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Chapter 575 - Rough Coordination

With Wolf Head’s experience, he knew that Unrivaled Super Hottie only had two options. He would either activate “Calm Like Water” to get rid of Provoke’s CC effect or he would take the opportunity to attack him. Unrivaled Super Hottie’s choice in using Knight’s Spirit had puzzled him, but he could see Unrivaled Super Hottie turning his head and charging at him, so Wolf Head immediately prepared to meet his attack. 

Wolf Head’s goal had been to stop Unrivaled Super Hottie from attacking Wolf Claw. From the looks of it, he had reached his goal, so now he needed to proceed to the next step. 

What he hadn’t thought of was that when Unrivaled Super Hottie turned around and took a step forward, Wolf Claw was suddenly swept along as Unrivaled Super Hottie’s rushed forward! Without giving Wolf Head any time to think, Unrivaled Super Hottie sped up.


When Wolf Head saw this skill, he immediately realized why Unrivaled Super Hottie had activated Knight’s Spirit.

Apart from buffing many of the Knight’s skills, Knight’s Spirit had another usage. When Knight’s Spirit was activated, it would refresh the cooldown of all Knight skills.    

In other words, his Charge and Heroic Leap skill had originally been on cooldown, but the instant he had activated Knight’s Spirit, those skills would be up for use again.

And at this moment, Unrivaled Super Hottie was using a Heroic Charge to rush over. Under Provoke’s effects, his skill was locked onto Wolf Head. However, when he charged over, Wolf Claw was swept along. This wasn’t something that Provoke could stop.

When Provoke came out, Unrivaled Super Hottie had already begun moving towards him. He instantly activated Knight’s Spirit, grasped the angle between him and Wolf Claw, charged, and and brought Wolf Claw along with him........

Wolf Head felt dizzy just thinking about it and Unrivaled Super Hottie had actually done it all? 

Heroic Charge was too fast! Hitting Wolf Claw hadn’t slowed him down at all. Wolf Head suddenly woke up with a start. It was too late to dodge, so he hastily lifted up his shield in an attempt to defend and prepare to counterattack. 

When Unrivaled Super Hottie arrived in front of Wolf Head, he didn’t slam into Wolf Head’s shield. Unrivaled Super Hottie, as well as his sword, came crashing down from above.

Heroic Leap!

It had also originally been on cooldown, but because of Knight’s Spirit’s activation, it could be used again.

He had cancelled his Charge and switched to Heroic Leap to bypass the shield’s defenses.

His timing and jump height had been executed perfectly. Wolf Head could see the attack coming, but he couldn’t react in time.

The knight sword swung down!  

Heroic Justice Leap wouldn’t only dealt damage to Wolf Head, but also Wolf Claw.  

During the few seconds that Provoke had been active, not only did Unrivaled Super Hottie give him a good beating, even Wolf Claw couldn’t escape. Knight’s Spirit had buffed the attack, so the blow did even more damage than usual......

However, Wolf Head was someone with thousands of matches under his belt. He wouldn’t panic so easily.

He had failed to dodge Heroic Leap’s attack, but he immediately Quick Recovered, rolling away at a strange angle. He wanted to leave his opponent’s attack range.

But before he could stand up, Unrivaled Super Hottie’s shield slammed into his head with a Shield Attack.   

His roll didn’t have any effect. Unrivaled Super Hottie had caught him once again.

This was because Unrivaled Super Hottie was still Provoked! With the system helping him guide his attacks, it didn’t matter where Wolf Head rolled towards, because he wouldn’t be able to escape!

Thinking of this reason, Wolf Head wanted to cry. His own Provoke caused him to become depressed, but right now, he could only stand there in a daze because of the Dizzy effect from the Shield Attack. 

Provoke’s effects wore off at this moment. Unrivaled Super Hottie ignored the stunned Wolf Head and immediately charged back towards Wolf Claw to attack him.

Another skill was used. Unrivaled Super Hottie didn’t waste his Knight’s Spirit. He was always attacking. Any skill with a buff was used on Wolf Claw. Wolf Claw wanted to clear Wolf Head’s Dizzy effect, but at this moment, he didn’t even know how to survive.......

The spectators were dumbstruck.

It was supposed to be a 2v2 match, but apart from the beginning of the match, it was a complete 1v2.

Happy Sheep had already been forgotten.

He had rushed forward to help, but he didn’t know where to start. Unrivaled Super Hottie’s attacking methods made him unable to coordinate with him at all. Whenever he thought of what he could do to help, the opportunity to do so had already passed.

Not only were Unrivaled Super Hottie’s attacks difficult for the opponent to deal with, but it was difficult for his own ally to keep up with.

