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Chapter 592 - Sharing the Labor

Ye Xiu spent most of his time on Unrivaled Super Hottie. He didn’t completely stop leveling Lord Grom, but if he had spent his time on Lord Grim instead, Lord Grim would have been around the level 60 threshold by now. Focusing on Unrivaled Super Hottie, going into different dungeons with different parties, working hard as a tank, Chen Guo didn’t know what Ye Xiu could get out of doing these things. 

Chen Guo couldn’t hold herself back and asked Ye Xiu, but Ye Xiu was talking loudly into the mic. He couldn’t hear anything from Chen Guo. 

 Ye Xiu’s Unrivaled Super Hottie had originally been laying low. He rarely said anything, but with his strength already known, the person in charge of the team didn’t dare to order him around. Out of necessity, Ye Xiu had to take charge. With such an expert in charge, everybody on the team was happy to carry out his orders, especially since they achieved good results with Ye Xiu leading. The name of “Brother Unrivaled” became more and more self-fulfilling. 

In the past few days, according to Chen Guo’s observations, Ye Xiu had gone into 22 different dungeons with 22 different parties, and all of them were 100-player dungeons. They always cleared them too. In terms of efficiency, Ye Xiu’s addition was astonishing. 

Tyrannical Ambition’s fourth branch players was happy to reap the benefits. They had gained the upper hand in their competition against the other branch guilds. The other branch guilds weren’t happy after learning the truth. They swarmed Jiang You, protesting Unrivaled Super Hottie’s presence in the fourth branch guild. 

Jiang You didn’t expect that the guy would cause trouble even when he was used for hard labor. He couldn’t help but feel impressed. Ye Xiu really was a God. Everything he did got the attention of others.

The leaders of the branch guilds were naturally Tyrannical Ambition’s absolute core members. They were more trustworthy than the elites within the main guild. With their nonstop complaints, Jiang You had a meeting with them to tell them the truth. 

“He’s Ye Qiu! No wonder!!” The branch guild leaders immediately understood after being exposed to the truth. 

“Which is why he must have some ill intentions by joining Tyrannical Ambition. However, his motives remain hidden. For now, we’re just using his strength to benefit ourselves.” Jiang You explained. 

The branch guild leaders approved of Jiang You’s plan. The idea of using their archnemesis as a work slave was very appealing. 

“Even so, there’s no reason that the fourth branch guild alone should keep him to themselves. We deserve a share too, don’t we?” The second branch guild leader said. 

“Ha ha ha, we’re on the same side. There’s no need to make a fuss about it.” The leader of the fourth branch laughed. 

“He’s in your guild, so of course you’d say that.”The leader of the fifth branch guild rolled his eyes. He knew about Wolf Head’s encounter with Unrivaled Super Hottie. Even though he got bullied, they were still on the same side, so the option of revenge through petty tricks had gone out the window, but after learning the truth, he couldn’t help but feel that the presence of Ye Qiu was like a cheat engine for the fourth branch guild. It wasn’t fair. It was like the fourth branch guild had started using a cheat engine, especially how their teams kept on making breakthroughs in the dungeons. With the members of the fourth guild acting high and mighty after their achievements, didn’t they know that their success was achieved only because such a top-tier player? 

Jiang You wasn’t angry at the situation. Instead, he laughed, “Okay, there’s no need to fight. Using Ye Qiu as a slave for our guild is a good thing. It’s a rare opportunity. Everybody should get to have some of the fun, so let’s let him switch between branch guilds!” 

With Jiang You making his stance clear, the leader of the fourth branch guild had nothing more to say. They were still people that considered more than obtaining benefits, “Will he notice it if we overdo it?” 

“So what? Hehe, it’s nothing! If worse come to the worst, he’ll just leave. We have nothing to lose.” Jiang You replied, appearing to have given the issue a thorough amount of thought beforehand. Despite that, Jiang You had a bad feeling about his plan. Even though they had paid close attention to Unrivaled Super Hottie, a God’s movements weren’t comprehensible by normal players. 

The other branch guild leaders agreed. With such a highly intelligent spy, so what if they treated him roughly? We don’t expect anything from you, but since you’re already here, we might as well use you to the fullest!

The branch guild leaders began to argue about the distribution of their “free labor”. Since it was harmless, Jiang You didn’t interfere and instead joined in on the fun. In the end, they voted for the third branch guild to use the “cheat engine”.

