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Chapter 61 – Hunting Yagg (1)

In Glory, the member limit in a group is ten. Each party member can create their own party with a limit of ten parties in a group.

After Ye Xiu joined the party, he saw that there was exactly ten members in the party. He recognized the majority of them: Blue River, Bound Boat, Flower Lantern, Thundering Light, Lunar Grace, Returning Cloud. They all knew each other from before, so they weren’t unfamiliar with him and all went up one by one to say hello. He hadn’t seen the other three before: Blowing Clouds, Spitfire Class; Endless Flow, Launcher Class; And one that you could tell was vulgar just from the name, Groping Haven, a Cleric. (TLC: Sacred Light Gropes You)

Blue River introduced them one by one. There were two other parties with twenty people, but Blue River didn’t trouble him with them. Actually, if they only wanted to kill the Blood Gunsman Yagg, then a single ten person party was more than enough. This time, they brought thirty people, which told the difficulties of the main problem: kill stealing the wild BOSS. It could even be said that Blue Brook Guild brought out all of their elites to this battle. All thirty of them could be found at the very front of the tenth server’s current level leaderboard.

Ye Xiu glanced over everyone and then suddenly said: “Did I take Thousand Creation’s position?”

Blue River was startled. He didn’t think that Ye Xiu was attentive to this degree. It was true. Thousand Creations was originally called over to get ready to hunt Blood Gunner Yagg, but then he just happened to meet Lord Grim……. Blue River felt that this was another chance to make things clear and simply said: “Don’t worry about him. We go on our own business.”

“When did the Blood Gunner respawn?” Ye Xiu asked Blue River.

“We received the info five minutes ago, so we immediately gathered all of these brothers. And after a short while, we hurried over.” Blue River said.

“We need all of these people?” Ye Xiu laughed. Even for kill stealing, they didn’t need this many people. With so many people surrounding the target, many people didn’t even have a place to put out damage.

“It’s to prevent any incidents!” Blue River messaged.

Ye Xiu knew that this wasn’t to prevent anything the BOSS would do, it was to protect them from other people. The most terrifying aspect in the game would never be NPCs. It would always be the players.

“If we were able to receive the info, then I’m sure Herb Garden and Tyrannical Ambition have also received it.” Blue River said. Besides fighting over dungeon records, the Three Great Guilds also payed attention to wild BOSS records. The guild had already reminded them of the importance of the wild BOSS records long ago.

“They’re already here.” Ye Xiu turned his viewpoint and looked left and right. He discovered that not far from them, there was another crowd of players wildly rushing. They were clearly running in the same direction as Blue Brook Guild’s troops.

“D*mn!” Blue River turned his viewpoint and saw it too. He vaguely identified a few names: “They’re from Herb Garden.”

Ye Xiu couldn’t help but worship him. He looked at some of these IDs and they all looked the same to him. For Blue River to actually be able to recognize these names, he deserved to be called an experienced rival. They were quite familiar with each other.

When Blue River recognized the other side, the other side also recognized Blue Brook Guild. Blue River quickly received a message from Herb Garden’s tenth server guild leader Plantago Seed: “Old Blue, if you have any inner quality to you, then you can clearly see that we’ve arrived here first.” Both sides knew Blood Gunner’s location. Currently, Herb Garden was clearly closer to it. Their levels and equipment were about the same. Blue Brook Guild’s hopes to take the lead weren’t great.

“Get lost.” Blue River replied. Wild BOSSes were never first come first serve, but Plantago Seed loved to say such nonsense.

“How many people did you bring?” Plantago Seed asked.

“Around the same as you.” Blue River said.

“Want to team up?” Plantago Seed said.

“What do you mean by team up?”

“You and I have both arrived, so Tyrannical Ambition shouldn’t be far behind. We both send a few players out to block them. And then we both rely on our own power to split the BOSS, how about it?”

“Okay!” Blue River replied without thinking the matter through.

“How many people?”



After half a minute…..

“Where are your people?” Plantago Seed asked.

“Yours?” Blue River replied.

“I’ve chosen them, I’m waiting for you!”

“I’m the one waiting for you!”

Another half a minute of silence.

“It looks like you don’t trust me. I’ll go look to team up with Tyrannical Ambition then.” Plantago Seed said.

“Go ahead. Actually, I’ve already come to an agreement with Tyrannical Ambition. They’re in front waiting to ambush you. Be careful.” Blue River replied.

Plantago Seed didn’t send another message.

Both felt helpless. This wasn’t the first time they had met. The Three Great Guilds had fought with each over for many years, so they all understood each other. If they truly wanted to cooperate, then they always tore at each other. It wasn’t possible for them to reach a conclusion in these few words. None of them trusted each other. It could be seen that in these few years, they weren’t lacking any fighting, dueling, or causing havoc amongst each other.

Blue Brook Guild was currently a bit slower than Herb Garden, but that small amount didn’t count for anything. Even if Herb Garden arrived there first, they might not immediately pull it and fight. If they were attacked from behind, what would they do? Don’t look at how their messages to each other were so friendly. If the they truly wanted to fight, they wouldn’t show any mercy. Games were like this. Happy and painful.

The two crowds maintained their distance and they reached the Blood Gunner’s location one after another. However, when they got there, another crowd of players were already standing there. Tyrannical Ambition’s players were unexpectedly even faster than them. Except Tyrannical Ambition still hadn’t acted. At this moment, there were a crowd of unknown players battling the Blood Gunner. But with just a look, it could clearly be seen that these were just random parties who just happened to discover this BOSS, trying it out. Blue River looked for a bit and then decided: “They’re courting death!”

Blood Gunner Yagg was covered in a white leather armor. Its ash-colored face didn’t show any expression. Clearly, it was also an Undead monster. It held a revolver in its hands and it moved incomparably quickly, running around everywhere and firing. At that instant, the crowd of randomly put together players were all hit and cried out in terror. They had no way to resist and the hunters became the prey.

Tyrannical Ambition had arrived long ago, but they just stood on the side, quietly watching the scene. They stood firmly just outside of the Blood Gunner’s attack range. After Herb Garden and Blue Brook Guild arrived, they acted the same as Tyrannical Ambition. They didn’t care about whether these players lived or died. They didn’t even look at the Blood Gunner; their attention was all focused on each other.

Seeing that the other two guilds had arrived, someone from Tyrannical Ambition quickly walked out and headed towards Blue Brook Guild.

Does he want to negotiate with us? Blue River silently thought. He couldn’t help but look at Herb Garden. They weren’t moving either and looking at their stance, they were probably paying attention to that Tyrannical Ambition player who was walking towards Blue Brook Guild, too.

That player eventually walked over. Right when he was about to go greet him, he heard that player shout: “Lord Grim, why are you here?”

“To see the excitement.” Ye Xiu replied.

“That place isn’t too good. Come come come. Why don’t you come over to our place?”

As it turned out, this shameless person was Endless Night.

Blue River’s lungs were about to burst with rage. He was simply treating them as if they were air. Our place is no good? F*ck your place then. This entire area was a desolate graveyard. There were a few weeds, dead trees, crooked gravestones, and damaged coffins; every place was the same. What good or bad?

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