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Chapter 529 - Spies’ Contributions

“Comrades, work hard. I’ll be waiting for you in the Heavenly Domain!” When he finished his one day visit to the tenth server, Ye Xiu encouraged the players of his guild. 

The players laughed in response. None of them really took it too seriously. Only Steamed Bun Invasion, being such a strange person, answered sincerely, “Boss, rest easy! I’ve got the tenth server covered!”

“Good luck everyone….” 

Ye Xiu logged out. His return to the tenth server for just one short day turned Guild Happy upside down. 

The establishment of the guild storage is a symbol. Without a mature guild storage, then the guild would still be a regular guild just for fun.  However, with a storage, the guild would become more attractive to the players and become more cohesive.

The change in Guild Happy was quickly reported back to the guild leaders by the spies. Still, nothing was as important as Lord Grim going back to Heavenly Domain. Upon hearing the news, the guild masters felt that their holiday was finally there….

Guild Happy’s storage was too easy to deal with.. The guild masters were all snickering in the dark. Lord Grim, no matter how godly you are, you’re too careless this time!

Next day, when Lord Grim logged back in, Ye Xiu was already back in Heavenly Domain. On the other hand, Chen Guo knew that building the storage was an important step for Guild Happy. There was some management required at the beginning, especially since she hadn’t sold out the materials that Ye Xiu had given her. She sold them in small amounts instead of in bundles, so selling all of them out was going to take a few days. 

Right after she logged in and opened up the management window of the storage, she received a system message. She jumped in surprise when she glanced at the message and called Ye Xiu. 

“It’s too fast! Some people already have 6000 contribution points! They’re going to get the Desert Badge soon. What should I do?” Che Guo asked Ye Xiu. 

Ye Xiu tilted his head, glanced at Chen Guo, and smiled, “As expected.”

“To be able to get  6000 contribution point overnight, they must have donated a lot of things. “  Chen Guo concluded while running to the guild management place in the city center to check on the guild storage. Unsurprisingly, the storage became much more filled. As for the donation records, expectedly, the players with 6000 contribution points each had a long list. 

“Haha. All of these are spies.” Ye Xiu explained. 


“To have 6000 contribution points in one night, they must have one of the big guild’s support. They’re trying to cheat away our treasure.” Ye Xiu continued. 

“Oh!” Chen Guo immediately understood why Ye Xiu set the Desert Badge as  a non-auto distributed award. She also realized that Ye Xiu had expected many to gain 6000 contribution points so quickly. 

“Rotten b*stards! Let’s kick them all out!” Chen Guo was outraged yet excited. Their scheme had been seen through. If they get kicked out now, then it would mean that they donated items and helped Guild Happy to grow for nothing. Just thinking about theses people’s reactions after they got kicked out filled Chen Guo with happiness. 

“Don’t. There are definitely spies, but there might be a few special cases. Kicking them all out might end up punishing the wrong people.” Ye Xiu replied.

“Then what do we do? We can’t drag it out forever! The system has a time limit!” If no player with the authority distributed the reward within the time frame, then the system would automatically distribute it. 

“Who currently has the highest level in the guild?” Ye Xiu asked.

“Tang Rou’s Soft Mist.” Chen Guo answered. 

“Give her some materials so that she can rack up 6000 contribution points. Let her take the Desert Badge. Then send out an announcement. Say that there were a lot people who sent in requests, so the guild gave the matter some consideration and awarded it to the player with the highest level, Soft Mist. This way, there shouldn’t be any objections.” Ye Xiu laid out the plan. 

“Shameless.” Chen Guo exclaimed, then followed with a question, “What if someone says he or she was there first?”

“Nonsense. If order mattered in the first place, why would we set the distribution system as mandatory? If someone asked you with this nonsense, then educate him properly.” Ye Xiu replied. 

Chen Guo was speechless after that. She found Tang Rou and explained the plan. Tang Rou had no objections against it whatsoever, making Chen Guo feel that the girl had truly found the wrong teacher. She didn’t learn anything honorable!

Chen Guo asked Tang Rou how many points she still needed, and answer shocked her. 

“You only need this tiny amount?” Chen Guo asked again. 

Tang Rou suddenly understood, “No wonder he asked me to donate all of the items from yesterday’s dungeon.” 

“So you had this all planned out.” Chen Guo turned her gaze onto Ye Xiu. 

“It’s only to be expected. If it was a well-developed big guild, then this kind of trick is totally useless. There are a lot of things in the storage, so it wouldn’t hurt the guild too much. However, we just started. If they took the Desert Badge  like this, then it would really be a loss of us, so I took some precautions. “ Ye Xiu elaborated. 

