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Chapter 576 - Tree Trunk PvP

Clang! Clang! Clang! Clang! Clang! Clang!

Repeating ceaselessly, the same sound evoked different emotions in the spectator’s ears. 

To the players from Happy Sheep's team, this sound only brought joy to their hearts. For the players from Wolf Head’s team, they could feel their hearts breaking with every strike. Wolf Head attacked over and over again. Unrivaled Super Hottie ignored all of the strikes that only dealt damage. However, every attempt to interrupt his attacks was blocked by his shield. 

As a result, all of Wolf Head’s efforts were wasted. With Happy Sheep healing from the side, Wolf Head’s attacks were nothing to Unrivaled Super Hottie. On the other side, Wolf Head’s partner, Wolf Claw was barely hanging on. His health was slipping deeper and deeper into the danger zone. 

This… Is this the true power of a top-tier tank? 

All of the spectators had this sort of thought.

This was indeed a PvP match, but Unrivaled Super Hottie’s dominating strategy screamed PvE. A top tier tank’s control over their shield had to be perfectly skillful like this. The scene in front of them clearly conveyed that: all of Wolf Head’s problematic attacks were deflected by Unrivaled Super Hottie’s shield. Everyone agreed that this type of skill must have been forged through countless fights with monsters.   

A usually unpredictable PvP match had been molded into a PvE style battle. On top of that, Wolf Head and Wolf Claw could do nothing about it. 

Among the two, one of them was doing everything he could think of, but nothing worked. The other one had thought of countless ideas. However, since the beginning of the match, what could he do? 

Nothing, absolutely nothing. Since the moment the match began, the only thing Wolf Claw could do was get beaten down.

Was it going to end just like this? 

Wolf Head found it harder and harder to believe as he watched Wolf Claw’s HP continue to fall lower and lower. He never imagined that a match could end in such a way. Could this Unrivaled Super Hottie’s skill be forged solely through his battles with monsters? Not necessarily! PvE could develop mechanical skill, but it could not nurture such awareness. To defend with a shield, one must be able to predict the opponent’s attacks. Unrivaled Super Hottie hadn’t made a single mistake regarding such prediction so far. This alone was enough to prove the vast amount of PvP experience he had. 

The problem was that he only had around 2000 Arena matches! Some of those were even fought by other people! How could he possibly have gathered any experience?

Or did it mean that his PvP experience was accumulated in the wild? 

The battles in the wild were undoubtedly more chaotic than the ones carried out in the Arena. Because if the player didn’t bet in the Arena, then the match would simply be a matter of victory or defeat. However, every fight in the wild was a gamble. The loser could lose experience and equipment. Therefore, battles in the wild required more mental strength than fights in the Arena. In the Arena, after many matches, the player would eventually grow numb towards the result. On the other hand, in the wild, under such pressure, the player would never grow numb towards the result. As a result, there were quite a number of players who had lost all interest in the orderly battles in the Arena. Instead, they would go around the wild to “hunt”.

Was this person one of those experts?

Wolf Head was scared now. In contrast with the Arena matches, fights in the wild usually involved more complicated situations. In addition, these fights rarely started fairly: you could start at an advantage or at a disadvantage. In general, players who preferred fights in the wild were much better at dealing with complex and disadvantageous situations than regular players, who liked the Arena better. Compared to the wild, the Arena seemed more like delicate flowers.

After figuring out that Unrivaled Super Hottie was an expert of the wild, Wolf Head, who knew his own skills were inferior to his opponent’s, became even more afraid. His attacks weren’t as fierce as before.

Watching from the sidelines, Happy Sheep was a bit confused. He found it strange that a PvP battle could develop into such a situation. Even though he wasn’t as experienced as Wolf Head, as a long-time player, Happy Sheep still knew that this situation was created entirely by Unrivaled Super Hottie. But did this scene prove Unrivaled Super Hottie’s expertise in PvE or PvP battles? Happy Sheep could hardly tell the difference. Nonetheless, the situation in front of him was undoubtedly the most classic scene of a PvE monster fight...... 

The scared Wolf Head didn’t even have thoughts of going all out. He continued to whack Unrivaled Super Hottie sluggishly. His attacks were becoming automated and he practically transformed into a stationary attacking tower. As the repetitive metallic sounds of shield and armor continued to clank, the match reached its peak.

This kind of stationary battle was the simplestt, but also the most boring. Clearly, it was very unlikely for the current situation to change much now. Everyone was waiting for the moment Wolf Claw fell. Once that happened, then this match would be set in stone. 

The audience didn’t have to wait for long. Wolf Claw, who did nothing but get chopped since the beginning of the match, finally fell. In that same moment, Wolf Head gave up all hope and stopped attacking. He directly surrendered and left the match.

The atmosphere was somewhat cold. 

Despite the quick pacing at the beginning that ignited the audience’s excitement, this match ended rather unexpectedly. 

There were no up and downs, no excitement, nothing. It couldn’t have ended more dully.

