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Chapter 67 – Speed Up

“Brother expert, you’re too loyal.” Seven Fields and the others rushed up excitedly.

“You guys are pretty brave too.” Ye Xiu laughed. He had already told them what the situation was. This was like trying to pull a tooth from a tiger’s mouth. He also wasn’t sure if the three great guilds would just let this matter go. But in the end, these guys didn’t care and hurried over. Even the little girl Immersed Jade came. Though it was possible that the noob girl didn’t understand the situation and just came to join in on the action.

“What’s there to be afraid of.” Sleeping Moon yelled while chopping down quite energetically. He hadn’t played yesterday, so his level was a bit lagging behind. But after bitterly training for a day, he reached Level 21.

“These are all the people you’ve called?” The noob Brawler and the others stood there foolishly on the side.

“Yup!” Ye Xiu said.

“When?” The noob Brawler asked.

“When I went up and joined your party.” Ye Xiu said.

“You had already planned it all out at that time?” The three were all appalled. What an incredible mind!

Ye Xiu laughed but didn’t say anything else. He began instructing each person on their position and skill timing. He even went as far as telling them when to drink their potions.

Potions had a cooldown. What was the best way to drink potions to keep up your endurance during battle? That itself was a type of knowledge.

Now, it looked as if nine people were fighting the monster together. In reality, those eight other players were all puppets. They completely acted according to Ye Xiu’s instructions. They were a bit messy in the beginning. After all, Ye Xiu only had one mouth and couldn’t give eight people eight commands at once. But after fighting for a bit, Seven Fields and the others, who weren’t considered experts, were still veterans and already had a basic understanding of what to do. The noob Brawler level players also did decently.

Ye Xiu carefully observed each player’s damage output. He calculated that they wouldn’t be able to kill off the Blood Gunner before the Three Great Guilds finished dealing with the Undead Legion. He quickly came to a conclusion: foolishly fighting here wouldn’t work.

As a result, he began adjusting his tactic and distanced himself. The Blood Gunner was like a sheep. It was being cut down on one side and driven away on another. The more it moved, the more the blood flowed down. It was extremely miserable.

At this very moment, Ye Xiu obviously wouldn’t do another 200 Combo and ask for more trouble. But there was no way to avoid its Enrage when it reached 10% life. Of course, to Ye Xiu, that wasn’t a problem at all.

The Blood Gunner’s life quickly plummeted. Ye Xiu estimated the time for both sides. The Three Great Guild should almost be done, but the Blood Gunner’s life was still at 20%. Even though they pulled a bit of distance while fighting it, the time was still extremely tight.

Ye Xiu turned his camera angle and looked towards the direction that they had come from. Boneyard didn’t have much shelter. Looking into the distance, many players had already begun moving in their direction. Sure enough, the Three Great Guilds had already finished their work.

And on their side, the damage output had already been stretched to the limit by Ye Xiu’s leading unless higher leveled equipment was given to them. But clearly, that wasn’t possible. Or maybe……

“Brother expert, they’ve all come over.” Seven Fields suddenly said. Evidently, he had also noticed that they didn’t have enough time.

“Okay, let’s speed things up.” Ye Xiu said. Having already reached this stage, there was no there choice but to fight.

“How?” The eight players asked.

“Increase your hand speed. Everyone concentrate.” Ye Xiu said.

At this moment, the only method was to increase their hand speed.

Ye Xiu himself obviously wasn’t a problem. In order to match everyone, he had deliberately controlled his hand speed to such a slow speed. But now, in this limited time to kill off the Blood Gunner, the entire party’s tempo had to quicken. There were quite a few noobs in this party, which made things much more difficult. But at present, there was no other way.

Hand speed wouldn’t increase the character’s attack speed. The character’s attack speed was determined by class and equipment. It was a fixed number. But hand speed could increase their mechanical speed. The faster the mechanical speed, the faster skills could be put out. The character’s sidesteps, rolls, attacks, skills, etc. each move would be linked together faster.

At this moment, Ye Xiu wanted the entire party to increase their mechanical hand speed; this was effective hand speed.

Let’s say two points were on the screen, A and B. The requirement was for the cursor to move from A to B. Pro-players, using the quickest hand speed the entire time, could move the cursor from A to B and accurately stop on B.

But normal players, in order to accurately stop on point B, they could only lower their hand speed, decreasing their cursor’s movement speed. If they forced themselves to increase their speed, then they might miss point B or even go over. In short, they couldn’t get the most optimal result.

But at this moment, Ye Xiu was too busy to worry about it.

Fortunately, they didn’t need to increase too much. There was no way everyone could suddenly reach a professional level hand speed.

Ye Xiu assessed the situation. Increasing their current tempo by 20% should be enough. According to his observations, in their current tempo, there were a few people who still had energy to spare. For example, it shouldn’t be a problem for Seven Fields and Sleeping Moon to increase their tempo by 20%. Sunset Clouds and Drifting Water were in the norms. After suddenly increasing the tempo, whether they could keep it up or not depended on their concentration. As for the four noobs, Ye Xiu had no hopes at all for Immersed Jade. This girl was already having trouble, repeatedly making mistakes. The noob Brawler made Ye Xiu a little surprised. Although he was the stupidest of them all, his hand speed wasn’t bad. When he instructed him, he carried them out precisely without any deviations. The other two were better than Immerse Jade, but not as good as the noob Brawler.


“I’m speeding up!” Ye Xiu yelled. His hands quickened. With this increase, the others all matched him and increased too. Just as he expected, Seven Fields and Sleeping Moon kept pace easily and it wasn’t too much of a problem for Sunset Clouds either. But Drifting Water reacted slower and was slow by half a beat. Immersed Jade was already in an “Oh no” state. But the noob Brawler made Ye Xiu pleasantly surprised. His attacks were as accurate as Seven Field’s and Sleeping Moon’s. Finally, those other two were in a complete mess. Their attacks became nonexistent.

“Don’t panic! Concentrate!” Ye Xiu looked around. Besides Immersed Jade, who was completely hopeless, Drifting Water and the other two still had the possibility of keeping up.

“No good!” Immersed Jade’s hands were a mess. Her attacks were all hitting air.

“Immersed Jade play on your own pace. Just use your skills whenever they’re off cooldown and that’ll be fine.” Immersed Jade wasn’t good enough. She had also picked the Assassin class, which required a higher operating speed. Slow Assassins, PK’s Most Beloved. In Glory, this famous phrase said that Assassins without hand speed were complete tragedies. They could be bullied around easily in PK.

Immersed Jade was one such tragedy. Ye Xiu immediately gave up on her.

The remaining seven players made Ye Xiu feel extremely gratified. Drifting Water’s speed also caught up and the other two weren’t as messy as they were when they first started. Although they made a few mistakes, Ye Xiu was still able to rescue them. They only increased their hand speed by 20%, but Ye Xiu burst forth with a 200% increase. If Chen Guo was behind Ye Xiu, she would definitely eat back her three words, disabled level hands.

“Fast! Fast! Fast!” Seven Fields yelled while repeatedly reciting this catchphrase. His yelling while increasing his hand speed helped motivate the others too. However, this time, his increases were extremely small, so everyone unconsciously kept pace too. Only Ye Xiu could detect this sort of small chance. But this really was an unexpected surprise and he became even more certain of the outcome.

“It’s almost at Red Blood!!” Seven Fields suddenly shouted.

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