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Chapter 591 - Laboring for the Guild

With the boss battle settled, the players from Tyrannical Ambition began to leave Sword Peak Ravine. Jiang You still had his guard up, but everything went smoothly. Unrivaled Super Hottie left the place along with the group just like that.

The players were very curious about Unrivaled Super Hottie. The fourth branch guild leader noticed that something was definitely off, and quietly walked over to Jiang You. 

“How should I deal with Unrivaled Super Hottie?” the fourth branch guild leader asked. He believed that the guild leader had some special plan in store. With Unrivaled Super Hottie’s strength, he should at least have been one of the elite core members. Joining the main guild wouldn’t have been a problem at all, but instead, he was exiled to a branch guild. Something fishy was going on. 

“He might be Ye Qiu.” Jiang You hadn’t openly share his suspicions before because it had only been a baseless speculation, but with Unrivaled Super Hottie’s performance displayed, and with the pro league as bait, Jiang You was now very certain. Although there would be Glory players who weren’t interested in the pro league, they were the minority. Unrivaled Super Hottie’s firm decision added onto Jiang You’s suspicion. Or rather, he no longer suspected the person. He was entirely sure of it. 

“Ah!” The fourth branch guild leader gasped. 

“We don’t know his goal yet,” Jiang You continued, “but since he wants to play, we’ll play along with him.” 

“Huh?” The fourth branch guild leader was puzzled. Even though he had never participated in the conflicts with God Ye Qiu, he had heard all about them. The Club guilds were a mess because of him! To have such a walking disaster be a part of his guild, the fourth branch guild leader felt his heartbeat increase. He began to feel nervous. 

“Even though he definitely doesn’t have good intentions, you’ve seen his strength. We could use him. When he joins your guild, send him to a random team. Use him for hard labor.” Jiang You said.

The fourth branch guild leader was amazed by Jiang You. He had the courage to use a God as a hard laborer. Their guild leader was too incredible. 

“But you must pay close attention to him. Put him in a group with someone you trust. It’ll make it easier to keep an eye on him.” Jiang You had already put in a considerable amount of thought. 

“Okay, I understand.” The fourth branch guild leader nodded. 

“Good, we’ll leave it at that for now then.” Jiang You said, while giving Unrivaled Super Hottie a warm greeting. Then, he took the main guild’s troops and left. Only a fight for Bosses could gather so many people in one place. Other activities, such as dungeon runs were done according to the respective guilds.

Jiang You and his group went far away until they couldn’t no longer see Unrivaled Super Hottie. They were completely safe and sound. Only then could he relax.

“We’ll feign ignorance, and let him work hard to gain our trust! He’ll be a useful pawn, especially when it comes to competing for bosses.” Jiang You told Three Stones. 

“Is it alright to bring him along? He didn’t make any movements this time. Maybe his target wasn’t Blade Master Lang Rui?” 

“It’s quite possible.” Jiang You nodded, “I think he intends to infiltrate the upper layers of our guild to get first hand information and then act when the time is right for a boss he needs.” 

“We’ll need to be careful then. We’ll do things like what we did today. He’ll never be able to make off with the items dropped by the boss.” said Three Stones. 

“I’m afraid that he might wreak havoc when he doesn’t find any opportunities.” Jiang You said. 

“That would be scary…..” Three Stones recalled the unparalleled destructive capabilities of Unrivaled Super Hottie. His heart was full of envy and jealousy. Who wouldn’t want to be as majestic-looking as him? Three Stones glanced at the sword in his hand and sighed. He would never be as skilled. As a veteran Knight, he could clearly see Unrivaled Super Hottie’s mastery over the Maelstrom Counterattack. 

With the players from the main guild were gone, only a few members of the branch guilds were left. Since this time’s boss was special, elite Knights and Clerics of the branch guilds were present. Under normal circumstances, only the Knights from the main guild were required. 

“Brother, what next?” The fourth branch guild leader inherited Jiang You’s warmth and acted like he was concerned about Unrivaled Super Hottie.

“Nothing much.” Unrivaled Super Hottie replied casually, “I’ve got to recover my experience points!” 

“Ahh, that’s a must. How about finding a team to dungeon with?” The fourth branch guild leader asked.

