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Chapter 527 - Treasure

Around six hundred players were attacking. How long would it take to kill a boss? Very few knew the answer to this question. It was also difficult to find a precise answer to this type of question. Coordination, skill, equipment, levels, classes, target…… there were simply too many factors involved.

However, the speed at which the Aquamarine Knight and his cavalry were being destroyed by Guild Happy was extremely frightening. The Aquamarine Knight’s underlings fell one after the other until only the Aquamarine Knight remained.

And the Aquamarine Knight? He was stronger than his subordinates, but his current situation was even worse than before.

Before, against the strong offense, his knights had taken a defensive formation around him. His eighteen knights formed a circle with him in the center; they even blocked the aerial attacks from above.

But now, all of his underlings had fallen. Surrounding him, a mob of summoned creatures now took their places.

“Okay, besides team one, everyone stop attacking!!” Ye Xiu immediately ordered.

The poor summoned creatures had previously been there in order to act as meat shields against the enemy attacks. If Ye Xiu didn’t order everyone to stop, these creatures would die under their master's hands.

The benefit of the people was that they listened, even moreso for someone they admired like Lord Grim. Under Ye Xiu’s command, everyone else apart from team one stopped attacking and withdrew. When they looked back, they couldn’t even see the boss anymore; the summoned creatures had completely enveloped the Aquamarine Knight. The light shining from his sword could still be seen though. Every time the Aquamarine Knight slashed, several summoned creatures let out shrill shrieks and died.

When a summoned creature died, the creature could be summoned again, but the skill had a cooldown. The stronger the creature, the longer the cooldown and the greater the mana cost would be. Summoners frequently ran out of mana.

“Team one, advance. Team two, get ready. Team three, rest!” Ye Xiu had split the Summoners into three teams and controlled their pacing.

“Launchers, continue firing! Don’t stop!” Team one also had Launchers. Even though the summoned creatures were in their way, it didn’t affect them.

“Elementalists, keep firing too!” Ye Xiu ordered the Elementalists to attack.

“Too easy.” Ye Xiu sighed. The Aquamarine Knight could see his health falling rapidly. All of his attacks just ended up hitting the summoned creatures. Even though he sometimes used a Whirlwind Slash to clear them away, he was facing a team of Summoners. Each summoner could summon several creatures. With three teams rotating, he could hack at the creatures all he wanted, but he would never kill them all. Ye Xiu had understood the Aquamarine Knight’s patterns already. Killing it off like this wouldn’t be a problem, even when the Knight entered its Enraged mode at 10% health. The Knight’s fury wouldn’t change the situation.

The only variable was the Club guilds. However, their elites were currently all the way at Almarshan. 

The people from before….. Ye Xiu looked at them. They were scattered around the desert, observing from far away. They didn’t even dare to come close. What could they do?

If back-up arrived……. But at this point, it was already too late for the back-up to do anything.

The traps he had the Thieves set up ended up being unnecessary.

Ye Xiu carefully calculated and finally relaxed: this Aquamarine Knight wouldn’t be able to escape.

The Aquamarine Knight struggled….

The Aquamarine Knight went berserk…..

The Aquamarine Knight fell…..

Everything happened extremely quickly. The spies could only give this description in their reports to their guild leaders.

What type of boss battle was this? They thought about it deeply.

It looked like everyone was just randomly attacking, but they could clearly see the orders Lord Grim gave. With a commander leading everyone, how could it be called randomly attacking? It must be some sort of profound art!

The spies screenshotted the orders Ye Xiu gave and treated them like great achievements in their careers. Afterwards, they quickly sent them to their respective guild leaders, detailing Lord Grim’s incredible feat.

Around six hundred people killed a boss by attacking randomly.

Whenever the spies chatted with others, they loved to talk about this experience. In their circle, this opening remark continued to stay popular for a long period of time.

In the Western Desert, cheers erupted, becoming the only noise that could be heard in this area.

Guild Happy’s name appeared on TV!

This made every single member of Happy feel extremely proud. Happy’s fame had previously entirely been brought up by their guild leader, Lord Grim. They had joined Happy, hoping to have their fame echo throughout the entire server just like Lord Grim. This time, they finally got what they desired. Even though the system had only announced their guild’s name, they could see their own names within the two words Guild Happy. At this moment, they didn’t even pay attention to see what the boss dropped. This was supposed to be the reward for killing a boss, but right now, Happy had completely forgotten about it.

