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Chapter 579 - Starting at the Top

Wandering Peak was Jiang You’s main account in the Heavenly Domain and Tyrannical Ambition’s guild leader. Ye Xiu had interacted with him in the tenth server before, but he hadn’t really cared. In his eyes, there was no difference between Cold Night or Jiang You.

A famous name like Wandering Peak didn’t need any tags next to his name. For Glory’s players, in terms of reputation, the guild leaders of these top-tier guilds weren’t any less renowned than pro players. All of them could be considered public figures. Wandering Peak didn’t need a “Guild Leader” tag for people to recognize him.

As Ye Xiu moved Unrivaled Super Hottie forward, Happy Sheep introduced who was who. Besides their IDs, Happy Sheep also told him their titles in the guild. It’s like how in real life, whenever people introduce someone else, people always tells others about that someone else’s job. However, several of the titles sounded kind of funny to Ye Xiu. For example, Tyrannical Ambition fourth branch’s number one Knight and so on. There were just too many adjectives attached to the title. However, none of the adjectives could be removed. Get rid of Tyrannical Ambition? Then, the title wouldn’t seem very impressive. Get rid of fourth branch? It wouldn’t be the truth......

“Oh oh oh oh oh......”

Ye Xiu responded with an “Oh”, after each player’s introduction. After the introductions were finished, he concluded: “Hi, everyone.”

With Jiang You’s status, his character’s equipment was naturally top tier. Equipment was a symbol of status. Whether it was Tyrannical Ambition’s great guild leader or the branch guild’s number one Knight, if they walked out with Unrivaled Super Hottie’s equipment, it would practically be the same as walking out naked. No one would take their title seriously.

“Unrivaled Super Hottie? What an interesting name. Speaking of your name, I once knew someone called Unrivaled Silence, but I haven’t seen him in a long time. It seems like he really did go silent.” The first person to speak was Tyrannical Ambition fourth branch’s number one Knight, Flight. It sounded like a joke, but it clearly showed his hostility towards Unrivaled Super Hottie.

This wasn’t unexpected. Very few players were as kind as Seven Blossom Leaves. Online games were competitive in nature.


In the normal servers, everyone compared their levels to other players. In the Heavenly Domain, everyone was max level, so they compared their equipment, stats, skill level, experience, dungeon progress, Arena record, and so on. Anything could be compared would be compared. The competitive environment didn’t differ from real life too much. Very few were willing to admit their inferiority.

Like Flight, Seven Blossom Leaves, or even Crispy Bean. They were their team’s number one Knight. Relatively speaking, they were at the top of their respective teams. Honest and kind players like Seven Blossom Leaves were the exception. Most players were like Crispy Bean, who looked down on experts of the same class.

However, everyone showed off their feelings in different ways. Crispy Bean was more childish. Flight handled things more maturely. He clearly knew that Unrivaled Super Hottie was someone the guild leader wanted to rope into the guild. Moreover, the guild leader personally came over to invite him, showing the importance of this matter. If he made things too difficult for Unrivaled Super Hottie, he wouldn’t be giving face to the guild leader.

The enormous guild had an almost corporation-like management. The higher a guild member’s status, the more the guild member wouldn’t be able to look at things purely from a gaming perspective. A lot of matters had to be handled responsibly. Guild leaders weren’t mothers to the guild members. Even though they often acted like one, everyone knew how much power these guild leaders possessed.

“Unrivaled Silence? What class?”

Ye Xiu responded to Flight’s words.

“Class? It’s been too long. I forgot.” Despite being startled, Flight responded quite calmly.

“Oh, is that so!” Ye Xiu said and even added a “Ha ha” emoticon.   

Flight suddenly felt dejected. Unrivaled Silence? He didn’t know anyone like that. He just saw Unrivaled Super Hottie’s name and then fabricated a person to mock the other side’s arrogance. But then the other side asked for this imaginary person’s class and he couldn’t give an answer. The “Ha ha” emoticon seemed to be laughing at him.

“I’ve heard how skilled you are. Today, I’ve finally gotten to see it.” Happy Sheep did the introductions. Flight opened up the meeting. Now, it was Jiang You’s turn to speak up. The fourth branch’s guild leader didn’t get a chance to talk though. This simple exchange showed the complexity of the relationships between guild members.

“Ha ha, the rumors are true.”

“Of course, of course.”

Normal people would hear his arrogance and explode in anger. Jiang You didn’t have the best temper either, so it made Flight quite puzzled, when he saw how friendly Jiang You was being. Even though he wasn’t a part of the main guild, he still had some understanding of the overall guild leader. Jiang You wasn’t as cold and strict as Hang Wenqing, but he still leaned towards that side. Flight had never heard of him being so friendly before. What was going on today?

