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Chapter 594  The Lost Initiative

Dazzling Spring was the first to move. A scene like this was nothing new. This incident wasn’t exclusive to the North Bridge Mage. Blossom Valley had actively competed for bosses for quite some time and Dazzling Spring was the one who had always taken the initiative to start the boss fights. With such an expert in their midst, they were not afraid of anybody going after them. They seized the initiative easily. 

With two weeks of experience, the big guilds were already used to it. The moment they saw Dazzling Spring move, countless players reacted with anger. Their target was not the boss, but rather Dazzling Spring who was the first to jump onto the bridge. 

To be able to secure the boss in the countless boss battles, it was the perfect group aggro attraction. The many large guilds gathered around shared the same hatred towards Dazzling Spring. As long as that person was there, the boss would be secured by Blossom Valley again. 

Tyrannical Ambition was the only guild that held back. Jiang You was actually more agitated than the rest, but without Unrivaled Super Hottie, he didn’t dare to make a move. 

Dazzling Spring stood at the top of North Bridge without worry, dodging attacks from all directions without much effort. 

The river was wide, one could see the former glory of the North Bridge that connected both banks of the river, just by observing its battered frame. Dazzling Spring stood at the highest point of the bridge, avoiding attacks from the melee classes. The remaining mid-ranged classes couldn’t even reach Dazzling Spring once he reached the center of the bridge. 

If they stepped forward further, they would be on the North Bridge. 

Once they were on the North Bridge, they would trigger the aggro of the North Bridge Mage.  

Even though the North Bridge Mage’s aggro was currently focused on Dazzling Spring, a boss with such special aggro mechanics would usually have volatile aggro. Even when his attacks were focused on Dazzling Spring, he would still launch surprise attacks towards other players based on the amount of time they had spent on the North Bridge.

Players were already able to grasp the strategy after a long time of studying the boss’s behavior. Under normal circumstances, the players would usually move in and out of the North Bridge to reset the time aggro, but an expert like Dazzling Spring totally ignored the aggro. He hopped left and right, continuously dealing damage to the North Bridge Mage while taking the time to harass players from the other guilds. With the height that he was at, he had the advantage. The bullets shot by him and the grenades thrown by him would eventually drop to the ground wouldn’t they? 

Before the players could attack Dazzling Spring, they already suffered from his counter attack. With a surge in his APM, various types of grenades showered down like rain. A Spitfire’s grenades would do more than just create explosions. They had a lot more uses. With his Hundred Blossom style, the North Bridge was lit up with explosions that consumed several players at once. 

When the visual effects faded away, there were visibly less players left standing. 

Could he take out so many players with just a single combo? It was obviously impossible. But you had to also take note of the players left standing! They were all from Blossom Valley! They had acted according to Dazzling Spring’s attacks, rampaging within the visual distraction created. They were immune to Dazzling Spring’s attacks anyways. There were no allies among the 10 guilds. The players from Blossom Valley hid in the visual distractions created by Dazzling Spring, while creating the same visual distraction wherever they went. They performed the Hundred Blossoms style as a team. The visual effects expanded non-stop, swallowing everything in its path. 

Within moments, the players from Blossom Valley had taken control of the North Bridge. The North Bridge Mage was busy attacking Dazzling Spring with his spells. 

The boss’s couldn’t be distinguished using conventional means. Despite using the combat style of a Witch, the boss didn’t fly around on a broom like a Witch usually would. He instead flew around with only his magical staff. 

There was, however, still a limit to his flying duration. The North Bridge Mage landed on a vantage point and threw Fireballs at Dazzling Spring. 

Dazzling Spring leapt into the air, dodging each and every one of the boss’s attack. With his superior geographical advantage, he looked down on the battlefield with a bird’s eye view. The players of Blossom Valley had already rushed towards the boss and began to attack. 

The players from the big guilds coughed up blood! Wasn’t this a reenactment of last week’s battle? 

They knew clearly what would happen if they dared to charge onto the scene. Dazzling Spring would immediately shower them with attacks. 

They didn’t doubt Dazzling Spring’s capability in suppressing the area. His Hundred Blossoms style was designed to mess up his opponent’s vision. The ability to see was the most important aspect in a place such as the North Bridge. If one lost one’s vision, combat would be impossible. The person might even fall into the river by mistake. 

The only difference with last week was that the players from the big guilds were actually on the offensive. However, they were cleared away by Dazzling Spring’s counterattacks with the cooperation of Blossom Valley’s players. 

“We shouldn’t have even let him get on the bridge!” A player shouted, tears streaming down his cheeks as he looked 45 degrees upwards at Dazzling Spring. 

“Everyone, be careful, we must get there no matter what!” Another player shouted, but none of them moved. 

