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Chapter 551 - Proof of Strength

His teammates hadn’t responded yet, but Chen Guo already looked like she was about to cough blood. When she saw the team’s attitude towards Ye Xiu, she was looking forward to the following show! For example, if Ye Xiu didn’t have the tank deal damage, the tank, Crispy Bean, wouldn’t be able to hold the boss and the boss would go out of control. Chen Guo believed Ye Xiu had the ability to make this happen.

But the more she watched, the more doubtful she became. As Ye Xiu controlled his character, he didn’t even touch his keyboard. His left hand only moved to walk, attack, or activate a skill.  Otherwise it……rested on the table. Only his right hand moved sometimes. His headphones hung over his neck, sending out noise through the speakers. 

“Is he planning on messing up the aggro by playing like a noob?”

Chen Guo originally had faith in this God’s ability, so she continued to patiently watch him play, but the tank Crispy Bean never lost control over the aggro. Chen Guo thought about it. Crispy Bean wasn’t a bad tank and small monsters died relatively quickly, so perhaps there wasn’t enough time to deal enough damage to pull the aggro. If you just went up ahead of the tank and pulled the monster, it would be too obvious. The team would see through your ploy instantly.

Thus, Chen Guo felt like Ye Xiu would show off his godly might when the boss came. However, the first boss went by and only one sentence resulted from it.

“I’m just leeching.”

When Ye Xiu said this sentence, he wasn’t even sitting up straight. His head wasn’t even supported by the back of his chair, and it looked like it would fall off. His mouse clicked a few times as he spoke indifferently.

“What’s wrong with you!” Clove wasn’t happy. Even though she had told him it would be okay to just leech off them, she never thought that he would actually leech. The Heavenly Domain didn’t have noobs. Let alone Clove, the other eight team members could tell just from the numbers from the damage chart that he was leeching.

The ninth place character was only a third of the eighth place character in the damage chart.

Ye Xiu’s Unrivaled Super Hottie didn’t have good equipment, but everyone else besides Crispy Bean had low tier equipment as well. In fact, their equipment was of the same tier as Unrivaled Super Hottie’s. Although Unrivaled Super Hottie’s equipment was meant for a tank, his DPS shouldn’t be a third of the next lowest player’s DPS.

Crispy Bean listened and turned around to look at Unrivaled Super Hottie. He looked as if he had just heard a joke: “What? You’re that petty? Do you really think you leeching will make things difficult for us? How conceited of you! Let me tell you something. With your attitude, even if a Knight equipment drops, you don’t have the qualification to pick it up. Donating it to the guild storage would be more useful than giving it to you!”

“Crispy Bean!” Clove shouted. She clearly felt like Crispy Bean had gone too far, “I don’t think he has those sort of thoughts. If he really wanted to grief, there are lots of better ways to do so. He could just run around randomly and pull a bunch of monsters over, but that’s not what he’s doing. All of you know I’m the leader. He……” When Clove said “he”, she suddenly paused. She originally wanted to say that Unrivaled Super Hottie was following orders and hadn’t made any mistakes, but right when she was about to say it, she suddenly realized, had she even given any instructions to Unrivaled Super Hottie?

She decided to call him “you” after thinking about how to address him, but she had never said “you” besides in the small argument from before. 

If she hadn’t given him any orders, then it meant he didn’t need any orders. On the other hand, Clove had been correcting the others the entire time. She only realized this now. 

Crispy Bean misunderstood her pause though. He thought Clove had realized Unrivaled Super Hottie had attempted something harmful, but then again, as an outstanding tank, if someone had intentionally tried griefing, he would have definitely known about it. Thinking about this, Crispy Bean spoke: “Isn’t it too obvious if he does it that way? If some sort of hidden opportunity appears, do you think he won’t take advantage of it?”

“He won’t.” Clove said with certainty. She seemed to have discovered something after looking back.

Clove’s confident tone surprised Crispy Bean. For Clove to have asked him for help indicated that their relationship was quite good. Crispy Bean didn’t want to have a dispute with Clove, but he was still very angry with this extremely arrogant guy, so he said: “Fine! Then I won’t say anything, but tell him to stop leeching. If he wants equipment, he has to have the skill to earn it.”