Someone’s personality couldn’t suddenly change in an instant, which meant the reason lay with Unrivaled Super Hottie.

Was he really that good?  

Flight muttered to himself. He didn’t look down on Unrivaled Super Hottie because of his equipment. After all, equipment was external. If his skill was truly up to mark, then his equipment would immediately be switched with equipment that might even be good as his own.

Seeing the overall guild leader’s attitude, Flight felt a bit of regret towards his initial remarks.

Speaking of which, it didn’t matter who this person was. What was the point in competing with him? Today was a rare opportunity to interact with the main guild leader. It was more important to show his worth.

Flight had his own plans.

Even though their branch guilds were also a part of Tyrannical Ambition in name, in everyone else’s eyes, the main guild was the true guild. The branch guild players all hoped to enter the main guild.

The main guild had obviously reached its max capacity a long time ago. According to the guild’s rules, the guild wouldn’t kick someone out for no reason. But everyone knew that the rules weren’t rigid. If a truly outstanding expert came, the main guild would certainly find some way to get someone out of the guild. As for Flight? He didn’t think being the fourth branch’s number one Knight was good enough. Speaking of this, he hated how others always added “fourth branch” after “Tyrannical Ambition”, when being introduced. He felt like these two added words made it sound like a joke.  

He hoped to get rid of these two words! The only way to do it was obviously to join the main guild.

This was why enough he hoped his strength would be enough to garner the attention of someone with power in the main guild. Unfortunately, he had held the title of number one Knight in the fourth branch for a long time, but the main guild hadn’t given him any offers. Today, the overall guild leader had personally come, making Flight feel like it was a good opportunity to display his value. However, the reason for the personal visit was because of another Knight. Flight couldn’t help but feel jealous, so he intentionally showed hostility towards Unrivaled Super Hottie. If Unrivaled Super Hottie was truly acknowledged by the overall guild leader, then didn’t that mean he would directly enter the main guild?

He needed to perform better than him!

Flight had made the decision a long time ago, but now that he was reflecting on his previous actions, using words to compete against him felt somewhat childish. He immediately criticized himself. He already knew what he needed to do today. He needed to show that his skill surpassed Unrivaled Super Hottie’s. That was the only true way. A word battle was pointless.

Flight arranged his plan, while Jiang You and the others told him their purpose in coming here.

“A wild boss?” Ye Xiu stared blankly.

“No way?!” Even Chen Guo was astonished. It might be a game, but wasn’t this spying progressing too quickly? Other spies took three years and then another three years to get this far, but Unrivaled Super Hottie had only just joined a small support guild only two days ago and he was already going to join the elites in a fight for a wild boss?

Normal guilds didn’t pay too much attention to the rules. Experts would immediately be put into the top team, but for a Club guild with such a complicated competitive environment? Wild bosses were very important and dangerous matters. If there was a spy from another guild, it would be disastrous. Strategies, plans, and so on would be sold out by the spy. It would be impossible to steal the boss if that happened.

“Yes, Sword Peak Ravine’s Blade Master Lan Rui has spawned. Our people are already heading over. We’re going over to support them. You just happen to be online. Why not come with us?” Jiang You said.

“Sure!” Ye Xiu happily accepted.

“Good. Brother, your equipment.......” Jiang You looked at him and had to say it: “Brother, you can’t join our guild yet, so I can’t give you contribution points to use. You’ll just have to make do with this for now!”

Jiang You had clearly been prepared. If not, why would an Elementalist carry a full set of Knight equipment?

Ye Xiu wasn’t polite and accepted the trade from Wandering Peak. It was a complete set from accessories to weapons. It was far better than his current equipment. For a normal player, his equipment went up to grades. It was enough to feel moves. As a result, Ye Xiu expressed his thanks and quickly put them on. Then, he requested for a trade with Wandering Peak and offered his trash equipment: “I’ll have to trouble you to donate these equipment for me. Ha ha ha ha ha.” Ye Xiu said.

“Ah...... this.....” Jiang You was sweating! He was an Elementalist. With his Strength, carrying a Knight’s armor, weapon, and shield would definitely impact his movement heavily. The equipment he had brought with him were for Unrivaled Super Hottie. Now the other side was giving him back equipment. It wouldn’t be good to carry it in an intense battle.

But the other side said he was donating it to the guild. How could he refuse? It wouldn’t be appropriate to say “You can keep it.” With new improved equipment, why would he keep his old trash? Most players would donate their old equipment to the guild. Unrivaled Super Hottie’s actions weren’t weird. It was just that this guy was telling him to donate it for him, leaving Jiang You at a loss for what to do.

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