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Chapter 570 - Sworn Enemy

The final boss battle continued.

After experiencing Tomb Guardian Imset’s three iron shovels, Happy Sheep’s team didn’t dare to get distracted. Besides focusing on the fight, everyone only had one thought going through their minds. After exiting the dungeon, they were definitely going to look for those people who claimed the ninth boss was more difficult than the final boss and give them a good beating.

That ninth boss couldn’t even compare to even one of Imset’s three iron shovel attacks!

At the teleportation formation for Tomb in the Sky, Happy Sheep waited in worry.

He had a premonition that the final boss battle would be difficult, but he had been the first to die. He had never imagined that would happen. The team had reached the final boss without any casualties, so he had just wanted to share his excitement with someone else, but his typing had delayed him from moving, so when the battle began, he had moved slightly slower than the others. Who would have thought that this boss would be so ferocious and immediately start off by slamming his iron shovel down.

Happy Sheep was upset! The boss battle had just begin. They hadn’t cleared the dungeon yet. Why had he been so cocky?

When a player died in a dungeon, the player wouldn’t drop any equipment, but the player would still lose experience. Besides that, due to the vicious environment known as the Heavenly Domain, when a player revived, the player would be at full health without any loss in stats.

Tomb in the Sky was located in the air and could only be reached through several teleportation formations in the Heavenly Domain. When Happy Sheep revived, he was sent to the formation, which they had used to enter the dungeon. Happy Sheep discovered that he had been thrown into a group of players and immediately took up his guard. This was a basic survival skill in the Heavenly Domain. Being thrown into a group of players was just as dangerous as being thrown into a group of monsters.

Soon afterwards, Happy Sheep saw the names on top of the players in the group and relaxed.

These people were a team from Tyrannical Ambition’s fifth branch. Right now, they were sitting or standing near the teleportation formation. No one said anything. They didn’t seem too energetic.

Happy Sheep was from the fourth branch. These players were from the fifth branch. They could be considered part of the same family, so he didn’t need to worry about them eyeing his equipment. However, after seeing their names, Happy Sheep wasn’t happy either, especially towards one of the Knights amidst the group. When the Knight saw Happy Sheep revive amongst their group, he immediately got up. He swayed over as he circled Happy Sheep several times.

“What are you doing?!” Happy Sheep shouted, but his tone of voice sounded like he was showing strength on the outside, while actually being weak on the inside.

“Did I see wrong?” This Knight circled around a few times and stood still after hearing Happy Sheep’s shout, “Isn’t this team captain, Happy Sheep? I heard that you guys reached Tomb in the Sky’s final boss without losing any players? How come I see you here? Let me see… the time it’s been since you talked to me. D*mn, it’s been half a minute. Did the boss instantly kill the great Happy Sheep?” 

Happy Sheep wanted to cry! This was why he didn’t feel happy. Because this guy was the person he had just “shared his excitement with”: Tyrannical Ambition’s fifth branch team captain Wolf Head. 

The system might not recognize the fourth and fifth branch as a single guild, but everyone was still under Tyrannical Ambition. They were all fans of Team Tyranny too, so they all treated each other as members of the same guild. However, the teams of the branch guilds liked to compete with each other. It was similar to how different groups in the same company competed with each other. This dungeon progress was one place, where they competed in. 

Happy Sheep’s team and this Wolf team had similar progress percentages from the very beginning. Both of them were stuck in Tomb in the Sky, so they had always viewed each other as rivals. Today, with the help of Unrivaled Super Hottie, not a single player had died before reaching the final boss. He felt like this was definitely an astonishing accomplishment, so he had gone and shared the news with his competitor. Who knew that today truly would be a day, where history was created? The team captain Happy Sheep was the first casualty of the team. Even worse, after dying, he dropped right into Wolf’s team.

He didn’t even know if Wolf Head had even finished reading about the excitement he had shared before he landed in their team. Happy Sheep really wanted to logout, but he still wanted to keep up with the situation in the dungeon. He could only grit his teeth and wait for the results!

Facing Wolf Head’s questioning, Happy Sheep felt grim. He coldly humphed and shifted topics: “What are you guys doing? Are you planning on entering the dungeon or preparing to exit the dungeon?”

His words were obviously to prick at Wolf Head’s sore spot. Today was the day before Tomb in the Sky refreshed. Teams would finish their dungeon run and then review it today. If they were gathered at the entrance, it could only mean they had come out after dying. This Wolf team had been Happy Sheep’s opponent for many years, so he understood his style.

“Hmph, don’t be so happy. You died and came out, which means your team is pretty much done for, no? A team reaching the final boss without any casualties, tch…” Wolf Head repeated the information typed out when Happy Sheep “shared his excitement”.

