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Chapter 578 - The People from Tyrannical Ambition

Happy Sheep’s analysis received the approval of the other Clerics on the team. They all expressed that, if their team had such a tank, then running dungeons would be very easy. Praising another tank in front of the team was usually considered offensive to the other tanks, but Seven Blossom Leaves himself was also completely convinced by Unrivaled Super Hottie’s skill, therefore, no one in Happy Sheep’s team had any misgivings. As for the second, third, and fourth tank, if even the main tank was neglected, then nothing needed to be said about them.After discussing everything, everyone gasped in admiration. Happy Sheep didn’t want to dampen the mood, but in the end, he found it uncomfortable to hold these words within his heart. Thus, Happy Sheep called for everyone to recognize that it would be hard for such an expert to a permanent member of their team.

Many of the players in the team had been worried about this fact earlier. Now that they heard their team leader say it himself, they all felt that it was a pity. In the first half of the night, they were pushed to the peak of excitement in waves, but after hearing this news, everyone couldn’t help but feel somewhat disappointed.“Sigh……” Someone sighed and the conversation ended.

However, the news of Happy Sheep’s team completing Tomb in the Sky spread throughout the guild. There were many hundred-man teams in the guild and many of them had also been stuck on Tomb in the Sky, just like Happy Sheep’s team had been. The fourth and fifth branch guilds would often compete against each other. Being in the same guild didn't mean that there was a lot of teamwork and friendship. Games are more fun, when there’s competition. Levels, skill, equipment, anything that could be compared would be compared.

Now that Happy Sheep’s team had reached a completely new height in the dungeon, the players on his team were naturally very willing to share their joy with others. There were all sorts of responses in the chat. Some congratulated them, while others asked for help. Some were envious, and so on.

At this moment, Happy Sheep received a message from his guild leader: “You’ve cleared Tomb in the Sky?”

“Yeah……” Happy Sheep couldn’t help but reply. He wished that the guild leader wouldn’t notice what had happened and would just forget about Unrivaled Super Hottie’s existence for the time being so they could spend a few more days with the pro. It was a pity that passing the dungeon was considered a big deal, so the guild leader came to ask him the moment he received the notice.

“How did Unrivaled Super Hottie perform?” The guild leader asked. 

Happy Sheep took a deep breath and spoke honestly. “It was only thanks to him that we cleared the dungeon. It would have been impossible otherwise.”“Oh?”Upon that, Happy Sheep informed the guild leader of all of Unrivaled Super Hottie’s spectacular performances, including his PVP performance after the conflict with the fifth branch’s Wolf Head.

“How good do you think his skills are?” The guild leader then asked. 

“No lower than Flight.” Happy Sheep replied. 

The value of this appraisal was not light at all! Flight was the head knight of the fourth branch, and Tyrannical Ambition's fourth branch was considered a top tier guild in the view of Heavenly Domain players. It couldn’t be compared with guilds created by normal players. The only guilds that were stronger would be the main guilds of the different Clubs. A top Knight of such a guild in the Heavenly Domain was very impressive.

“Oh.” The guild leader was unsure as to how to react towards Happy Sheep’s high appraisal. “Is he still on?”

“He’s offline.” Happy Sheep replied. 

“Then let’s talk about it tomorrow!” The guild leader spoke.

Ye Xiu slept very late that night, but he didn’t get up too late in the morning. He met Chen Guo when he woke up, who instantly asked about yesterday’s final result.

“Cleared!” Ye Xiu said..

“How did those guys act afterwards?” Chen Guo asked.

“Probably kneeling on all fours out of admiration?” Ye Xiu guessed.


After breakfast, they headed to the private room to game. When Unrivaled Super Hottie logged on, no one on his friends’ list was online. Happy Sheep’s team hadn’t slept all night yesterday, so they were still offline and had stopped work for the day. Ye Xiu logged onto his Unrivaled Super Hottie’s account, but he didn’t play on it. He found a computer besides Tang Rou and logged onto Lord Grim. “Are you just going to stand there and wait for your death!” Chen Guo was able to roughly guess Ye Xiu’s intention. If the two accounts were logged in at the same time, it would prevent people from associating Unrivaled Super Hottie with Ye Xiu! If this were in the past, no matter how good a player was in the game, no one would ever imagine this player would be a God. But now, a God mingling among them was not a secret anymore between the big guilds. Now that the major guilds had been tossed around multiple  times, they had to be more cautious. Even though it wasn’t hard to log onto multiple accounts at the same time, it was necessary. It wouldn’t be too hard to connect the dots if two experts with supposedly no connection would, coincidentally, never appear online at the same time.

After Chen Guo finished dumping Unrivaled Super Hottie in the Arena, she paid no more attention to him. She went over to ask what Ye Xiu was planning to do with Lord Grim.

“Leveling up through dungeons!” As he spoke, Lord Grim had already logged online. He scanned his friends list and to his surprise, he found One Inch Ash online. Ye Xiu was about to message him, but One Inch Ash was already one step ahead: “Good morning, senior.” 

“Good morning, good morning, are you free?” Ye Xiu asked. Pro-gamers also had work to attend to. Even though he would also be playing, it was a different type of playing. Killing time in the game counted as being quite free.


“Want to enter a dungeon?” Ye Xiu asked.“Sure!” Qiao Yifan wished to follow God and get some advice. Playing together was exactly what he wanted.

“Do you want me to come along?” Chen Guo also responded to Ye Xiu’s “Leveling up through dungeons.”

“Sure!” Ye XIu agreed.

