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Chapter 582 - Under Attack

All the Clerics were already dead on the ground. 

There were three Clerics in the team that was assisting Unrivaled Super Hottie to steal the boss. No one thought that all of them would die together after that flashy attack. 

Everyone had a hard time believing it. When the people who were yelling “Heal! Heal!” looked at their own health, they realised that they had only taken a small amount of damage. These small scratches probably resulted from being accidentally grazed by some skills when they were dashing about in a panic. 

That air strike had clearly been targeting the Clerics, but the garish skill effects made them feel like it was the end of the world, spreading fear into the hearts of all. 

It was only when the panic subsided did people notice that the Spitfire was still among them. At this moment, the Spitfire stood up, fired again, and tossed out grenades. The panic immediately resumed. The flying bullets and roaring explosions created an illusion of an all-out assault. He fought his way out of the crowd effortlessly. 

“What are you doing?! Stop embarrassing yourselves!” The guild master of Tyrannical Ambition, Jiang You, watched the entire mess take place. Although he hadn’t come over, the boss was still his top priority. Seeing his elite team being devastated by a single person, Jiang You yelled out right away to calm down his guild members. At the same time, his heart shook in fright over the astonishing abilities of the unexpected troublemaker. 

Initially, Jiang You didn’t notice that all three Clerics were dead. After all, he was not there amidst the chaos, so his observations weren’t as thorough. With a closer look, Jiang You finally noticed the problem, much to his own shock. While everyone else was still wondering how all the Clerics had died, as the guild master, he already realized the more immediate crisis at hand — Unrivaled Super Hottie. 

That’s right. 

Truthfully speaking, three Clerics were no where near enough for a Knight going against a level 70 wild boss. This group was only the first team in the rotation. Jiang You was currently organizing people to provide further support, but who would have thought that all three Clerics of the first team would die so fast? Could Unrivaled Super Hottie endure during this period of time? Not only did he have to face the attacks of the wild boss, he also had to deal with the treachery of the other guilds!

Ignoring the first team, Jiang You turned his view around frantically to check the situation on the frontline. Meanwhile, he ordered the second team, which was still preparing, to start providing support right away.

As expected, things were not going so well for Unrivaled Super Hottie. 

Blade Master Lang Rui had already unsheathed his sword. The two Knights from Samara and Blossom Valley turned around with both of their swords pointed at Unrivaled Super Hottie instead of the boss, because Unrivaled Super Hottie had secured the boss’s aggro. 

Unrivaled Super Hottie was alone in this three-directional siege. Besides death, Jiang You could not imagine any other fate for Unrivaled Super Hottie. 

In the blink of an eye, icy flashes blossomed off the enemy blades like dazzling strands of silk, each intertwining, weaving into a deadly net that descended upon Unrivaled Super Hottie. 

In the end, the boss was the fastest and started with the Blade Master ultimate: Formless Phantom Blade. 

This was a level 70 wild boss. Without the help of the Clerics, even the best knight would be jumping to his own death if he tried to block the skill with his shield. On top of that, Unrivaled Super Hottie’s equipments were far from the best. 

Unrivaled Super Hottie didn’t try to block the boss’s skill. He seemed to have already noticed the absence of the Clerics. But if he wasn’t going to dodge it, was it even possible to dodge an ultimate from a Level 70 wild boss?

The answer soon revealed itself. Unrivaled Super Hottie didn’t raise his shield. Instead, he chose to run. He jumped backward several times. Lang Rui obviously wouldn’t let Unrivaled Super Hottie escape so easily and gave chase at once. Hie huge strides made his movement much faster than that of Unrivaled Super Hottie’s.

Just when it seemed as if Unrivaled Super Hottie could not outrun this strike no matter how hard he tried, a figure rushed in front of him fearlessly in self-sacrifice. The gleaming net of metallic flash swallowed the player up instantaneously. While the white light of the strike still dancing around him, the unfortunate soul fell in a heartbeat. In his last moment, his body struggled to twist around, trying to catch a glimpse of Unrivaled Super Hottie. 

It was Samsara’s Knight who fell!

His death wasn’t on purpose. He became Unrivaled Super Hottie’s shield entirely by accident. When he saw Unrivaled Super Hottie in a pinch, he activated Knight’s Spirit and rushed in towards Unrivaled Super Hottie with a Charge.

He never thought that Unrivaled Super Hottie would have the confidence to dodge. He never even imagined that Unrivaled Super Hottie could flee so quickly. By the time he had charged in front of the boss, Unrivaled Super Hottie had already left his original position. When he tried to change directions again, it was already too late. The boss’s blade was already upon him. In the end, he turned himself into the ultimate shield and saved Unrivaled Super Hottie’s life.

The Knight from Samsara was dead, but what about Blossom Valley’s Knight? He threw out a Provoke at the boss with ease. To Blade Master Lang Rui, their was an extremely powerful skill, and it grabbed its aggro right away. Lang Rui swirled around with his blade pointed at Blossom Valley’s Knight.

The Blossom Valley’s teams were all well-prepared, so the Knight was in no hurry. He had thought about it: as of now, Unrivaled Super Hottie wouldn’t dare to use another Provoke to nullify his Provoke if he didn’t want to die. He wouldn’t dare seek his own death yet.

