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Chapter 581 - Pleased Knights

The two guild leaders were suspicious. They didn’t dare make any rash movements.

Where was the boss? This question didn’t need to be answered. Everyone was gathered around here. Who would let the boss out of their sight? It was just that because there were so many players, some of the players such as Unrivaled Super Hottie would have their line of sight blocked by others. After this question was asked, a few players couldn’t help but turn around and look in a certain direction. Ye Xiu noticed their actions and naturally adjusted his position, so he could see the boss.

No one else moved. Unrivaled Super Hottie jogged out of the crowd alone, alarming everyone else.

“What are you planning on doing!”  

Quite a few players yelled. They were still in the stalemate stage.

The boss needed to be fought over, but according to convention, everyone was supposed to spend some time talking to each other Tyrannical Ambition’s guild leader had just arrived, so it should be time to have some small talk with each other, but Unrivaled Super Hottie had taken away the spotlight. The small talk hadn’t even finished yet and he was already moving! What was he doing? Was he trying to take the initiative to show his power?

Who held the boss’s aggro was an important deciding factor in who ended up winning the boss. At this moment, a Knight was moving towards the boss, causing everyone to be alarmed.

The hearts of Blooming Blossoms and Three Realms Six Paths started to thump. They suddenly remembered that today’s wild boss, Blade Master Lan Rui, had an aggressive personality, so Knight skills with taunting effects were twice as effective than normal. Knights already had the advantage in grabbing aggro, even more so against Lan Rui. If the outcome of today’s battle came down to aggro, Knights would undoubtedly be extremely crucial. Was this why Zheng Chengfeng personally came out to help?

It wasn’t impossible for a pro player to occasionally came out and participate in this type of battle. For example, if the Club needed a certain material from a boss, then they would send a pro player over to ensure they obtained that material. The two guild leaders immediately thought of this possibility. If that really was the case, then competing against him head on would be hopeless. They needed to kill the pro player first in order to have a chance at victory.

In a chaotic battle between hundreds of players, a pro player could be killed too. The existence of a pro player added pressure to the two guild leaders, but they didn’t need to go so far as to retreat. A pro player could increase that side’s chances of winning, but it didn’t mean a guaranteed victory.   

Also, wasn’t this Zheng Chengfeng too confident? Did he really think just the addition of himself would allow Tyrannical Ambition to easily swipe up Blade Master Lan Rui?

The two guild leaders gave out orders for a team of their players to sneak out and directly attack Unrivaled Super Hottie to turn the momentum around. Jiang You noticed their actions and couldn’t just ignore it. He also gave out an order. Tyrannical Ambition sent out two teams seemingly to protect Unrivaled Super Hottie. 

The two sides hadn’t even used a tenth of their total troops yet. They clearly wanted to probe out the situation first. But to have already reached this step without even saying some words first indicated how quickly today’s battle was progressing.  

At this moment, Unrivaled Super Hottie shouted: “Everyone, don’t panic. I’m just taking a look.”  

“Looking at what!” Someone responded.

“Looking to see where the boss is. I couldn’t see it from where I was standing before!” Unrivaled Super Hottie told the truth.  

The reason was too plain and simple. The two guild leaders didn’t have time to analyze it in detail and directly expressed that they didn’t believe him. They immediately gave out an order: the other Tyrannical Ambition players don’t matter. Unrivaled Super Hottie cannot be allowed to get close to the boss.

When the order came out, the two guilds each sent out a team. They went over to the previous team that had been sent out before and firmly stood in front of Unrivaled Super Hottie, blocking his path to the boss.

Seeing that a fight could start at any moment, Unrivaled Super Hottie halted and asked incredulously: “I’m not even allowed to look?” 

“Look? How do you plan on looking?” The players blocking his path questioned him.

Unrivaled Super Hottie didn’t reply, but then suddenly ran to the side and rolled. Several magic spells and bullets landed on the spot, where he had just been standing. These two guilds actually decided to first get rid of this hidden danger before doing anything else.

But they didn’t think that this guy was actually so alert. The sneak attacks from these two guilds missed. 

In a situation with swords drawn and bows bent, any movement could be the trigger, let alone such a frightening wave of attacks. The two Tyrannical Ambition teams that had come out to protect Unrivaled Super Hottie counterattacked out of reflex, but since they didn’t know where those sneak attacks had come from, they simply attacked the most convenient target around.  

The two teams attacked with a bang. In any case, the other two guilds were their opponents. It didn’t matter who was who. 

In this battle, the players from Samsara and Hundred Blossom Valley were the first to fall.

This was a group battle! The weak characters wouldn’t be able to survive under concentrated fire even with help from Clerics. This battle had begun too suddenly. None of them had been prepared, so it wasn’t a surprise some of them died.

When the two guilds saw that they had lost a few players, how could they be nice anymore? They immediately returned fire and the three sides immediately began fighting each other.

