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Chapter 577 -  Replicating Victory

The Launcher had planned on taking the initiative from the beginning, but after just a single skill, the last match repeated itself again. As a matter of fact, it was worse since he had fallen into hot water right away. Wolf Head had at least thrown out a Provoke against Unrivaled Super Hottie and attacked Happy Sheep at the beginning of the match.

However, players weren’t NPCs. Even though the Cleric was entirely powerless under Unrivaled Super Hottie’s control, the Launcher would be cleared of the stunned state eventually. Wolf Head’s players were brainstorming on how to deal with this type of situation. Meanwhile, the Launcher was preparing for his next move.

The moment the stun duration ended, the Launcher retread by using an Aerial Fire. As expected, Unrivaled Super Hottie paid no attention to him. Then, the Launcher propped his cannon on his shoulder. With a blue flash, an X-1 Extruder missile came flying out from the cannon’s barrel some distance away. 

Glory had numerous skills with various CC effects, and blocking with a shield could negate many of those effects, but not all of them. X-1 Extruder’s effect of attracting the target then dragging the target away was one of these spells. The Launcher clearly knew this, so he started off with this move that would render the shield’s block ineffective, wondering what Unrivaled Super Hottie could possibly do to counter it. 

Nonetheless, Unrivaled Super Hottie seemed to oblivious towards the impending missile as he did completely ignored it. Only when he was about to enter the suction effect’s range did he swing out his sword horizontally: a Repel. He obviously manipulated this skill a bit since the Cleric wasn’t pushed the maximum distance away. While the Cleric slid away, Unrivaled Super Hottie also shifted forward, along with the Cleric.

The scene looked like two ghosts drifting. Everyone soon realized that Unrivaled Super Hottie had entered the X-1 Extruder’s effect range and was being dragged by the missile. Facing the incoming missile, Unrivaled Super Hottie swung out his shield, not in an attempt to block, but rather to attack. He didn’t activate a skill though. This attack wouldn’t have any special effects. It would only deal small amounts of damage, but it still successfully detonated the missile. 

At such close distance, the explosion would obviously hurt Unrivaled Super Hottie, but with his shield in front of him, the shockwave caused by the explosion wouldn’t push him away. As for the damage taken… wasn’t Happy Sheep starting to chant with his cross in the air? 

The Cleric remained within Unrivaled Super Hottie’s grip. All the possible interference caused by the X-1 Extruder were completely negated by Unrivaled Super Hottie’s maneuvers. Even though the attempt had done some damage, hadn’t Unrivaled Super Hottie also been taking damage from Wolf Head in the last match, but then healed by Happy Sheep?

The Launcher was clearly surprised, seeing his plan being dealt with so easily. But the Launcher had more tricks up his sleeves. Roaming, Mechanical Seeker, Demolition, Satellite Beam… Skills activated one after another, each with a thoughtful plan laid out. Finally, this match was no longer dull in the eyes of the spectators. Everyone wondered how Unrivaled Super Hottie would nullify all of these powerful attacks.

In the end, whether it was by dodging, blocking with his shield, running around, standing still, taking the attack, or not taking the attack, Unrivaled Super Hottie dispelled every attack. The only thing that didn’t change was the fact that the Cleric remained standing there, getting beaten up.

“Impossible!” The Launcher finally ran out of ideas, but the situation hadn’t changed in the slightest. The only thing that changed compared to the previous match was the helplessness of the close quarter fighter had turned into that of the long-range combatant’s.

The Launcher had no more plans. If he were to attack again, he could only employ his previously used  strategies. Unrivaled Super Hottie might make a mistake, but would a single lucky chance be able to solve the fundamental issue? That chance could only allow the Cleric to heal himself a little before falling back into Unrivaled Super Hottie’s grasp again. If the Cleric could truly get out of this crisis, then the battle wouldn’t have been like this from the start. 

The Launcher knew that this time, he hadn’t become the savior of his team. Instead, he stood shoulder to shoulder with his team leader Wolf Head in another embarrassing defeat. The Cleric eventually died, but during that time, the Launcher didn’t stay idle. He pointed his cannon at Happy Sheep. Poor Happy Sheep dashed around all over the Arena field, but Unrivaled Super Hottie didn’t show the slightest bit of interest in rescuing him. On the other hand, this Launcher was desperate to kill him to save himself some face before Unrivaled Super Hottie killed off his Cleric.

However, he had switched targets too late. Even though Unrivaled Super Hottie’s equipment was weaker, the Launcher still couldn’t catch up. In addition, the Cleric of Wolf Head’s team was much more obedient than Happy Sheep. He looked like he was just standing there, taking the attacks.

Was the Cleric doing this on purpose? Of course not! His current sorry state was entirely because of Unrivaled Super Hottie’s manipulations.

In that moment, Wolf Head finally came to this realization. 

Everyone focused on how Unrivaled Super Hottie nullified all of the Launcher’s attempts to disrupt him. However, all of thom overlooked how Unrivaled Super Hottie’s endless strikes suppressed the enemy Cleric into obedience. 

