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Chapter 595 - Rush Upwards Just Like This

Even though Jiang You knew that this person was God Ye Qiu, Zhang Jiale was also a God. He didn’t think that think that Ye Qiu had a 100% chance of winning. In their last confrontation, Unrivaled Super Hottie helped to secure the boss for Tyrannical Ambition, but it wasn’t good to underestimate their opponent. Against an opponent like Zhang Jiale, Jiang You hoped that his trump card would be serious. 

But in the moment it took him to blink, Unrivaled Super Hottie had already led his ragtag bunch towards the North Bridge while saying, “Let’s move over here. We’ll have a better view.” 

The big guilds that were helpless against Dazzling Spring turned to look, and what they saw was a poverty stricken group from Tyrannical Ambition. They all secretly thought they were some sort of secret weapon. Even Tyrannical Ambition’s own players were baffled by this sight.

Jiang You’s patience had almost reached its limit, but he could only walk up to to Unrivaled Super Hottie. 

“How do you plan on taking care of Dazzling Spring?” Jiang You asked. 

“I’ll just rush upwards and take care of him.” Unrivaled Super Hottie replied. 

“How?” Jiang You continued to bear it.

But Unrivaled Super Hottie hesitated, “How do I explain it to you….” 

Jiang You’s patience finally ran out and he asked, “Fine, how do you want us to cover you?” 

“After I rush upwards, all you need to do is to keep the Blossom Valley players in check.” Unrivaled Super Hottie said.

“Fine!” Jiang You was done. What he wanted to know was how Unrivaled Super Hottie would turn the tides for them, but Invincible Super Hottie’s answer was always “just rush upwards.”

Just rush upwards? 

What nonsense! Everybody knew how to rush upwards, but the problem was, they couldn’t. Jiang You wanted to know how, but Unrivaled Super Hottie appeared as if he couldn’t give a proper explanation.

Jiang You anxiously followed Unrivaled Super Hottie to the edge of the bridge. The other players noticed Unrivaled Super Hottie’s presence and the fact that their guild leader created a new party. They rubbed their fists in anticipation of the upcoming action, but Unrivaled Super Hottie sent a “nodding” emoticon and said, “I’m rushing in.” 

And then, he just rushed in. 

Simple, rough, no tricks, no deception, and no numerical superiority. Unrivaled Super Hottie stepped onto the bridge alone. 

Dazzling Spring and the Blossom Valley players had stayed longer than Unrivaled Super Hottie on the bridge. Despite that, the boss threw a glance at him the moment he touched the bridge, though he didn’t launch an attack. 

It was one of the specialties of the BOSS. The old man cared a lot whenever somebody stepped onto the bridge. The poor NPC. He’d never understand that to prevent anybody from ever setting foot on the North Bridge, all he needed to do was leave the North Bridge. Players wouldn’t usually try and cross a broken bridge like this one. It was too risky to cross the river using it. 

The boss didn’t divert his attacks towards Unrivaled Super Hottie, but the Blossom Valley players couldn’t hold themselves back. The moment they saw the Knight “Unrivaled Super Hottie”, the aggro of the Blossom Valley’s elites immediately shifted towards him. 

This is what it meant to “provoke with only one’s looks”. 

“Nobody make a move!” Blossom Valley’s guild leader Blooming Blossom said to stabilize the emotions of his guild members. Blossom Valley’s current combat style was built around Dazzling Spring. The player was actually very quiet even among Blossom Valley’s inner circle. He would, however, agree to participate whenever invited to a competition for a wild BOSS. He didn’t talk much, just like the average party member, and would only speak a sentence or two when needed. 

Everybody could guess the identity of Dazzling Spring. Even when he stayed silent, his position as a core member of the guild was already set. 

Blossom Valley’s attacks were basically adjusted according to Dazzling Spring’s attacks. Seeing that Dazzling Spring didn’t take any immediate action, Blooming Blossom stopped his men from attacking as well. 

In the few seconds of hesitation, Unrivaled Super Hottie had completed three jumps. 

Continuous and quick, Unrivaled Super Hottie began jumping. Although he wasn’t as stylish as Dazzling Spring, it was still a sight to see a heavily armored character moving with such agility. 

There were no intervals between his jumps, as if he could do it even with eyes closed. 

Within moments, Unrivaled Super Hottie was already halfway across . 

Dazzling Spring chose that exact moment to launch a sudden attack. 

Bullets and grenades flew towards Unrivaled Super Hottie. 

The players, who tried to charge onto the North Bridge, were faced with similar attacks. In their own confusion, some fell off the bridge due to their own mistakes, while others were thrown off due to the shockwaves and explosions, while quite a number of them died from just the damage alone. 

Unrivaled Super Hottie was different. He showed no hesitation and carried on jumping upwards, darting between the visual disruptions created by Dazzling Spring.

