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Chapter 589 - Retreat in Defeat

“He’s using Crusader’s Trial with Maelstrom Counterattack!” The Knights sucked in a cold breath. In theory, it didn’t violate the game’s rules, but the difficulty of it was simply too high. Crusader’s Trial was a Level 70 skill, so it would naturally be more complex than other skills. Using Crusader’s Trial with Maelstrom Counterattack required exceptionally fast hands. It was something that normal players wouldn’t even attempt to do.

But Unrivaled Super Hottie was doing it.

“Maybe he’s just trying it out? It might not be successful?” Some people found it too difficult to believe. In any case, they couldn’t help but feel a bit sour upon seeing someone of the same class as them being so much better.

As a result, they watched the movements of Unrivaled Super Hottie with wide eyes.

First strike, hit!

The closest enemy, an Assassin, was sent flying by Unrivaled Super Hottie. The first strike of Crusader’s Trial didn’t usually have such attack power, but this strike also included the additive attack power from Maelstrom Counterattack. Even though he didn’t have Knight’s Spirit activated, he had still gathered the attacks of so many enemies. His single strike contained the combined attack power of these enemy attacks.

Assassins weren’t tanky classes in the first place. The battle had lasted so long already, so his health hadn’t been full either. After being sent flying by the strike, he never stood up again. He had been killed instantly.

Next, the second strike!

Crusader’s Trial was a skill with terrifying attack power to begin with, but the attack had to hit the opponent in order to deal damage. Crusader’s Trial added attack power to the next strike based on the damage from the previous strikes, not the attack power of the previous strikes. Attack power and damage were two very different concepts. Damage is how much health the target loses when hit by an attack. If the attack misses the target, then no matter how high the attack power is, the damage will always remain at zero.

The first strike of Crusader’s Trial hit its target. Moreover, because of Maelstrom Counterattack, the first strike had dealt enough damage to instantly kill its target. It was obvious how terrifying the second strike would be. The Knights from Tyrannical Ambition obviously knew how Crusader’s Trial worked, so when they saw Unrivaled Super Hottie activate Crusader’s Trial, they were shocked that he actually managed to pull it off. From his move choices, they weren’t surprised at the power. As a high level damage skill, Crusader’s Trial gave impressive results.

The second strike also hit.


Unrivaled Super Hottie was mainly a melee class. The first strike hit the Assassin and obtained a huge damage number. Even though the second strike no longer carried the effects of Maelstrom Counterattack, the second strike dealt damage based on the previous strike, so it instantly killed an enemy Ghostblade too.

The third strike!

This strike’s attack power had the combined damage of both the Assassin and Ghostblade strikes. Unrivaled Super Hottie clearly didn’t care about which class he attacked anymore. He raised his sword and slashed at the nearest enemy, a Berserker. Even though the Berserker was tankier, the accumulated attack power wasn’t something a Berserker could bear and he instantly died as well.

   Next, the fourth and fifth strike…...

Whether or not Crusader’s Trial hit the target indicated whether or not Crusader’s Trial would kill the target. The damage numbers accumulated so far were more than enough to instantly kill any player.

No matter how angry the players from Blossom Valley were towards Unrivaled Super Hottie, if they went up to face him, they would just be killing themselves. Helpless, they could only run away. However, Crusader’s Trial gave the Knight movement speed equivalent to that of Charge. Many players didn’t have the ability to deal with such quick movement speed and would end up running around swinging their sword randomly like a blind cat trying to catch mice, but Unrivaled Super Hottie?

To put it simply, he also looked like he was just randomly swinging his sword, but maybe it was because of luck, or he truly had the ability, every single one of his strikes hit a player. When Crusader’s Trial ended, eight players from Blossom Valley had fallen. 

The recklessness of the players from Blossom Valley had been interrupted by this crazy slaughter. The players from Blossom Valley had also deduced Unrivaled Super Hottie’s method. Such terrifying attack power was much scarier than the boss’s. Using this sort of method might have been thought of before by other players, but it was only in theory. However, today, someone had finally put it into practice. It felt like something from a legend suddenly popped up in front of their eyes.

“Would anyone else like to try?” Unrivaled Super Hottie’s stern voice scared them. Eight corpses lay at his feet. Everyone else was standing far away from him. Even the players from Tyrannical Ambition didn’t dare to get close to him.

But it was a bit awkward to just stand there looking at him. The players from Blossom Valley were hoping their God would suddenly descend from their skies and crush this demon, but when they took a closer look, Dazzling Spring’s corpse had disappeared. Dazzling Spring had clearly chosen to revive back at the city. The players from Blossom Valley checked their team list and confirmed that he was gone.