“Sure!” Unrivaled Super Hottie replied.

With some quick arrangements, Unrivaled Super Hottie was contacted by his new team members. 

“See you later.” Unrivaled Super Hottie said goodbye to the other members of the fourth branch guild and left with his new teammates. 

“Guild Leader.” The fourth branch guild’s number one Knight, Flight, called out to his guild leader. 


“Are there any special arrangements for Unrivaled Super Hottie?” Flight tried this best to gain some insight on the situation. To put Unrivaled Super Hottie in the fourth branch guild, there must be something wrong. Flight felt uncomfortable. He had always been looking for a chance to prove himself, but no Knight would be able to outdo Unrivaled Super Hottie’s recent performance. 

“Uh, we’ll leave it at that!” The fourth branch guild leader answered vaguely. It wasn’t because he didn’t trust Flight. It was due to the fact that he knew the person well. He knew that Flight was wary of Unrivaled Super Hottie, and was reluctant to share such news to with someone filled with negative emotions. 

Flight knew that his guild leader was intentionally dodging the question. He was anxious. With such a great Knight around, he felt pressured. The players that had played with Unrivaled Super Hottie would no longer think that Flight was good.

Flight’s worry was proven to be correct. 

Unrivaled Super Hottie was highly praised by his new party members, and the entire fourth branch immediately knew of the presence of the top-notch Knight in their guild, even if he wasn’t officially a part of their guild yet.

When Unrivaled Super Hottie officially joined the fourth branch guild of Tyrannical Ambition a few days later, his reputation was already very high. The celebratory welcome he received almost broke Flight’s heart. 

“Boss Unrivaled, which dungeon do you want to run?” Quite a few players asked impatiently. His name had already become “Boss Unrivaled”. People with true strength easily earned recognition from others. Although he held no official position, he already had the qualifications in the people’s heart. 

“Haha, it doesn’t matter, I’ll go wherever I’m needed!” Unrivaled Super Hottie answered in a carefree manner. The guild members were full of joy. Happy Sheep’s breakthrough with Unrivaled Super Hottie’s help made every team in the guild extremely jealous. As a result, in these past few days, all of the teams were asking their guild leader for Unrivaled Super Hottie. Usually, team members were fixed and wouldn’t be transferred so easily, but for an exceptional expert like Unrivaled Super Hottie, why was he in that team? Why can’t he be in ours? Thus, everyone demanded their guild leader for an answer. The fourth branch guild leader didn’t object. Unrivaled Super Hottie was there for labor anyways! He let them contact Unrivaled Super Hottie and indicated that Unrivaled Super Hottie didn’t belong to any fixed team!

People were basically openly competing with each other for Unrivaled Super Hottie’s assistance. The guy himself didn’t decline any invitation, and went into dungeons with different teams. With him officially in the guild, contacting him became even easier. The team leaders were swarming him with requests.

“F*ck, you guys already dungeoned with Boss Unrivaled a few days ago, piss off!” 

“Sh*t, you dare to let Boss Unrivaled go into such a trash dungeon?” 

“D*mmit, first come first serve, alright? We invited him first.” 

“My ass, look at the chat, I did it first!” 

“F*ck, ask Boss Unrivaled which dungeon he wants to go to. That doesn’t count!” 

“D*mmit, my words were indirect, but my intentions were clear!” 

The guild chat erupted into chaos. Everybody was fighting for Unrivaled Super Hottie’s attention. Flight’s heart was broken once again. He was lucky that the elite squad that he belonged to didn’t beg for Unrivaled Super Hottie’s attention.

“Hahaha, everybody settle down. I’ll go with the brothers that I’ve never dungeoned with before.” Unrivaled Super Hottie said. 

“See, Boss Unrivaled has spoken. The rest of you, back off!” Someone immediately said. 

The ones, like Happy Sheep’s team, backed off with some grumbling. The guild finally settled down after Unrivaled Super Hottie declared his intentions. 

“What are you trying to do…..” Chen Guo couldn’t help but feel envious after witnessing the scene. He’s a God and with this, Chen Guo was relieved. However, she was curious about why Ye Xiu was dungeoning with all of these teams.

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