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Chapter 528 - Beginning to Take Shape

“Oh, so that’s what you meant. My bad!” Ye Xiu felt ashamed too. He really hadn’t noticed that Blue Brook Guild’s storage system rules had Blue Brook Guild’s name written all over the place.

“Send me another copy.” Ye Xiu messaged Blue River.

“Why do you need another copy?” Blue River was puzzled.

“I already deleted the first one.” Ye Xiu replied.

Deleting it after using it! Another way of saying it was burning the bridge after crossing it. Blue River really didn’t want to give him another copy, but he couldn’t let him just shamelessly copy Blue Brook Guild’s system word for word could he? He didn’t care about the plagiarism, he just didn’t want anyone from Blue Brook Guild bothering him! 

Helpless, Blue River found the storage system document again, but he started having second thoughts. Once Ye Xiu took the document, he would, at most, replace Blue Brook Guild’s name with Guild Happy’s. The spies would immediately recognize it and bother Blue Brook Guild about it. Blue River didn’t want this information to stay stuck to him! He grinded his teeth and quickly deleted a bunch of parts in the document. Then, amidst Ye Xiu’s constant bothering, he sent it over.

“Hm? This document seems a bit different?” Ye Xiu replied.

“I changed it a bit.” Blue River coldly replied.

“Not bad. It’s even better than the previous one. You’re quite the literary talent! Who wrote the last one? It was way too long-winded. So many words and so effeminate too. Not even web novelists can cheat the word count like that!” Ye Xiu said. 

“I wrote that too…..” Blue River looked up at the sky.

“Oh…… you’ve really got some literary talent. Do you have any interest in my Guild Happy? Our guild just happens to be missing a cultured person such as yourself.” Ye Xiu said.

Blue River closed the chat window.

Meanwhile, Ye Xiu quickly swapped out the old system rules with the new ones and then tossed the Desert Badge into the guild storage. This Level 50 Orange equipment was placed in the guild storage’s Orange equipment Stage 6. Players needed six thousand guild contribution points in order to have access to Orange equipment Stage 6.

Because the Desert Badge belonged to the guild, this badge couldn’t be traded or discarded. However, it could still be dropped when the owner died. When a guild member lost the item in this way, there would usually be penalties, often in the form of guild contribution points. Some guilds even required a down payment for very valuable equipment. Every guild had their own way of managing their own storage.

After Ye Xiu placed the treasure into the storage, there were still two other pieces of equipment dropped by the Aquamarine Knight, both Level 55 Blue equipment. He threw those into the guild storage as well. Level 55 Blue equipment had similar base stats to Level 45 Orange equipment. However, an equipment’s value largely depended on the additional stats. As a result, a piece of equipment might not be high leveled, but because of its amazing additional stats, it could be kept, even at high levels.

These two Level 55 Blue equipment were fairly ordinary. It was easy to find equipment of this value from dungeons, so he put them into the storage’s Blue equipment Stage 5, which only required 700 guild contribution points. The difference between Blue and Orange equipment could clearly be seen here. In reality, Orange equipment wasn’t ten times stronger than Blue equipment, but it was certainly much rarer. Bosses in dungeons always dropped Blue equipment, so Blue equipment would naturally be more common.

After putting away the equipment, he explained how guild contribution worked to the guild members. He also gave Chen Guo’s alternate account authority equivalent to the guild leader. The only power Chen Guo didn’t have was removing the guild leader…..

“It’s not convenient for me to keep returning to the tenth server, so I’m giving you authority over the guild.” Ye Xiu said to Chen Guo.

“Don’t give me the title of guild leader. Your name has to stay there for everyone to see.” Chen Guo advised.

“I know that.” Ye Xiu nodded his head.

“We only have this one piece of Orange equip in the guild storage. It’s far from being enough.” Chen Guo had been in a big guild before and knew the importance of the guild’s storage. In truth, not all of the players in Club guilds were loyal fans. Quite a few knew that the guild’s storage for these Clubs were wealthy, so they pretended to be fans in order to get in. In any case, it wasn’t easy to distinguish between an actual fan and an actor. Everyone liked playing Glory. There were only so many pro teams. Whether or not they were fans, they all knew about the same as other players.

“I have a few materials here. You can go ahead and sell the ones that aren’t so rare and buy some high leveled equipment to help fill up our guild storage. Remember to buy high leveled ones. The higher the better. Ignore the low-leveled ones. When the guild members start contributing, they’ll put in low-leveled ones.” Ye Xiu said.

“You don’t need the materials?”

“I’m already in the Heavenly Domain. These materials still aren’t that cheap in the current tenth server, so if you can sell them, it’s best to sell them here. Later, if I need them, I can buy them again. It’ll be cheaper later.” Ye Xiu said.

