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Chapter 68 – Blood Gunner First Kill

Ye Xiu also moved extremely quickly and transferred the party leader position to Seven Fields: “Everyone retreat.”

Seven Fields and the other veterans had never killed the Blood Gunner before, but they heard the Blood Gunner story. They knew what happened once the BOSS became Enraged, so they immediately retreated.

Ye Xiu understood this better than Seven Fields. He didn’t need any reminders. Under Seven Field’s lead, the eight players left the Blood Gunner’s aggro range. Ye Xiu’s hand speed burst forth. Lord Grim’s battle lance executed several skills, blurring their eyes. The Blood Gunner’s life instantly dropped to ten percent Red Blood.

“Ha ha ha ha ha…..”

The Blood Gunner began summoning and emanating a layer of blood-red light. But the players had prepared for this. There was only one person in its aggro range and he wasn’t the party leader.

The BOSS’s actions were completely grasped, so it was inevitably bullied around ruthlessly by these players. Ye Xiu now had to control the Blood Gunner and make sure that it didn’t run into the rest of the party while it was in this state.

To Ye Xiu, this sort of task was as easy as eating food.

After the Blood Gunner’s summoning ended, a single skeleton appeared next to it, looking weak and lonely.

Seven Fields and the others didn’t move. They had also seen the Blood Gunner guide. Although they had all participated in killing this sort of wild BOSS with their guild, they had never experienced this sort of summoning. After the Blood Gunner finished summoning, could they enter battle and fight? They weren’t sure.


Until they heard Lord Grim’s commands.

The eight madly ran back to kill. The lone guard summoned by the Blood Gunner was instantly shattered into pieces. Who made it come here so lonely.

The besieging continued.

“Doesn’t the Blood Gunner summon again?” Seven Fields asked.

“Yup. At five percent life, it’ll summon once more. And before its death, it’ll fire randomly.” Ye Xiu said.

“What a shameless BOSS! Level 26 and it’ll fire randomly.” Seven Fields said.

“Just concentrate on dodging and you’ll be fine. The final random firing has a high chance to crit. If a few hit, you’ll definitely die.” Ye Xiu said.

“How do we dodge the random firing.” Sleeping Moon raised a question.

“For you.….. run a bit further away.” Ye Xiu replied.


Clearly, this situation was looking good. Highly skilled players could see that they could dispatch the Blood Gunner promptly. As a result, they all talked relaxedly. When the life hit five percent, the eight players once again left the aggro range. The Blood Gunner summoned a lone zombie, which was instantly smashed into mincemeat by them.

The Three Great Guild’s players, with their fangs bared and claws brandished, creeped closer and closer. Ye Xiu received another message from Endless Night, who was still proudly saying: “Ha ha ha. Still fighting? You must have worked hard! It’d be better if you joined our guild’s group right now.”

Ye Xiu ignored him. At such a critical time, he had to concentrate on killing off the BOSS. This fact was everything.

The Three Great Guild’s players approached. But the Blood Gunner’s life still wasn’t low enough. Seven Fields and the others were a little worried. It looks like they’re out of time? After all, they weren’t as confident in their decision-making as Ye Xiu was.

“Cheng cheng cheng cheng……”

It seemed as if they could already heard the sounds of the Three Great Guild’s gunners taking out their bullets and loading them.

“Scatter!!” Ye Xiu suddenly shouted.

Seven Fields and the others ran from the scene without looking back.

Seeing this scene, the Three Great Guild’s players subconsciously halted their footsteps.

“F*CK, AGAIN!?” Some shouted.

“How could he be so timely!” Some didn’t believe it.

“Troops, with me!!” Blue River said without fooling around. He transferred his group leader position to another party leader and brought the ten most elite players forward.

Tyrannical Ambition and Herb Garden also made the same decision. They all formed a ten player party. This way, even if the Blood Gunner turned Enraged again, it could only summon 30 monsters. They left some back-up that could eliminate the Undead Legion while killing the Blood Gunner.

The three teams all rushed forward madly. They were competing against each other to see who advanced the fastest. In this instant, they once again regarded the other players fighting the Blood Gunner as non-existent. This was a type of habit.

“Each group take out three players to kill off those guys.” Blue River yelled.

