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Chapter 630 - New Goal

Why should I?

When Loulan Slash asked this question, it was Ye Xiu’s turn to become dazed.  

Why should I? Ye Xiu had helped Loulan Slash think of a reason, but his reasoning hadn’t matched Loulan Slash’s. 

“You’re too polite…..” Ye Xiu replied.

Indeed, Ye Xiu’s side felt like Loulan Slash was being too polite. Why would you not just straight up buy the guide, and instead settle for the next best thing and only buy a batch of accounts?

“How am I being polite?” Loulan Slash didn’t understand. His line of thinking was clearly different from what Ye Xiu had analyzed his thinking to be.  

“If you have the guide, you can make however many accounts you’d like.” Ye Xiu explained. 

“Ha ha, wouldn’t buying the guide be much more expensive though? I don’t need that many accounts, just ten is enough.” Loulan Slash answered back. 

“It would actually be more difficult for us to get those accounts to you rather than give you the guide itself.” Ye Xiu said. 

“So you’re saying that if I want to buy it, I have to buy the guide at a high price?” Loulan Slash asked.

“Pretty much.” Ye Xiu said.

“If that’s the case, you’ll need to give me some time to think about it.” Loulan Slash replied.

If he had to think about it, then it meant that he was leaning towards rejecting the offer and only had a bit of leeway remaining. If he was seriously considering it, he would have at least asked for the price. However, Loulan Slash didn’t even ask about the price and had jumped straight to considering it. This wasn’t a good sign for Ye Xiu’s side.

“If this had been us previously, we would have bought it without any hesitation. We would have bought it out too, so that no one else would be able to get it and guarantee our advantage over the other teams.” Loulan Slash didn’t hide his reasons and started discussing with Ye Xiu.

“Then what about now?”

“Luckily we bumped into you! You helped us realize that our original ideas had been careless. With just our skill level alone, we thought we would be able to immediately compete with those powerhouses. We were too ignorant and narrow-minded, so we decided to do things realistically. We’ll first establish a solid position in the pro scene before doing anything. Of course we need characters with high skill points, but any player would want a character like that. The current us isn’t thinking of expending all of our efforts to weaken our opponents. Even if we do weaken them a bit, it wouldn’t change our overall situation too much. Improving our actual skill is the most stable way of improve our chances. We aren’t thinking of doing anything else at the moment.” Loulan Slash was very honest and showed his gratefulness towards Ye Xiu.   

Ye Xiu read the message and could only force a smile: “Then good luck!”  

“Thank you. If you can provide accounts with high skill points, contact me at any time. The price won’t be a problem.” Loulan Slash said.

“Understood.” Ye Xiu replied. He turned around and forced a smile at Wei Chen and Chen Guo. Their first plan had failed. It turned into selling accounts. The price for accounts would still be considerable, but compared to their original plan, it was still a huge difference.

“Then we’re going to give up just like this?” Wei Chen wasn’t willing.   

“There’s nothing we can do. His line of thinking is completely different from ours.” Ye Xiu said.    

“I can see that. I could also tell that the reason his line of thinking is different is all because of you!” Wei Chen accused him.

“Life is full of twists as you can see.” Ye Xiu said.    

“What do we do now?” Wei Chen said. 

“It looks like we can only look for another pro team to sell it to.” Ye Xiu said.

“Samsara?” Wei Chen asked.

“The ambitious Samsara is a very suitable target.” Ye Xiu said.

“Samsara will be in the playoffs. We have to hurry up and sell them our guide beforehand. Their price will definitely be a lot higher.” Wei Chen said.

“There are still two weeks. I don’t know if Concealed Light will be able to arrange everything by then.” Ye Xiu thought and looked for Concealed Light on QQ to check how long it would take.

“Hm? Are we in a rush?” Concealed Light asked. 


“I’ll try to finish it in a week. “Concealed Light estimated.

“Good luck!”

“Time isn’t an issue.” Ye Xiu turned around and spoke, “As long as we can get the guide ready, Samsara can easily upgrade their characters in two days.”  

“Then let’s contact Samsara?” Wei Chen asked.

“There’s no hurry! Wait for Concealed Light to finish first and we’ll personally take a trip to City C!” Ye Xiu said.

“Wait, did you not think about an issue!” Chen Guo suddenly interrupted.

“What?” Ye Xiu looked at her.

“If Samsara suddenly won the championships with a bunch of max skilled characters, wouldn’t that attract more eyes towards this method? The game company would definitely notice it. If they saw through the process and came out with an update getting rid of it, wouldn’t that be trouble for us too? The characters that we have now will be upgraded in time, but what about the others? Our team won’t just have these four characters, right?” Chen Guo said.

