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Chapter 569 - The Final Boss’s Three Iron Shovels

Unrivaled Super Hottie very naturally replaced Happy Sheep as the team’s shotcaller. His tone of voice changed too. He just started and he was already scolding the team captain, Happy Sheep.  

Quite a few were angry. Even though it was true that they had never fought this boss before, Unrivaled Super Hottie had only skimmed through the dungeon guide ten minutes before starting. How could he be so strict? Reciting words from the guide? Anyone could do that!

Some of the players wanted to say a few mocking words, when they suddenly saw Tomb in the Sky’s final boss, Tomb Guardian Imset, suddenly lift his hands up and slammed his iron shovel, which looked more appropriate for a grave robber, down into the ground.

Numerous cracks suddenly formed on the ground. Rays of light shone through the cracks like magic waves. A fierce storm flew out from the cracks, making everyone, who was about to say something, shut their mouths. 

Happy Sheep had reacted too slowly to Unrivaled Super Hottie’s scolding. The magic storm coming out from the cracks in the earth sliced Happy Sheep into bits. Not even a corpse remained.

“Everyone, start moving!!” Everyone was still in shock, when another order came. Unrivaled Super Hottie didn’t sway from seeing the team captain dying. When the Tomb Guardian slammed his shovel down, he sidestepped to the right and dodged the flying magic waves.  

Since the target had moved, the boss naturally moved along with his target. They didn’t dare be slow and sprinted to behind the boss. They could clearly see that the magic waves covered a 90 degree arc in front of the boss. Unrivaled Super Hottie had given a reminder, but Happy Sheep had been too slow, so of course he got clapped to death.

However, the team captain’s sacrifice hadn’t been for nothing. Everyone now realized the terror of this attack. This kind of feeling couldn’t be felt from watching a video or reading a guide. At best, the guide would mention the attack being an AoE attack and how to dodge it. The reader wouldn’t have any other feelings towards it though. Only those at the scene could discover how fast the attack started and how difficult it was to dodge. Happy Sheep had been warned by Unrivaled Super Hottie to hurry up and get out of the way, but he still wasn’t able to escape the attack’s range and instantly died.

“Melee classes, don’t crowd together! Move back and forth, alternating between using mid-ranged and close-ranged skills. Maintain a distance away from the boss. After using a close-ranged skill, immediately retreat.” Unrivaled Super Hottie continued to direct the team.

For a hundred player dungeon, in order to let many spread out and attack, the boss usually had a big body, so several melee characters could surround the boss at the same time. It didn’t make sense for players to line up and take turns to deal damage. However, this Tomb Guardian Imset had such powerful skills. A quarter of the area instantly became a dead zone, making it so there wasn’t space for the melee classes. Imset was quite big, but he wasn’t a huge dragon, which dozens of players could surround. At this moment, everyone once again realized the terror of this attack. Because it create a 90 degree dead zone in front, they had to head to behind the boss. Everyone rushed to behind the boss. The long-ranged classes didn’t have a problem, but the melee classes had trouble moving.

Even though Ye Xiu had gave them a tip, his tip made everyone somewhat confused. The long ranged classes like the Gunners and Mages were like fish in water, but the melee classes were a mess.

Just as the long-ranged characters were feeling good about themselves, Unrivaled Super Hottie warned: “The long-ranged characters are too far away. If you’re that far away, there won’t be enough time to dodge.”

Ye Xiu had told them all of these pointers before the boss fight. Listening to the theory behind it and actually putting into practice were two very different things though. When the AoE attack came out, everyone had been too busy and had forgotten about his pointers. Hearing the command saying they were too far, the long-ranged characters moved forward.

At this moment, the boss released another attack. The iron shovel in his hands pierced through the ground and began to spin.

“Run counterclockwise! Hurry hurry hurry!!” Unrivaled Super Hottie hastily shouted. Everyone watched as that iron shovel dug a ditch in the ground. Inside the ditch, rays of light seeped out like before, but this time, it sounded louder.

Everyone was scared witless and immediately ran counterclockwise like what Unrivaled Super Hottie said. However, some people thought they were smart and instead of running counterclockwise, they ran backwards. When the iron shovel swung out, the magic waves from the ditch instantly enveloped the players who had run backwards. It didn’t matter what class the player was. The player disappeared.

