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Chapter 552 - Controlling Aggro Through Damage

Boss aggro?

At this moment and time, Crispy Bean had completely forgotten about it because he had also been aggroed by Unrivaled Super Hottie.

He suddenly woke up after hearing his argument. When he took a closer look, he realized Guardian Kaiwei’s aggro was still on him. Guardian Kaiwei’s huge axe hadn’t turned towards Unrivaled Super Hottie despite his attack! The huge axe was still swinging towards Crispy Bean. 


He immediately raised the shield in his hands. It was a frequently used movement for tanks. The huge axe collided with Crispy Bean’s shield.

The attack clearly wasn’t anything earthshaking. Crispy Bean’s equipment far surpassed the necessary threshold for this dungeon. He didn’t budge a single inch when he blocked the blow. Almost at the same time, he swung his sword and slashed at Guardian Kaiwei. Almost at the same time as him, Crispy Bean also saw Unrivaled Super Hottie swing his shield at Guardian Kaiwei’s head.

Shield Attack!

This skill could induce a Dizzying effect, but all bosses had high resistances to status effects. Bosses couldn’t be controlled by players so easily, otherwise they would be too easy to beat. Guardian Kaiwei was a dragon guardian and natural had immunity to magic status effects. However, the Guardian did not have complete immunity to physical skills like Shield Attack. After taking the Shield Attack, the Guardian’s eyes went blurry and he became Dizzy.

But for bosses, status effects wouldn’t last long. Crispy Bean had to face the boss directly as the tank, so he knew the boss’s stats, skills, resistances, and patterns very clearly. He also had a good understanding of his own Knight class, so he immediately calculated that with Unrivaled Super Hottie’s Strength stat, the Dizzy effect would only last for one second maximum.

However, at the same time, a lot of things happened during this one second window.

Crispy Bean took advantage of this one second window. 

Previously, his mind had wandered away because of his enmity towards Unrivaled Super Hottie. After blocking with his shield and striking back, he wasn’t sure what to do next.

This one second window gave Crispy Bean enough time to figure out his next moves. If he didn’t have this one second, he would have been hit by Guardian Kaiwei’s counterattack.

This was only the first mini-boss in the dungeon. Crispy Bean had exceptional equipment too, so eating the counterattack wouldn’t have been the end of the world, but what if this had been a difficult dungeon? What if it was a boss with extremely hard-hitting attacks? One second of rest was especially important.

Even though this one second was insignificant in this case, it gave him time to recover.

One second passed by quickly. After recollecting his thoughts, Crispy Bean began pulling aggro like his usual self. Crispy Bean hadn’t noticed the importance of the one second though. He was even a bit angry at Unrivaled Super Hottie for his Shield Attack because of the same reason as before: he had yet to establish the boss’s aggro. Was this guy trying to kill himself by attacking the boss?

This guy didn’t know how to exercise constraint. Right now, he was actually fighting over the boss with Crispy Bean. The two were attacking Guardian Kaiwei at nearly the same time.

The others hadn’t moved yet. Teams usually waited for the tank to tell them to attack before attacking. Clove healed him from time to time. The healing wasn’t done immediately. After all, healing could also aggro the boss. If she healed him immediately, she might accidentally steal the boss’s aggro away from the tank.

Unrivaled Super Hottie…...

Clove already had the team interface out with her mouse hovering over his name. She was just about to kick him out of the team.

Then, she heard him say “Isn’t the aggro still on you?”, which made her hesitate.

If the aggro control hadn’t been messed up, then there was no need to kick him out of the team. Clove felt like she should teach the new member of the guild rules. She didn’t need to be so strict.

During her moment of hesitation, the two had gone back and forth attacking the Guardian Kaiwei several times already.

Everyone was watching in shock, including Crispy Bean.

Flustered and exasperated, he shouted “Kick him out of the team!” twice. Clove didn’t move though. She simply replied: “Good aggro control!”

Crispy Bean really wanted to shout, “He could steal away the boss’s aggro at any moment!” But he resisted. For a tank, especially the top tank in a guild with exceptional equipment, he felt too ashamed to say such words.

Both people were tanks. His equipment was better and the aggro was still on him. Why did he need to worry about a squishy tank stealing away the aggro?

Crispy Bean felt a bit regretful. He felt like he had lost too much face. Those “Kick him out of the team!” shouts were mostly done in anger at Unrivaled Super Hottie’s actions, but what if the others misunderstood it as being unable to manage the aggro? Wasn’t that what Clove’s reply meant?

He definitely didn’t want to be misunderstood!