While he was talking, Chen Guo met up with Tang Rou in the game. After she got the materials, Tang Rou soon also had 6000 contribution points. She then proceeded to take the Desert Badge.

Whether the award was  distributed by the system or a player wasn’t shown unless someone with authority willed it. To Tang Rou, who had 6000 contribution points, the emblem was already unlocked. It was only when she tried to take it did the system notify her that a request had been submitted and there would be a reply within 48 hours  no matter what. 

Chen Guo received the message and acted right away. The Desert Badge was given to Tang Rou without any delay. Chen Guo also sent out an announcement in the guild. Just like Ye Xiu said, it reasoned that due to the numerous requests, the badge was given to the player of the highest level. 

“You should also urge everyone to learn from these people. Don’t forget to encourage people to level up. There are benefits to having a high level. Soft Mist is a perfect  example.” Ye Xiu instructed Chen Guo to add more content to the announcement. 

When the announcement was posted, a lot of people among the request list found themselves choking. After waiting restlessly for an entire night, they couldn’t have dreamed of this result. 

These people were,naturally the spies from other guilds. If they were the regular players, level priority would have been a perfectly sensible reason. In addition, the contribution points they gained were still useful, so they didn’t lose anything in donating items. It was only the spies who were dying in bitterness because they had helped Guild Happy grow for utterly nothing in return. 

When the news travelled back to the guild masters, all that changed was an increased number of bitter people. Was Lord Grim careless? Apparently not. It was them who were careless. 

A mandatory distribution and a level priority were all it took to cheat more items out of them. 

“How about we let our guys hurry up on leveling so we can surpass that Soft Mist. Then we can get that Desert Badge  easily.” Someone was still trying, unwilling to give up. 

“What kind of idiot are you?! This situation is proof  that they were prepared for these types of tricks! Trying more schemes is simply a waste of time !” The man who proposed the idea got scolded right away. 

“Why don’t I take equipment out? Then you guys can kill steal it.” A spy suggested. 

“Wouldn’t that expose your identity?”

“Boss, based on the current situation, do I look like I’m not exposed?” The spy lamented. 

A long silence settled upon the participating guild leaders and spies. They realized that, no matter what they do, they wouldn't be able to do any harm to Guild Happy. 

As for Guild Happy, besides the bitter  group, other people had no disagreement against giving the Desert Badge to the highest-leveled Soft Mist. Instead, they were very curious about the people who got 6000 contribution points at this extraordinary speed and went to visit these people. 

The poor spies were still worrying with their own guilds like idiots when the crowd from Guld Happy came, praising them like heroes. There were no words that could describe their conflicted hearts in that moment. 

Ye Xiu’s Lord Grim had long returned to Heavenly Domain. He didn’t pay any more attention to the matter after instructing Chen Guo on how to fix the mess. 

He put Aquamarine and the other materials that Mo Qian helped to gather all into the Equipment Editor. Ye Xiu was ready to upgrade the level 50 of Thousand Chance Umbrella. 

For this upgrade, even the window of the Editor was different from before.  The parts are no longer just the simple parts like the sword, spear, rifle, and the umbrella. The tedious blueprint separated Thousand Chance Umbrella into tiny individual components to be reassembled later. 

These parts all had templates from the earlier trials. Ye Xiu checked every materials carefully, replicating them one by one. However, when the only material left was the Aquamarine, Ye Xiu had ran out of templates. There wasn’t one for the component that the aquamarine was supposed to be molded into. 

Ye Xiu sighed softly. In fact, Thousand Chance Umbrella wasn’t a completely successful weapon in the first place. Otherwise, instead of a level 5 prototype, what should have being left from the research years ago would be a level 50 Thousand Chance Umbrella. 

The reason behind that year’s failure was the problem with the last material. Trials after trials failed on the last component. Still, every failure means one step closer to success. This is because they had already determined all of the possible materials. With every failure, they could eliminate a possibility. Aquamarine was the only material left that they hadn’t tried. Regretfully, before they could carry out the final trial, Glory killed the brilliance behind the Thousand Chance Umbrella's existence. 

Now, so many years after that, Ye Xiu was finally here to complete this unfinished step from that time. Unable to calm himself, he went through three cigarette before he returned to the room. After taking a deep breathe, Ye Xiu settled himself in front of the computer. 

Without a template, he needed to forge the component himself. The performance required wasn’t as complicated as combat in the game, but it had no tolerance for the slightest mistake. Even the smallest error would destroy the material completely. Otherwise, why would people call the Equipment Editor an bottomless void for money?

So it begins!

Ye Xiu noted in his heart, clicked open the polishing window for materials and put the Aquamarine into the slot. 

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