These players completely reacted out of instinct. None of them had received orders from their superiors. Their minds were clear though. A fight was a fight! They were going to fight sooner or later anyways. But the important part was not to kill off any one side, but to get a hold of the boss within this chaotic mess!

Blooming Blossoms and Three Realms Six Paths immediately thought of Unrivaled Super Hottie. Was he going to use this opportunity to get close to the boss? However, because of the chaos, it was difficult to find a specific person. They couldn’t see where Unrivaled Super Hottie had gone to, alarming the two guild leaders. This pro player couldn’t be allowed to make a sneak attack! 

Where was Unrivaled Super Hottie right now? He was just standing on the side in a daze. He really hadn’t done it intentionally. Ye Xiu didn’t think he made any weird moves. How did it turn out like this? He couldn’t understand why......

Blooming Blossoms and Three Realms Six Paths couldn’t find Unrivaled Super Hottie, so they passed down orders to find him. With so many eyes looking, Unrivaled Super Hottie was quickly found. 

“He’s over here!!” Someone reported.

“What’s he doing??” The guild leaders asked anxiously.

“He’s doing nothing!” The player replied.

What...... the minds of the two guild leaders froze. This...... this was completely different from what they had anticipated. Did this mean the plans that they had prepared could only be tossed away now?

At this moment, Ye Xiu had nothing to do, but he didn’t wasn’t alone for too long. Jiang You came over to him.

“Brother, could you secretly pull the boss over? Will that be a problem?” Jiang You asked.

“I’ll try.” Ye Xiu replied.

“Okay, we’ll do our best to give you cover.” Jiang You said.

As a result, Unrivaled Super Hottie immediately headed over to the boss’s location. The players from the other two guilds had received similar orders. After all, this battle was for the boss. They had already started fighting with each other. It wouldn’t be right to just let the boss stand there and watch them.

The three players sent out to secretly pull the boss over met together in this way. Everyone else was surprised to see them as they saw as the three Knights rushed out at practically the same time. The three Knights used a Charge and instantly closed the distance with the boss. Then, the three Knights went into a pose together, but stopped there.

None of them moved.

The three Knights were surprised, but they understood the reason.

Against Blade Master Lan Rui, Provoke would definitely work, but the effects didn’t overlap. In other words, the last person to use Provoke would cover up the previous user’s Provoke. Thus, in order to use Provoke to aggro the boss, the player who used it last would be the winner. The three Knights were all experienced, so they were waiting for the other Knights to act first. But because of this, none of them acted, so they just stood there.

“Ha ha!” Only Ye Xiu could laugh in this comical situation. He was the first one to understand, so he made the second step the fastest. Since they were stopping each other from using Provoke, it essentially meant that Provoke couldn’t be used to start the fight. Thus, it would just be better to be the first player to deal damage to the boss. 

Unrivaled Super Hottie stepped forward, while laughing. Only then did the other two Knights react. Their slower response made them very annoyed.

Since it looked like they wouldn’t be able to reach the boss before Unrivaled Super Hottie could do so, the only other option was to stop Unrivaled Super Hottie from getting closer. The two Knights had the same thoughts, but neither of the two attacked.  

“Ha ha.” Another laugh. Unrivaled Super Hottie was the first to enter the boss’s aggro range. Blade Master Lan Rui was already heading towards Unrivaled Super Hottie.

Unrivaled Super Hottie’s laugh made the two Knights feel like crying. 

Why did he laugh again? Because they repeated the previous scene.    

Before, because they wanted to cover up the other person’s Provoke, none of them acted. But this time, both of them wanted to stop Unrivaled Super Hottie, but then they immediately thought: I’ll let the other guy attack him, while I go and take the boss. Thus, the two Knights didn’t move.

There was nothing they could do...... the two Knights weren’t partners, but competitors.


The first clash finally happened and it was between Blade Master Lan Rui and Unrivaled Super Hottie. This sound made the hearts of many players shatter. The two Knights from Hundred Blossom Valley and Samsara turned in distress to look at their respective guild leaders. They failed to complete their guild leader’s orders and let Unrivaled Super Hottie take the first victory.

Suddenly, a player from Hundred Blossom Valley rushed out. He jumped high into the air. His equipment clearly added to his jump height. While in midair, he carried his gun in one hand, while throwing stuff out of his pockets with his other hand. In an instant, all sorts of bullets and grenades rained down from the skies. Tyrannical Ambition’s guard team was completely enveloped by the air strike.

They cried out in fear and scattered, but were unable to escape from the attack’s range. The noises from the gunfire and explosions linked together like a song from a symphony. In that short moment, the chain of skill effects looked like a hundred flowers blossoming.

This Spitfire landed on the ground as the smoke from his surroundings faded away. Only then did Tyrannical Ambition’s players regain their composure. They shouted for heals, but didn’t receive a response. They suddenly realized: where were the Clerics? Their Clerics had unexpectedly disappeared.......

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