Chen Guo immediately understood Ye Xiu’s reasoning. Without any delay, she followed Ye Xiu’s Lord Grim and moved almost all of his tenth server personal storage to the guild’s.

“You can sell some stuff from here too.” Ye Xiu said.

“Okay!” Chen Guo nodded her head. Guild storages didn’t only have equipment. They had materials, potions, anything. By providing all of these resources to the guild members, the guild could show the benefits of being in a guild.  

“However, our high-leveled equipment can’t only come from buying. We have to create an elite team and have them fill up the guild storage’s upper levels.” Ye Xiu said.

“I can do this stuff. We have a few veterans in the guild. I’ll pick out a few and see if we can create a few elite teams.” Chen Guo said.  

Ye Xiu nodded his head. He looked around. For now, there wasn’t anything else to do, so he closed the guild interface.

The Aquamarine Knight had dropped several material including the Aquamarine. Of course, Ye Xiu kept the Aquamarine for himself. After all, it was the reason he had come back to the tenth server. This type of special material was almost always dropped. Wild bosses only spawned once a week If the drop rate was too low, no one would be interested in the boss. As a result, wild bosses often dropped Orange equipment and rare materials. If none of them dropped, then something else dropped: luck.

After pocketing the Aquamarine, Ye Xiu didn’t hurry back to the Heavenly Domain to upgrade his equipment. There were still a few things that he needed to do in the normal server before he returned.

Even though he didn’t gain any experience here, there were still a few required quests that he had to complete. These quests rewarded bonus skill points or extra stats.

Ye Xiu had piled up quite a few Level 50-54 quests. He was already here, so he might as well clear them out. He searched up a guide and went to complete the quests.

These quests weren’t difficult for Ye Xiu, but Chen Guo seemed excited, as if she were having even more fun than watching Ye Xiu battle in PvP.

Glory had such a large world. With a guide, Ye Xiu didn’t even need to even move his hand sometimes, making it quite boring.

Finishing up all of the required quests took up most of his day. Ye Xiu was doing these quests for the end rewards, but Lord Grim wouldn’t get any experience from any of the previous segments of the quests, making it was all very tedious.

Just when he finished all of these tedious quests, Steamed Bun Invasion kindly invited him to dungeon together. Ye Xiu felt like it had been a long time since he had last played with this little bro, so they partied up and dungeoned together for some equipment.

The majority of day in the tenth server had gone to contributing to the guild. The guild’s storage had filled up quite a lot now. None of them wanted any of the equipment dropped from the dungeons, so the equipment all went to the guild instead. Even though they were only Blue equipments, Blue equipments still had their advantages! They required fewer guild contribution points and usually made for quite decent equipment too.

As for Chen Guo, after leaving some of the materials in the guild storage, she went to the market to sell the rest. She wasn’t in a hurry and sold them off in small amounts. She didn’t bother with the guilds or studios who bought materials in bulk at a low price.

The big guilds saw Chen Guo’s Chasing Haze selling materials and grinded their teeth in frustration.  

Who was Chasing Haze? All of them knew. Guild Happy had spies, after all. She wasn’t high-leveled, but she had a lot of authority in the guild.

Where did she suddenly get all of those materials? The guilds immediately knew! Lord Grim had earned it from them!

He had earned it from them and now they had to buy them back! Just thinking about it made them flush with anger. However, materials were important to the Clubs. If there were materials available to buy, then they had to get them, but when they went over to buy it from her, the price was high! No matter how high their priorities were, the guilds couldn’t help but hesitate. If they bought their own materials back at such a high price, their faces would explode from anger. They just couldn’t accept it.

Helpless, they could only watch as these materials were sold off at a high price.

Chen Guo wasn’t in a hurry at all. She sold, while looking around the marketplace and bought equipment either with materials or with money she earned from selling the materials.

Thus, the two sides busily worked for the entire day. When they checked up on the storage at night, they saw that the storage had changed greatly. The storage didn’t only have the items they had put in initially. The guild members began understanding the benefits of the guild storage and made their own contributions to it. 

Potions, food…...

The guild storage was immediately filled with many subclass-created items. These items could be traded in for contribution points and taken out with contribution points. Once the items in the guild storage began circulating, it would gradually move onto the right track. Later on, no one would need to manage it anymore. It would operate smoothly on its own. The guild just had to make sure there were high-end goods inside. These items were difficult for normal players to get on their own. Only by putting in these types of goods into the guild storage would players make contributions. While earning guild contribution points, the player would be adding to the storage, which would circulate around.

A guild could only grow prosperous with a strong guild storage as a foundation.

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