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Chapter 572 - Who is this Person?

After being nervous for so long, the moment of truth had arrived. Happy Sheep usually pounced on the incoming players immediately, but his nervousness stopped his brain from functioning properly. He didn’t ask. He asked himself a question: pass or fail?

It was only an instant, but it felt like a long time. Happy Sheep was on edge. He wanted to ask, but was too afraid to ask at the same time. He hated how he couldn’t see the expressions of the people controlling their characters.   

At this moment, everyone walked out from the formation and saw their team captain. As if the lid to a pot of boiling water had been lifted, they erupted with excitement.

“Did we clear it???”

“We cleared it!!!”

A brief exchange told them all the information they needed to know. Excitement filled Happy Sheep’s heart so much so that it poured out! 

“We actually cleared it?” Happy Sheep questioned whether or not he was in a dream. He snatched a person by the arm and asked for confirmation.

“We really did pass! Captain, look!” The person speaking was the vice captain of the team. He allowed him to view the three pieces of equipment that had dropped from the final boss. A hundred player dungeon required the efforts of a hundred players. The rewards would obviously be much greater than the rewards from a smaller dungeon. In a smaller dungeon, it was very rare to get two Purple equipment in a single run, but in a hundred player dungeon, it would be a disappointment. What was two purple equipment? Three or four purple equipment was considered normal. The reward for the dungeon record for this dungeon were two pieces of orange equipment and three pieces of purple equipment! Currently, no one had touched the dungeon record in a long time. Even for a hundred player dungeon, orange equipment wasn’t easy to get. Even more so, two drops? The players thought the system had made a mistake!   

Getting two orange drops at the same time usually only happened for once a week wild bosses. 

Happy Sheep’s team had also gotten three purple equipment. Their luck wasn’t good, but it wasn’t bad either. For them, the final boss’ drops were secondary. They had finally beaten the dungeon that had plagued them for several weeks. That thrill of success was what made them happy.   

“Big Head, do you see it now? Ha ha ha ha!” Happy Sheep raised his eyebrows and laughed. He could finally share his joy with Wolf Head. Before, he had come across some accidents, which ruined his excitement. 

“Impossible!” Wolf Head saw the vibe of happiness coming from Happy Sheep’s team and felt extremely envious. No one wanted this type of joy more than the team captain. Even though Happy Sheep’s team really did look happy, Wolf Head refused to believe the truth.   

“With your strength, even if you cleared the dungeon, it couldn’t have been that fast!” Wolf Head denied.

“Is it really that fast? It’s only okay, isn’t it?” Happy Sheep grinned. At this moment, he looked at the tie. They were still quite far from the dungeon record. Happy Sheep realized that he had looked down on the final boss too much. They had been pretty close to the record run, when they had arrived at the final boss, but once they began fighting the boss, the record run far outpaced them. Even so, for a first-time-clearing team, this speed was already exceptional. It wasn’t a surprise that Wolf Head had a hard time believing it. If Happy Sheep had been in Wolf Head’s shoes, he wouldn’t have believed it either.

However, reality was reality. After sharing his joy, Happy Sheep didn’t care if Wolf Head actually believed him or not. Only someone lacking in confidence would hastily try to convince a denier. The more he saw how angry Wolf Head was becoming, the better he felt.

This was the truth!

Whether or not Wolf Head believed him, these were the results! One couldn’t deny reality.

“Look, look! Look at me!” Happy Sheep intentionally squabbled with Wolf Head. He didn’t hastily explain the truth to him. He took the boss drops and equipped the,… In Glory, equipment didn’t have class restrictions. It was just a question of whether or not the equipment suited the class. Happy Sheep acted like he was a model and ignored his status as a Cleric. He put on the three pieces of equipment and paraded proudly towards Wolf Head.  

“Impossible! Impossible!! Wolf Head mumbled to himself. He couldn’t help but turn to look at Happy Sheep and stare at his three new equips.

“Ha ha ha, face reality, Big Head! Keep trying and maybe after ten more weeks or so, you’ll also get the chance to wear these equips. Okay, I’ve wasted enough of your time. You should hurry up and bring your team to regain the experience you lost. We’re going to need to celebrate here.” Happy Sheep said with glee.

Wolf Head felt wronged! If they weren’t all from Tyrannical Ambition, he would have challenged him to a duel right here and now. He hatefully looked at Happy Sheep’s players, who were about to depart, but he felt powerless to argue with them, but then, his eyes suddenly lit up.

“Wait!” Wolf Head used a Knight’s Charge to block Happy Sheep’s path.

“What are you doing?” Happy Sheep wasn’t scared at all.

“Who is he?” Wolf Head targeted Unrivaled Super Hottie’s head. 

“Who?” Happy Sheep immediately felt like he knew who Wolf Head was talking about, but he still asked.