It was only until half a minute later did someone finally think about the drops. In the guild chat, their guild leader Lord Grim had already announced what had dropped.

“Orange equipment!!” Everyone grew excited.

For normal players, there was no need to hold any expectation of getting a Silver weapon. Those didn’t even drop anyways. Orange equipment was their end goal. In Glory, Orange equipment had the lowest drop rate. Many players could only admire the pictures of one online, especially for those only dropped by wild bosses. Wild bosses were monopolized by the big guilds, so how would a normal player ever get the chance to possess one?

Everyone was still admiring this Orange weapon, when Lord Grim sent another message.

“This Orange equip is the result of everyone’s hard work, so this piece of equipment belongs to the guild! In a bit, I’m going to put it into the guild storage. When you go into the guild storage, you’ll be able to see the rules for borrowing it.”


Happy’s players didn’t really understand it yet. They were somewhat at a loss at what Ye Xiu meant by guild storage. Only the few experienced players understood what he meant and immediately became excited.

If the equipment was put into the guild storage, it meant that once one reached a certain level of guild contribution, one could use it!

Orange weapon! Even for old players, the majority of them had never possessed one before. Even though they might not be able to personally own one, they would still get the chance to use one if it was in the guild storage. These old players wanted to know what the necessary guild contribution was in order to use this weapon. An Orange weapon should require quite a high amount of guild contribution. If they spent too much time accumulating points, their levels might become too high. Using a Level 50 Orange equipment at higher levels would still have lower stats than other equipment at the suitable level, but the word “Orange” was too enticing. Some players didn’t even care about stats and cared more about the rarity of an equipment. For them, equipment was more for showing off to others than the stats.

In terms of stats, the Orange equipment that dropped from the Aquamarine Knight was quite good.

Desert Badge, Level 50. Apart from basic magic resistance, it had +22 Stamina, +5 Movement Speed, +5 Jump, +5% Magic Resistance.

This was a suitable accessory for any class.

Magic Resistance was the basic component for an accessory, but the additional stats: stamina, movement speed, jump, percent magic resistance increase. All four of these were useful for any class. This dictated the value of Desert Badge compared to other accessories.

Even Ye Xiu was happy to see this item. The guild storage needed this type of treasure. An Orange weapon might be more valuable than this Desert Badge, but a weapon could only be used by one or two classes. In other words, only 4-8% of Happy’s players would want to use this piece of equipment.

But a piece of equipment that could be used by any class was different. Everyone wanted it. This was exactly what he was hoping for.

Ye Xiu concluded the boss hunting activity and sent Blue River a message: “Let me take a look at your Blue Brook Guild’s storage!”

Blue River was looking at the exploding discussion group, when he suddenly received a message from Lord Grim. He couldn’t help but feel a bit diffident.

“What did you get?” Blue River asked.

Ye Xiu sent a picture of the Desert Badge.

“Wow!” Blue River was astonished. He was also considering it from a guild storage point of view. This equipment was extremely valuable.

“Are you selling it?” Blue River asked.

“In your dreams.” Ye Xiu said.

Blue River suddenly remembered Ye Xiu had asked to see his guild’s storage. Ye Xiu was clearly planning on setting up Happy’s storage system the same way as Blue Brook Guild’s.

“Should I give it to him? Blue River hesitated.

“Hurry up! There’s no point hiding it. Who in Blue Brook Guild can’t see it? I’m just too lazy to copy it down. It’d be more convenient if you just sent me a doc instead.” Ye Xiu said.

“You don’t have any spies in Blue Brook Guild?” Blue River was astonished.

“If I had a spy, why would I need to ask you!” Ye Xiu questioned Blue River’s intelligence.

Blue River swallowed his anger. There really wasn’t any point hiding it though, so he sent Ye Xiu a list of items in Blue Brook Guild’s storage.

Ye Xiu quickly found the important parts and adjusted the values for Happy. Then, he copied and pasted it into Happy’s storage system.

Ye Xiu quickly received a message from Blue River: “God, could I trouble you to replace the guild’s name? Thanks.”

“Guild’s name?”

“You’re using my guild’s system setup. It has my guild’s name on it. Don’t you think you should change it to something like Guild Happy or something?” Blue River was about to grind his own teeth into dust. As soon as Lord Grim setup the system, he immediately announced it to the guild. Happy’s players went over to look and saw Blue Brook Guild’s name everywhere in the rules. This information was quickly reported by Blue Brook Guild’s spies. Blue River really wanted to smash his head into the wall.

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