Upon hearing this, Chen Guo didn’t log into her tenth server account, but logged onto Chasing Haze instead. Ye Xiu invited her into the team and called for Qiao Yifan. He gave him a location and the three people went there to meet up.

Level 55 was Heavenly Domain’s lowest-level dungeon, but it was definitely not beginner friendly like the beginner village in the normal servers. However, Chen Guo was on her Level 70 main account and there were two pro level players. It went without saying that the three could easily complete a small five-man dungeon. 

Chasing Haze had strong equipment, so she naturally became the main DPS unit. Qiao Yifan’s One Inch Ash assisted Chasing Haze, while he paid attention to controlling the battlefield. Ye Xiu’s Lord Grim, on the other hand, ran back and forth like a fireman, doing everything. As the three people worked together, they advanced through the dungeon fairly quickly. Chasing Haze was more than capable of soloing this Level 55 five man dungeon. It goes without saying what would happen with the addition of two experts helping her.

“How is it? What knowledge have you recently gained as a Phantom Demon?” The dungeon wasn’t difficult, so Ye Xiu started a conversation with Qiao Yifan. 

Wasn’t this why he was following Ye Xiu? He instantly reported to Ye Xiu about what he had experienced for Ye Xiu to advise him on.

Ye Xiu gave him some tips, while letting Qiao Yifan experiment on the dungeon’s mobs. Even though Lord Grim could only use Sword Formation, he could still demonstrate it.

“Good good, not bad, not bad.” Ye Xiu watched Qiao Yifan’s performance and complimented him. “That’s the general idea. However these dungeon mobs are brain-dead. In a real competition setting, it will definitely not be as easy as it is now. The NPC doesn’t know your intentions, so they can easily be manipulated by you. However, it’s different with players. They can predict your intentions and will naturally try to interfere. They might even beat you at your own game. Therefore, your thoughts must not be set by this training. The changes that occur in competitive matches are always more than you can ever imagine.”

“I understand.” Qiao Yifan responded. 

As a result, the trio continued to clear the dungeon until they couldn’t anymore. All the questions Qiao Yifan had piled up were all answered. Also, it was obvious that he didn’t just leave the questions there to wait for Ye Xiu to answer. He always had his own thoughts too like a pro. Qiao Yifan was unlike Tang Rou or Steamed Bun Invasion who needed Ye Xiu to specifically guide them every step along the way. Sometimes, Ye Xiu only needed to say a few words and Qiao Yifan would be able to locate the problems. In fact, Ye Xiu didn’t teach him much on the mechanical side. Ye Xiu mostly taught him his own experiences and have Qiao Yifan learn about them. Experience couldn’t be gained through just through talking about it, but this method would tell him what to be aware of, so when Qiao Yifan experiences these circumstances himself, he’ll have an idea of what to do.

The morning passed like this. Qiao Yifan obviously couldn’t play forever. He had to log off in the afternoon. After Ye Xiu returned from lunch, he continued to use Lord Grim, until Chen Guo noticed that someone had messaged Unrivaled Super Hottie. She called out to Ye Xiu, who decisively dumped Lord Grim aside and sped to her side.

“Hey, what do I do with this?” Lord Grim was in middle of a dungeon, but was then just thrown to the side.

“Just leave him! I can continue afterwards.” Ye Xiu said. 

Heavenly Domain’s second safe place: the dungeon. 

“Then I’ll just leave him here.” Chen Guo spoke as she logged off Chasing Haze. If she logged on again, she would appear in the same place in the dungeon. If a player entered a dungeon, there were no other way to leave apart from dying or clearing the dungeon. 

As for Unrivaled Super Hottie, he received a message from Happy Sheep. Ye Xiu looked and saw that Happy Sheep was asking where he was. 

“Mist Earth CIty。” Ye Xiu replied. 

“Okay. Our guild’s boss would like to meet you!” Happy Sheep replied afterwards.“Where?” Ye Xiu asked.

“We’re at Luxuriant Mountain City.” Happy Sheep said. 

“Ok, I’ll come over.” Ye Xiu replied and had Unrivaled Super Hottie leave the Arena. Luxuriant Mountain City was also a Level 70 city. It shared a teleportation array with Mist Earth City, so it saved a lot of trouble traveling there. 

After being transported to Luxuriant Mountain City and asking Happy Sheep for his location, he saw a team of players bearing the Tyrannical Ambition fourth branch title. Happy Sheep was among them. When he saw Unrivaled Super Hottie coming over, he hurriedly called out. After coming to the front, Ye Xiu scanned the team of people’s sparkling equipment. With just a glance, he instantly knew that these players were not like Happy Sheep’s group who aimed for moderately difficult dungeons. These people were probably the elite members of Tyrannical Ambition’s fourth guild.

“Loyal Hear, Flight, Burning Mountain......” Chen Guo clicked her tongue as she watched Ye Xiu’s screen, already sighing.

“Oh? You know them?” Ye Xiu asked.

“All of them. They belong to Tyrannical Ambition!” Chen Guo spoke. She originated from 

Excellent Dynasty and Tyrannical Ambition was their sworn enemy. Wasn’t there a saying? The people who understood you the most were your enemies.

“Woah!It’s Wandering Peak” When Ye Xiu tilted his camera, it caused Chen Guo to see another person, which made Chen Guo exclaim. 

“Huh? Who’s that?” Ye Xiu looked at an Elementalist.

“You don’t even know him? He’s the guild leader of Tyrannical Ambition!!” Chen Guo spoke. 

“Oh……” Ye Xiu paused. “How incredible! I’m only familiar with the tenth server guild leader.”

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