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Chapter 628 - Correct Line of Thinking

“Mm, that’s a difficult question.” Wei Chen felt a bit awkward. In truth, selling accounts with high skill points had been his plan all along. Joining a team and returning to the pro scene was something that he had never expected to do, so when Ye Xiu suddenly asked him this question, Wei Chen had a hard time answering it.

“What I’m saying is that we should do both.” Wei Chen expressed.

“You’re so old already. Are you sure you can do it?” Ye Xiu asked. 

“Earning money is never easy.” Wei Chen said. 

“But right now, we’re at a very important preparation stage. With an opponent like Excellent Era facing us in the near future, are you sure you have time to do both?” Ye Xiu asked.

Wei Chen didn’t say anything for awhile: “How about we…… let it go for now?”

“It seems like to me that you need to be clear about this. Your account business would require a certain amount of time to start up. First, you’d need to find a batch of suitable accounts. If you directly buy a max leveled account, you don’t know which quests they’ve done completed. You would need to ask the sellers for more details and filter out the unsuitable characters. That would be too time-consuming and you don’t even know if you can find characters that suit your needs.”  

“If it’s finding suitable accounts, let’s say we look for a studio to power level new accounts for us. In the old servers, it would only take three months or so to level them from 0 to 70 at the fastest. For a studio, the speed and price are dependent. If you require the fastest leveling speed, the initial cost would be much higher……”

“There’s no need to be in such a rush!” Wei Chen said. 

“You’re not in a rush? Don’t forget that the Challenger League starts in September. Even though skill points can’t directly be checked through a character’s profile page, by analyzing the equipment and strength of the skills, it isn’t difficult to estimate the number of skill points that a character has. The greater the attention our team receives, the more likely the fact that our characters have high skill points will be revealed. When the secret gets exposed, there will certainly be a huge reaction to it. All the company needs to do is look up our characters and they’ll know that we’ve completely figured out how to earn skill books by following a certain sequence of steps. If that happened, wouldn’t it be too late?” Ye Xiu said.

“This.” Wei Chen paused. Only now did he realize that his account business would conflict with the team’s priorities.

Three months was the shortest amount of time possible to get suitable accounts.

Even after they got the accounts, they would still need to do a bunch of quests to earn those skill points. These quests required a person to run them. The way to do these quests also had to stay a secret too, so they obviously couldn’t have someone else farm for them.

“One more thing. If you want to buy suitable accounts, you can search for a studio and ask for however many you’d like. However, these accounts have special requirements and need to be leveled up at the time of the order. How many accounts are you planning on selling? 1000? There isn’t a studio out there that has the type of manpower to level a thousand accounts in three months. Leveling in Glory requires manually doing it. Leveling an account to 70 in 3 months requires 24/7 non-stop playing. One character would need at least two players. How many studios do you know that have 2000 workers?” Ye Xiu asked.

“Oh right. Three months is the time it takes to level up an account from 0 to 70 using the fastest method. With your special requirements, the quests need to be left blank. Whether or not they can be leveled to 70 in three months is also another issue in and of itself.” Ye Xiu said.


“And your sister! Can you shut up for a moment?” Wei Chen interrupted Ye Xiu. He clearly realized that this was an issue and only one choice could be made. Doing both things at once clearly wouldn’t work out.

Ye Xiu didn’t continue speaking. Everyone understood Wei Chen’s emotions right now.

Earning money by selling high skill point accounts had been his goal that he had been striving for all these years. Now they were telling him to make a choice. There was no way he would feel good right now.  


“Stop being so noisy. Give me some to think.” Wei Chen interrupted Ye Xiu.

Ye Xiu still wanted to say something, but Chen Guo grabbed him. If this guy made a caustic remark right now, it would be too infuriating to see, so Chen Guo didn’t care what he planned on saying and stopped him.

The practice room was very quiet. Even Steamed Bun, who didn’t know what was going on, felt that the atmosphere was heavy, so he stayed silent like everyone else and stared solemnly at Wei Chen. 

Wei Chen didn’t stop playing as he contemplated. He continued to tap his keyboard and click his mouse. He looked to be grinding his teeth before finally saying: “Okay! F*ck. This senior has decided not to go into the account business. To hell with it!!”

In the end, Wei Chen still chose the pro scene!  

Wei Chen had only been a pro for two years, while these skill points had taken him nearly five years of his life.

For those two years, Wei Chen had carried his dreams with him, while in those other five years, he had carried his livelihood.

Looking at the options in front of him, Wei Chen quickly and decisively came to a decision. In the end, he chose the two short years despite knowing that this attempt might end up in failure again.