Clerics didn’t have many offensive abilities, but turning a player-controlled character into a ragdoll was still a difficult task. 

“Is this… also developed from PvE?” Wolf Head, who was very familiar with Knights, observed Unrivaled Super Hottie’s maneuvers attentively. Unfortunately, the Cleric had long since given up, so Wolf Head couldn’t figure out how Unrivaled Super Hottie dealt with the Cleric in detail. Thinking back now… all he remembered was how Unrivaled Super Hottie had cancelled the Launcher’s attacks. 

Up until the Cleric fell, Wolf Head wasn’t able to get much information. Right after the Cleric fell, Unrivaled Super Hottie changed direction and charged straight at the Launcher. The Launcher tried to maintain some distance, but Unrivaled Super Hottie caught him after a few attempts. 

“Hm? This could be a good chance to watch too!” Wolf Head suddenly thought, wondering if Unrivaled Super Hottie would turned the Launcher into another sandbag. At the same time, Wolf Head regretted quitting right after Wolf Claw’s defeat. If he had fought with Unrivaled Super Hottie himself, he would know his capabilities much better. 

Unfortunately, the Launcher replicated the entire last match, even Wolf Head’s decision at the last moment. Upon seeing the defeat of the Cleric and that the match had turned into a two versus one battle, the Launcher surrendered. Gloom loomed over Wolf Head, but he couldn’t say anything. After all, he had been the one to set this example.

For this kind of match, one victory felt awkward and dull. However, there were two victories now and the second match was an exact replica of the first one. During both matches, the opponents were completely powerless. This demonstrated the true power of the victor. After the second victory, cheers, applause, and congratulations exploded out of Happy Sheep’s team. Quite a number of them shouted, “Do you accept it now, you wolves?”

How could the wolves accept such infuriating matches so easily? But what would be the point of objecting now? The other side would just say “then try again” and Unrivaled Super Hottie would slap them to death again.

Everyone in Wolf Head’s team was unhappy. Wolf Head was powerless to do anything. In the end, he could only say “Let’s go,” and all of the players in Wolf’s Party left dejectedly. 

“Bro, incredible!” Upon seeing Wolf Head’s team taking their leave, Happy Sheep’s anxiety finally disappeared. His heart was filled with joy. 

Today, not only did they surpass their long time rival in terms of dungeon progress, but they also beat them in the Arena, which had long since been their weak spot. Even though these had only been possible because of Unrivaled Super Hottie’s presence, today was still a day to remember. 

“Incredible!!” There was not a single player in the team who was unhappy with Unrivaled Super Hottie. Everyone praised their hero with joy. 

“Haha, didn’t I say it earlier? This is what I’m good at.” Unrivaled Super Hottie responded. 

“Yes, yes.” Everyone nodded in agreement. 

“If there isn’t anything anymore, then shall we call it a day?” Unrivaled Super Hottie said, preparing to leave.

Happy Sheep sighed, “Bro, you’re so skilled. Once you join the guild, you’ll quickly be put into the elite team. When that happens, don’t forget about us!” 

“Of course.” Unrivaled Super Hottie laughed. 

The players of Sheep’s Party flocked over one after another to add Unrivaled Super Hottie on their friend list, bidding their goodbyes unwillingly. The hundred-player dungeon was rather time consuming. Despite having maintained a pretty normal schedule for the past few days, Ye Xiu still dragged it well into the night. Chen Guo and Tang Rou had left awhile ago. Even though Chen Guo was still curious about Ye Xiu’s intention for joining Tyrannical Ambition, she still couldn’t find any interest in watching, seeing that they were still running dungeons. Although her skill wasn’t that high, she had been one of the members of the main force in Excellent Era back then. The team that she was in had a much better progress in the dungeon. In Chen Guo’s eyes, these people’s skill levels were on the low side.

After saying goodbye to the players of Sheep’s Party, Ye Xiu called it a day. However, the players of Sheep’s Party had no such plans. They were obviously planning on pulling an all-nighter. As of now, they were still together chatting. The focus was none other than the expert Knight that they had met today. 

The majority of the conversations were about how incredible this person was.“I can’t see it. All I know is that there is no way for me to become that skillful.” The main tank, Seven Blossom Leaves, replied after being asked.

“I played once with the guild’s main force once. I think his skills are on the same level as our branch guild’s number one Knight, Flight.” Happy Sheep said.

“That’s the main tank of the elite party! He’s that good?!” Someone exclaimed. Flight, the number one Knight of the fourth branch guild, was already an unbelievable existence to the players in that guild. 

“He might even be better.” Happy Sheep spoke.

“Oh? Why would you say that?” Seven Blossom Leaves asked. 

“Clerics are the ones who can understand the main tank’s strength the best. Even though we were really worried when we had to heal Unrivaled Super Hottie, that worry mainly came from our distrust in him. Now that I look back at the big picture, he didn’t make any mistakes that we needed to compensate for. All we had to do was our most basic job.” Happy Sheep pointed out. 

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