This was what Wolf Head had initially been hoping for.

Why did he suddenly ask for a 2v2? Because of this exact reason.

He was worried about Unrivaled Super Hottie’s skill and didn’t have much confidence in a 1v1. Thus, he proposed a 2v2. It seemed fair, but since Unrivaled Super Hottie had only just joined Happy Sheep’s team. It didn’t matter who he partnered up with. There was no way they would be able to coordinate with each other well, but for his side? He and Wolf Claw were known for their synergy with each other. One side had a one plus one is greater than two duo, while the other side had a one plus one is less than two duo. Since that happened to be the case, wouldn’t his chances of victory be much higher?

Wolf Head’s calculations had been correct. Right now, Unrivaled Super Hottie and Happy Sheep didn’t have any sort of synergy with each other, but what he hadn’t expected was that Unrivaled Super Hottie could crush the two of them single handedly.

Letting him bring a Cleric for a 1v2...... he hadn’t been joking?

After the Dizzy effect wore off, this notion was firmly rooted in Wolf Head’s mind. Unrivaled Super Hottie continued to attack Wolf Claw, as if he had forgotten the duration of the Dizzy status effect from Shield Attack.

Wolf Head just stood on the sidelines in a daze. If he tried to go after Happy Sheep, he wouldn’t be able to kill him before Unrivaled Super Hottie killed Wolf Claw and it would become a 2v1 situation.

Wolf Head could only charge towards Unrivaled Super Hottie in an attempt to rescue Wolf Claw from death.

He activated Knight’s Spirit and prepared to launch a chain of attacks. Soon, his first attack hit Unrivaled Super Hottie’s body. He felt a bit surprised at how smoothly everything had gone.

Wasn’t it a little too easy?

Against such a skilled expert, Wolf Head’s first attack had been a cover up. He was thinking about how he should react to his opponent’s retaliation. Then, he thought about how he should chain his attacks and gain control the situation to rescue Wolf Claw.

However, Unrivaled Super Hottie didn’t do anything. He just took the cover up attack, which didn’t deal that much damage.

Could this guy not care about defending???  

Wolf Head suddenly felt like this might be the case. It was a common bad habit for PvE players. In PvE, players held the initiative. If the player couldn’t solo the boss, then they would bring a team next time, but in PvP, a player could only rely on his or her own efforts to beat the opponent. 

With new found confidence, Wolf Head immediately attacked again.

Sure enough, Unrivaled Super Hottie let the attack hit him. 

“Ha ha ha ha, so it’s like this!” Wolf Head was delighted and threw out skill after skill.

The scene suddenly looked very strange, which made all of the spectators confused. At this moment, Unrivaled Super Hottie suddenly yelled: “The one over there. What are you doing standing there doing nothing? Do you even know how to heal?” 

“Huh? Oh!” Happy Sheep had just been standing there, watching dumbly. He had already considered himself as one of the spectators and had forgotten that he was one of the participants.

A holy white light surrounded Unrivaled Super Hottie’s body and the health he had lost from Wolf Head’s attacks quickly came back.

Wolf Head was startled.

This was a PvE strategy. It was a very rough and simple strategy. The Knight would tank the monster, while the Cleric healed the Knight’s health back up.

Who could have thought that such a strategy would appear in a PvP match? Happy Sheep’s healing completely negated Wolf Head’s damage.

What’s going on? The experienced Wolf Head felt a bit stupid. He quickly reassessed the situation.

Wolf Claw kept on being pounded by Unrivaled Super Hottie. His first priority was to rescue Wolf Claw, but Unrivaled Super Hottie was completely ignoring his attacks. Whenever he dealt some damage, Happy Sheep would immediately heal him back to full. If this continued, Wolf Claw would fall and the two would do the same to him, no?  


How could such a stupid and simple strategy work?

But the problem was how  he would resolve the situation?

He had to interrupt Unrivaled Super Hottie’s attacks! Damage was secondary. The important part was interrupting his attacks, so he could let Wolf Claw escape.

Wolf Head came up with a plan and immediately slammed his shield forward. He wanted to CC Unrivaled Super Hottie with a Dizzy.

But this time, Unrivaled Super Hottie suddenly turned a little bit and lifted his shield.

Bang! The two shields hit each other.

The attack still did some damage, but the shield blocked the Dizzy effect.


Unrivaled Super Hottie had blocked Wolf Head’s attack, but he didn’t stop attacking Wolf Claw either.

“F*ck!” Wolf Head cursed and used another attack that could interrupt Unrivaled Super Hottie’s attacks.

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