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Chapter 580 - On Equal Footing

It wouldn’t be good to accept the equipment, but it also wouldn’t be good to refuse the equipment. These situations were a test of the perceptiveness of his subordinates. Sure enough, the fourth branch guild leader wasn’t just a guild leader in name. He had heard their conversation and immediately interjected: “I should probably be the one to donate the equipment! After all, you’re still a part of the fourth branch!”

The awkwardness was easily resolved. Even Flight felt happy. When he heard that Unrivaled Super Hottie was still a part of the fourth branch, how could he not be happy? Entering the main guild was his goal. At this moment, his competitor was Unrivaled Super Hottie. He didn’t want to be beat by his competitor.

Soon afterwards, Jiang You parroted the fourth branch guild leader’s words and cancelled the trade. The fourth branch guild leader traded with Unrivaled Super Hottie and received the trash equipment full of tears. He was a Berserker, a physical class. Carrying a set of equipment wouldn’t affect his movements as much as an Elementalist. His movements would still be affected, but he had to take the burden at this moment.

“There’s no time to lose. Let’s go.” Jiang You said.

Everyone said okay. All of them were elite core members of the guild. The elite core members in the main guild were closer to Jiang You and seemed like good friends of his. But for the fourth branch guild players, their relationship with Jiang You wasn’t as close and they seemed more like underlings.

Jiang You’s Wandering Peak led the way. Not a single player moved ahead of him. The group of players followed after Wandering Peak and quickly left Luxuriant Mountain City. 

Luxuriant Mountain City was a city on the mountains. After leaving the city, it would be similar to going down a mountain. Sword Peak Ravine, where the wild boss was located, happened to be the neighboring Level 70 area.

Sword Peak’s Blade Master Lan Rui was a drifter. Consistent with a boss’s style, even though he was a Blade Master in name, his skill set wasn’t as simple as just a Blade Master’s skill set. Lan Rui mainly used Blade Master skills, but he could use skills from the other three Swordsman classes as support. Besides that, he could also use a few Striker moves and a few Grappler throwing skills.

The more skills a boss possessed, the harder the boss. A boss’s difficulty wasn’t simply determined by its health, defense, or attack. A boss’s complicated move set and excellent AI made a boss less predictable and harder to deal with.

Level 70 wild bosses were the hardest bosses in Glory. Their settings were naturally at their highest. The Level 70 cap had been added to the game for three years already. Even so, up until now, no one had figured out the system’s AI for Level 70 wild bosses in the Heavenly Domain.

Wild bosses only spawned 52 times in a year and there were always huge crowds of players fighting over them. It wasn’t possible to do any tests on them. In addition, these wild bosses had numerous skills available to use, making it nearly impossible for players to determine any patterns from one.

At this point, players had figured out the skills for each boss and how to suppress them. There were a few guides out there, but these guides were very theoretical and lacked practicality. Level 70 wild bosses were the targets of the all the top guilds and most of the fighting revolved around the players. Under these circumstances, what was the point of a guide?

Level 70 wild bosses were absolutely events that the guild leaders of the Club guilds personally led. However, just a team from a branch guild wouldn’t be enough. For this type of difficult war, the main force would be comprised of the elite guild members. The only reason that Jiang You’s Wandering Peak even came here was because of Unrivaled Super Hottie.

When they arrived at Sword Peak Ravine, the team didn’t stop for a break and continued running towards a certain direction. Leveling areas naturally had a lot of small monsters scattered around, but for these elite guild members, they were familiar with all the major areas in the Heavenly Domain. These monsters wouldn’t obstruct them. After going deep into Sword Peak Ravine, the team joined together with Tyrannical Ambition’s main force. Chen Guo looked at Ye Xiu’s screen and swept across all of the IDs lined up. Nearly all of them had some reputation in the Heavenly Domain. She clearly knew that these players were all a part of the upper class in Glory. She had been with Excellent Era for so many years, yet she had never been able to join their circle. Ye Xiu and his Unrivaled Super Hottie hadn’t even been in the guild for two days yet and he was already a member. Chen Guo couldn’t help but feel somewhat upset.

Apart from the elites of the main guild, all of the branch guilds had a team too for a total of around two hundred players. The main guild was the main force, while the branch guilds were for support.

Tyrannical Ambition was only a part of the forces in the Ravine. Ye Xiu had Unrivaled Super Hottie look around and quickly saw two other guilds in formation.

Hundred Blossom Valley, Samsara.


Samsara again. Ye Xiu noted. Samsara’s momentum in the competitive scene was growing. In the game, their guild was also making movements everywhere. They almost always participated in every event possible. It was the bearing of a top guild. Hundred Blossom Valley was a bit weaker, but a Level 70 wild boss couldn’t be missed. Even if they were slightly weaker, it didn’t mean they had no chance. Wild bosses hadn’t gone to the point where the old titans had a completely monopoly over them.

