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Chapter 571 - Dungeon Clear or Wipe Out?

“The situation is pretty good?” Even though Happy Sheep sounded happy, he felt uneasy. He held the same feelings as Wolf Head: if the situation was good, why were people coming out wave after wave?

“Yeah, it’s very good!” Two of the players affirmed: “In the beginning, everyone was a bit new to the boss, but after a few times, we figured it out. That guy warns us very promptly. As long as we follow his orders, we’ll definitely clear the dungeon.”

These words made Happy Sheep red in the face. In the end, he asked: “Then what’s up with you two?”

“It’s hard to avoid accidents from happening……” The two people’s faces also turned red.

“I see, I see.” Happy Sheep expressed his understanding. After all, this was the final boss of a hundred player dungeon. It was their first time fighting the final boss too, so it would have been very strange if no one died. After gaining a grasp of the situation, Happy Sheep straightened up and turned to look at Wolf Head: “Waiting is good. In a bit, you’ll see some equipment that you’ve never seen before.” 

“Enough, Old Sheep. Stop dreaming. You’ve bragged long enough. Look at the time. You’ve already reached the final boss? I didn’t even know that your team had the strength to challenge the dungeon record.” Wolf Head spoke with disdain. He felt like Happy Sheep’s lies were too clumsy.

“Dungeon record?” Happy Sheep stared blankly.  

This phrase sounded very unfamiliar to him, because for teams who were still trying to clear Tomb in the Sky, setting a dungeon record and passing the dungeon were two entirely different things. When he heard Wolf Head’s words, Happy Sheep suddenly woke up with a start. He checked the time and then checked the dungeon record rankings.

His teammate was faster though and had already finished checking. He sighed in regret: “It’s already too late!”

At this moment, Happy Sheep looked at the dungeon record rankings. He estimated their start time and confirmed that they wouldn’t be able to beat it this time around. However, they had already gotten to the final boss, so they were relatively close to the record! This was quite impressive already! It had to be known that compared to the elite teams of top guilds, which had beaten this dungeon long ago, their teams weren’t on the same level. Even so, they were still able to achieve such a fast time. If everyone had their equipment upgraded by a level, would they have been able to beat the dungeon record?

Happy Sheep was a bit disappointed for a moment. Even though he was the team captain for a branch of a top guild like Tyrannical Ambition, he had never thought that he would ever have the chance to even get close to a dungeon record. Whether it was based on skill or equipment, their team was way too far off! Suddenly, he asked himself how this could have even happened. It was obvious! It was because of a single Knight: Unrivaled Super Hottie.  

This Knight, with completely garbage equipment, had actually raised their team’s strength by such a degree. If someone told Happy Sheep this was going to happen before the dungeon had started, even if that person beat him to death, he still wouldn’t believe it, but now reality was unfolding before his eyes. His team instantly became so exceptional. If this transformation wasn’t because of Unrivaled Super Hottie, what other reason could it be?

Happy Sheep had a heap of thoughts in his head. On one hand, he felt happy to have this kind of expert help him. On the other hand, he understood that this expert wasn’t considered a part of their team. Suddenly, he thought of the order that the guild leader had given him. He couldn’t say Unrivaled Super Hottie was trash and then secretly keep him in the team. His lie would be seen through too easily.

In the end, he would need to report Unrivaled Super Hottie’s strength to the guild leader. With the performance that Unrivaled Super Hottie had given, there was no way the guild would let him stay in Happy Sheep’s team. Even the branch guild’s main team might not be enough! He would probably directly join the main team! As for his garbage equipment, if he were chosen to join the main guild’s main team, equipment wouldn’t be an issue. With the main guild’s strength, getting stronger equipment for a tank was something that could be done within minutes.

Happy Sheep thought about this and that. In the blink of an eye, countless thoughts floated around in his head. He could only feel depressed. In the beginning, he had looked down on Unrivaled Super Hottie. After realizing his value, he knew that this would be the only time he would have this experience. At this moment, Happy Sheep had even forgotten to argue with Wolf Head.   

“I thought so. You actually thought you could challenge the dungeon record? Could you stop it with your act!” Wolf Head started heating things up.

“Act? This truly is our dungeon time. You’ll see if I’m acting soon.” Happy Sheep regained his composure and immediately retorted. Compared to before, his voice sounded much more resolute. After understanding Unrivaled Super Hottie’s value, Happy Sheep felt confident that clearing Tomb in the Sky today wouldn’t be a problem.