“Just one day?! You’re kidding me. How much can he do in one day!!” The leader of the third branch guild was furious when he learnt that he was granted access to the “cheating engine” for only a day. 

“Then how many days do you want him for? If you keep him for too long, and he left just like that, then won’t we lose our source of fun?” The leaders of the other branch guilds refuted.

“I’ll at least keep him for as long as the fourth branch guild did.” The leader of the third branch guild argued.

In the end, no one was willing to compromise. There were a lot of branch guilds under the banner of Tyrannical Ambition. If all of them took turns, there might be a chance that there would be some that wouldn’t get the chance to use the free labor. They didn’t plan on treating him well. What if he just left after the first day?

In the end, they completely got rid of the initial decision. They decided to let Unrivaled Super Hottie choose whoever invited him.

“I have something say about this!” Jiang You said after they came to a conclusion, “He has to do it on his own free will. Do not entice him with any conditions!” 


“Oh?” The branch guilds leaders were momentarily stunned.

“If we competed against each other for his help, who would benefit from it in the end?” Jiang You continued. 

The leaders of the branch guilds suddenly came to a realization. They immediately agreed to Jiang You’s terms. 

Jiang You was finally relieved. He was alarmed by the decision of the branch guild leaders. He immediately suspected Ye Qiu’s real intention: throwing himself into their guild and invoking conflict within the guild as an elite that was sought-after by everyone….

How crafty! Luckily, I noticed it! Jiang You thought. 

Tyrannical Ambition had made a decision. In the meantime, Ye Xie was becoming increasingly busy. With Jiang You’s approval to use his strength, players other than the ones from the fourth branch guild were asking for his help. Even the ones from the main guild were looking for him. Jiang You didn’t stop these activities. As long as none of them gave away any benefits. Anyone could use Ye Qiu. After all, wasn’t it all good for Tyrannical Ambition? 

Jiang You was extremely pleased with his arrangements with Ye Qiu as the branch guilds made excellent progress in dungeons. Tyrannical Ambition was involved with a few more conflicts for bosses during the past two weeks. Jiang You wanted to use him for free labor, but he held his impulsiveness back. He pondered over it and felt like he should use him to clear dungeons to the point where he gave up. Jiang You could never trust him when it came to killing bosses.

However, even though Jiang You was reluctant to deploy his cheat engine, the other guilds weren’t the same.

Blossom Valley’s Dazzling Spring was very popular at the moment. With his help, Blossom Valley was doing very well. The Three Great Guilds couldn’t gain an upper hand against Blossom Valley. Even at the momentous, Samsara was being suppressed. This player’s unprecedented strength had garnered a lot of attention and was shrouded in rumors. 

Some said that he was Zhang Jiale, others claimed that the person was Zou Yuan. Some even said that he was a new member of Team Hundred Blossom that would take over  Dazzling Hundred Blossom and was playing in game to train himself. There was even a rumor that the person was someone who had trained for years and joined Blossom Valley, ready to show his true strength. 

The rumors even went out of hand, but such an expert easily attracted attention of the pro teams. Many had tried to get in touch of this character. Ye Xiu was one of them. He chatted with the person from time to time in QQ. 

“You’ve been busy these days, what are you planning on doing?” Ye Xiu asked. 

“What about your work in Tyrannical Ambition?” Zhang Jiale answered with a question of his own.

“I’m on official business!” Ye Xiu replied in a serious tone, “You were quite cooperative last time, seeing that you didn’t expose my identity. What do you think? Are you interested in working together?” 

“Nah, I just didn’t want to get in your way, seeing that you’re putting quite a lot of effort into it.” Zhang Jiale answered.

“It’s nothing. I’m enjoying it!” Ye Xiu said. 

“Oh really…... That’s good!” 

“How about you?” 

“Me…. I’m in a bit of a dilemma.” Zhang Jiale replied. 

“Is it really that hard of a choice to make? Join forces with me. We’ll be the champions without a doubt!” Ye Xiu replied. 

“Sorry, that isn’t one of my options.” Zhang Jiale said.

“You don’t have much foresight.” Ye Xiu complained.

“Foresight requires an investment in time. Do I have the time? I’m not like you.” Zhang Jiale said.

“Hmm….. I understand.” Ye Xiu said. 

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