In just a short moment, Happy Sheep’s team lost another six players. The remaining didn’t dare be slow. Only now did they understand that every single one of Unrivaled Super Hottie’s commands weren’t without reason. If he wanted you to run around in a circle, then you around in a circle. Those who didn’t listen would be like the team captain and the other six who had died!

Happy Sheep had simply reacted a bit too slowly, but the other six didn’t listen because they thought they were smart.

The iron shovel streaked across the ground in a semicircle. At this moment, the long-ranged classes knew why they couldn’t be too far away. If they stood too far away, the radius of the semicircle would be larger and the amount of time needed to get out of range was longer. They might not be able to move fast enough before the boss started the attack. To dodge this attack, they needed to run in front of the boss, the opposite side from their current position. If they moved too slow, the attack would touch them and the death light would envelop them.

Both attacks had killed players in the team. Happy Sheep’s team became more and more nervous with each attack. Even though they knew the final boss couldn’t be beat just by standing there, the difficulty of the final boss exceeded their expectations. For example, if Unrivaled Super Hottie hadn’t warned them ahead of time to run in a counterclockwise direction, no one would have noticed the boss’s attack and the team might have wiped out right then and there…

“Move away from position three!!! Clerics, pay attention to everyone’s health!!”

Everyone was still trying to catch their breath, when Unrivaled Super Hottie gave another order. The boss was about to cast another powerful spell.

Move away from position three! It sounded like an unclear statement, but Unrivaled Super Hottie had explained it to them before. Position three referred to one of the sides of the boss. The command meant no one could be within that area. Pay attention to everyone’s health gave everyone a vague understanding of the boss’s next move. After all, even those who had never eaten pork before, had seen a pig run.

Right when Unrivaled Super Hottie’s voice fell, the boss’s iron shovel turned and dug into the ground. The boss dug in the position three location.

Even though everyone had received the orders, in that short moment, some of them hadn’t been able to see clearly which spot was the third position. A few even made the mistake of running into position three.

Some of the players were directly killed by the shovel.

Some of the players were scooped up into the air by the shovel and also died.

After a few fearful cries, the dirt scooped up by the shovel fell down. The dirt carried magic waves, but the waves didn’t seem too strong. The dirt flew into the air and rain down all around the boss. The players now knew that it wasn’t possible to dodge the attack. The boss completed the movement in an instant.

When they saw the dirt fall, everyone wanted to run away in panic, but they still vaguely remembered the warning.

“Make sure you avoid position three!” Fortunately, a warning was made and the dazed players instantly became alert. They saw that they were moving towards position three and cold sweat drenched their backs. The warning had been too slow. As soon as they neared position three, more magic waves surged forth and directly killed them.

If the Tomb Guardian Imset was one of the 24 classes in Glory, Imset would be a Thief class. It was a trap! His attack basically set a whole bunch of traps onto the ground! Was this guy a tomb guardian or a tomb robber?

They didn’t have time to think about this detail though. The dirt raining down couldn’t be dodged. Fortunately, the dirt didn’t do too much damage. The Clerics focused and quickly healed everyone back up. At this moment, the Clerics had forgotten about a very basic issue.

The tank!

The tank hadn’t taken any damage, so the Clerics hadn’t paid attention to him. In this moment of tension, the tank still didn’t need help. When the Clerics looked at the names on the team list and healed whoever was missing health, none of them touched Unrivaled Super Hottie.

All of the dirt fell and after this wave was over, everyone’s health returned to full. The Clerics naturally began paying attention to the tank again, but failed to notice this point.

Because they weren’t the only one.

One of the Clerics might not have healed the tank, but the others might have. As a result, when they saw Unrivaled Super Hottie safe and sound, none of the Clerics thought the tank had taken care of himself.

“Stay orderly. The boss only has these three iron shovels. Everyone pay attention to them and this fight will be a breeze!”

After the three iron shovels came out, fourteen players had died including the team captain. But what they didn’t know was that, these losses were considered light for first time challengers.

In reality, any team facing Tomb Guardian Imset wouldn’t have it as easy as Happy Sheep because none of them had a tank at Ye Xiu’s skill level.

When the third attack came out, the Clerics would have to take care of the tank and the entire team. The Clerics had a huge amount of pressure weighing on them. If they messed up, many would die. But Happy Sheep’s team had met a tank like Ye Xiu. For this attack, the Clerics didn’t need to look after him. They only needed to care about the rest of the players, which was how they got through this attack so easily. If Seven Blossom Leaves or the other Knights had been tanks, at least half of the team would have died.

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