Wolf Head cursed inwardly. His team could see who he was targeting, but Happy Sheep wasn’t in the same team as him. How could he know who he was pointing at?

As a result, Wolf Head personally walked up and stood beside Unrivaled Super Hottie and asked: “Who is this person?”

“Why do you care?” Happy Sheep replied.   

“Ha ha ha ha, no wonder you guys suddenly broke through Tomb in the Sky! It’s because you got outside help! Hm, Knight? A tank? You really how know how to look. Where did you find such an expert? What incredible equipment!” Wolf Head felt like he had been enlightened and felt extremely excited, but after his words fell, everyone suddenly became quiet. It was so quiet, it was scary. Not just Happy Sheep’s team, not even Wolf Head’s team helped him.

Wolf Head stared blankly, when he received a message from his own team. After looking more carefully at Unrivaled Super Hottie’s equipment, he suddenly felt stupid.

He himself was a Knight. He didn’t need to look up the equipment online. He was very clear what type of equipment Unrivaled Super Hottie possessed. With that equipment, how could he have played the role of a tank in Tomb in the Sky? Wolf Head once again refused to believe it.

“We don’t have the time to waste on you. We’re going!” Happy Sheep felt a bit weak. After all, the only reason they passed Tomb in the Sky was because of Unrivaled Super Hottie. It would truly be too embarrassing to say that they had done it all with their own strength. Today, even though they managed to clear the dungeon, next week would be different! Wolf Head’s words saying they had asked for outside help had given him a reminder. Unrivaled Super Hottie definitely wouldn’t be on their team for much longer, but if he could take this chance and get on his good side, maybe he could ask him for help when he needed him. That sounded like a good idea.   

Happy Sheep thought in his head. He didn’t have the heart to compete with Wolf Head. However, Wolf Head had been struck by a heavy blow today. He refused to give up, “You wait one moment. You’re not leaving until I understand how you somehow cleared Tomb in the Sky.” 

“A pass is a pass? What else needs to be said?” Happy Sheep said.

“Stop bullsh*tting. If this situation isn’t made clear, our Wolf Team won’t be able to act arrogantly in front of your Happy Sheep team anymore. It’s better if we get to the bottom of this right now.” Wolf Head said.  

Happy Sheep didn’t think Wolf Sheep would actually say the truth. For a moment, he didn’t know how to respond.

At this moment, Unrivaled Super Hottie spoke up: “Who is this person?” 

“From the fifth branch.” Happy Sheep helplessly introduced Wolf Head.

“Ha ha, what a cute name!” Unrivaled Super Hottie laughed.

‘What an arrogant name!” Wolf Sheep retorted.

“It’s so-so!” 

“With your name, no one would be able to forget it. I’ve definitely never seen you in Happy Sheep’s team before.” Wolf Head said. 。

Happy Sheep’s team looked up at the sky and let out a deep sigh. They couldn’t help but agree with Wolf Head. Unrivaled Super Hottie’s name was truly too eye-catching.

“So what?” Unrivaled Super Hottie asked.

“We have to get to the bottom of this! If Happy Sheep really did find outside help to clear this dungeon, then that means they didn’t do it with their own strength. Stop pretending in front of me.” Wolf Head said.  

“Oh, if you’re talking about me, I haven’t joined the guild yet, but I guess I count as a part of their team?” Unrivaled Super Hottie said.

Happy Sheep was overjoyed and hastily added: “Of course you count. You definitely count. You must count.”   

“Hmph.” Wolf Head began to sneer, “After hearing what you said, I get it now. I wonder how many temporary members Happy Sheep’s team has today.”

“What do you mean?” Happy Sheep said. 

“What does that mean?! Stop joking with me. You think that you can clear the dungeon now with just one helper? You probably found two or three teams, no? Or did you hide their equipment? At least that, right?” Wolf Head glared in disdain.    

“Hm? There are other experts on this team? I didn’t see any!” Unrivaled Super Hottie asked Happy Sheep.

Happy Sheep didn’t know how to reply. Even though Unrivaled Super Hottie had proved Happy Sheep didn’t have any other outside help… what was he implying? For one of Tyrannical Ambition’s branch guilds, their hundred player team should have quite a few experts, no? Why did it sound like Unrivaled Super Hottie denied that there were any experts at all.

“You’d better not tell me that this is the only new person and you beat the dungeon with him!” Wolf Head said.

‘It’s the truth.” Happy Sheep didn’t back down. It really was the truth!

“Really? Then do you have the guts to let this guy spar with me? Let me see whether or not he really is an expert.” Wolf Head suddenly challenged.

Happy Sheep’s heart suddenly thumped. So he was waiting for this moment! He wanted to do a round of PvP for them to see!

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