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Chapter 590 - The Hidden Agenda 

Unrivaled Super Hottie had stopped moving!

So scary! It must be some sort of scheme! 

“Everyone, be careful!” Jiang You shouted out in reflex. The players from Tyrannical Ambition tensed up. Being veterans, they didn’t question the order and became fully alert instead, surveying their surroundings. 

There was nothing around them.

The Tyrannical Ambition players discovered nothing. Jiang You himself didn’t see anything going on either. The only thing he noticed was that Unrivaled Super Hottie had suddenly stopped moving. He thought this was abnormal, so he panicked. 

The players were on guard, but they didn’t see anything dangerous. Everyone was somewhat puzzled. However, Jiang You was still paying close attention to Unrivaled Super Hottie. 

Unrivaled Super Hottie still didn’t move.

Why isn’t he moving? Something just didn’t add up. He slowly looked around. Tears streamed down his cheeks. 

He finally understood why Unrivaled Super Hottie didn’t move.

The boss was dead….

They were fighting the boss. With the boss dead, why would he make any movements? If he actually made any movements, then that would truly be alarming.

There really was nothing going on? 

Jiang You was doubtful, but at the same time, he was embarrassed for raising a false alarm.

The guild leader of Tyrannical Ambition wasn’t any ordinary person. Jiang You calmly smiled and said, “I’m picking up the loot!” 

The players stared blankly for a moment, before laughing out loud. Their guild leader was just pulling their legs! They laughed, appreciating their guild leader’s sense of humor. 

Jiang You walked up to the corpse of Blade Master Lang Rui. He needed to get close enough to the corpse to pick up the drops.

At that moment, one of his subordinates, a Knight named Three Stones, sent him a private message: I’ll cover you. 

“Oh?” Jiang You was puzzled after receiving the message, but he quickly understood its meaning.

Could he be waiting for him to pick up the loot and then use that opportunity to suddenly act out and kill him?

This might be what the guy was planning!

Although the stakes were high with a plan like this, there was no other way to steal items dropped by a boss under such watchful eyes. He might not get what he wanted, but he might also have set up ambushes at his re-spawn location. Does he know which main city my account is bound to?

As Jiang You pondered this issue, Three Stones led a squad of Knights and Clerics forward as if they were just going closer to take a look. By doing this, they separated Jiang You’s Wandering Peak from Unrivaled Super Hottie.

They paid close attention to Unrivaled Super Hottie, ready to respond. 

Nothing happened. 

Unrivaled Super Hottie didn’t move even after Jiang You finished picking up the drops.

Jiang You and Three Stones looked at each other

They were both working in the Club Tyrannay’s studio and could communicate with each other in real life. They opted to use in-game means of communication so that they would not be exposed. 

“He still hasn’t showed any reaction.” Jiang You messaged Three Stones. 

“Could we have been wrong?” Three Stones replied.

“Who else but him could possess such skill?” said Jiang You. 

“The Spitfire earlier...” Three Stones’s reply wasn’t very tactful.

“That person was most likely Zhang Jiale!” Jiang You said, but he wasn’t interested in Zhang Jiale. “What do you think of his skills as a Knight?” 

“Me? You’re letting me to assess someone on an entirely different level from me?” Three Stones smiled bitterly. 

“I just want to know your opinion!” Jiang You was helpless as well. Their game studio couldn’t expect long-term help from a pro player! If they had to assess the strength of a pro-player, they wouldn’t be able to get comprehensive results. This was just like how they had suffered defeat after defeat by the hands of Lord Grim despite knowing that he was Ye Qiu. Their encounter with Ye Qiu in the Western Wilderness was a perfect example. They thought they had the absolute advantage in the Heavenly Domain with their superior numbers. In the end, they still got steamrolled. They didn’t even know what level of strength they would need to defeat a God.

Three Stones couldn’t resist the urge to roll his eyes at Jiang You in real life, “In my honest opinion, he’s as good as any Knight in the pro league.” he replied. 

“But these pro players definitely don’t have the time to play the game, yes?” Jiang You said.


“Then he must be Ye Qiu!” Jiang You concluded. 

“Haven’t we always treated him as Ye Qiu?”

“But why isn’t he moving? He can’t be here to help out our guild, right?” Jiang You was puzzled. 

“What if he’s already gathered more helpers and is planning on taking us out in one fell swoop?” Three Stones suggested.

“Are you talking about Heavenly Justice….” Jiang You pondered.