Crispy Bean shouted inwardly. He didn’t want to think about whether or not his “Kick him out of the team!” shouts had shown his fear of losing control of the boss.

“You want to steal the boss’s aggro from me? That won’t be possible!” Finally ,Crispy Bean shouted at Unrivaled Super Hottie.

“Senior, I’m DPSing. I’ll control the aggro well.” Unrivaled Super Hottie replied.


Control the aggro?

These words made everyone’s hearts thump.

If he could completely control the boss’s aggro when he was attacking, directly going up to attack the boss wasn’t an issue as long as he had the confidence that he wouldn’t mess up.

Did this squishy tank actually have that type of control?

In Glory, damage, healing, and taking damage could all be calculated. However, aggro couldn’t. This completely depended on a player’s intuition and experience. As a result, they didn’t know how well Unrivaled Super Hottie was controlling his aggro. They only saw him attacking immediately after Crispy Bean. Every time he did it, everyone’s hearts would jump. They felt like any one of his attacks could make the boss go out of control.     

“Unrivaled Super Hottie, how about you wait before DPSing?” Clove finally spoke. And for the first time, she shouted out his shameless name.

“No need!” Crispy Bean replied to her. Crispy Bean had entered a full on competitive mode. As the main tank with exceptional equipment, it would be a disgrace to lose control of the aggro to this guy. Even telling others his worries over the situation would be shameful. Right now, Crispy Bean was determined to show off his ability as a tank.

“Yeah, there’s no need. I’ll control it well. I won’t snatch the aggro from you.” Ye Xiu also replied.

“You just try and snatch it from me.” Crispy Bean said. His hands moved like a blur. If he had been taking it easy in the beginning, he was completely serious now.

“Snatch it snatch it snatch it.” Chen Guo urged Ye Xiu. She really wanted to see this type of situation. 

“Little kid.” Ye Xiu gave Chen Guo a disdainful look. He ignored her and continued to control his damage output.

After a short moment, Ye Xiu asked: “Why isn’t anyone else coming up? How long do you need to establish aggro before it’s stable?”

Crispy Bean heard this and furrowed his brow. He had been too focused and had forgotten about it. If the tank didn’t say anything, the others wouldn’t dare to attack! He hadn’t said anything, which actually resulted in this squishy tank questioning his ability.

“I forgot.” Crispy Bean explained. It was true, but it sounded bad. Clove heard him speak and, not waiting for Crispy Bean to give the order, she immediately ordered: “Everybody, advance.”

The field became a beautiful sight to behold.

Guardian Kaiwei was only a mini boss. The Guardian only had powerful single target attacks. He didn’t have any strong AoE skills, so with the aggro being controlled well, everyone could safely attack.

How could Crispy Bean be careless? He was afraid the aggro would shift onto Unrivaled Super Hottie. He was taking this originally easy dungeon more seriously than a hundred player team dungeon.

Under everyone’s attacks, Guardian Kaiwei’s health rapidly dropped until it fell. 

The Guardian dropped an equip. Clove went up to look. It was a Dragon Guardian Axe.

This weapon could be used by Priest classes: Clerics, Paladins, Exorcists, or Knights. There were currently three Priest classes in the team: Crispy Bean, Unrivaled Super Hottie, and Clove.

Clerics could also use axes, but because Clerics prioritized Intelligence, physical attack weapons like axes didn’t suit them. Crispy Bean already had equipment that surpassed equipment that could be found in this dungeon, so he didn’t need this Dragon Guardian Axe. It looked like Ye Xiu’s Unrivaled Super Hottie was the only choice.

However, as a guild team, there were other options too. For example, the team could choose to donate the equip to the guild storage and then split the guild contribution points later. Another choice was to sell the item for money and then split the money…...

For a team specifically meant to get equipment for Unrivaled Super Hottie, under normal circumstances, no one would object to Clove giving the Dragon Guardian Axe to Unrivaled Super Hottie. However, there was a lot of controversy surrounding this guy. Someone with a leech-like performance was going to be the first to get equipment? Would the others be unhappy with it?

Clove was still hesitating. The others were already asking what she got. Clove showed everyone the Dragon Guardian Axe to see. The suitable classes for it made many disappointed. In the end, that Unrivaled Super Hottie laughed out loud: “Ha ha! It’s mine. Thanks everyone!”

“Do you feel no shame?” Sure enough, Crispy Bean had the same thoughts as Clove, except he spoke his feelings without any hesitation.

“What? You want it too? If you want it, you can have it. Tanks get priority!” Ye Xiu said.

“Why the f*ck would I want this?” Crispy Bean was about to go insane.

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