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Chapter 680 - Actual Helpers

Blue Brook Guild wasn’t early at all. By the time they arrived, old rivals like Herb Garden, Tyrannical Ambition, and Excellent Dynasty were already there. Blue River looked around. He hardly knew anyone among the normal players, but it was hard not to recognize the people leading because they were old and core members of their respective guilds.

Although they were opponents who constantly fought each other, the people managing the guilds also had professional attitudes like the pro players: “enemies in the match but friends outside of it”. No one was lenient when snatching the boss, but since they hadn’t started yet, it wasn’t strange to gather together and chat.

Blue River saw the group leaders of the guilds huddled up and muttering, so he came up to greet them.

“Oh, it’s Blue Bridge! Long time no see.”

The people huddled together greeted back. Blue River hadn’t been leading groups to fight bosses recently, so there were less interactions between him and the other guilds. This made made the “long time no see” natural.

“Mhmm……” Blue River answered, he didn’t have to explain and went straight into the conversation: “What’s going on here?”

“Parade attacked the moment they arrived and are now trapped. It seems that they’re now in an awkward position. They can't walk out of it and they would be killed by the boss if they don't fight back. Tsk tsk, what a tragedy!” They came up with such a conclusion after observing.

“Oh…..” Blue River replied, but he felt something wasn’t right, and it was soon brought up by Herb Garden’s Amaranth: “There's quite a lot of guilds today. It seems like this will require quite some effort.”

Yes, there were a lot of guilds.

It was rare to see guilds like Parade, Conquering Clouds, Radiant, and Heavenly Justice in battles for wild bosses. Although they didn’t see them as threats, it was annoying to have four additional guilds, when they already had numerous other big guilds because everyone only fought for themselves. It was hard to find a time to dive and cut into the fight. Everyone hoped to gain the advantage of attacking later, but the boss’s health didn’t wait for players. Who would lose their patience and interfere first?

They wouldn’t discuss about this matter. These were methods that the big guilds would use in the following competition. Who would discuss about how they would fight?

Parade was fighting in a huge group. The boss’s figure wasn’t prominent. However, Ocean Returner Galiya was still pretty noticeable, so Blue River was able to find the target with ease. When he checked the boss’s HP, it had decreased quite a lot. After looking around, every guild was prepared to act at any moment.

After Blue River joined the group for a short chat, all of the group leaders scattered and returned to their players. The guilds started to be aware of one another’s actions, while planning how to make their move. At the same time, Blue River started to receive messages coming from the core members of other guilds. Tyrannical Ambition suggested an alliance to get rid of Herb Garden, while Herb Garden said Excellent Dynasty had offered to work together to get of Blue Brook Guild, and Herb Garden didn’t approve to use those methods and suggested for an alliance to get rid of Excellent Dynasty instead. After that, Excellent Dynasty messaged about working together to get rid of Tyrannical Ambition…...

Here it comes again…...

Blue River looked at all of the messages, the draining feeling on his mind returned. He didn’t wish to take part in these courteous, but insincere and deceiving tussles. But these things were unavoidable if one were to lead a group to snatch a wild boss. Especially if it’s in these kind of situations, where it seemed peaceful, but the fight had yet to start. It would have been less troublesome if they just started fighting in the beginning.





Blue River was really tired of these things and didn’t bother to analyze the given information to find any opportunities. He just accepted them all without responsibility.

Finally, the boss’s HP had dropped to a quarter of its original health. Under normal circumstances, everyone would have started to make a move at this time. However, the big guilds were able to keep their cool. They wanted to leave this opportunity to Conquering Clouds, Radiant, and Heavenly Justice and have them make their move first.

No one would have thought that the smaller Club guilds were able to hold their cool even more so than the big guilds. Despite the drastic drop of the boss’s health, they were still able to hold their cool and not make a move.

“F*ck...... small guilds are just small guilds. Have they ever snatched a wild boss before? Do they have any common knowledge?” Someone complained from the big guilds. In reality, Conquering Clouds, Radiant, and Heavenly Justice weren’t small in the eyes of normal players at all. However, they were still small in their eyes. As for the guilds built by normal players with a few hundred people. D*mn, do those even count as guilds?

The small guild’s calm movements placed the big guilds in an awkward position. They couldn’t just make their move and let the small guilds gain the initiative and strike their backs, no? No, that would be embarrassing, so they continued to wait.

The big guilds remained inactive and continued to watch the boss’s health decrease. When the small guilds still made no move, many wanted to rush over and remind them : “Hey, if you don’t attack, then no one’s going to get that boss!”

The boss’s health went from one quarter, one fifth and then to one sixth…...

