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Chapter 495 - Ambush

The attacks from the Heavenly Lightning Earthen Blaze weren’t endless and finally ended  at this moment. In Glory, visual effects caused by skills hitting the terrain could be seen. The small street was filled with fresh holes. This was the third time the skill Heavenly Lightning Earthen Blaze had been used in this fight. The place looked similar to the aftermath of a war zone, especially since the third Heavenly Lightning had been activated where the second Heavenly Lightning had been.

Sun Xiang’s Battle Mage was crouching down in this charred landscape.

Although his in-game character didn’t show any expression, Sun Xiang was sitting in front of his computer pale-faced. Not only did his attempt to rush out of the Heavenly Lighting fail, he was also forced into a difficult situation by his opponents. In that previous confrontation, the only damage received by Little Bei was from his Dragon Breaks the Ranks and nothing else. Sun Xiang wasn’t so fortunate. He was unable to avoid the damage from the Heavenly Lightning as he was sent flying. One could tell that Sun Xiang’s character had taken damage just by looking at the smoke emitting from his equipment.

Zhang Jiaxing now had something to do as he quickly healed Sun Xiang. The Heavenly Lightning had crashed down right when Shen Jian’s Striker went after Deception. He had to constantly dodge the attacks from the Heavenly Lightning. At the same time, his line of sight had been blocked. All he could see was a vague silhouette of Deception. Before he could get into range, a bolt of lightning cut through the silhouette, making him realize that something wasn’t right. The effects from Heavenly Lightning stopped and Deception was still standing in his team’s formation without harm. The silhouette struck by the Heavenly Lightning had been his shadow clone.

No decisive conclusion could be made from this exchange. However, from the looks of the situation, Ye Xiu’s team held the upper hand.

The morale of Loulan Slash and Little Bei were especially high after forcing Sun Xiang to back off. In their eyes, if they chased after their opponents, they would take the victory, but before they could act, Lord Grim typed, “Retreat!”

“We’re running?” Loulan Slash hesitated.

“We’re not running, it’s a tactical retreat!”

As he typed, Ye Xiu had Lord Grim retreat. The other six followed suit.

“Trying to run?” Sun Xiang was stomping his feet in impatience and wanted to chase after the group.

Liu Hao wanted to warn Sun Xiang, but he held himself back. Their young captain wasn’t someone who listened to other’s advices. If Sun Xiang made a decision, Liu Hao doubted he would be able to dissuade him and might even annoy him. Thus, Liu Hao refrained from restraining Sun Xiang.

“Everyone, be careful.” Liu Hao chose not to address Sun Xiang directly, and used the more general term of “everyone” instead. Deep in his heart, he knew that Ye Xiu had not shown his true capabilities. If the others were from Heavenly Justice, then the hidden experts from the cyber cafe might be with them too. With their sudden retreat, Liu Hao was reminded of the possibility of an ambush ahead.

We have more people on our side!

Ye Xiu’s words reverberated deep in Liu Hao’s mind. He doubted that Ye Qiu would be dumb enough to think that just those seven would be enough of an advantage to beat them. Now that he was thinking about it, could there have been a hidden meaning in his words? What if the experts following Ye Qiu logged into the game undetected and came over as reinforcements?

Liu Hao didn’t dare to irritate Sun Xiang, but he warned He Ming and Shen Jian in private. Those two were in the same boat as him. There weren’t any secrets between them. They clearly remembered what happened before and understood the situation immediately. They surrounded Sun Xiang to protect him from any ambush aimed against him.

Sun Xiang didn’t pay attention to any of this as he continued to chase at full speed. These little weeds had made him suffer losses time after time. He was going to turn each and every one of those weeds into ashes.

“Into the building!”

The seven of them rushed out from the streets. With the movement buff from the Neutral Chasers, Sun Xiang was rapidly closing the gap between them with incredible speed. Liu Hao was starting to get worried. They couldn’t keep up with Sun Xiang. He would be the first to arrive at the intersection, which would be the perfect spot for an ambush.

“Watch out for any ambushes!” shouted Liu Hao. At this point, he didn’t care about annoying Sun Xiang.

“Hmph!” Sun Xiang responded coldly. As Liu Hao expected, Sun Xiang paid no heed to him at all.

“He Ming.” Desperate, Liu Hao turned to He Ming for help.

“Got it.” He Ming nodded his head and used the Elementalist’s Teleportation to catch up. Teleportation was an Elementalist’s life saver, but at this moment, he was using it to protect Sun Xiang’s life.

Ice Wall!

He Ming rushed forward and threw a spell at the intersection to his right just in case of an ambush. The spell would serve as a buffer against potential enemies to buy time for Sun Xiang to react.

“What are you doing?” Sun Xiang was puzzled by He Ming’s action.

“Be careful. They may have set up an ambush.” He Ming didn’t dare to be careless. He focused his attention on the street to the left, ready to release spells at any time.

