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Chapter 587 - Honest Maelstrom Counterattack

In Unrivaled Super Hottie’s team, besides Knights, there were only Clerics.

These Knights were the same class as Unrivaled Super Hottie. They were used to being treated as respected uncles. Now, another Knight had suddenly taken command. None of them felt good about it. As for the Clerics? They were close partners with the tanks. In a situation, where they were wearing the same pair of pants, they weren’t happy with Unrivaled Super Hottie suddenly ordering them about either.

But there was nothing they could do. The experienced Jiang You had anticipated their emotions and said a few words to them. These elites weren’t playing the game full-time, but they were still playing the game part-time. Whenever they did something, they couldn’t just do as they pleased. Now that their guild leader had given them an order, even if they weren’t willing, they still had to listen.

“Knights, retreat!” Unrivaled Super Hottie instructed and the Knights at the front line withdrew.

“Clerics, heal me!” After the Knights fell back, Unrivaled Super Hottie gave another order and rushed forward directly into the enemy ranks. After activating Knight’s Spirit, he immediately used Sacrificial Roar!

The surrounding enemy guild players suffered under the effects of the roar and their next attack flew towards Unrivaled Super Hottie. A white aura emanated from Unrivaled Super Hottie’s shield. Following afterwards, he swung his shield and began blocking the incoming attacks.

“Maelstrom Counterattack!!” All of the Knights cried out in shock. 

“Since he activated Knight’s Spirit, it’s an Honest Maelstrom Counterattack......”

Maelstrom Counterattack was another Knight defensive skill. During its ten second duration, enemy attacks had a certain probability of being reflected back. Under Knight’s Spirit, Maelstrom Counterattack had a one hundred percent chance of reflecting the enemy’s attacks back. As a result, it was called “Honest Maelstrom Counterattack”. 

This type of skill wasn’t easy to use in PvP. As long as the opponent didn’t attack, Maelstrom Counterattack was useless. At the present, Knights mostly used this skill to interrupt the flow of battle. As soon as Maelstrom Counterattack came out, the opponent would immediately stop attacking, allowing Knights to use this opportunity to reorganize themselves.

Unrivaled Super Hottie’s usage of this skill obviously wasn’t to give his team a chance to rest. He had used Sacrificial Roar just before, forcing the enemies to attack him. The Clerics immediately tensed up. They didn’t think this guy would suddenly give them so much pressure.

Maelstrom Counterattack wasn’t Maelstrom Reflect. First, the shield absorbed the enemy attacks and then used the sword to strike back. The Knight wasn’t immune to damage during the duration. Whatever damage the attack should deal would still be dealt. Then, the damage would be returned to the opponent. If not, how else would a Knight be able to show honesty?

The elite Clerics didn’t dare to try and predict anything. They raised their crosses and cast their spells. They used everything they had from big heals to small heals, long cast times to instant casts. 

What would the result be like? They didn’t have any confidence. If the enemy attacks directly 100-0’d Unrivaled Super Hottie’s health, it wouldn’t matter how many Clerics they had!

And the result?

No one knew because this Sacrificial Roar affected too many targets. In an instant, everyone’s attacks flew out. It was like Zhang Jiale’s Hundred Blossoms fighting style. The attacks engulfed Unrivaled Super Hottie.

But Zhang Jiale’s light show was a form of protection, while Unrivaled Super Hottie would be taking crazy amounts of damage. This was something he had brought onto himself.

“He’s still not dead!!”

The others didn’t know the results, but the Clerics knew that their spells had locked onto Unrivaled Super Hottie. Since their spells hadn’t faded away yet, it meant he was still alive. These healing spells couldn’t be used on dead bodies. Only a Revive would work.

What was he trying to do?

Everyone asked themselves this question. At this moment, everyone could faintly see a silhouette flicker amidst the light. The flick was extremely quick and brief. It was the movement of someone jumping and falling rapidly. Then, everyone saw a shockwave disperse the light. The players surrounding Unrivaled Super Hottie were pushed away and knocked to the ground. Not a single one of them stood up.


No one was able to respond for a moment. The light and shock wave had already passed. Unrivaled Super Hottie was still standing there with a whole bunch of white healing aura around him. All around him were players that had been knocked to the ground. The view was crystal clear. Everyone saw the scene and couldn’t help but cry out.

