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Chapter 593 - Time Decides Aggro

Chen Guo paid a lot of attention to Zhang Jiale. With the presence of such a great God on their team, their strength would increase exponentially. This was why Chen Guo paid such careful attention to the interactions between Ye Xiu and Zhang Jiale. She felt that something was wrong with their conversation. Zhang Jiale didn’t seem to be interested in Ye Xiu’s proposal. 

Ye Xiu’s “I understand” made Chen Guo even more agitated. The most annoying phrases when eavesdropping on a conversation were “I understand” and “You know it”. 

What do you understand? What did you know?! People who used such words were too irresponsible! They didn’t even care about the feelings of the eavesdroppers! 

“What do you understand? Huh?” Chen Guo was straightforward. She immediately asked Ye Xiu after noticing that Ye Xiu didn’t attempt to persuade Zhang Jiale.

“What he meant was that even if he returns to the pro league, he doesn’t have much time in his career left. Since he wants to be the champion, of course he needs to cherish the time he has left. Joining a new team like us would be wasteful and luxurious.”Ye Xiu said. 

“He said that he’s different from you. What difference is there?” Chen Guo asked. 

“I’ve already won a championship. He has not.” Ye Xiu replied. 

Chen Guo immediately understood. For a new team like Team Happy to become the champion? Even Chen Guo felt that it was absurd despite having a God like Ye Xiu. One didn’t simply get to become the champion with just a God. The God chatting on the other side was the perfect example. 

The poor God was nearing the end of his career. If his goal was to be the champion, he would never join Team Happy. To Zhang Jiale, it was all or nothing, but for Ye Xiu, he didn’t share the same worry to a certain degree. 

“What a shame.” Chen Guo sighed. 

“Yeah, he gave up on the chance to be a champion.” Ye Xiu sighed. 

“Uhh….” Chen Guo responded absentmindedly. Unlike Ye Xiu, her confidence was an illusion. Even though a God was strong, it was the pro leagues they were talking about. Unlike the game, there were a lot of other Gods. When she said “What a shame”, she just felt that it was pity they wouldn’t be able to have another God join them, not what Ye Xiu meant.

“Good luck!” Ye Xiu said to Zhang Jiale. 

“Out of courtesy, I should wish you good luck as well, but your luck will mean my misfortune. I’m in a bit of a dilemma.” Zhang Jiale said. 

“Haha, I won’t be back so soon. Cherish the one year you have left!” Ye Xiu replied. 

“If that’s the case, then good luck to you as well!” 

“Good luck.” 

“Good luck!” 

Ye Xiu close the chat window after the two exchanged blessings with each other and sighed. Even Ye Xiu felt regretful being unable to get the help of another God.

Back in the game, Unrivaled Super Hottie was already being invited by hordes of players. Ye Xiu appeared to be picking random parties, but Chen Guo had been observing him for quite some times and found something peculiar. 

“Hey, you’ve partied with this group before!” Chen Guo said. Ye Xiu had always been with different parties. It was the first time that he had gone dungeon running with the same party twice. Chen Guo thought that Ye Xiu was confused after going into dungeons with so many different parties. 

“Yes, I know.” Ye Xiu unexpectedly answered. 

“Oh? You’re going with them again?” Chen Guo started to study the party slowly. It was a small group from the Tyrannical Ambition’s seventh branch. Chen Guo could not see anything special from their characters. They were just like any other group that Ye Xiu had played with before. They were mediocre at best. 

“Why are you going with them a second time?” Just as Chen Guo was about to throw Ye Xiu her question, Unrivaled Super Hottie received a message. It was from Tyrannical Ambition’s guild leader, Wandering Peak. 

Before sending the message, Jiang You was also in an awkward position! 

They had found a new boss. It was the lvl 70 North Bridge Mage Mordak, which was badly needed by Tyrannical Ambition. However, for the past three weeks the boss had spawned, Tyrannical Ambition was unable to secure the boss. 

The first failure was from a fair and square competition against the other guilds, but for their second and third attempt, it was all because of the newly emerged expert called Dazzling Spring from Blossom Valley. 

Jiang You was highly criticized by the Club’s higher up due to his failures. Even though they knew that there were a lot of uncertainties when it came to competitions for wild bosses, for a team that desperately needed a certain boss, the game department would still be under a lot of pressure. The manager even made it a point that the next boss must be secured at all costs. 

At all costs? Why don’t you guys send a professional player or two to help out? 

