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Chapter 550 - You Can Just Be a Leecher

Ye Xiu’s question was normal. When they grouped up for a dungeon, under the given conditions, they would normally spread out the classes This would prevent conflicts between players of the same class when they found a piece of equipment they needed. Many groups experienced great storms and disbanded because of this very reason. It was a problem that had to be considered seriously. 

In response to Ye Xiu’s question, someone humphed. “Bro, have you looked at my equipment? Would I want anything that drops from this dungeon?”

When he heard this, it was obvious that the voice belonged to the Knight and pride filled his voice. He obviously felt disdain towards Ye Xiu, a useless tank whose Vitality was only at 750. 

Clove also explained at once. “I called Crispy Bean over to help. He’s our guild’s chief tank. 950 Vitality. Physical and magic defense, Intelligence and Strength are all over 760 too. He also has 700 Spirit.”

“If you were going to ask for help, why would you find a tank? There’s me for a tank, right? Wouldn’t it be better to find more DPS classes?” Ye Xiu asked.

Clove felt uncomfortable the moment she heard his question. She originally didn’t intend to find a tank to help, but she felt uneasy when Ye Xiu went to search for a guide for Bone Dragon Abyss this afternoon. A tank couldn’t simply take on the leadership role just by looking at a guide. Driven by responsibility over the whole group, Clove couldn’t entrust the whole group’s life and death onto this tank who reads guides at the last minute. This explained why she specifically found a tank from the guild to help. She didn’t expect Unrivaled Super Hottie was unable to tell good from bad.

Whatever…… All noobs are like this…...

Clove thought this way, but she didn’t want to waste words on Ye Xiu. She gathered everyone to start going into the dungeon. The tank called Crispy Bean wasn’t happy though. “Oh wow, you’re very capable, huh? To be honest, I’m not interested in this small dungeon at all. It’s a total waste of my time! Since I’m not needed, then I shall take my leave.”

“If you leave, we’d be missing a person.” Ye Xiu said.

“What, scared now?” Crispy Bean laughed coolly. 

“It’s not possible for you to only have tank equipment, so if you just changed to your damage-oriented equipment, wouldn’t that work?” Ye Xiu asked. 

“You… If I become a DPS class, would you be able to hold it?” Crispy Bean was immediately angered. As the chief tank of the guild, of course it would be impossible for him to lack equipment. Apart from tank equipment, he also had a strong collection of combat equipments for a Knight. If he really switched to damage-oriented equipment, he was absolutely confident that he would be able to squeeze into the top ten of Guild Exterminate the Heavens. To be honest, he was looking forward for a chance to present his ability in damage output. 

“You can try.” Ye Xiu actually gave him a chance.

“Very well! You said it yourself! Don’t blame me if we get wiped!” Crispy Bean’s last sentence was aimed towards the crowd surrounding him. A flash on his character followed his statement and it became evident that he already changed into his damage-oriented equipment.

“That's enough, stop fooling around!” Clove suddenly yelled out. “Crispy Bean, you’re still the tank.”

As Clove spoke, she also sent a private message to Ye Xiu. “What’s up with you! Everyone grouped up to help you get equipment. This person has no reason to take your equipment. All you have to do is be a leecher. What is there to be unsatisfactory about?”

Ye Xiu saw that this girl even communicated with him through private message, and that she was concerned about everyone’s feelings. Ye Xiu didn’t continue to say anything else. In Crispy Bean’s case, it was obvious that he didn’t obey only because of Clove’s previous yell. Ye Xiu reckoned that Clove also messaged him in private. He soon changed back into his tank equipment. His view scanned over Ye Xiu’s Unrivaled Super Hottie and stepped into the dungeon after giving a cold harrumph. 

Other players closely followed after him into the dungeon. Ye Xiu commanded Unrivaled Super Hottie to follow. 

Chen Guo wasn’t far away from her game. She looked as if she were watching a movie. When she saw that Ye Xiu had started a conflict the moment he joined the group, she immediately felt that a good show would happen tonight. 

“You really are unbelievable.” Chen Guo lamented.

“I’m only speaking of the truth!” Ye Xiu spoke.

Chen Guo deeply agreed with this. Everything Ye Xiu said could drive a person crazy, but it was true. Chen Guo also believed Ye Xiu’s words. Even though 750 Vitality was a little low, who was he? This chief tank of Exterminate the Heavens or whatever guild dared to challenge God Ye Qiu? Chen Guo found it humorous just to think about it. Bone Dragon Abyss itself wasn’t a difficult dungeon. In terms of tanks, a tank didn’t need to have 840 Vitality. The requirement line for 840 was expected of tanks themselves to enter more difficult group dungeons. A mere dungeon with only ten people wouldn’t even be necessary. 

What’s more, with God Ye Qiu’s skills, who knew how much those skills could make up for in stats. As an onlooker, she only pitied that she had to watch things unfold from the sidelines. 

It should be known that a tank had a busy role. If a professional player like Ye Xiu played one, she didn’t know how fast the screen would move around, though it wouldn’t be the first time she experienced it.

A moment after, the ten people of Guild Exterminate the Heavens was transported into Bone Dragon Abyss.