They used to think that Ye Qiu would be isolated in the Heavenly Domain, but in the first few days since his arrival, he had already formed good relations with Heavenly Justice. They had never truly investigated the strength of Heavenly Justice because player-formed guilds were not their main competitors. They viewed Heavenly Justice as a rich man’s toy. They had never thought that their guild would one day become their competitors in the pro league.

The higher ups of the Clubs blamed Heavenly Justice’s sudden momentum on the guild leaders. To have overlooked the growth of a team with such a strong foundation in the game, the guild leaders of the Club guilds could be said to have neglected their duties. 

The Club guilds began paying more attention to Heavenly Justice afterwards. Heavenly Justice fully utilized the incidents caused by the guilds to bolster their own strength and popularity. The momentum gained by their team attracted a lot of attention. Despite being supported by a “money warrior”, they insisted on promoting themselves as a grassroots team. They were recruiting massively and throwing out a lot of money to gain benefits, creating a huge wave of excitement. It didn’t matter what Heavenly Justice’s original intentions were, they were able to set up a solid foundation. If the team managed to become famous in the pro scene, the players in the guild would turn into their loyal fans.

With such ambition, how could Heavenly Justice neglect the competition for wild bosses? Player-formed guilds had never been competition for Club guilds when it came to wild bosses, but with Heavenly Justice now at the same level as them, did they need to hide anymore? Could Unrivaled Super Hottie be a pawn of Heavenly Justice? 

“Come to think of it, does Heavenly Justice have the strength to face us? Besides, it would be bad for both sides to get involved in open conflict!” Three Stones said.

“It’s different. They’re in an unusual place right now. They could have some unconventional means.” Jiang You said, “Their morale is very high too. It’d be easy for them to rally their forces. Besides, their boss himself is in the game. They can get more resources easily compared to us. If they needed to do something big, just one word from the boss would be enough to make it happen. But then again, would they really need to use Ye Qiu as a spy to pull off such a move?” 

Three Stones replied thoughtfully, “By using Ye Qiu’s strength, they can quickly get close to him and obtain more confidential information, right?” 

“They can just throw their money at us if they wanted it so badly. If they offered us ten thousand bucks for a piece of information, wouldn’t you sell it?” Jiang You asked. 

“This question is too sensitive…..” Three Stones replied. 

“There are hundreds of us here. All of us hold vital intelligence about our operation. Do you think not one of them could be bribed?” Jiang You asked. 

Three Stones was silent. Despite being a disgusting strategy, money was undoubtedly the most effective way for one to achieve their goals. Ten thousand bucks for some information….. Three Stones would probably have given in too. 

“This is why Unrivaled Super Hottie is so suspicious….” said Jiang You. 

“How about exposing him right away?” Three Stones said. 

“No, we’ll continue observing him. For now, let’s pull back. We’ll decide what to do once he reveals his trickery. When worse comes to the worst, we’ll suffer another loss.” Jiang You was already preparing for the worst case scenario. 

“There’s also a chance that he’s not Ye Qiu.” Three Stones was still optimistic. 

“I have a plan.” Jiang You had a sudden thought after hearing Three Stone’s words. He moved Wandering Peak closer to Unrivaled Super Hottie after secretly transferring his items to Three Stones. 

Jiang You walked up to Unrivaled Super Hottie and spoke with a jovial tone, “Brother, you’re good!” 

“Haha, it’s nothing.” Unrivaled Super Hottie replied with a laugh. 

Even though Jiang You tried hard to confirm the identity of the person through his voice, he hadn’t interacted much with Ye Xiu despite their numerous conflicts. It was hard to recognise him through voice only. Since Jiang You was very suspicious, his voice sounded a lot like Ye Xiu. 

“Brother, your skills far surpass the average player’s!” Jiang You said . 

“Of course, look at my name.” Unrivaled Super Hottie replied.

“Hah! I’m sure you know of our guild. If you want, I can recommend you to our pro team! With your skill level, I think you could make it into the pro league! Of course, I’m not that skillful, I can’t guarantee that I’m correct.” said Jiang You. 

“Hehe, the pro league? I’m more interested in the game.” Unrivaled Super Hottie replied. 

“Haha, if that’s the case, you can join Tyrannical Ambition, brother!” Jiang You exclaimed. 

“No problem.” Unrivaled Super Hottie replied. 

“Four branch guild leader, this brother now belongs to your guild!” Jiang You called out. 

“What?” The fourth branch guild leader was shocked. Everyone had witnessed Unrivaled Super Hottie’s skill. He could easily replace Three Stones of the main guild. To place him in the fourth branch? What is the meaning of this? 

Everyone thought Unrivaled Super Hottie wouldn’t be happy, but he merely laughed, as if he didn’t mind Jiang You’s decision. 

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