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Chapter 62 – Hunting Yagg (2)

“Isn’t everywhere the same?” Ye Xiu replied, appearing somewhat well-behaved.

“But in a bit, some things might happen there, so it’d be best to stay out of the way.” Endless Night said.

Blue River’s heart couldn’t help but thump. These words were obviously spoken for Blue Brook Guild to hear. Analyzing it on the surface, these words suggested that Tyrannical Ambition and Herb Garden had already joined hands. Blue Brook Guild would have difficulty negotiating with them.

“Oh? How come I heard that that place wasn’t safe?” Blue Brook Guild’s Bound Boat spoke out.

Psychological warfare.

Reverse psychological warfare.

Reverse reverse psychological warfare.

When the Three Great Guilds competed, they often ended up in this situation. These annoyed Blue River, so he liked to remain still with his face blank and let others deal with the problem.

“Oh, so it’s like this? Don’t tell me Herb Garden is plotting against us? Wouldn’t it be best for us to join hands?” Endless Night said.

To join hands or not to join hands, that was the question.

Blue River felt his balls ache. He directly sent messages to both guild leaders: “What are you guys doing? Both of you come over.”

Herb Garden’s guild leader Plantago Seed replied: “I haven’t done anything.”

Tyrannical Ambition’s guild leader Cold Night replied: “Didn’t I already send someone over?”

Both of them weren’t cooperating. Blue River’s head hurt. Truthfully, he hoped that all three could send representatives and let everyone just play rock-paper-scissors, but he knew that wasn’t going to happen. Even if everyone agreed, in the end, they’d definitely turn hostile. The winner would be like a cicada stalked by a mantis, unaware of the oriole behind. The winner would just be waiting for someone to stab him in the back! He didn’t know how many times this sort of situation had happened. In the end, all of the winners were extremely cautious and then suddenly tossed from side to side repeatedly by everyone. What had originally been agreed on was the same as no agreement. What was the point in wasting that time?

The Three Great Guilds all payed a lot of attention towards their outer image. Their words held enormous weight and their reputation was outstanding.

But when the the three competed, whatever despicable, shameless methods existed, all came out. Trust and promises were all the same as floating clouds.

All because their true interests laid in winning against the other competitors.

Even if everyone agreed that whichever side did the most damage was the winner, Blue River wouldn’t dare trust their word. He did trust that once one side fell behind, that side would definitely cheat them. He knew that every time they hunted a wild BOSS, a lot of players would die.

In this instant, Blue River cherished his memories of dungeons. Comparing them with wild BOSSes, no matter how difficult the dungeon was, they all felt so comforting.

They never had any sincere cooperation with each other. They would only scout each other out or guard against each other. This was the relationship between the Three Great Guilds.

Seeing that Endless Night was still chattering on, Blue River was ready to pull out his sword. In fact, when he called out for the two guild leaders to come, he didn’t have any good intentions either. In any case, everyone was shameless, so the two didn’t dare come over and stayed where they were. The two didn’t come over, only an annoying Endless Night. Blue River felt he might as well just kill him and be done with it. Everyone already understood their relationship towards each other anyways.

But he suddenly heard Ye Xiu say: “Isn’t that Thousand Creations?”

Blue River heard this and was startled. He turned around to look. One player, with magical fluctuations under his feet, carried a battle pole and rushed forward without saying anything to smash at the BOSS.

Blue River didn’t feel like taking care of him. He was just an undisciplined, unorganized individual.

“I’m going to help him.”

Blue River didn’t think Lord Grim would suddenly throw out these words and then rush forward. This was something that he couldn’t control even if he wanted to.

“Hey hey! Why are you running? I’m not done talking!” Endless Night still talked.

Blue River suddenly pulled out his sword with a Sword Draw and slashed towards that guy. He didn’t know how, but Endless Night had already prepared for this and rolled backwards, avoiding the sword.

“Oh, so the magnificent guild leader sneak attacks!” Endless Night mocked.

Blue River moved. Immediately, several players beside him were about to rush forward and act, but Endless Night had already escaped. Tyrannical Ambition also immediately had people approach, so Blue Brook Guild immediately withdrew.

They didn’t want to clash with Tyrannical Ambition. Herb Garden was still beside them!

The Three Great Guilds restricted each other. Intertwined, none of them dared to act blindly without thinking. While they were stuck in a stalemate, more players died fighting in the fields. One party, which was originally a ten member party, had already fallen to five. Half had died.

“Why are you all standing there watching. Hurry up and kill!!”

After Lord Grim rushed close, Ye Xiu heard these five members yell.

They clearly didn’t understand the situation and didn’t understand these Three Great Guilds’ entanglement.

But no matter how entangled these Three Great Guilds were, these five were destined to die.

If they were unable to kill the Blood Gunner, they’d die. If they killed the Blood Gunner, they’d die an even worse death. The Three Great Guilds didn’t act out against them because they belonged to the former. They didn’t have the strength to kill the Blood Gunner.

“Join the party!!” At this moment, the five yelled to Thousand Creations. Thousand Creations was the sixth player on the field that joined the fight. They immediately sent him an invite, but that guy actually ignored it.

“I’m coming in!!” After Lord Grim rushed to the front, Ye Xiu yelled while swiftly leaving Blue River’s party.

“What is he thinking?” Blue River was a little lost. Lord Grim rushing forward made him lost. Then, he suddenly left the party. Seeing that he wanted to join that random party made him even more lost.

“If Lord Grim is killing the BOSS, are we going to steal or not?” Bound Boat suddenly said.

Blue River stared blankly.

Could it be that this guy wanted to use the fact that each of the Great Guilds regarded him highly and wouldn’t steal the BOSS from him?

This thought was rather naive. Although the Three Great Guilds all regarded him highly and were willing to back down on many issues, this was only when the Three Great Guilds took the initiative to. But at this moment, he was the one to take initiative and use the Three Great Guild’s intentions to force them to retreat. This was a completely different situation.

No one would be willing to accept this sort of coercement, to say nothing of the Three Great Guilds. Although they were cautious, modest, and respectful on the outside, if you schemed against them like this, who would be able to take this?

Thousand Creations maneuvered around everywhere, waiting for an opportunity.

The five players were basically being chased and attacked by the Blood Gunner.

But once Lord Grim entered the fray, everything immediately changed.

The fast-moving Blood Gunner had unexpectedly been accurately captured by him. With a Sky Strike, the Blood Gunner had already been knocked into the air. This was an attack that Thousand Chances hadn’t found the opportunity to perform, even after he had joined the battle for so long.

Falling Flower Palm!

The Blood Gunner was blown away. This was a wild BOSS and was even stronger than hidden BOSSes. Sky Strike hadn’t knocked it very high into the air. If it was someone else who had executed Falling Flower Palm, then it might have even been a problem for them to complete the aerial attack.

The Blow Away effects would be increased in an aerial attack.

The higher up they were, the greater the increase. Because the Blood Gunner hadn’t been knocked up very high, the additional effects from the aerial attack were already the limit.

His figure shook and suddenly, two Lord Grims appeared. One was in the original place, while the other had flashed behind the Blood Gunner.

Shadow Clone Technique!

The body behind the Blood Gunner was obviously the real one. He immediately grabbed the Blood Gunner and threw.

Grappler Skill: Fling.

The Blood Gunner was once again thrown away.

Herb Garden’s players were suddenly in a commotion. Why was this Blood Gunner getting closer and closer to them?

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