“He…. really is rushing in?” Jiang You was speechless. 

Unrivaled Super Hottie braved through Dazzling Spring’s attacks and continued his jump upwards.

“Can he make it? Even if he didn’t die, how much health would he have left by the time he reaches the top?” Jiang You was worried. 

“Clerics! Go see if you guys can heal him up!” Jiang You immediately gave the order. 

The clerics from Tyrannical Ambition immediately went into action. They moved forward and healed Unrivaled Super Hottie, but with Dazzling Spring’s continuous attacks, they couldn’t even spot their target and couldn’t land their skills on their target. They tried very hard to grasp any chance they could to locate Unrivaled Super Hottie. After all, Dazzling Spring needed to handle the boss as well, so he couldn’t pay full attention to Unrivaled Super Hottie. 

The advantage in numbers had finally been made obvious at that moment. 

Even though most Clerics failed to grasp an opportunity to heal him, but with their sheer numbers, some of them eventually got lucky. Unrivaled Super Hottie’s health was maintained just like that. 

But as Unrivaled Super Hottie reached a new height, he had moved out of range of the Cleric’s healing skills. 

Some of the Clerics moved forward in a desperate attempt to catch up with Unrivaled Super Hottie and set foot on the North Bridge. 

The boss viewed every living soul who dared to set foot on the North Bridge as the same. He glared coldly at them one by one. Dazzling Spring, on the other hand, didn’t share the BOSS’s sentiment. When Unrivaled Super Hottie set foot on the bridge, he ignored him, but the moment the other players were on the bridge, Dazzling Spring stopped his harassment towards Unrivaled Super Hottie and began bombarding the players with his attacks. 

Two clerics fell into the river instantly. Their fates unknown. 

Dazzling Spring didn’t hold back against other players. 

But did he hold back against Unrivaled Super Hottie? The crowd soon realised that he did not. They realised that it was a trap. 

If getting closer to Dazzling Spring was Unrivaled Super Hottie’s objective, he had already closed two thirds of the distance, but right after he hit the two thirds mark, he lost his support from the Clerics. The remaining one third of the journey would be one where Dazzling Spring could take care of Unrivaled Super Hottie with his advantage in range. He could even cooperate with the Blossom Valley players to deal with Unrivaled Super Hottie. 

He didn’t attack Unrivaled Super Hottie because he knew that the guy was good, hence he set up a trap for him. With Unrivaled Super Hottie’s current awkward position, maybe Dazzling Spring would make a move? 

The problem was that Dazzling Spring didn’t allow Unrivaled Super Hottie to freely move around. He kept on harassing him! 

But Dazzling Spring’s next wave of attack showed the players that they were wrong. 

To deal with an opponent who was on an entirely different level, one must also use some unconventional methods. 

The Hundred Blossoms style, that was enough to suppress the average player, was just showing an opening when used on Unrivaled Super Hottie. 

Totally ignoring him would be too obvious. His intention of seemingly eliminating Unrivaled Super Hottie earlier on was the real trap. The moment Unrivaled Super Hottie placed himself in this awkward position where he couldn’t move forward and could no longer retreat, that was exactly the best time to go all out. 

Dazzling Spring had been waiting for that exact moment for a long time. He had even secretly made preparations. Unrivaled Super Hottie’s position was exposed to him that was at the top of the bridge and the Blossom Valley players below. Those who could hit Unrivaled Super Hottie had already launched their attacks. 

Unrivaled Super Hottie immediately began to show caution. 

The landing spots around him were all covered by Blossom Valley players. Even the bystanders were beginning to feel despair for Unrivaled Super Hottie, but he was still jumping. Jumping forward and upwards. 

He was still “rushing upwards”. 

Jiang You had a strange feeling in his heart after observing the scene. 

The pro God, who he supposedly hated the most, was currently the one who he respected the most. 

Always moving forward, never giving up.

Jiang You believed that the captain of Tyrannical Ambition, Han Wenqing, would have done the same. 

But such a method would bring more harm than good in certain times. This was exactly what was happening to Unrivaled Super Hottie. If he wanted to move forward, he would need to bear the brunt of the attack. 

Firm Defence. 

Spell Reflection. 

Shield Wall. 


Knight defensive skills were used one after the other in perfect rhythm as Unrivaled Super Hottie continued his rush upwards. The Knight players on scene were already worshipping him. It still wasn’t enough though. The opponent’s attacks weren’t that easy to deal with. Even though Unrivaled Super Hottie was persistent, if he couldn’t escape his opponent’s attacks, his health would eventually hit zero.

“Who asked you to show off!!” Jiang You was depressed. He classified Unrivaled Super Hottie’s actions as “showing off”. He couldn’t accept the fact that the person he hated the most was so similar to their captain Han Wenqing. 

At that unexpected moment, a white light showered Unrivaled Super Hottie. It was a Cleric’s Heal. 

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