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Chapter 65 – Hunting Yagg (5)

“Oh, those people want to help!” The Brawler suddenly said. His voice carried a tone of pleasant surprise.

Ye Xiu sighed. This guy truly didn’t understand the situation! These guilds weren’t here to help. They were here to kill steal. They hadn’t acted before because these guys weren’t even worthy of being stolen from. The Blood Gunner would have eliminated them.

“Leave!” Ye Xiu said.

“What?” The Brawler was unable to make heads or tails of his command.

The other four players were actually noobs too. If they weren’t noobs, then they would have known about the Blood Gunner’s strength. They wouldn’t have mobbed around it and killed themselves. But they were better than that noob of a Brawler, so they at least saw that the situation was far from good. Those guys over there didn’t move early or late. When they saw that they were fighting the BOSS smoothly, only then did they suddenly move. Help? Providing help in the hour of need was called help. But right now in this situation, only God knew what they were up to.

“If you don’t run, then you’re looking to die!” Ye Xiu said.

“Then we fought for nothing?” The party’s Berserker said. He noticed that there was something wrong with the situation. But if they ran now, then why did they fight so hard before?

“I don’t know yet.” Ye Xiu said.

The five players were all at a loss.

“But if you don’t leave now, then it’ll be too late.” Ye Xiu said while Lord Grim’s attacks continued. The Three Great Guilds rapidly drew near. The long-ranged classes such as the gunners had already began aiming their guns.

“Run!” Finally, one of the five players took the lead and ran. The Three Great Guilds didn’t care about these guys. Because the three guilds left some space to guard against each other, they didn’t completely surround the BOSS. Seeing that these five were running, they didn’t send people to kill them. Instead, they were all observing the other guilds’ movements. Those were main opponents. All three guild leaders practically shouted at the same time: “STOP”.

The numerous players urgently halted and all watched each other. The Blood Gunner was almost in front of them, but if they rushed up to surround the BOSS, then what would they do if the other guilds behind their backs raided them? All three guild leaders were pondering over this.

This was because the battle on the field still continued.

Those five players had ran halfway when they suddenly realized that Lord Grim wasn’t behind them. Looking back, they saw that Lord Grim was still battling with the Blood Gunner.

“What’s the meaning of this?” The five players were puzzled. They just weren’t familiar with the game. It’s not like they didn’t have a brain. This player told them to run, but he himself stayed. His behavior was odd, which made them unable to tell whether he was good or bad. As a result, they couldn’t help but stop moving.

“Run farther! It’s dangerous over here!” Ye Xiu suddenly messaged them through the party channel.

“But they haven’t come to kill us!” The noob Brawler said.

“Trust me.” Ye Xiu typed out two words this time.

These noobs were too clueless. If they were Blue River level players, they would have all been stunned to death. To be able to take the time to type during an intense battle with the BOSS, how fast was his hand speed?

The noob Brawler couldn’t help but begin to run while calling out to his companions: “Hurry and run.”

The other four hesitated, but two of them followed the noob Brawler.

The other two still stayed in their original spots. They were a still a bit skeptical over Ye Xiu’s words. They felt that he was trying to intentionally get rid of them.

Seeing that the five moved differently, Ye Xiu could only feel regret towards the two skeptical players. He didn’t have the time to explain to them. His mouth had been used to lead them in battle the entire time. He also didn’t have the time to type. The previous two words he had typed out were already risky and the six words before almost messed up his playing.

“Should the long-ranged classes try attacking?” Blue River consulted his subordinates. They wouldn’t advance forward yet. The long-ranged classes would first do some damage.

“We can’t guarantee that we won’t accidentally hit Lord Grim…..” The long-ranged classes all started sweating. The Blood Gunner’s speed was his forte. Fighting with it required high tempo and fast movements. At this moment, Lord Grim and the Blood Gunner were flashing around everywhere. Who knew which target their attacks would hit.

“What is this guy thinking!” Blue River said gloomily.

On the other side, Herb Garden’s Plantago Seed had already yelled out: “Hero! Add your party to my group! All of the drops will belong to you guys.”

“D*mn!” Blue River secretly shouted at Plantago Seed’s treachery. If the party joined his group, then the previous damage they did would count towards their group. He himself hadn’t thought of doing this!

“Brother Grim, join my side! The items are all yours.” Blue River immediately stepped forward. He felt that he was somewhat closer to Lord Grim. With the same conditions, Lord Grim didn’t have any reason to not join their group.

“Join my side. The rewards are all yours. I’ll also gift you 20 White Wolf Bristles.” Tyrannical Ambition’s Endless Night also yelled. He thought that Ye Xiu had some sort of special indulgence towards White Wolf Bristles.

“Lord Grim, don’t trust him! How many times would you have to run Frost Forest to get 20 White Wolf Bristles?” Blue River immediately yelled.

“We have 20 here!” Plantago Seed yelled.

Bound Boat murmured to himself: “Could it be that this was this guy’s true aim?”

Blue River also had a headache. Really, this guy. He completely didn’t know how to talk things over with emotion. Did he really have to turn everything into a business deal?

Lord Grim still indifferently attacked the monster. As a result, the three guilds all felt that the price tag wasn’t enough and continued raise the price.

The two that hadn’t run away were all already stunned. The “all of the items will belong to you guys” alone already made their hearts speed up. They had never heard of the other items that the three guilds promised. But if they dared to bring them out, then they were clearly valuable items.

The two players were anxious! They were just itching to respond on behalf of Lord Grim.

But the two quickly recovered.

Even if he agreed, then it didn’t matter! Because currently, the party leader wasn’t Lord Grim. Joining a group or receiving a group invite were all the party leader’s rights.

The two immediately looked at the party list. The leader was that noob Brawler.

The two immediately typed out in the party channel: “COME BACK!!”

“Why didn’t you two run.” The noob Brawler replied.

“Run my ass! These few guilds are giving out conditions over here. They’re letting us join their group. Afterwards, the equipment will all go to us and they’ll also give out a bunch of valuable items. Hurry up and come back party leader!!” The two excitedly spoke incoherently, scrambling to send the message.

“So there’s this!” The noob Brawler surprisingly understood. Once he heard equipment, his eyes turned into stars. He immediately ran back. The other two who had seen the message also excitedly moved too.

The only one indifferent was Lord Grim. The Three Great Guild’s leaders were all presenting their conditions to let him join their groups. In the end, after seeing the system prompt, they slapped their foreheads and recovered: “F*ck, he’s not the party leader!”

No choice, they had to turn to the other five seemingly non-existent players.

“Where’d the party leader go?” The Three Great Guild leaders began concerning themselves with those players that weren’t even in their line of sight originally.

At this moment, Lord Grim suddenly spoke: “Everyone be careful.”

“What?” Everyone was at a loss.

After Lord Grim used a Circle Swing and threw the Blood Gunner, the Blood Gunner’s body suddenly emitted a floating layer of blood-colored light.

“F*CK! It’s Enraged?” The three guild leaders were all veterans. They had knowledge and experience.

“Are you joking? What’s the life at!!” The hundreds of players that gathered there were all in shock.

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