The start had everyone’s hearts in their throats, but the ending didn’t even allow their hearts to fall back down. The match steadily trapped their hearts there uncomfortably. Everyone felt that the match hadn’t been good. Regardless of which side won, neither side felt satisfied.

“Leader! Let me try!” 

This person was from Wolf Head’s Party. Some had found their defeat unreasonable and humiliating. For the sake of their pride, many were demanding a rematch. As for Wolf Head? Only he, who had experienced the battle for himself, could understand the helplessness that he felt. Even though he had analyzed the situation, even though he knew how to change the situation and attempted to do so… the result was the same: not the slightest thing changed. If he would have known, then he would rather have attacked Happy Sheep. Even though that would have gotten the same result, at least he wouldn’t feel like choking on bitterness now. 

Wolf Head didn’t know what he could say to the eager players who wanted a match. He understood how they felt. If he had watched such a match from the sidelines, he would definitely want a match to turn the mood around. The was because, from the views of the spectators, they thought of many ways of disrupting Unrivaled Super Hottie’s attacks. However, only by being there in person would they discover that all of these ideas would have been useless. Didn’t Wolf Head try? But the crucial strikes would always be blocked by the opponent’s shield. 

“No need.” Wolf Head sighed, “It’s useless.

“Leader, you and him are of the same class. He knew Knights too well. If it were any other class, then it definitely wouldn’t have been the same!” Someone cried out. 

Upon hearing this, Wolf Head’s heart shook with realization. 

Right! He himself had been wondering how Unrivaled Super Hottie saw through every trick of his, but now he knew. He had overlooked such a fundamental factor: they were of the same class. Due to the extreme familiarity both parties possessed regarding the other, matches between the same class tended to be boring and have little entertainment value. The result of this particular match was an extreme example, but… Wolf Head suddenly found the excuse “because we are of the same class” quite plausible.

“Let me try!” The players of Wolf’s Party were fairly upright. Without the words of their leader, none of them would go up and challenge Unrivaled Super Hottie on their own. 

Meanwhile, on Happy Sheep’s side, things were unusually quiet. Although they had won the match , it had not been a glorious victory. WIth no dramatic ambience to speak of, it was as if all that happened was a weak monster that guarded the gateway of a dungeon had been killed. If everyone started cheering in delight, the scene would be rather weird. 

After all, Wolf Head’s team and Happy Sheep’s team both belonged to Tyrannical Ambition, so the competition between them had always been constructive. They weren’t actually enemies, so they didn’t only seek the end results, but rather mutual benefit. What they needed was the process. As of now, the overly mundane process left them unsatisfied. Even the act of bragging about their victory felt hollow. Therefore, despite being the victors, no one from Happy Sheep’s Party went over to Wolf ’s Head Party to laugh at their failure. 

“Unrivaled Super Hottie, do you dare to have a match with me?”

At this moment, someone from Wolf Head’s Party issued a challenged. 

The victory didn’t bring much joy to Happy Sheep’s Party, but it brought much bitterness and discomfort to the Wolf Head’s team, so they were eager to prove themselves.

“What? After seeing the last fight, you still want to fight me?” Unrivaled Super Hottie replied. 

“Useless words.”“Is there a need?” Unrivaled Super Hottie gave an unexpected answer. Happy Sheep and the others thought he would jump in again without asking for the team’s opinion. 

“Are you trying to run after taking a victory?” The opponent started to mock him.

“Is it because you thought the match was too boring and the victory wasn’t beautiful?” Unrivaled Super Hottie replied. 

“Exactly! If it were me….”

“If it were you, it would have being the same.” Unrivaled Super Hottie interrupted. 

“Come on! Show me!” The player had already entered. He was a Launcher. Similarly, he brought a Cleric with him. 

“Last one!” Unrivaled Super Hottie said and entered. Then he asked Happy Sheep’s team: “I need a Cleric.”

“I can do it!” Happy Sheep entered by himself. 

“Ready?” The opponent asked coldly. 


As soon as the match started, the Launcher began attacking, but with a slight sidestep, Unrivaled super Hottie easily dodged the attack. Immediately, the latter followed up with a Knight Spirit. This was a rule within the Arena:, all cool downs would be reset at the start of a new match.

Right after Knight Spirit was activated, Unrivaled Super Hottie charged forward. The Launcher was expecting it. He jumped and tried to avoid it with an Aerial Cannon, but who would have thought that Unrivaled Super Hottie’s Charge would curve instead of go in a straight line? The Heroic Charge came in from a strange angle and slammed the Launcher back into the ground. The skill hadn’t finished  yet. Pushing the Launcher along with him, the curved continued to stretch around the Arena. The Cleric had never imagined that the Charge would even come close to him. Unable to dodge in time, the Cleric was hit!

The Heroic Leap that followed smashed into both of them. Unrivaled Super Hottie then stunned the Launcher with a Shield Attack and focused on the Cleric.

“This is…. he’s finished rounding up the monsters already?” Those familiar with the scene couldn’t help but make a comment.

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