Nonetheless, Lang Rui, stopped abruptly on its way charging towards the Knight and turned around, rushing towards Unrivaled Super Hottie.

Blossom Valley’s Knight froze in disbelief. He turned around and found Unrivaled Super Hottie, whose gesture proved that he had just used a Provoke.

He had used Provoke!

Surrounded by enemies, without a single Cleric, this guy actually used a Provoke as if he were seeking his own demise.

Fine! If you want to die, then die!

The Knight from Blossom Valley watched coldly, not planning on doing anything. If he became too impatient, then he would end up just like the Knight from Samsara - rushing to his own death without even understanding what had taken place.

Lang Rui rushed over with large strides, but Unrivaled Super Hottie didn’t stand his ground. Instead, he swirled around and tried to run away. However, he was stopped short in his track by none other than the Spitfire that had turned the entire first team of Tyrannical Ambition into a mess. 

“Who is he?!” Jiang You roared in rage. Competing with each other for so many  years, all the guild knew each other’s experts. Still, no one had heard of this Dazzling Spring. Where did these hidden experts come from? On top of that, thinking back to his skillful feat of disrupting an entire team and killing all three Clerics in a single move, Jiang You felt a shiver running down his spine. 

Those in the first team were all members of the elite main force of the main branch guild of Tyrannical Ambition. Every one of them was an unmatched expert in the game by themselves. How skillful did one have to be to trash all of them in one go? The Spitfire must be at a pro level!

Since team Hundred Blossom’s ace was none other than Spitfire Dazzling Hundred Blossom, Blossom Valley was also filled with Spitfires. However, this particular Spitfire’s skill level seemed to reign over regular players considerably. 

Could he actually be … a pro player?

Blossom Valley was so determined to get this boss that they even sent out a pro player for this?

Jiang You didn’t know that, just moments ago, the guild leaders of Blossom Valley and Samsara had the same doubt about Unrivaled Super Hottie. In a way, this competition was very fair.

“Go die!” The intercepting Spitfire threw out his declaration coolly. His hands moved simultaneously. The speed at which the skills the skills were released fully demonstrated the player’s incredible hand speed.

Lang Rui still chased after Unrivaled Super Hottie, who clearly had no time to respond. Activating Knight Spirit, followed by a Charge, he rushed straight into Dazzling Spring’s attacks with his shield in front of him. 

Trying to avoid a frontal collision with the Charge, Dazzling Spring jumped hurriedly to the side. Unexpectedly, Unrivaled Super Hottie’s Charge twisted around after Dazzling Spring right away. 

“Arc Charge!!!” 

Someone among the crowd watching this sideline battle exclaimed in shock. Among all the players present, none of them were noobs. All of them were the top experts in the Heavenly Domain.

“Ha ha.” Dazzling Spring laughed as if he didn’t care about the Heroic Charge. He had enough reasons to do so: this jump of his was not only fast, but also extremely high. 

The status enhancement of the equipments were being utilized to their fullest. Dazzling Spring’s jump height was significantly higher compared to that of the normal players. 

Despite having used an Arc Charge with a curve of the just right angle, Unrivaled Super Hottie’s Charge seemed to have became inevitably fruitless. Yet in that moment, his sword sung up with his shield. He somehow started to ascend.

“Aerial Curve!!!” Someone cried out in shock.

What is an Aerial Curve? An Arc Charge that didn’t only move around on the ground, but curved into the air. That is an Aerial Curve. The mechanics behind it were actually pretty simple: just jump when you activate Charge. However, similarly to Cursive Charge, it’s easy to perform Aerial Curve, but you have to make it effective and hit your target. Because of this, both skills are considered as “easy to learn, hard to use” skills. At this moment, Unrivaled Super Hottie’s Aerial Curve curved upward with perfect timing, shooting straight towards Dazzling Spring. 

“Not good enough!” Dazzling Spring laughed. A grenade tumbled down from his hand. 

With Knight Spirit's skill effect, Heroic Charge wouldn’t be stopped by anything. The grenade was entirely just there to create some damage. Unrivaled Super Hottie clearly didn’t try to dodge in midair. The flames of the explosion swallowed his silhouettes in the blink of an eye. Then, within the flames, his figure shot out upward. His height surpassed that of Dazzling Spring in the next second. Still with the shield in the front, Unrivaled Super Hottie raise his knight sword high into the air. As he dove upon Dazzling Spring, his sword slashed towards its target. 

“What is this? Heroic Leap???” The exclamations continued.

“What kind of joke is this? How is that possible?”

Heroic Leap could not be performed in midair. This was a rule set by the game. It could not be changed. No one can violate the system’s rules. However, this Unrivaled Super Hottie had accomplished this violation of the system’s rules, causing all the spectators to fall into confusion.

“Who are you?!!!” Even Dazzling Spring shouted in surprise.

“Unrivaled Super Hottie!” Unrivaled Super Hottie shouted out his name as if it were some kind of move. The falling Knight swung out his sword, smacking Dazzling Spring out of the sky and into Blade Master Lan Rui.

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