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Chapter 63 – Hunting Yagg (3)

The Blood Gunner’s aggro obviously couldn’t run onto Herb Garden. In fact, up until now, it hadn’t taken a lot of damage. After taking three hits from Lord Grim: Sky Strike, Falling Flower Palm, Fling, its aggro had already ignited onto Lord Grim. Once it was thrown to the ground, it didn’t fall down. It rolled away and had already gotten up.

This skill was called Quick Recover. It was a common passive skill similar to Swift Run and Roll. After learning it, it could be used. The moment the user fell onto the ground, the user would immediately use a roll. In this way, the user wouldn’t fall down and would instead directly flip over.

This skill required a certain amount of technique to use. When the user touched the ground, the user had to immediately use a roll to Quick Recover. There were also a few skills where Quick Recover didn’t work. For example, the Battle Mage’s Circle Swing, the Grappler’s Back Throw, and the Sharpshooter’s Punisher all negated the Quick Recover skill.

The Blood Gunner could also Quick Recover, but it only now had a chance to. At this moment, after eating three of Lord Grim’s attacks, it directly rolled over with a Quick Recover and raised its gun, ready to shoot.

A gun sound rang out and the Blood Gunner’s right hand, which held the gun, moved backwards. Following the spark that sprayed out from the gun muzzle, a second gun sound rang out.

“D*mn!!” An Herb Garden player cried out in fear and immediately crouched down. The bullet scraped by his head. Then, he heard a second sound “D*mn!!” from behind him. The second player didn’t have time to dodge and the bullet hit him in the center of his forehead. Blood violently blossomed out and his life directly fell to half. Herb Garden’s Clerics immediately went up to rescue him. But at this moment, no one responded in time when the Blood Gunner suddenly c*cked its gun towards them.

But from Blue Brook Guild’s point of view, they could all see it clearly. Just now, after Lord Grim flung the Blood Gunner, a gun somehow appeared in his hands. That first gun sound wasn’t from the Blood Gunner. It was from Lord Grim’s gun. This gun hit the Blood Gunner’s right hand causing the Blood Gunner’s gun to swing backwards. Was this a coincidence? Or was it on purpose? Blue Brook Guild’s players didn’t know. But they did know that this shot was both an attack and a defense. It not only hit the Blood Gunner’s hand, it also neutralized the possibility of the Blood Gunner returning fire. As for the headshot at the Herb Garden player, that was probably pure coincidence.

But this coincidence still made Blue Brook Guild’s players extremely happy.

“What is he trying to do?” While everybody was jeering at Herb Garden’s player who had “accidentally been shot”, Bound Boat frowned, unable to see through Lord Grim’s intentions.

“Is he really thinking of taking down the Blood Gunner in front of all of us?” Flower Lantern also muttered.

Both of them moved towards Blue River.

“D*mn! An aerial Circle Swing, amazing!!” The two had just arrived in front of Blue River when they heard him say this.

The two were completely helpless. Was this really the time to be admiring his skill?

After waking up Blue River, Blue River touched on this issue but also helplessly said: “If the other guilds don’t move, how can we?”

Bound Boat was startled.

“Could it be that this guy wants to use this time when our three guilds are restricting each other instead of impolitely kill stealing?” Bound Boat said.

Blue River looked left towards Herb Garden. And the looked right towards Tyrannical Ambition. He saw that the other two guild leaders were also eccentrically looking left and right. Clearly, they were also like him and observing the other two guild’s movements.

Sure enough! At this moment, none of the three guilds dared to advance forward.

This was because whoever advanced forward would become the mantis preying upon the cicada. But there was also a large oriole behind them. No. Two of them to be accurate.

“This…….” Blue River discovered this deadlock really was awkward.

He immediately messaged Herb Garden and Tyrannical Ambition: “You two. Are we really going to just watch this BOSS get split?”

“Old Blue, you’ve finally learned treachery?” Plantago Seed replied.

“I don’t want to. It’d be better if your Blue Brook Guild hurried over and captured the BOSS, while my Tyrannical Ambition waits outside the range and keeps the situation under control, what do you think?” Tyrannical Ambition’s Cold Night replied.

Blue River was speechless. Herb Garden and Tyrannical Ambition didn’t trust him at all. And the most important factor that influenced these two groups’ judgements was that they didn’t understand Lord Grim’s strength; they didn’t believe that Lord Grim could take down the Blood Gunner.

But now that he calmed down and thought about it, he also felt that this was an issue too.

Although he and Lord Grim had set a dungeon record before and directly saw Lord Grim’s strength, although Lord Grim relied on his outstanding skill to deal with the Blood Gunner, no one could solo the Blood Gunner at this level. Even a peak peak professional player wouldn’t be able to, either.

This was because their mana definitely wouldn’t be able to keep up.

With the Blood Gunner’s life as well as the player’s DPS at this level, there was no way anyone could defeat the Blood Gunner with no mana. Even if they carried a full inventory of potions, they still wouldn’t be able to. Just seeing how Lord Grim put out damage at such a high tempo, they knew that beginner village’s level one potions certainly weren’t enough.

Skills couldn’t be used without mana. If a player couldn’t use skills, only relying on normal attacks definitely couldn’t take down the BOSS. When skills and normal attacks were compared, apart from more damage, the most important difference were their crowd control effects.

For example, Sky Strike’s Knock Up, Dragon Tooth’s Short Stun, Falling Flower Palm’s Blow Away, Circle Swing’s No-Quick-Recover Throw. These sort of special effects couldn’t be made by normal attacks and had an effect on controlling the opponent’s movement.

Thinking of this, Blue River suddenly calmed down. Sure enough, Herb Garden and Tyrannical Ambition were the greater threats. He couldn’t help but glance left and right at each of them.

The five normal players in the field were still regarded as dead people, so much so that Blue River didn’t even think that Lord Grim would associate with them. When Lord Grim left, he had no way to prevent it, so he could only call Thousand Creations to come and join the party.

Perhaps Ye Xiu was the only player to notice these five.

These chain attacks, which these five players were incapable of doing, frightened these players dumbstruck. Lord Grim suddenly used a Circle Swing, throwing the Blood Gunner in front of these five players.

“Still watching? Attack!” Ye Xiu yelled.

The five players woke up and immediately went up and greeted the Gunner with their weapons.

“Don’t attack randomly. Listen to my commands.” While Ye Xiu yelled, Lord Grim’s attacks hadn’t stopped from beginning to end.

These foolish five players finally discovered something.

“Lord Grim, this person is Lord Grim!!!”

The Three Great Guilds weren’t the only ones that noticed Lord Grim. Even players from Happy Internet Cafe were astonished when they saw Lord Grim’s famed name. These five players, who had invited Lord Grim to join the party and watched Lord Grim’s fight with the Blood Gunner, just now noticed Lord Grim’s ID on top of his head.

The Lord Grim that completed three first clears in beginner village!

The Lord Grim that led Blue Brook Guild to a new clear record in Frost Forest!

“Berserker, Gore Cross.” Lord Grim said while using Dragon Tooth to stab the Blood Gunner.

The Berserker didn’t react slowly and immediately brandished his Greatsword. While the Blood Gunner was still stunned and unable to dodge, he slashed and the tip of his sword drew a cross. A cross of blood swung out.

“Brawler, Sand Toss.” Ye Xiu yelled and at the same time, a Sky Strike knocked the Blood Gunner into the air.

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