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Chapter 629 - Why Should I?

“Loulan Slash? The rich guy who formed Team Heavenly Swords and is preparing to enter the Pro Alliance next season?” Wei Chen had kept up with the news, so he obviously knew someone as famous as Loulan Slash.   

Last time, Guild Heavenly Justice had a duel of words with the other guilds in the forums and managed to win the support of many players. It was an incident that made even Wei Chen feel jealous.   

“Yeah, he’s the perfect target.” Wei Chen thought about Loulan Slash’s background and immediately felt like Ye Xiu’s suggestion was very good.   

Loulan Slash had money, but because his team was new, there were still huge differences  between his team and the other pro teams that were difficult to make up for with money. Of course, if you insisted on it and recklessly threw money at the problem, then it could still be done. For example, those God level accounts might not necessarily be something that Club owners wouldn’t sell if the price was high enough, but the problem was that if you threw your money without any regard for the costs, it showed that you were planning on using money to solve everything. Outsiders wouldn’t know whether or not Loulan Slash had any plans on doing this sort of move, but no matter the case, Ye Xiu believed that a skill point guide was enough to make his heart thump. This was something that, no matter how much money you had, it wouldn’t be possible to obtain from anywhere else. Ye Xiu would be giving him an opportunity to buy it. 

“Hurry up and contact him!” Wei Chen was already impatient.

“More like contact Concealed Light first.” Chen Guo reminded.

“Of course.” Ye Xiu calmly opened chat windows for Loulan Slash and Concealed Light on QQ.

Ye Xiu didn’t ask “are you here?” and left them a direct message saying what he needed to say. For Concealed Light, Ye Xiu told him that they were planning on selling this skill points guide and asked if he had any opinion on them doing so.

Concealed Light had been on the entire time. He had just been invisible. When he saw the message, he immediately replied in bewilderment: “Do what you want! What opinions would I have?”

“Hurry up and do what you want!” Wei Chen impatiently urged.

After Ye Xiu and Chen Guo gave him a disdainful look, Ye Xiu replied: “This guide is very valuable. After all, without your assistance, it wouldn’t have been possible to get it. You have the power to decide what we do with it!” 

After Concealed Light read the message, he collapsed in shame: “I actually only did a bit of the work. Without Professor Zhang, it really wouldn’t have been possible.”

“Then shouldn’t we ask him? This has never been sold before, so I don’t really know the price, but seven figures shouldn’t be a problem.” Ye Xiu was worried that someone like Concealed Light, who stayed at home studying math wouldn’t know the value of this guide, so he gave this future mathematician a number.

But Concealed Light replied: “Are you asking me to get reprimanded!”

“What?” Ye Xiu and everyone else was startled.   

“Professor Zhang is a world renowned mathematician. He’s never cared about money! Telling him about this would just bother him. Isn’t that just going to make him angry?” Concealed Light replied.

“Then what’s important to him?” Ye Xiu asked.

But the answer made everyone want to cry.  

“Scientific development, advancement of humanity.” Concealed Light replied.

“How shameful!” Wei Chen looked up at the sky and let out a deep sigh.

“And we still want to talk about money with him?” Chen Guo was also ashamed.

If you said this to a normal person, that person would definitely think you were joking, but the situation was different. For a scholar like Zhang Yichun, any results that he came out with could be something that advanced mankind, so it really wasn’t a joke. It was a fact that made Ye Xiu and the others crazy.

“Then we’ll deal with it.” Ye Xiu replied.  

“Sure.” Concealed Light replied.

 “Ai ai ai!” Wei Chen sighed repeatedly at this reply: “Famous scholars truly think differently from normal people! Their minds aren’t something that little people like us can understand. It’s best if we didn’t make trouble for that senior. We’ll just go at it blindly!”

It was a classic example of someone gaining a favor and calling it a disfavor. Everyone gave him a disdainful look, but didn’t say anything because Loulan Slash had replied.

Ye Xiu and Loulan Slash didn’t immediately start negotiating the price. Instead, Ye Xiu asked Loulan Slash how things were going for him.

“We’re busy improving ourselves so we don’t lose face when the time comes.” Loulan Slash replied honestly. Don’t look at how Team Heavenly Swords seemed incomparably confident, laughing at all the Clubs to build up fans. In terms of actual strength, Loulan Slash and his team clearly knew where they were at after several interactions and exchanges with Ye Xiu.

If they hadn’t met Ye Xiu, they might really have taken their arrogant words to the public as the truth.  