“Ha ha ha, you won’t even admit your lies! Did you not plan out your bragging? Let this brother count how many holes you have in your lie.” Wolf Head said, “First, how long has it been since you started the dungeon? And you’re saying that you’ve already reached the final boss? Old Sheep, do you think it’s my first time running Tomb in the Sky?”

“Second, Tomb in the Sky’s hardest boss is the ninth one. You actually claimed that no one died there, and yet so many have already died on the final boss. How do you expect me to believe that?”

“Ha ha, it’s up to you whether or not you want to believe me. At least, while your team got wiped out, the majority of my team are still fighting in the dungeon.” Happy Sheep said.

“Ha ha, today my team didn’t do so well. I’ll admit it, but your childish lies as attempts to make me jealous are too outlandish, no?” Wolf Head said.

“Today, you really will be jealous. We’re about to clear the dungeon.” Happy Sheep didn’t care about the risk of not actually beating the final boss. Wolf Head’s words had gotten to him and he lost his patience. When he thought about how this incredible Knight wouldn’t be able to stay in his team, Happy Sheep only felt more terrible.

“Oh really? Then I’ll wait. I’ll wait for you to make me jealous.” Wolf Head continued to look at him in disdain.

Happy Sheep ignored him and waited with his teammates for the news.

Second after second passed. Besides the two who had just died, no one else came out. Happy Sheep was naturally joyful. It meant the situation was under control. When Wolf Head saw no one from Happy Sheep’s team dying, he suddenly felt uneasy. He felt like his analysis was completely correct, but after hearing Happy Sheep talk about it with his teammates, why did it seem like Happy Sheep had some sort of expert help him today?

But the problem was Wolf Head knew Happy Sheep’s skill. What type of expert could bring his team up by such a degree? Wolf Head couldn’t imagine it. He still felt like Happy Sheep was only doing well in this run, so he exaggerated a bit. How could he believe that his team really did make a breakthrough! 

After a while, players from other teams came out. Only a few were from Happy Sheep’s team. None of them brought bad news. All of them expressed how they died because they had been careless. The situation was stable.

“Unrivaled Super Hottie said the crucial moment is when the boss starts going Berserk at 10% health. Once we pass that obstacle, there won’t be any more problems.”

“What percentage was the boss’s health before you died?”

“We were just about to get there when I died.” One person said.

As soon as he finished, shua shua shua shua. Another ten players of different classes from Happy Sheep’s team came out. 

Happy Sheep suddenly felt his chest tighten. Naturally, Wolf Head laughed with glee: “Ha ha ha, what’s wrong? You couldn’t hold on? It seemed pretty peaceful before. Were you guys killing off the small mobs? Now it’s the boss? Are you finally at the ninth boss yet?”

“What’s the situation?” Happy Sheep ignored Wolf Head and hastily asked the ten who had come out.

“Enraged! How fierce!” The ten, who came out, replied. Before the Enraged stated, Unrivaled Super Hottie explained to them in detail what to watch out for, but as soon as the boss became Enraged, ten of them were unable to keep up and died. Because they died too quickly, they didn’t know about the situation afterwards. However, after their wave, no one else came out. It seemed like the situation was stable again.

Happy Sheep wasn’t in the dungeon, but he was more nervous than anyone else. His right hand was drenched in sweat.

“The team has to pass!” Happy Sheep prayed because he knew that after this run, there was no way Unrivaled Super Hottie would continue staying in Happy Sheep’s team. Without Unrivaled Super Hottie, their team would go back to the way it was before. They would probably be stuck on the ninth boss again. With Wolf Head acting so savagely today, he had to slap him back. If it returned to their previous competition, then no one knew who would beat the dungeon first!

A few more players from Happy Sheep’s team died and came out. Happy Sheep immediately grabbed them to ask how the battle was going. These guys told him the team turned into a mess after the boss turned Enraged. They didn’t know what was going on inside.

“Baa~~baa~~baa~~” Wolf Head saw Happy Sheep ignoring him and told his team to start making sheep sounds together to give Happy Sheep’s team some beautiful background noise. This was one of the many ways that they mocked Happy Sheep’s team. Their baa-ing was equivalent to chanting “Die die die!!”  

They shouted happily with smiles on their faces, when suddenly white light began to glow around the formation. A whole bunch of characters came out. Happy Sheep looked and saw that it was their players.

Did they pass? Or was it… a team wipe?

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