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Chapter 588 - Crusader’s Trial

Samsara really hadn’t noticed Tyrannical Ambition’s movements from the beginning.

When Samsara’s Knight used his Provoke, the boss had shifted its aggro to him, but had almost instantaneously been pulled back by Tyrannical Ambition’s Knight. Under Ye Xiu’s command, as long as the Knights from Tyrannical Ambition acted promptly, Provoke would be timed perfectly.

Thus, in the eyes of Samsara’s players and even Tyrannical Ambition’s own players, nothing seemed to have happened to the boss. It was still facing whatever direction it had been facing before. 

“What’s going on?”

The players from Tyrannical Ambition didn’t understand what was going on, but they weren’t worried. However, the players from Samsara were panicking. The boss was heading over to their enemies. The Knight that had used Provoke was puzzled too. His skill went on cooldown, but why was there no effect?

Blade Master Lan Rui definitely didn’t have any resistance towards it. It might be able to resist other skills, but definitely not Provoke. This was one of the boss’s characteristics. Against Provoke, the boss had absolutely no way of controlling himself.

As a result, Samsara’s Knight just thought he had messed up. He didn’t know how he messed up though, so he felt very ashamed. He immediately called for another Knight to come over.

Ye Xiu saw everything and when he saw the enemy Knight act, he immediately gave another order.

The next Tyrannical Ambition Knight was completely focused. As soon as he saw the order, he immediately used the skill.

Thus, Blade Master Lan Rui continued to have no reaction to the enemy’s Provokes. 

The players from Tyrannical Ambition were beginning to understand, but the players from Samsara were all staring at their two Knights.

The two Knights both felt very ashamed. The third Knight had already rushed over.

“My turn!” This Knight shouted as he used Provoke.

His loud voice didn’t mean his hands moved any quicker. In fact, it gave Ye Xiu a heads up. Ye Xiu saw everything clearly, but Tyrannical Ambition’s Knight couldn’t react with the precision of a machine. The third Provoke was just a tad bit slow.

As a result, this time, the players from Samsara finally saw Blade Master Lan Rui turn its head. The third Knight was already smiling to show his triumph, but Blade Master Lan Rui only turned its head slightly before turning back. The boss continued to head away.

Everyone from Samsara became petrified. They finally realized it. When the fourth Knight came out, someone paid attention to Tyrannical Ambition’s movements and discovered that Tyrannical Ambition’s Knight practically acted at the same time as their own Knight. There was almost no difference in timing between them, but when the skill effects came through, the boss would always continue moving towards Tyrannical Ambition.

If the boss moved any further, it would be too late!!

Samsara was alarmed. Tyrannical Ambition wanted to directly pull the boss into their troops. That way, unless they massacred Tyrannical Ambition, it would be extremely difficult to take regain the aggro. Right now, they couldn’t even consider whether or not it was possible to massacre Tyrannical Ambition. Even if they succeeded, they would certainly take heavy casualties. By then, whether or not they would have the manpower to deal with the Level 70 wild boss would be a huge issue.

“Hurry, everyone forward! We have to get it back!!” Samsara’s guild leader, Three Realms Six Paths, was starting to panic. Before, Tyrannical Ambition and Blossom Valley had been in a fierce conflict, so Samsara had been able to take the advantage in the boss fight, but now that the conflict had ended, Tyrannical Ambition had returned and taken away the boss. Even though the shock from Unrivaled Super Hottie instantly killing several players wasn’t small, he wasn’t willing to retreat. Three Realms Six Paths gave an order and personally led the charge to try to raise the morale of his troops.

But right when he shouted, a shadow suddenly appeared beside him. Three Realms Six Paths heard his subordinates warning him to be careful. He had only been paying attention to leading everyone and hadn’t paid attention to his own safety. He hastily tried to dodge, but it was already too late. He was struck directly by a Charge and sent flying. When he turned his head to look, he saw that it was Tyrannical Ambition’s Unrivaled Super Hottie.

For a moment, Three Realms Six Paths thought he was going to die, but he relaxed after seeing his health. He looked out and saw his players rushing forward like crazy. The Knights moved up together. Five of them had lined up and started competing with the enemies.

The five Knights Provoked one after the other, but Blade Master Lan Rui only turned its head twice. Its feet never stopped walking towards Tyrannical Ambition’s troops. The more it walked, the deeper it went until finally, Samsara couldn’t see it anymore.

“F*CK!!” The players from Samsara cursed. It was so ridiculous! Because they knew about this boss’s characteristics, the three guilds had brought more Knights with them. They had predicted it would turn into a Provoke war, but they never would have thought that it would become so one side so easily. It was like a small child playing tug of war against ten big men. The other side easily pulled the rope without any resistance. 