When a character died and revived at the city, the character would be automatically be kicked out of the team.

He already left?

They weren’t surprised. After all, he wasn’t a normal person, but a God. Dead on the ground and waiting for someone to revive him wasn’t something that would happen.  

Dazzling Spring!

All of the players from Blossom Valley that had participated in the battle remembered this name. It was just that they didn’t know if this character was really Zhang Jiale’s or if he had borrowed an account to play around with. When this person joined Blossom Valley, who added him, how he joined……. Blossom Valley’s guild leader Blooming Blossom asked the members in charge of management. None of them new. He tried added Dazzling Spring as a friend, but the other side had disabled the option. 

If this player was a normal player, Blooming Blossom would ask everyone in the guild chat, but because this player was their respected God, he didn’t dare to be rash.

“Guild leader, we should……” Someone from Blossom Valley asked his guild leader.

“We’re leaving.” Blooming Blossom said.

Everyone else was thinking the same thing. After finding out God Zhang Jiale had been playing with them, no one in Blossom Valley wanted to fight the boss anymore. Plus, there was still that demon, who they might not even be able to subdue. It would be better to just go back and see if they could find a chance to pay their respects to their God. Maybe they could ask for some magic treasures and use those to vanquish the demon. Wasn’t that how fantasy novels like Journey to the West and Investiture of the Gods played out?

The players from Blossom Valley began to leave. Obviously, no one would stop them. Their goal was the boss, not PvP. Seeing Blossom Valley leave, if they weren’t busy at the moment, they would probably express their thanks.

With Blossom Valley gone, Unrivaled Super Hottie could go and focus on taking care of Samsara.

Samsara had experienced instant deaths. They were happy to see Unrivaled Super Hottie going over to Blossom Valley’s side, but now Blossom Valley ran away with their butts bare. Unrivaled Super Hottie didn’t stop for a rest and immediately headed for them.

Samsara’s players were suddenly scared. Everyone asked their guild leader for instructions.

Three Realms Six Paths saw this scene. Their morale was already extremely low. In addition, the other side had an incredible expert. Even without this expert, with Blossom Valley gone, it would be a one on one fight against Tyrannical Ambition. The boss had been taken away by Tyrannical Ambition already and taking the boss back starting from a disadvantageous position would be extremely difficult.

Three Realms Six Paths had no other choice. He sighed and ordered: “We’re leaving too.”

Samsara also left. No one would stop them. With Samsara gone, only Tyrannical Ambition was left. Quite a few of them were excited about winning over the boss.

Jiang You was extremely nervous though. He typed out a string of private messages to his trusted aides.

With no one interfering, Tyrannical Ambition could easily take the boss. It was just a matter of time. However, against just a single boss, all of these players were somewhat excessive. Many of them weren’t able to find a spot to attack the boss. They could only wander around. The players that Jiang You contacted were among these wanderers.




One message after the other returned to Jiang You.

“Don’t be careless.” Jiang You replied in a serious tone. 

Everyone was puzzled. The guild leader wanted them to pay attention to any ambushes or suspicious players. Everyone had gone in a large circle. Everything was extremely quiet. There weren’t any passersby, spectators, or scrap pickers. There was nothing around.

But since the guild leader cared, they had to care too. They had walked in a big circle clockwise. Now, they were going back counterclockwise. When they came back, the boss was pretty much finished and they really didn’t find anything strange.

Jiang You was unable to get over it. Was there really no scheme? Impossible! It was impossible! That guy couldn’t have just come over to help us, right? He’s got to be scheming something! Since they were fighting against a wild boss, he must be going for the materials, right? But the boss fight was going very steadily. The only way to mess with it was to disband the team. However, only the team leader could do it. Everything seemed absolutely safe, but the safer it was, the more uneasy Jiang You became because he felt like he was missing something.

“Guild leader, it’s about to fall!” A report came at this moment.

“Okay……” Jiang You replied. His character moved forward. At the same time, he joined in with the team in charge of aggro control. The team leader position was transferred over to him. This was something that they often did. If the guild leader was leading the team, then he should be in the correct position.

Jiang You’s Wandering Peak walked towards the boss, but he didn’t look at the boss. He focused his attention on Unrivaled Super Hottie. As for Unrivaled Super Hottie? The situation was already stable, so he was just idling around.

“The boss is dead!” The players cheered, but Jiang You’s heart had leaped up into his throat. At this moment, Unrivaled Super Hottie had stopped moving!

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