“Oh, don’t worry about that. Samsara is a pro team and their characters are already quite good. I’m guessing that all of them have at least 4700 skill points. If we give them the guide, we’ll only be helping them push towards that final hurdle. As long as they don’t run too many quests, the game company won’t find out so easily.” Ye Xiu said.

“But what if they’ve already done the quests and have to create new accounts?” Chen Guo had a lot of thoughts.    

“New accounts? If it’s a new account, it will take at least three months. Even pro teams won’t be able to go any faster than that. By that time, we’ll have a batch of characters too, so we won’t lose out.” Ye Xiu said.

Chen Guo heard Ye Xiu’s explanation before finally relaxing. In the end, she only sighed: “But that means in the future, they’ll be stronger opponents!”    

“Aren’t you looking down on Loulan Slash too much. Won’t they be getting stronger too?”

Ye Xiu said.

“It’s the difference between 1+1 = 2 and 9+1 = 10.” Chen Guo said.

“That’s the reason why Loulan Slash isn’t willing to buy it.” Ye Xiu sighed. 

“Isn’t it because of you?” Wei Chen gave him a disdainful look.

“In any case, that’s our plan for now! Once Concealed Light arranges everything, we’ll make a trip to visit Samsara.” Ye Xiu said.

“This time, if you don’t sell it, don’t come back.” Wei Chen said.

Concealed Light’s diligence didn’t need to be said. He said one week, but on the fifth day, he had already completed the guide. He wrote it in a word doc and sent it over.

After receiving the guide, Ye Xiu skimmed through it and checked it every time Concealed Light sent a doc over.

As Concealed Light sent over parts of the guide, Ye Xiu, Steamed Bun, and Tang Rou continued to follow them. The skill points on Lord Grim, Soft Mist, and Steamed Bun Invasion continually shot up. The highest was Ye Xiu’s Lord Grim because Soft Mist and Steamed Bun Invasion couldn’t enter the Heavenly Domain yet, so there were a lot of quests that they couldn’t complete yet. Ye Xiu’s Lord Grim ran between the two servers and cleared out all the quests. His skill points rose like a rocket. His level wasn’t max yet, so he couldn’t do some of the high leveled quests yet. However, he already had maximized his potential skill points.

The guide increased the drop chances and Ye XIu’s luck was quite good. Once he got 5000 skill points, Wei Chen became conflicted. His Windward Formation had done all these quests before, so he had no way of improving his character anymore. He didn’t think that Ye Xiu would really be able to get all 5000 skill points.

If he didn’t switch accounts, he would have less skill points. If he switched accounts, his Windward Formation wouldn’t have the chance of rising to the top! It made Wei Chen very depressed.

“I feel like we don’t need to give Samsara everything.”

Ye Xiu inspected the guide and got rid of a portion of it. In the end, he left enough for an additional 1000 skill points. 

“Right now, they just need a way to have their characters increase by a level. If I just give them these, it’ll be enough. There’s no need to give them everything.” Ye Xiu said.

Chen Guo supported this idea very much. Chen Guo’s biggest hope was that they would keep the guide to themselves and no one else would have it. There was no other choice though, but it if they could give less of the guide to the other side, that was worthy of being happy about too.

“Then it’ll just be these!” Ye Xiu looked at the remaining content, “I just hope that Samsara won’t have done too many of these quests already! If so, this will be more than enough.”

“Since their base is already so high, if they haven’t already completed these quests, just a little bump should be enough.”

Chen Guo said.

“Listening to you, we should get rid of another 500 points?” Ye Xiu said.

“Good good!” Chen Guo agreed.    

‘Okay, you’ve been doing these quests too. How many points does your character have?” Ye Xiu asked.

“280 points.” Chen Guo said sadly.

“280 points and you’re saying it so sadly. I reckon that something like this has only happened in our room.” Ye Xiu sighed and then added: “Out of the 1600 skill points, you seriously only managed to get 280 points? The issue of them having already completed the quests is a serious problem. We should leave them some room for hope!”

Chen Guo listened and didn’t say anything more: “Then when will you be going?”

“The sooner the better!”

“I’ll take a look at the tickets there.” Chen Guo said. These sorts of expenses were naturally paid for by the boss.

“Do you know who to look for in Samsara? You’d better not get kicked out of the place immediately.” Wei Chen said.

“If you went, you would definitely get kicked out. How could I be like you?” Ye Xiu retorted.

“Will the plane tomorrow morning be okay?” Chen Guo checked the ticket and called out.

“Sure.” Ye Xiu nodded his head.

“What’s your ID number?”

Ye Xiu sent over his ID number on QQ to Chen Guo, who quickly finished up the rest of the preparations.

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