They could no longer let that party exist. Even if they didn’t kill them,they had to at least force them away, so the Blood Gunner could go into an off-combat state. Only then would the damage onto the BOSS be cleared.

As for Lord Grim, Blue River felt quite regretful. If they didn’t cooperate, then this situation wasn’t going to be easy to deal with. Blue River felt somewhat hesitant.

Tyrannical Ambition’s guild leader had already agreed and sent out three players from their party.

Blue River looked at Herb Garden’s side. The players were sent out, but he didn’t see Plantago Seed.

“Where’s Plantago Seed?” Blue River asked.

An Herb Garden player said extremely embarrassed: “Dead.”

“Dead?” Blue River was surprised. He followed with a loud laugh and laughed until his stomach hurt.

When the Undead Legion was instantly summoned, the situation had turned into chaos. Anyone dying wasn’t anything strange. But Plantago Seed’s skill wasn’t low. His equipment was unlikely to be bad and he at least should have been able to survive longer than most. But in the end, he still died. He could just imagine how helpless and lonely he was in that situation.

Blue River’s loud laugh made Herb Garden’s players all extremely depressed, but what made them even more depressed came later.

“What are you laughing at?” Tyrannical Ambition’s Cold Night asked.

“Plantago Seed died.” Blue River said.

“Really? Congratulations!” Cold Night didn’t bat an eyelid.

“Same to you! Same to you!” Blue River said.

Herb Garden’s players all coughed blood.

At this moment, the players that were closing in on the Blood Gunner heard Ye Xiu yell: “Be careful everyone!!”

Having heard the news of Plantago Seed’s death, Blue River’s mood was quite good and he laughed delightedly: “Don’t worry, brother. We can handle it.”

“Then that’s good.” Ye Xiu laughed.

“NOT GOOD!!!!” Thousand Creations suddenly yelled. This guy, who liked to kill steal, had a natural feeling for a monster’s life. At this moment, even though he hadn’t yet completely closed in on it, he had an ominous premonition.

“What’s wrong?” Blue River asked.

“Ya ya ya ya ya!!!!!” The Blood Gunner once again began yelling and emanating a blood-red glow.

In addition, this time, it held a pose.

Horse stance. Its two hands crossed over its chest. His left hand supported the gun in his right hand.

“F*ck me, random firing!!!!” The experts all collapsed.

Random firing was unleashed.

The Blood Gunner never stopped shouting. The gun in its right hand changed into a blur of destruction. Countless bullets flew out in all directions at practically the same time. Although, in theory, the gun in its hands were a revolver, its chain firing was even faster than a machine gun. It also didn’t need to load. This was a skill!

The players of the Three Great Guild that rushed up all covered their heads and fled like rats. Three players died on the spot. They were too close. With such a high firing speed, they had no time to dodge. Squatting, lying down, twisting into an S shape, regardless of their form, everyone was just trying to survive.

But the person who bore the brunt of the impact was Lord Grim. However, when everyone looked, all they saw was a cloud of light smoke.

It was the Shadow Clone Technique again.

But this time, the real body didn’t appear in any spot within 360 degrees around the BOSS. He appeared overhead in the sky.

Lord Grim dropped down and used the Fighter skill Eagle Stamp, stepping on the Blood Gunner’s head.

One foot, two foot.

The battle lance soared out. A mid-air Circle Swing!

Although the Blood Gunner was in a Super Armor state when he randomly fired, Circle Swing was a skill that ignored Super Armor.

The battle lance swung the Blood Gunner around, drawing a 270 degree arc.

Lord Grim fell to the ground. His two hands smashed the ground with his battle lance and the Blood Gunner was pressed under the lance.

The random firing stopped. The three guild’s players felt as if they had taken back their life. Meanwhile, Lord Grim had already used a Sky Strike, Dragon Tooth, and a Falling Flower Palm.

The Blood Gunner finally yelled out its final desperate cry.

System Announcement: Seven Fields, Lord Grim, Steamed Bun Invasion, Grazing Fire, Bright Mushroom, Sleeping Moon, Drifting Water, Immersed Jade have completed the Blood Gunner’s first kill!

The faces of the Three Great Guild’s players all turned deathly pale. Ye Xiu quickly sent a message to the party: “Give me the Blood Rifle. You guys can have the rest!”

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