Motionless, motionless and still motionless.

The small guilds were motionless like a mountain while the big guilds were sitting on pins and needles. At last, someone came to a realization: If we’re here, they wouldn’t be dare to move.

Yes, they must be intimidated because we’re all here…...

When someone thought of this, the three small guilds finally made their move.

“F*ck!” People who thought so felt as if they had been proven wrong, so they felt embarrassed.

The three guilds hadn’t been moving, but once they did, they moved in such a thunderous way. Each player bared their fangs and claws as they leapt towards Parade.

Yeah! That’s more like it!

Fight, kill! Make it fierce, so we can clear you guys up later!

The big guilds were satisfied. They started to secretly distribute players, preparing to start at any time. Take over the boss, to attack other guilds that planned on taking over the boss too, avoiding other guilds messing them up. They have much to do! How could they not assign each of them tasks?

At this moment, everyone noticed that something was wrong.

Yes, wrong, it was very wrong! When the three guilds leapt ahead, why did the health of Ocean Returner Galiya decrease even faster?

One seventh, one eighth…… one ninth…… Enraged!!!

F*ck, you guys should get rid of players of Parade before taking over the boss. Who would snatch it so impatiently like you guys. Would you even be able to take the aggro at this point? If you fight like this, the boss will fall before the players of Parade. They would have taken up majority of the damage output so this boss would definitely go to them! Bunch of idiots, pigs, do you know how to snatch a boss?

The big guilds fumed. They hadn’t thought that these guys from the small guilds would be so incapable and end up ruining everything instead. They hastily prepared to make their move, preparing to give a lesson to these small guilds who didn’t know how to snatch a boss properly.

But they were too late. Before they could rush to the front, the system came out with the announcement: Guild Parade has killed Ocean Returner Galia.

F*ck, these idiots!!!!!!!

The big guilds would never think they would end up with this situation. Everyone nearly died of rage. But luckily, this was only a level 60 wild boss so everyone’s sentiments were easy to digest. At this time, the big guilds really wished to see the expressions of those three idiotic guilds! Are you snatching the boss? You were merely supporting Parade’s attacks. You stupid birds, now you know? Are you stupefied?

Players of the big guilds didn’t plan to let out their sentiments through physical force. They believed that the three small guilds must be mourning with tearless grief at the moment. They must be having mixed feelings of remorse and shame and having unresistable emotions to run into the wall. However, who would have thought that when the boss fell and the announcement came out, the players on that side stopped immediately. The three guilds withdrew their players as if nothing happened. Then there was Parade, who finished clearing the battlefield with cheerful laughter and just walked across in front of the big guilds.

“What’s…… going on?” Everyone from the big guilds noticed that something wasn’t right, the leading core members gathered again for a small meeting. As they gazed at the silhouettes of the four guilds that had left…… these four…… why did they seem as if they were one guild when walking together?

“It seems as if not many people from Parade died?” Someone mentioned.

“What’s with this?”

“Those three guilds…… they didn’t attack the players of Parade at all?”

“Don’t tell me that they concentrated on the boss the moment they made their move and planned to snatch the boss this way? Do they have any common sense?”


Blue River didn’t express his thoughts. He was still staring at the people walking farther and farther away. He immediately saw that among the characters was a silhouette, his appearance was unbalanced, the proportion of the head equipment was clearly unequal to the legs. He walked among the group with many people clustered around him.

Blue River couldn’t read the person’s ID clearly but he already had some sort of hunch. He promptly let his Blue Bridge Spring Snow rush out and quickly closed up the distance. When he saw the person’s ID, it perfectly matched his dreaded hunch.

Lord Grim!

“Blue Bridge……” A few from the big guilds watched strangely as Blue Bridge Spring Snow sprinted ahead for a section before halting suddenly and walking back slowly.

“Those guys…… They’re supporting the attack……” Blue River said.


“They’re working together! Do you understand? The four of them are one, Parade deals with the boss. The other three made their moves to help defeat the boss quicker, not to snatch it. We’ve been fooled.” Blue River said.

Everyone was speechless, but they had to admit that what Blue River said was highly probable. Otherwise, it was against common knowledge to just fight the boss without clearing other players. Even though they often called those guilds “small guilds”, were they really small guilds? Of course not, they were guilds working under professional teams and had the same aim and working direction as them. How could they not have common sense? Why would they commit these kind of mistakes?

The fault was with the big guilds. They underestimated their opponents. They had never even viewed the opponents as equal. Instead, they were planning on how to deal with the guilds beside them. As a result, all their plannings were for naught. The four “small guilds” had gotten rid of the boss magnificently under everyone’s gaze and left with a low-profile……

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