Jiang You, of course, kept that complaint to himself. It might not be a good thing if the Club sent a pro to aid Jiang You. His task would become easier, but it also meant that he had neglected his duty. As someone in charge of everything in the game, if he needed the aid of pro players to solve his problems, it meant that his capabilities were limited. 

Jiang You wished to overcome the problem on his own, unless the situation was very dire. With Dazzling Spring, who was suspected to be Zhang Jiale, on the enemy’s side, it was indeed a dire situation. However, Jiang You also had a trump card. After giving it a lot of thought, he finally decided to deploy his trump card.

If he needed pro players to solve his problem, his capabilities would be doubted, but if he could solve problems that would require help from pro players, it meant that he was very good at doing his job. The two factors were closely related to each other. Jiang You was never purely a player. To him, this was his career. 

He was happy to find that Unrivaled Super Hottie was online after receiving news regarding the North Bridge Mage Mordak and immediately contacted him. 

Even though this person’s aim was still unknown, judging from his willingness to act as hard labor in Tyrannical Ambition’s branches, Jiang You knew that his summon would bear fruit. 

As expected, Unrivaled Super Hottie happily accepted and immediately made his way over. Jiang You took this opportunity to review his troops.

The competition for North Bridge Mage Mordak was tight. It was not because of the fact that the mage was tough. It was due to the fact that the area which he spawned in was quite small. 

Upstream of a certain river, there was a bridge known as the “North Bridge”. It was said to be one of the forgotten sites of the great road of Glory. Decaying with time, the North Bridge lost its original purpose. One could no longer cross the bridge without some incredible platforming skills. The bridge was already damaged beyond recognition. The only reason it still stood was because of the system’s logic-defying settings. 

North Bridge Mage Mordak always spawned on the North Bridge. He didn’t belong to any leveling areas. He was just a scenery boss. 

And how big could a bridge be? No matter where the North Bridge Mage Mordak spawned, he’d immediately be spotted by players. 

Competition for this boss was never limited to just three or four guilds. Any ambitious guild would arrive at the scene. 

As Jiang You was reviewing with his men, he believed that the other guilds were doing the same. 

Not long after, players from each guilds had already gathered on both ends of the bridge. After a brief calculation by Jiang You, about ten Club guilds had gathered.

Herb Garden, Blue Brook Guild, Excellent Era, Samsara, Royal Style, Blossom Valley, Misty Castle, Void Walk, Howling Heights, and with the addition of Tyrannical Ambition, 10 guilds were present. 

The players at the bridge weren’t too shocked. They had seen the same scene every week. If a boss was too hard to find, it would be very troublesome for players, but if a boss was spotted easily, the situation would not be any better for them either.

For a rather easy Boss, the high difficulty faced to secure it was because of his small spawn location. 

North Bridge Mage Modak levitated above the North Bridge. He was an old man with a white beard, but his body was still well-built. There was a backstory about the old man that happened on the bridge. It was a sad and touching story, but the players that were at the place for the Boss didn’t care about the backstory. The only thing concerning them was how to get to the boss when surrounded by players from nine other guilds on extremely unfavourable terrain. 

Nobody was willing to make a move. They were already used to the norm of “watching silently”. It was a disgusting practice that occurred once a week. 

A gunshot broke through the silence. Blossom Valley was the first to make their move. Or rather, Dazzling Spring from Blossom Valley. 

It was also a scene that people had become used to in the past two weeks. Dazzling Spring’s unprecedented skill allowed him to approach the Boss directly, unlike the other players. 

Dazzling Spring leapt onto the bridge. Gunshots rang out, accompanied by zipping bullets and flying hand grenades. 

The North Bridge Mage was already on the move. He was another Boss that was very exquisite about the aggro’s direction. 

There was also an extra condition to establishing his aggro: the person standing on the North Bridge. 

As long as somebody stood on the bridge, he would be a target for the North Bridge Mage’s wrath. The longer a player stayed on the bridge, the higher the aggro value would be. It would be impossible to snatch the attention of the boss away from beyond the bridge. The deciding factor of pulling the North Bridge Mage’s aggro was the amount of time one spent on the bridge. 

It was a very important factor, but it was also something that received the least attention of the guilds. To fight for an extended period of time on the North Bridge was not an easy feat. Simply passing the bridge required a very high amount of skill, not to mention fighting on it. With so many contenders, fighting on the North Bridge would only result in countless players falling into the water below. 

The situation completely changed with the presence of Dazzling Spring. Zhang Jiale was a God. He could ensure his own safety on the bridge without plummeting into the water. For the past two weeks, he was the first target of the North Bridge Mage’s aggro. 

Because on the North Bridge, time decides aggro. 

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