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Chapter 66 – Undead Legion

When its life dropped to 10%, it would go into a Red Blood state. In this state, the BOSS would turn Enraged. This was a fixed rule in Glory.

Under the watch of all these Glory veterans, how could they ignore a party that had fought the Blood Gunner to 10% health?

But the Blood Gunner wasn’t at Red Blood, yet it now entered an Enraged state.

As veterans, they clearly understood what the Blood Gunner’s Enraged state meant. If they were the ones fighting, then they would have definitely prepared before it went Enraged. But who would have thought that the Blood Gunner would suddenly turn Enraged at this moment.

“Red Blood isn’t the only way for it to turn Enraged.” Bound Boat suddenly said.

Blue River’s complexion had already changed.

Indeed, on some BOSSes, besides the Red Blood state, there were a few other ways that could lead to the BOSS turning Enraged. Enraged, to put it simply, was the BOSS’s way to to save itself when it was in critical danger. For high-end wild BOSSes like the Blood Gunner, Red Blood wasn’t the only time when they felt they were in danger. Other conditions could make them feel that they needed to turn Enraged to resolve the crisis.

“200 Combo?” Blue River blurted out.

Noticing it now was already too late. By the time the Blood Gunner began shouting and glowing, it was already too late.

Everyone felt the ground underneath loosen. Earth had already began opening up. The crooked tombstones and the remnant coffins looked as if they had awakened and began shaking.

The Blood Gunner’s Enrage summoned his Undead Legion.

The number of creatures summoned was proportional to the number of players in his aggro range. At this moment, it was quite a tragedy. The Three Great Guild leaders were all in the Blood Gunner’s aggro range. They had just been trying to invite Lord Grim into their group….

The three of them didn’t represent a single person. They were the group’s leader, so each of them represented the entirety of their respective guilds on the field.

Normally, when they fought the Blood Gunner normally, before it went into Red Blood, the leader would definitely be the first to leave the Blood Gunner’s aggro range. In all of these years, relying on this setup, the Three Great Guilds didn’t know how many times they had fought against this monster. They were all too familiar with the Blood Gunner’s summoning.

“Ha ha ha ha ha…..”

The Blood Gunner’s call continued. A large mob of zombies and skeletons had already climbed up out from the earth, tombstones, and coffins.

There were over a hundred!

“Stay in formation! Protect the healers and mages!!” The Three Great Guild’s instructions were all practically the same.

The newly summoned Undead Legion didn’t have the same aggro as the Blood Gunner. Their aggro was reset and attacked as soon as they saw a player. They would attack whoever was close to them. In an instant, a great battle unfolded in the Boneyard.

The zombies and skeletons summoned by the Blood Gunner weren’t more ferocious than the normal Boneyard monsters. But the problem was that their levels were high. They were all the same level as the Blood Gunner, Level 26, the highest level in the Boneyard. They Level Suppressed every single player in the field, making them difficult to deal with.

And adding on to their sudden appearance and random distribution, everyone was caught off guard. In the first moments, there were players that were surrounded and instantly killed.

The three guild leader’s expressions were all ugly. They knew that this 200 Combo was something Lord Grim had deliberately done.

This combo counter didn’t count how many times the Blood Gunner attacked. It counted how many times it was attacked. But under the concentrated fire from being attacked on all sides, it was very easy for the Combo to go over 200. As a result, this prevented players from bullying it too excessively.

Normally, they would definitely pay attention to the combo! Breaking the combo was much easier than continuing the combo.

But Lord Grim commanded a party to hit out 200 Combos. Moreover, he did it when the Three Great Guilds were all inside the aggro range. He had clearly done it to make the BOSS turn Enraged and restrict the Three Great Guilds.

His purpose was obviously still the Blood Gunner.

But what about the Blood Gunner now?

The Blood Gunner’s aggro wouldn’t change because it turned Enraged. Its aggro was still on Lord Grim. After turning Enraged, it immediately shot violently and hit Lord Grim into a cloud of white smoke.

The players of the three guilds saw this, but weren’t happy. The one that was hit was only Lord Grim’s shadow clone.

Where was Lord Grim’s real body? After the shadow clone disappeared, another Gunner’s Aerial Fire shot out and he flew backwards slipping out a good number of bullets.

The Blood Gunner swiftly chased him. The Three Great Guild’s players were being tangled by the Undead Legion and had no time to watch. They could only concentrate on stopping the undead’s advance.

The noob Brawler and the others were all stupefied. They had happily ran back, ready to join the group and reap the rewards. But who knew such an event would unexpectedly occur. The three could only helplessly watch as their other two members were instantly ripped apart into chunks of meat by the Undead Legion.

The three immediately halted their footsteps. They finally understood what the danger Lord Grim warned about was.

Soon after, they saw Lord Grim fly out. Behind him followed the astonishingly fast Blood Gunner.

The three didn’t know what to do. They didn’t know whether Lord Grim was fleeing or doing something else until they saw Lord Grim’s command: Go!

“Go where?” The three players asked.

“Come over and kill the BOSS.” Ye Xiu said.

At a loss, the three players turned around and ran.

“Over here!” Ye Xiu gave the three players further directions.

The Three Great Guilds all saw this clearly. They had no manpower to spare and could only stamp their feet in rage.

“That guy’s bringing away the Blood Gunner!!” Everyone was shouting.

Blue River almost died from anger and sent a message to Lord Grim: “Brother, you’re not nice!”

At this moment, Lord Grim was only running. He would occasionally stop to throw down the chasing Blood Gunner. He had time to respond to Blue River.

“What’s wrong?” Ye Xiu replied.

What do you mean what’s wrong!! Blue River saw this message and grew even angrier. Right when he was about to send another message, he suddenly discovered that he had nothing to say.

Right, what’s wrong? What did that guy do wrong? That guy planned to steal away the Blood Gunner. But saying that that wasn’t nice? There was no such word in Glory! Wild BOSSes had always been there to be stolen. But normally, it had always been stolen by the Three Great Guilds. If someone else apart from the Three Great Guilds stole it, then why should that suddenly be not nice?

Blue River was unable to speak.

Apart from him, Endless Night also sent a message.

“You’re very fierce!!”

“Ha ha.” Ye Xiu replied.

“But don’t be too pleased with yourself yet. With those few people, do you really think you’ll be able to beat the Blood Gunner before we kill off all these trash? Do you really think we won’t be able to find you?” Endless Night replied.

“Then you guys better hurry up.” Ye Xiu laughed and inhaled a breath of smoke.

“Where are we running to?” The noob Brawler next to Lord Grim asked.

Ye Xiu hadn’t yet replied when another player shouted: “Uh oh! There are people heading towards us.”

“Don’t panic. Give the party leader position to me.” Ye Xiu said.

The noob Brawler, without thinking, gave the party leader position to Lord Grim.

System message: Player Seven Fields has joined your party.

Player Drifting Water has joined your party.

Player Sunset Clouds has joined your party.

Player Sleeping Moon has joined your party.

Player Immersed Jade has joined your party.

“KILL!” Ye Xiu shouted loudly. The noob Brawler and the others all watched, dumbstruck, as a group of people rushed forward. Some called him “God”, some “brother expert”, and others didn’t say a word. They all headed towards the Blood Gunner to attack.

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