Bone Dragon Abyss sat in a canyon. According to Glory’s naming style, this canyon was named as Bone Dragon Abyss. The wild boss, dungeon’s final boss, and hidden boss were all bone dragons. According to the background storyline, these three bone dragons were actually brothers…...

Of course, that was when they had been alive, and now that they had become bone dragons, It was evident enough that they had already become imperishable organisms.

Crispy Bean was Exterminate the Heaven’s chief tank, so it could be said that he had gone through all of the dungeons in Glory. With Guild Exterminate the Heavens’s strength, they might have some difficulties in completing difficult dungeons that required a group of 100 people. However, a dungeon with ten people like this was nothing to Crispy Bean.

This explained why the moment he entered the dungeon, he immediately rushed up to steamroll through the monsters. In his eyes, these dungeons only played the part of being thoroughly crushed. Ye Xiu was one of the last of the ten-man team to enter the dungeon. By the time he was transported into the dungeon, the fight had already heated up at the front. A tank normally led the team in the dungeon. However, this was a dungeon that Crispy Bean looked down on, so why would he need to be the leader? Of course it wasn’t needed! All he needed to do was cheer everyone on while they hurried to keep up with his pace. 

As a result, the whole group was more or less busy and messy. Ye Xiu was able to spot that at first glance. Crispy Bean was undoubtedly a veteran and Clove wasn’t bad, but several other people in the group had showed themselves to be a little unaccustomed. 

They weren’t unaccustomed to the mechanics of the game, but towards the dungeon. 

To be able to make it into Heavenly Domain and complete the Heavenly Domain’s Challenge, meant that they wouldn’t have any trouble or unfamiliarities with their mechanical performance. However, when faced with a foreign dungeon, they would obviously be at loss at what to do orwhere to strike. 

There were beginners in the Heavenly Domain. Those who had just cleared the Heavenly Domain Challenge would be considered beginners.

There were only two people like this in the tenth server.

But how about the other servers?

Not all players that reached the minimum required level could complete the Heavenly Domain’s challenge on their first try. Ye Xiu and Qiao Yifan were exceptions. They were pro gamers and had skill to back them up, so they could pass the challenge at the mere levels of 50 or 55. 

However, towards normal players, the challenge task was most definitely not that simple. 

After reaching the minimum required level, a lot of people had to spend a certain amount of time to acquire stronger pieces of equipment. Using strong equipment to face quests and a lot of combat consumables could help in completing in the challenge. Moreover, the PVP Arena could be counted as the easiest part for Ye Xiu and Qiao Yifan. However, it wasn’t so easy for normal players. 

When fighting a boss, there was a regular pattern to find, but there was never a fixed pattern in PvP. In particular, the requirement to win consecutively was extremely fatal for normal players.

As a result, newer servers like the eighth or ninth server had a lot of people who had reached Level 70, but had yet to pass the challenge to enter the Heavenly Domain. 

On top of this, people didn’t necessarily start from the tenth server. Actually, if a player would like to enter the Heavenly Domain as soon as possible, an older server would be a better choice. There would be high-leveled players to powerlevel your character. The speed in which one could level up would be a lot faster in comparison to those in the new server.

Therefore, there was a constant stream of players entering the Heavenly Domain. Ye Xiu reckoned that the other eight people belonged to this group of players. At the very least least, they hadn’t entered the Bone Dragon Abyss dungeon before. This group wasn’t exactly organized just to assist him in getting better equipments, Clove also grouped up the people so they could come and try Bone Dragon Abyss.

How could a group like this work without a leader? Crispy Bean didn’t care about it, so only Clove could attempt to take charge. However, it was super inconvenient when she had to instruct Ye Xiu. 

The reason being the name of Ye Xiu’s Knight. 

Unrivaled Super Hottie. 

What was she supposed to call him?

If she called him by the full name, it would take too long and be a waste of time.

Call him Unrivaled? Super? Hottie? Clove found it hard to call out any of the words broken apart. She wanted to puke just thinking about how shameless a person had to be to come up with such a name. 

In the end, Clove called Ye Xiu “you”. She called the names of everyone else, except when she reached Ye Xiu, she would say “you, you, you” so on and so forth. 

After having gone through a little bit of confusion in the beginning of the dungeon, everything finally started to stabilise under Clove’s commands. She was in the Heavenly Domain, so her foundation was already there. Dungeons were pretty much the same. Basic problems, like what to be aware of, was the same in every dungeon. These people obviously wouldn’t make any noob mistakes. There wouldn’t be any major problems if they obeyed the leader.

The group continued killing as Crispy Bean gradually started to talk more, but he was mostly complaining. He was obviously very dissatisfied about their progression speed. In the end, he even cleared his throat and told everyone to do their best to focus on their damage output and not to worry about aggro going off the tank.

Finally, the group reached the first boss. Before they fought the boss, they made some slight adjustments. When Crispy Bean opened up the damage output list, he mercilessly sent it into the group chat at once. 

Ye Xiu’s Unrivaled Super Hottie was ranked second to last, just above Clove, who was responsible for the healing. 

“You really are a talent!” Crispy Bean taunted. 

“Not really. I’m earnestly leeching.” Ye Xiu replied. 

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