“Are you kidding me!!”

“Instant kill??”

“How is that possible?”

“How did it happen?”

“They’re not actually dead, right??”

All of the players that had been swept away by the shock wave were all dead. Their corpses and their equipment were scattered all across the ground. There were at least twenty players that had been struck by the shock wave. Some were from Samsara and some were from Blossom Valley. Even the Level 70 wild boss Blade Master Lan Rui wouldn’t be able to inflict such damage with one attack. But now, Unrivaled Super Hottie had somehow instantly killed off at least twenty players with one strike. No one on the battlefield was a noob. All of them were peak experts of the Heavenly Domain. This sort of occurrence had never happened before.

Were Knights this fearsome? Then what’s the point of other classes? Everyone might as well just be one…...

Amidst the widespread terror that had taken over the battlefield, Unrivaled Super Hottie stepped forward again. The players from Samsara and Blossom Valley had already forgotten their purpose in coming here. Just this one step made them retreat in a hurry. It was as if this step was a prelude to another huge massacre.

Let alone the two guilds that had been hit by the attack, even Tyrannical Ambition’s side was in fear, especially the Knights. They were so shocked, their eyes were about to pop out.

“What happened?” All of the Knights in Tyrannical Ambition just happened to be gathered together, so they quickly began discussing with each other.

“Were those guys already almost dead?"

“How could there be such a coincidence!”

‘If they weren’t already almost dead, then other than an Assassin’s Life-Risking Strike, how could they have instantly died?”

“It was too hard to see because of all of that light!”

“Was that shockwave from Heroic Leap?”

“Heroic Leap…… I didn’t see him jump…..”

“I thought I saw someone flicker.”

“Just a flicker?”

“If his hands are quick enough, maybe he did a small jump…..”

“Wait, could it be like this!!” Someone suddenly thought of something and shouted. Everyone turned to look at the speaker. It was Tyrannical Ambition’s number one Knight speaking. In other words, he was Tyrannical Ambition’s head tank. When Three Stones spoke, everyone calmed down and listened to him.

“He used Sacrificial Roar to concentrate the enemy attacks onto him. Then, by using Honest Maelstrom Counterattack, he absorbed everyone’s attacks. Finally, he used a Just Heroic Leap to return all of the absorbed damage to each person. With all of the damage he absorbed, of course it would be enough to instantly kill someone. Unrivaled Super Hottie was only able to survive all of that damage because of all of the Clerics crazily healing him.” Three Stones said.

“It can be used like that?” The Knights sucked in a cold breath. They were all experienced Knights. Apart from pro players, no one would dare to call themselves more experienced than them? But now, this Knight just did something they had never thought of before.

“I don’t know. I’ve never tried before. But I just read over the description for these skills and nothing said they couldn’t be used like this. But the problem is that actually doing it is extremely difficult even if you know the theory. You need to be extremely quick and precise with how you used your skills. We probably don’t have the ability to do it.”

The Knights listened and fell silent. They had played Glory for a long time. They recognized their own skill. Even if they knew the theory, if they tried, they definitely wouldn’t be able to succeed. They wouldn’t be able to do it even if they were lucky. The conditions were too strict.

“Who is this person?” The fourth branch Knight, Flight, asked gloomily. He originally thought he could use Unrivaled Super Hottie as a stepping stone to show his strength to the overall guild leader! But now from the looks of it, this guy’s skill level far surpassed him. With just this one move, anyone could tell that compared to him, Flight was just a nobody.

Flight asked something that was on the minds of many of them, but Three Stones didn’t answer. At this moment, Unrivaled Super Hottie shouted: “Are your Provokes ready!”

“Ready.” The attack had been too shocking. None of the Knights were unwilling anymore. They heard his question and promptly answered back.

“Line up and wait for my command. When you see it, immediately act.” Unrivaled Super Hottie shouted.

The Knights lined up and Unrivaled Super Hottie quickly typed out a “1”.

The first Knight acted and used a Provoke on the boss.

Samsara’s Knights were still resisting. One of their Knights was about to use a Provoke, when Unrivaled Super Hottie typed out a “1”.

Samsara’s Knight acted, but right when his Provoke completed, Tyrannical Ambition’s side sent out a Provoke. The boss didn’t even turn his head towards them and headed straight for Tyrannical Ambition.

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