The players from the big guilds stood outside the bridge, looking left and right. At this time, they were hoping that somebody else would step forward and act as cannon fodder. Of course, who would be so dumb as to voluntarily serve as cannon fodder?! Obviously no one would. Which was why they could do nothing but stand aside and watch. 

The players from the large guilds were bleeding in their hearts. Jiang You was especially worried, and he immediately sent a message to Unrivaled Super Hottie and urged him to move faster. 

“Aren’t I already here?” Unrivaled Super Hottie replied. 

Jiang You looked around and spotted a group of players walking towards him along the riverbank. When they were close, Jiang You noticed that Unrivaled Super Hottie was really there, but he wasn’t alone. He brought along the team that he was in with him. 

A normal team in one of their branch guilds couldn’t even clear a dungeon properly! Against a wild boss, not to mention competing with players from other guilds, even if there were no other outside factors, they might not even be able to handle the boss! Why did he lead all those people here? 

Jiang You was confused, and he could hear Unrivaled Super Hottie’s voice among the approaching players, “Look, the one throwing Fireballs from the top of the bridge? That’s the boss, North Bridge Mage Morlor.” 

“Ohhhh!!!” The players in his team shouted in amazement. Even though there were not noobs in the Heavenly Domain, wild bosses were something that not everybody had the chance to encounter. It was an entirely new experience for them.

“That person that is dodging the Fireballs nonstop seems to be the boss’ aggro target. Oh, he seems to be a Spitfire. He has a very big advantage in controlling the entire field from that position. He can use the special geographical condition of the bridge to stop hostile players from getting onto the bridge.” Unrivaled Super Hottie continued. 

“But he has to deal with the boss! It must be hard!” A player pointed out.

“Of course, look, there are other players trying to get onto the North Bridge!” Unrivaled Super Hottie pointed out. 

Before they could spot the players, Unrivaled Super Hottie sighed, “Ah, he’s a sly one, jumping to that spot. He’s trying to get rid of them by using the boss!” 

The Fireballs launched by the North Bridge Mage missed Dazzling Spring and dropped onto the players who were attempting to get on the bridge. They were immediately scattered by the boss’ attack. 

The boss’ attacks weren’t like Dazzling Spring’s visual distraction, but the boss’ attacks had high damage, so they had no choice but to dodge. However, they couldn’t dodge the attacks like they usually did on a flat surface, they had to jump. 

In their moment of panic, quite a number of them tumbled into the river below. 

In the gushing stream, the players floated for a few moments and disappeared under the water’s surface. The average players were never good in controlling their characters in the water, falling into such a fast flowing stream added to the difficulty. To make it back to the riverbank alive depended entirely on their luck . 

While some dropped into the water, others were showered by the boss’ attack. Suffering a direct hit would take away a large percentage of a player’s HP, if not instant death. A few grenades from Dazzling Spring cleared away the rest of the players from the bridge. 

“Tsk tsk tsk tsk.” Unrivaled Super Hottie sighed, while Jiang You moved his Wandering Peak closer to him. 

“Is that Dazzling Spring?” Unrivaled Super Hottie asked. 

“Yes.” said Jiang You, “But the boss is called Mordak, not Morlor.” 

“Ohh, it’s been quite awhile, I’ve forgotten the name.” 

“Dazzling Spring has taken the initiative. It’s tough.” Jiang You said. 

“It is, why did you not call me earlier?” Unrivaled Super Hottie said. 

“I notified you as soon as possible.” Jiang You was helpless. Brother, you’re the one who was late…... 

“Since the initiative belongs to him, it’s quite hard to turn the situation around.” Unrivaled Super Hottie said. 

“What now?” 

“I need cover and some support.” 

“It’s all on you!” Jiang You didn’t hesitate. Calling him here was to use his strength to the fullest. There was only one rule: he must never be allowed to be the leader of the team.

Jiang You immediately sent Unrivaled Super Hottie an invite, but the system notified him that he was already in a team.

“Add me.” Jiang You said.

And he immediately received an invite from Unrivaled Super Hottie. Tears streamed down his cheeks. 

“What I meant was to join my team.” Jiang You explained. He must secure the spot of team leader. The fact that Unrivaled Super Hottie could send him an invite meant that he must at least be a sub-leader within the team. Jiang You had a bad feeling about it. 

“Oh okay.” Unrivaled Super Hottie replied. He left his team and requested to join Jiang You’s. 

Jiang You accepted the request. After confirming that Unrivaled Super Hottie was only a normal member of the team, he then added his guild’s elites to the team. 

“What do we do?” Jiang You asked. 

“I’ll take out Dazzling Spring and drag the boss to the edge of the bridge. We’ll take care of him there.” Unrivaled Super Hottie replied. 

“More details please.” Jiang You was puzzled. 

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