“What ambush?” Sun Xiang’s Battle Mage had already moved past the intersection. There hadn’t been anyone around. Their seven opponents hadn’t made any turns either and headed straight for a building at the intersection.

“The ambush is in that room!” Liu Hao felt uneasy. He didn’t care about anything else and shouted, “Wait!”

But Sun Xiang totally ignored his warning and made a beeline for the entrance. Sun Xiang was prepared though when he entered the room and swung his spear around.

He Ming’s Elementalist turned around and shrugged at his three teammates as he entered the building.

Liu Hao was filled with anger at this point. In Sun Xiang’s eyes, Loulan Slash and his team weren’t the only weeds. Liu Hao and the other pros were also included in this group of weeds. The pain of having to babysit somebody as proud and arrogant as Sun Xiang gnawed at Liu Hao. He even secretly hoped that Sun Xiang would be burnt to ashes.

In the end, nothing happened. Sun Xiang’s Battle Mage swung his battle lance freely and entered the room. They watched from the outside, but didn’t see any battles taking place.

“They’ve all run away...what the f*ck are you guys waiting for!” Sun Xiang shouted with rage, extremely dissatisfied about the fact that Liu Hao told him to “wait” earlier on.

Liu Hao responded absent-mindedly: “They ran away?”

At this moment, He Ming entered the building and noticed a window on the wall. The house was already empty. Sun Xiang had jumped straight out through the window.

“He Ming, follow him!” Liu Hao felt puzzled at the situation. He didn’t know whether or not their opponents had actually run off and he wasn’t yet in position to confirm it. However, with Sun Xiang focused on chasing after the enemies, the distance between him and their team was growing farther apart. Even if the enemies hadn’t actually run off, if this continued, it would be the same as if they had. Alone, Sun Xiang could easily be picked off by Ye Qiu and his team. After all, those guys weren’t bad players. They really weren’t like those weeds that could be found all over the game.

At this moment, He Ming was crouching beside the window. He spotted Sun Xiang’s Battle Mage chasing after a person and then disappearing after making a turn. He Ming, of course, shared the same dissatisfaction and worries as Liu Hao. Just as he was about to follow after him out the window, he saw the earth beneath the window rise and a silhouette burst out.

“Sh*t!” He Ming cursed. A mage in mid-air could only do so much. He couldn’t avoid it. The only possible skill that could be used in this situation, Teleportation, had been cast moments before and was still on cooldown.

The silhouette that appeared, of course, was Deception. He broke through the ground with the Underground Tunneling Technique. He Ming, with half of his body outside the window, was pushed into the window frame. Deception landed, strapped a noose around the neck of He Ming’s Elementalist, and dragged him out with a Body Bind Technique.

He Ming, knowing that he had been tricked, knew that the enemy’s attack would not stop there. He requested for help immediately. At the same time, he saw several silhouettes descend from the rooftop and attack him. An Earth-Shattering Slash from the Berserker sent him up into the air. Right when he was about to use a Quick Recover, the Grappler wrapped his legs around his neck, and dropped onto the ground after spinning in mid-air, slamming He Ming into the ground.

Three shots followed right after, along with a pillar of flame. All of these attacks were directed at He Ming who was on the ground. He Ming immediately understood. After going through the window, only one of the opposing members ran towards the intersection while the Ninja dug into the ground under the window with his Underground Tunneling Technique and the rest jumped onto the rooftop.

Sun Xiang would be the first to arrive. The opposition could tell judging by how fast he was moving compared to the rest. He Ming would be the second because he had cast Teleportation to catch up.

The enemy drew Sun Xiang away and then acted against the second target…

He Ming was an Elementalist, so he didn’t have much health. Add to the fact that he was using an open account, his equipment was no different than the ones used by common guild members. Ye Xiu and his team could defeat guild members within moments. His Elementalist would be killed quickly as well.

He Ming attempted to struggle, but as Ye Xiu’s Lord Grim landed blow after blow on him, He Ming knew that he would die here. Lord Grim’s level wasn’t high, but in this situation, damage wasn’t necessary. It was already enough just by attacking him. A surrounded Elementalist trying to escape without Teleportation didn’t abide to the rules of Glory.

With his Teleportation on cooldown, He Ming could only wait for reinforcements. The moment he heard Liu Hao’s voice, his heart was filled with joy. He still had some hit points left, and if his teammates got there in time…

“Heavenly Lightning.”

At the same time, he heard another voice.

Heavenly Lighting Earthen Blaze, the most popular spell in today’s battle, was cast for the fourth time, and it was placed in the room through the window.

With the lighting and flames, the interior of the house erupted in chaos, the position of the window could no longer be found. Heading to the window would probably be slower than going over the rooftop.

At this moment, He Ming knew, that he was beyond rescue.

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