As for trying to make more space? Unrivaled Super Hottie led a few troops to block them. This guy was unbelievably arrogant and charged in alone like he was Zhao Yun. The players from Samsara were scared though. This guy had instantly killed twenty or so players. Who wouldn’t be afraid of him?

Everyone ran away as fast as they could from Unrivaled Super Hottie. With such fear in their hearts, it didn’t matter what formation they took. None of them could stand their ground. On the other hand, Tyrannical Ambition had charged into them and caused chaos. Once Unrivaled Super Hottie did enough here, he turned his head and ran towards Blossom Valley. He charged forward alone, but behind him were a bunch of Clerics. Everyone understood the situation now. This guy was running around alone so bravely because of all of the Clerics who were healing him.

But even if they knew, what could they do? Did anyone dare to face him?

No one in Samsara dared to, but Blossom Valley was different. The players from Blossom Valley had already gone crazy. They wanted to take revenge on Unrivaled Super Hottie! The boss? Not important! This guy had killed their God! Even though he hadn’t done it personally, it had clearly been orchestrated by him. Dazzling Spring had been forced deep into Tyrannical Ambition’s troops through use of Provoke. No matter how much of a God he was, he wouldn’t be able to survive under such heavy fire!

The players from Blossom Valley pounced towards Tyrannical Ambition. One was to take revenge. Two was to rescue their God. It didn’t matter if they died. They could revive!

Their momentum was astonishing and they completely ignored the boss. The players from Tyrannical Ambition were having trouble defending. Then, Unrivaled Super Hottie left the circle, killed Dazzling Spring, stole back the boss from Samsara, and was now heading back to save them.

“What are you fooling around for! He already revived! He’s not waiting for you guys!” Unrivaled Super Hottie lectured Blossom Valley.

The players from Blossom Valley went crazy.

Who the h*ll are you? You killed our God and now you’re lecturing us? We’ll bite you to death! 

The players from Blossom Valley cursed as they charged towards Unrivaled Super Hottie…...

Tyrannical Ambition’s Knight team was fighting with the boss, but they were paying attention to Unrivaled Super Hottie’s movements. Seeing the players from Blossom Valley mercilessly rushing towards Unrivaled Super Hottie, they suddenly felt an ominous premonition.   

‘Are his cooldowns up?” Someone asked.

“Knight’s Spirit shouldn’t be up yet.” Someone replied. Knight’s Spirit was a Knight’s Awakening skill, so it had a fairly long cooldown, nearly five minutes. Unrivaled Super Hottie killed Dazzling Spring and won back the boss. He had been very efficient since his previous instant kills. It hadn’t been five minutes yet, so Knight’s Spirit shouldn’t have been up. From their analysis, the previous fighting method required Knight’s Spirit. It only worked with Honest Maelstrom Counterattack and Just Heroic Leap.

“Even without Knight’s Spirit, it’s probably still very scary.” Someone said, seeing that Knight’s Spirit wasn’t up yet. 

“We can do a simple calculation, he has…..”

“Stop stop, by the time you finish calculating, it’ll be over already.” Someone said.

“But at least he doesn’t need to use Sacrificial Roar……” Someone else said.

Afterwards, the Knights looked at Blossom Valley’s players and sighed deeply: “He can even establish such strong aggro on players, wow…….”

Everyone sighed and shook their heads. Compared to his exceptional technical skill, this guy’s ability to pull player aggro was tyrannical! He’s a perfect model!

“Look, he’s starting to act!” At this moment, someone shouted. All of the Knights turned to look and saw Unrivaled Super Hottie’s shield glow white.

Knight’s Spirit truly had a long cooldown, but Maelstrom Counterattack and Heroic Leap didn’t have as long of a cooldown. These skills were up and could still be used.

“This is common sense…… why does he need to save up his skills for Knight’s Spirit? Knight’s Spirit refreshes cooldowns anyways!”

“True, true.” Everyone was discussing amongst themselves. Unrivaled Super Hottie had used Maelstrom Counterattack to absorb the attacks, but he didn’t use Heroic Leap. Instead, he charged forward with his shield and sword swinging.

“Crusader’s Trial!!!!” The Knights shouted.  

Crusader’s Trial was a Knight’s Level 70 skill. It required the player to continuously attack and allowed the Knight to maintain an extremely fast movement speed not any slower than Charge. This skill had six levels. At level one, three strikes could be made. With every increase in level, one additional strike could be made. The first strike was the base. It had twelve times the attack power of a normal attack. Every strike afterwards had the attack power of the first strike, in addition to the combined damage that was dealt by every previous strike. 

This skill was said to represent the eight crusades to the east.

Even though the crusades to the east failed, in the game, each attack from Crusader’s Trial was stronger than the last. 

The players from Tyrannical Ambition were beginning to understand, but the players from Samsara were all staring at their two Knights.

The two Knights both felt very ashamed. The third Knight had already rushed over.

“My turn!” This Knight shouted as he used Provoke.

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