“Tch, it looks like you’ve all been sitting here for a while, no? Besides me, do you see anyone else from my team?” Happy Sheep laughed coldly.

His words were correct. Anyone who died would come out from the entrance they had come in from. Wolf Head’s team had been here for awhile. Wolf Head’s team had failed to clear Tomb in the Sky and were feeling depressed. Then, Happy Sheep came out and acted all cocky. Wolf Head really wanted to curse at him, but then he died and appeared in front of him. In the beginning, he was quite surprised. After collecting his thoughts, he felt incredibly happy.

At this moment, Happy Sheep raised this issue. Wolf Head had no way of answering because no one else had come out besides Happy Sheep, but right when Happy Sheep finished talking, pa pa pa pa pa pa! Six of Happy Sheep’s players respawned.

“Oh!” Wolf Head shouted in glee and immediately welcomed them: “You’ve come?”

The six players came out and were still at a loss. When they heard him asking them a question, they replied back foolishly: “Here.”

Happy Sheep wanted to cry again. What’s up with today? Everything was happening at the wrong time! All the coincidences were going against him! What terrible luck. He must have gotten on the wrong side of the devils.

The six players foolishly replied to Wolf Head and saw their team captain. They immediately waved at him. Happy Sheep couldn’t care about Wolf Head at the moment and hastily asked: “How is it going?”

“How else could it be? They died!” Wolf Head replied in response.

Happy Sheep sucked in a deep breath. Ignore him. The six players nodded their heads and agreed: “We died.”

“No sh*t…” Happy Sheep wasn’t in a good mood, “I can obviously tell that you guys died. I’m talking about the boss. Is the situation stable?”

“They died. How could it be stable?” Wolf Head replied to his question again.

“Those who couldn’t even beat the ninth boss, step aside!” Happy Sheep snorted. He couldn’t say this last week, but he could say it now.   

Wolf Head was at a loss for words. They really were stuck on the ninth boss. This time, their dungeon run had been even worse. They hadn’t even gotten to the ninth boss before wiping.

“Tch, how much better could they be? You beat the ninth boss once and now you’re so cocky. You’re still going to fail at the final boss. I say, the ninth boss is even more difficult than the final boss! None of you died on the ninth boss, but the team captain died at the start of the final boss? Something isn’t right! Check your message again. Did you type it wrong? Are you talking about the ninth boss? Did you mistake the seventh or eighth boss for the sixth boss?” Wolf Head chattered.

Happy Sheep was about to die from anger, but reality wasn’t helping him! He really had been cocky and then bang, he died. He argued about how he was the only to die so far and then bang bang bang bang bang bang, six players died. If he bragged again and then the entire team wiped out, he wouldn’t have any more face to hang onto.

Happy Sheep cautiously waited. He didn’t dare to say anything more. Wolf Head’s team didn’t have much to do. After coming out of the dungeon, their experience would be reduced. Most of them would hurry to kill monsters to gain back their lost experience, but seeing that a competitor had come to be laughed at, none of them left. They stood together and watched the spectacle.

They weren’t disappointed. Not long afterwards, more players from Happy Sheep’s team came out. Wolf Head laughed out loud and then said: “I’m just laughing. I won’t say anything.”

Happy Sheep paled. He tried to ignore him again and asked the others: “How is it going inside?”

He could have asked the people inside directly, but he was afraid that his message would hinder the people concentrating inside, so Happy Sheep only asked the people who had died and exited.

“If everyone follows what that guy says, there shouldn’t be any problems.” One of the players who had come out felt like their reply was quite smart, but it made Happy Sheep and the other six roll their eyes. They misunderstood his reply and thought he was making fun of them. They thought it was obvious that he died because he didn’t listen to directions. How could they know that this time, the people had died because they hadn’t listened to Unrivaled Super Hottie’s orders and tried to be heroic.

“At this rate, we’ll only be here for two more minutes. You won’t hold us up!” Wolf Head laughed.

Happy Sheep was just a Cleric. If he wasn’t, he would have challenged Wolf Head to a duel on the spot.

“I say, Big Head, your team wiped out, so how can you be so cocky? Hurry up and go gain your experience back!” Happy Sheep didn’t reply, when one of his team members replied.  

“There’s no hurry for that. Once you guys come out, we can do it together and develop our friendship. Ha ha ha ha!”

Happy Sheep was done with the joking. He wanted to cough blood. Reality once again went against him. Another two players came out. Happy Sheep sighed. He didn’t want to ask anymore, but these two happily came over to greet him.

“The situation is looking good! It’s already stable!”

Their reply made him very happy.

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