn’t think that Ye Xiu was someone who hated someone so deeply just after one incident and kill that person endlessly!

“I think his skills are pretty good. I plan on recruiting him into my team.” Ye Xiu said.

“Huh?” Loulan Slash was also thinking about doing that! But what does killing him continuously have to do with recruiting them into the team? If you want to recruit someone, shouldn’t you treat them nicer?

Although that was what Loulan Slash thought, he couldn’t really hold any opinions against God’s method of doing things. Since God already had intentions of roping in Deception, he decided to give up on Deception. His Heavenly Swords was getting ready for the Alliance and he had done all sorts of preparations already. Even though Loulan Slash didn’t have many players like Deception, he didn’t have so few that he desperately needed more, so he wouldn’t have any sentiments if Deception were taken away.

After each guild had left, the team did whatever they had to do. Ye Xiu led Tang Rou and Steamed Bun to scrap pick again. Chen Guo told Ye Xiu about the guild’s situation. Ye Xiu didn’t have any opinions towards it. Chen Guo immediately gathered her group of friends together. Those people had a guild, so they naturally had to leave it. They would only be able to accept her guild invite after five days.

Ye Xiu’s group of three scrap-picked for a while without seeing any news about any wild bosses spawning. Their work and rest routines recently were quite good They had stayed up pretty late tonight, so Ye Xiu notified the allied guilds that they were going to log off.

Of course, the guild leaders felt regretful. They wanted God to be a robot that stayed online for 24 hours, but they knew that this was impossible. In any case, their current alliance was harmonious and unified. The big guilds wouldn’t meddle with them for now. The four of them combined would most definitely be a strong power. Ye Xiu’s absence wouldn’t hinder them from killing the boss if it appeared at night. And if Ye Xiu didn’t join in, he wouldn’t be able to receive any of the materials that dropped, so there weren’t any objections to this matter. This was one of the reasons why Chen Guo wanted to hurry and create a guild quickly. If they relied on Ye Xiu for everything, they would miss out on many opportunities because he couldn’t stay online for the entire day.

As for Wei Chen, the world war was still as intense as ever, Wei Chen didn’t even lift his head when the people told him to go rest. He gave two messy hums. No one was able to tell whether he would sleep or not. In any case, the few just left first.

After returning to the practice room on the morning of the second day, Wei Chen’s posture didn’t seem to have any differences compared to last night.

“Tsk tsk tsk despite being so old, your ability to stay up all night hasn’t seemed to decrease from all these years.” Ye Xiu said.

“F*ck off” Wei Chen stretched as if he weren’t in the middle of an intense battle.

“How are the battles going?” Ye Xiu held a cigarette in his mouth and watched Wei Chen from behind.

Wei Chen also lit one and forced a bitter laugh: “How else could it be? It’s a pure waste of time.”

“You seem pretty into it.” Ye Xiu said.

“It’s not bad to be feeling hot-blooded again.” Wei Chen said.

“What about the wild bosses from last night?” Ye Xiu asked.

“Three announcements.” Wei Chen said.

“Oh? Which three guilds were they taken down by?” Ye Xiu asked.

“Heavenly Justice, Conquering Clouds, and Radiant.” Wei Chen remembered all.

They were all from the alliance, Ye Xiu immediately knew that their alliance was working very well. Just as expected, the moment he logged online, the four guild leaders of the four guilds came over enthusiastically to report their success. The number of wild bosses that they had killed last night weren’t three, but four. Wei Chen was engaged in an intense fight so he had missed one of the announcements.

“Not bad, not bad at all!” Ye Xiu said.

“Haha, this is the loot from yesterday. Have a look, is there anything you need?” Loulan Slash sent over a dense list of items. Although it was normal to not receive anything since he hadn’t been there, God’s position was different, the allied guilds let him have some special privileges. It was evident that Loulan Slash’s list of items was the complete list. It wasn’t just the ones he had received. He couldn’t have come to this decision for the other three guilds on his own, so this must have been the result after a discussion between the four guilds.

“Haha, there’s no need. I didn’t even participate, how can I take any.” Ye Xiu refused. He didn’t want to be given special treatment because of his status. He couldn’t just focus on what was happening in-game. Once the guild in Chen Guo’s hands developed, they might have to get someone else to take over these responsibilities in the future. It would be good if he started off being equal with everyone.

“Did anyone see Deception last night?” Ye Xiu asked them.

“No.” The few guilds all replied. Ye Xiu knew where Deception had logged off, so he naturally told them about the location. At that time, they expressed confidently with a pat to their chest, saying that there’s no problem because they would join up and organise someone to take turns watching over the place.

“You guy’s aren’t going to take a break?” Ye Xiu asked the four soon afterwards.

“Not tired yet!” The four gave the same answer. They were too excited. They had never killed wild bosses before with this much delight. Even though the four allied guilds only received a quarter of the reward each, it was very satisfying to see their own guilds appear on TV again and again. At this moment, the materialistic profits weren’t as important.

After Wei Chen finished smoking, he finally got up to have a rest. He wasn’t made of iron. Despite gaming with so much enthusiasm last night, his energy had come to an end and his face was filled with fatigue.

There were people like Wei Chen, who gamed the whole night and went to rest, but there were also people who had slept for the night and had gotten up to dive into the battle again. Only compared to last night, most of the player’s hot-blooded enthusiasm had finally been extinguished. Once they were calm enough to see their stats in red and their empty equipment section, the players wouldn’t understand why they had been so excited last night for.

After such an intense battle, the absolute majority of the players were unable to make up for the losses they had suffered yesterday. In the morning, the world war in the game had loosened up much more. Many people swayed around with incomplete equipment sets as if they didn’t know what they should do.

At this time, the pressure had on the players that belonged to the big guilds decreased greatly . Their battles were unified and with discipline. Although there were losses in the fight, at the same time, they also plundered equipment from the opponents that they had killed. Afterwards, the guild allocated these stolen equipment to everyone, so they were just trading equipment in a sense.

However, no one could skirt around the penalty that one would lose experience for dying. At this moment in the Heavenly Domain, the stats of the majority of the players were red as if they were coated in blood.

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