“Good, Old Wei is wise! We really can’t afford to go into the account business right now!” Ye Xiu applauded.

“Go to hell! If we don’t win the championships, you’d better compensate this senior for his losses!” Wei Chen cursed.

“Losses? What losses?” Ye Xiu asked.

“I gave up on such a big business opportunity. If it’s not a loss, then what is it?” Wei Chen was furious.

“This business would require a lot of time regardless. It also has high initial costs and isn’t something that can go on for a long time. The company just needs to come out with an update and it will undermine everything you worked so hard for. It really isn’t worth that much.” Ye Xiu said.   

“You talk quite deftly!” Wei Chen wasn’t happy.  

“I feel like the correct choice is to directly sell the guide.” Ye Xiu said.

“What did you say?” Wei Chen was surprised.  

“Sell the guide.” Ye Xiu said. 

“F*ck!” Wei Chen suddenly awoke with a start. He suddenly jumped up, walked around in a circle, and then suddenly turned towards Ye Xiu: “You beast!!”  

“Generally speaking, monopolizing the method is the way towards a long term lifeline, but like I said before, this business won’t last very long. The company will break that lifeline, so you might as well just sell the method.” Ye Xiu said.

“You’re right! Why didn’t I think of it before!” Wei Chen yelled.

“If we do it like that, shouldn’t we tell Concealed Light?” Chen Guo asked.   

“Oh, of course.” Ye Xiu had a rare expression of seriousness. This incident made him realize the power of intellectuals and naturally made him respectful towards them.

“How do we go about selling it? You’ve probably already thought of how, right?” Wei Chen said.

“The higher the demand, the higher the price.” Ye Xiu said plainly.

“Sell it to the Clubs?” Wei Chen thought.

The Clubs would gain the most benefits from strengthening their characters and would be willing to pay a high price to do so.

For a normal player, a max skilled character would only be able to make that player a bit stronger, but for a pro team, more skill points meant stronger skills, which could be the deciding factor in a match. In addition to that, the amount of profits from winning a match was on a completely different level than a normal player winning a match in the Arena.

“If that happens, everyone will have high skill characters.” Chen Guo sighed.

Originally, their team would have a bunch of 5000 skill point characters, while the highest amount for the other teams would be Tyranny’s Desert Smoke at 4880 points. Wouldn’t that be amazing? However, if everyone had 5000 skill point characters, then there advantage would be lost.

“Making other opponents stronger really doesn’t leave a good taste in my mouth!” Wei Chen sighed as well.

However, his greedy gaze betrayed him. Even though it didn’t leave a good taste in his mouth, he wouldn’t feel bad about taking their money. He soon continued: “But it wouldn’t make them much stronger. Their characters aren’t far from the limit anyways, so it wouldn’t make too big of a difference.”

These words were to console himself. 100 to 200 skill points definitely wasn’t as insignificant as Wei Chen had said it was.

“They might not even be able to use the method. Look how famous the names of those famous characters are? With how valuable those names are, they might not replace those characters.”

Chen Guo said.

These words were also to console herself. God level accounts were famous and they might actually not be replaced just for this reason, but the other characters could be replaced, no? In any case, the strengths of the teams would increase greatly. It would definitely happen.

“Mm, you guys want money, but don’t want others to benefit. You guys are really demanding.” Ye Xiu said.

“Hey, having such desires is a beautiful thing, but we have to accept reality.” Wei Chen expressed.

“But I feel like this won’t be as beautiful as you imagine it will be.” Ye Xiu said.


“If we sell the method to the Clubs right now, my guess is that the Clubs will quickly group together and buy it once for the entire alliance.” Ye Xiu said.

“If that happens, the price will go down.” Wei Chen said.   

“That’s why I feel that it’d be better to find one Club and then agree that they directly buy it out. If that happens, the advantage won’t spread to the entire Alliance. The money that we earn might not be lower than if everyone bought it together.” Ye Xiu said. 

“You demon. I have to admit you’re a demon. Such an evil idea is something only a demon could come up with.” Wei Chen seemed like he was praising Ye Xiu.

“Then which Club do you plan on selling it to? Blue Rain? Tyranny? Samsara? I think Samsara is a good choice. They’re very ambitious and would probably buy it for the highest price.” Wei Chen said.

‘Samsara is a good choice, but I feel like they might not be the ones who need it the most.” Ye Xiu said.

“Then who?” Wei Chen was puzzled.

At this moment, Chen Guo suddenly jumped up and guessed Ye Xiu’s intentions: “Loulan Slash!!”

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