Fortunately, they met Ye Xiu. They still built their fanbase through their arrogant words, but Loulan Slash didn’t dare to be arrogant over their actual strength. Their team was practicing hard and had lowered their goal by a lot. Before they had met Ye Xiu, they thought that they would be a very competitive team. Now, their goal had been changed to not lose too much face. Others who heard their actual goal might think they were being modest, but Ye Xiu knew that Loulan Slash was being sincere. “How are your accounts?” Ye Xiu asked.

“They’re okay!” Loulan Slash replied vaguely.

“How many skill points do each of your characters have?” Ye Xiu began to move towards the main subject.

Loulan Slash saw the question and was surprised. He took some time to reflect on it. He clearly knew that this God wasn’t chatting with him because he was bored, but because he had a purpose in mind. This sudden question must have something to do with this purpose. Skill points truly was something that Loulan Slash couldn’t do much about. Did Ye Xiu have some way of resolving this problem?

After thinking for a bit, Loulan Slash became excited, but still calmly replied: “Skill points hm? Not bad I’d say. Our characters have been pretty lucky, so we have a lot of skill points.”

“Ha ha, don’t tell me your accounts all have maxed skill points!” Ye Xiu said.

“How could that be! Are there are any characters in the entire game with maxed skill points?” Loulan Slash was probing Ye Xiu, but he was starting to become amazed because he had a feeling as to what Ye Xiu’s intentions were.

“There haven’t been any, but now maybe not!” Ye Xiu said.

“You have such an account?” Loulan Slash questioned.

“It’s very likely.” Ye Xiu said.


“Mm, because it still depends on luck, so it isn’t completely guaranteed.” Ye Xiu replied.

“What do you mean luck?” Loulan Slash couldn’t pretend any longer. Let alone a character with maxed skill points, there weren’t even any with over 4900 skill points. Characters with 4800 skill points were usually famous stars in the pro scene. It wasn’t by chance that these characters became famous. Having such a high number of skill points was an important deciding factor in these pro games.

The characters used by Loulan Slash’s team didn’t have a low number of skill points. They had between 4700-4800 skill points, which was quite decent in the pro scene, but there was still a gap between their characters and the top characters, let alone a character with maxed skill points.

If you had that many skill points, then that was how much you had. What did it have to do with luck? Loulan Slash couldn’t understand, so he asked this question.

“To tell you the truth, I have a method of getting skill points. The very first thing I thought of was that you might need it. Isn’t that kind of me?” Ye Xiu replied.

“Very kind.” Loulan Slash replied, but he was bitterly laughing in his heart. He wasn’t stupid. He understood what Ye Xiu was getting at. The very first thing Ye Xiu thought of was him. That wasn’t kindness. Ye Xiu clearly wanted his money. However, Loulan Slash didn’t care because he needed it. If someone could provide him with a solution, he would happily take them up on that offer.

After replying “Very kind”, Loulan Slash didn’t say anything else. He wanted to wait until the other side came out with his offer.

But after waiting and waiting, there was no reply. Loulan Slash was sad! He wanted to know the other side’s price and start negotiating from there, but the other side was truly fierce. Ye Xiu pretended like he was dead, putting on a do-you-want-it-or-not appearance. 

Loulan Slash wanted to cry. Ye Xiu was telling him that he couldn’t be like this.

Helpless, Loulan Slash could only start the conversation: “What type of method is it?”

“It’s a certain way of completing quests. I can guarantee that there’s a high chance of obtaining skill books as a reward.” Ye Xiu replied quickly. He had clearly been sitting in front of his computer the entire time! He had purposely pretended to be dead, but Loulan Slash didn’t have a choice!   

“How new? I’ve never heard of it before.” Loulan Slash had ambitions to flourish in the pro scene and had obviously put a lot of effort into researching skill points, but he had never heard of this method before.

“Of course you haven’t. An old comrade of mine sacrificed much of his youth bitterly researching it before getting these results.” Ye Xiu said.

“I see. What are your plans?” Loulan Slash asked.

“My plan is to see if you have any plans.” Ye Xiu replied.

“Okay!” Loulan Slash said weakly, “Let’s get to the point. If you really can get characters with maxed skill points, then I obviously need them very much.”

“I thought so too.”

“Give me a price. I’ll need nine.” Loulan Slash said.


“If I need more, I’ll look for you!” Loulan Slash said.

“Why not just directly buy the guide itself?” Ye Xiu replied.

“You’re willing to sell it?” Loulan Slash was surprised.

“Why not?” Ye Xiu asked back.

Loulan Slash replied: “But why should I buy the whole guide? I only need enough characters for my team.”

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