The forces from these two guilds were also led by their guild leaders.

Hundred Blossom Valley’s Blooming Blossom and Samsara’s Three Realms Six Paths were both standing next to their forces. Along with Tyrannical Ambition, the three forces stood as three competing rivals. At this moment, Jiang You’s Wandering Peak arrived at the scene. Tyrannical Ambition’s players naturally gave a greeting and Wandering Peak went forward to stand. The heads of these top guilds began glaring at one another. Afterwards, Blooming Blossom and Three Realms Six Paths, along with everyone else, turned their attention to the person next to Wandering Peak.

Unrivaled Super Hottie. What an eye-catching name. At this moment, he stood casually next to Wandering Peak. 

The three guilds showed good sense. In order to let their guild leader stand out, the rest of the troops stood behind the guild leader. But someone unexpectedly had no eyes and stood alongside Wandering Peak. He didn’t have any guild tag next to his name and his name was so arrogant too.......

Ye Xiu’s Unrivaled Super Hottie only needed to stand there in order to instantly capture everyone’s attention.

The Ravine was completely silent. Only the faint noise of grinding could be heard among Tyrannical Ambition’s players.  

Flight felt regretful! With all of these heroes of Tyrannical Ambition in front of him, his title of the number one Knight in the fourth branch felt worthless. Even the fourth branch guild leader probably didn’t have a higher status than these elites from the main guild. In the end, Flight and the other branch members stood at the back. But this Unrivaled Super Hottie actually followed Wandering Peak to the front and even became the focus of everyone’s attention. Flight didn’t feel good! For one, this guy was such a disgrace. At the same time, he also felt a bit jealous. However, Flight knew very well that he would never have the courage to just casually stand alongside the guild leader.

“Who’s this idiot?” Tyrannical Ambition’s players held themselves back, but the players from the other two guilds were already laughing in ridicule. They spoke in very loud voices, so the other side could hear them.

Unrivaled Super Hottie was perfectly composed. He ignored all of the insults and went straight to the main subject: “Where’s the boss?” His words switched the topic to a very sensitive subject.

The two guild leaders naturally had to appear calm, but they couldn’t help but feel somewhat uneasy seeing this guy standing with Wandering Peak, 

To put it plainly, no one in the game besides another Club guild leader could stand on equal footing with a Club guild leader. Could this person be a pro player from Tyrannical Ambition?

Zheng Chenfeng?

The two guild leader immediately made a guess. Zheng Chengfeng was a Knight pro player from Tyranny. His character was called Mountain Split and he could be considered a top player, who was a part of the main roster. Even though he wasn’t a God, he was more than good enough for players in the game to worship him.

“Who is this?” The two guild leaders hesitated. The first to speak was Three Realms Six Paths.

Unrivaled Super Hottie actually walked up with him. Even Jiang You jumped up in fright. He had walked up loftily to the other two guild leaders, showing his imposing manner as a guild leader. He really hadn’t noticed someone was next to him.......

Now that the other side suddenly asked him a question, Jiang You didn’t know how to respond. What should he say? He found an expert? The problem was that he hadn’t personally seen his skill before. What type of entity was Tyrannical Ambition? No matter how great of an expert one might be, one still wouldn’t qualify to stand on equal footing as him. If he really did say that, he would feel quite ashamed. For a moment, he didn’t know how to explain the situation. He truly wasn’t happy, seeing this guy next to him. Couldn’t you have given me a notice beforehand so I could prepare? Now you’ve put me on the spotlight with no explanation to give. He really hadn’t noticed that someone had been walking with him, but how could he say that?

“Are you talking to me?” Unrivaled Super Hottie didn’t make him worry and replied: “I’m an expert passing by. It seemed like there was a lot of people here, so I came over to help out. Where’s the boss? Let’s hurry up and start! You’re all wasting time. What if another boss spawns?”

His words hit the nail on the head. This was one issue among the guilds. Wild bosses didn’t spawn at a set time. They might not see a wild boss for one or two days. Sometimes, multiple wild bosses would spawn at the same time. The guilds all wanted the bosses for themselves. If multiple wild bosses spawned at the same time and they were too greedy, they might not even get one. But if they just focused on one, they felt too unwilling to part with the other ones.

All of the guilds knew which bosses had spawned already this week and which ones hadn’t. Several of them hadn’t spawned yet, so it was possible that another could appear at any time. They had to hurry. His words weren’t wrong! But the problem was how did a random passerby get to say these words?

But for the two opposing guild leaders, the situation had changed. This person was so calm and decisive. He covered up his identity very casually. Could he really be Zheng Chengfeng?

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