Crispy Bean’s disdain could be heard through his voice. He emphasized the words “leeching” and “skill” in a mocking tone.  

“Can you play more seriously? Don’t leech anymore.” Clove helplessly told Ye Xiu. Crispy Bean’s words made sense. For a dungeon run by a guild team, the equipment would usually be split among the team members. When a desirable equipment dropped, there would usually be rules to decide who earned it. Ye Xiu’s leeching would clearly eliminate him from contention.


The other side had said so many words, but Ye Xiu simply said a single word. He looked like he was about to fall asleep.

He sat up, moved his left hand back to the keyboard, and adjusted his mouse.

Chen Guo was sitting beside him, so she heard the entire conversation. She thought Ye Xiu was about to show these people his might, but all he said was a dull “Okay.” Just like the previous “earnestly leeching”, Chen Guo felt very disappointed once again. Unsatisfied, she spoke her thoughts: “What a letdown.”  

“Hm?” Ye Xu turned his head to look at her.

“How can you stand such disdain? You actually leeched off of them? Attack! Grief them!” Chen Guo just wanted to see these guys lose control over the boss and turn the place into a horror scene.

“How boring! If you were playing and the team gave you the chance to leech, would you play seriously?” Ye Xiu asked.

“Of course! How else can you prove your strength?” Chen Guo said.

“Prove my strength?” Ye Xiu mumbled. He took a worn out piece of paper out of his pocket and threw it at Chen Guo. 

“What are you doing?” Chen Guo thought that Ye Xiu had thrown some trash at her. 

“Strength.” Ye Xiu pointed at the worn out piece of paper.

Chen Guo uncrumpled it. It said: Glory Pro Alliance Season 3 MVP: Ye Qiu.

This worn out piece of paper was actually a Glory Pro Alliance MVP award certificate. Most people would hang it on a wall and frame it in a conspicuous place, but Ye Xiu had crumpled it up so much, that it looked like a piece of trash. 

“You’re so annoying!!!” Chen Guo was mad! She threw the paper back at Ye Xiu, who grabbed it and put it back into his pocket.

She understood what Ye Xiu meant. This piece of paper was enough to prove Ye Xiu’s strength, or perhaps it was to say that he didn’t need to prove his strength. He didn’t need to go all out to prove his existence. He was perfectly content with others calling him a leech.

But now, the others didn’t want him to, so Ye Xiu had to at least put some effort in. However, Chen Guo doubted that he would actually play seriously because if he actually played seriously, the team’s only choice would be to have him be main tank.

“Is everybody ready? If everyone is ready, I’m going to pull the boss.” Crispy Bean asked the team. After hearing everyone’s reply, he charged at the boss.

At the same time, a figure flashed beside him. Crispy Bean turned his head and looked. It was that disgusting name again: Unrivaled Super Hottie.

“What are you doing!?” Crispy Bean shouted. He thought this guy was actually going to grief them. 

Chen Guo was getting excited. Was Ye Xiu going to steal the tank position? Ha ha, witness the power of a God! Crispy Bean or whatever, get the hell out of here! It doesn’t feel good to have someone with a name like that be a tank! Crispy Bean? Do bosses roast you to a crisp?

“Damage!” Ye Xiu casually said.

‘Wait until the tank is pulled before attacking. Don’t you understand?” Crispy Bean roared. Not just Crispy Bean, but the others were furious too. Everyone knew that for a boss fight, the tank should be given some time to establish aggro before attacking.

“What? Am I in front of you?” Ye Xiu shook his head.

Crispy Bean turned his head back. He saw Bone Abyss’s boss Guardian Kaiwei raise his humongous axe and charge forward. 

The aggro was still on Crispy Bean, but this was because Crispy Bean had walked into Guardian Kaiwei’s aggro range. If Unrivaled Super Hottie attacked, the aggro would transfer to him.

Thinking of this, Crispy Bean immediately attacked!

Almost at the same time, Unrivaled Super Hottie also attacked Guardian Kaiwei.

“KICK HIM OUT OF THE TEAM!!” Crispy Bean yelled at Clove.

Clove clearly suspected Unrivaled Super Hottie’s actions too. She had already opened up the team interface, when she heard him say helplessly: “What are you yelling for? Isn’t the aggro still on you?”

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