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Chapter 494 - Sneak Attack Cover Up

As Loulan Slash listened to Ye Xiu, he couldn’t help but be doubtful. Even though he had heard the battle of words between Ye Xiu and Sun Xiang, he would soon be joining the pro scene, so he had a certain understanding of the meaning of these words. These words could be considered as a type of psychological battle. As a result, trash talk usually wasn’t treated as truth.

However, Ye Xiu’s tone of voice sounded as if it really was the truth. Did he really think they could beat an actual pro team with just themselves?

Even though Excellent Era didn’t have a good record this season, a lean camel was still bigger than a horse. No pro team dared to think that Excellent Era would be a free win. Now, a God and the previous captain of Excellent Era said these words.

“Ha ha ha ha, really……”

Bang bang bang bang!

The sounds of repeated gunfire.

Liu Hao also wanted to say a few words, but how could he know Ye Xiu would just immediately start firing after speaking. Liu Hao couldn’t just stand there talking, while taking bullets. Ye Xiu didn’t stop there. Lord Grim held the Thousand Chance Umbrella in a straight line and continued to shoot. The Thousand Chance Umbrella’s gun form was a rifle. In Glory, rifles weren’t automatic and their firerate couldn’t even be compared to handguns. Every wave only consisted of two bullets, but each bullet had a more range and a stronger force than handguns.

Just like this, Lord Grim’s repeated firing forced Liu Hao to swallow what he was about to say. Everyone stared dumbly at the scene. A moment later, someone said: “So we’re starting?”

“Hurry up and get me out of here!” Sun Xiang impatiently shouted. No matter how much of a God he was, it wasn’t like he could break the game’s rules. The water prison created by Hundred Streams couldn’t be broken from the inside.

Excellent Era’s side responded. He Ming’s Elementalist lifted up his staff, when Lord Grim suddenly switched targets from Liu Hao’s Spellblade to him. He Ming was also a pro player, so he saw it and immediately dodged the bullet. However, his channeling had been interrupted. Liu Hao wasn’t a weakling either though. Seeing an opening appear, he raised his sword as fire began to swirl around his body ---- Spellblade skill: Firewave Sword.

There were four elements in Glory: Fire, Ice, Light, and Dark. Battle Mage chasers, Elementalist spells, Ghostblade formations, Spellblade wave swords, and wave formations were all elemental skills. Apart from these, some skills were non-elemental. Elemental skills had an extra effect to them compared to non-elemental skills. By using equipment and other skills, the elemental damage could be increased. However, at the same time, there was also equipment with elemental resistance. Thus, elemental skills aren’t necessarily better than non-elemental skills. It depended on the circumstance.

The four elements were also connected. Fire and ice were a pair. Light and dark were the other. Opposing elements did additional damage. Similar elements did decreased damage.

For example, fire versus ice or ice versus fire would do increased damage to each other. Fire versus fire or ice versus ice did less damage to each other. The actual numbers depends on the elemental buffs and resistances between the two opposing sides.

Liu Hao’s Firewave Sword was a high damage skill. The fire spiralled towards the water prison. Even though the water prison was made of water, it was still categorized as an Ice elemental skill. As a result, the fire attack would do increased damage to it. This attack wouldn’t be enough to instantly destroy the water prison, but Liu Hao followed the attack with another wave sword.

Excellent Era’s other two players weren’t just standing by idly. Shen Jian’s Striker had no long ranged capabilities, so he charged forward towards Deception. As for Zhang Jiaxin, his Cleric was a support class. The battle had just begun though, so his team hadn’t taken much damage yet. His opponents didn’t have any buffs on them either, so there was no point trying to dispel them. He would be useless and alone for now.

As for Ye Xiu’s side, as soon as their Cleric Falling Thousand Leaves saw the battle start, she also began to get busy despite being unconfident in herself. Her side had people with tons of injuries. Ye Xiu’s Lord Grim had just eaten a full Rising Dragon Soars the Sky not long before and had lost a large chunk of his health.

“What are you all waiting for? When you begin a pro match and you see the enemy coming, you’re not just going to stand there, are you?” Ye Xiu saw that his words didn’t seem to have much of an effect on them and gave them a scolding.

This time, Loulan Slash and the others finally woke up and felt ashamed at how little confidence they had. They might not be able to compete with their opponents, but they couldn’t lose their spirit because of this. How would they be able to survive in the pro scene with such weak mentality?

“Heavenly Lightning!” Ye Xiu began to lead the team.

“Where?” Ocean Ahead was a bit slow. This was a common issue in new teams. If the leader’s calls couldn’t be understood quickly and had to be explained in detail, then the opportunity might be lost. When someone joined a team, people would talk about adjusting to the team. What did they mean by adjusting? Solving this issue.

Ye Xiu was currently an outsider in Loulan Slash’s team, but his words held power. RIght now, he was the team’s shotcaller. It was easy to bully weaker opponents because the calls were simple and easy to understand. However, in a high level battle with skilled opponents who had more practiced tactics, Ocean Ahead clearly didn’t know the purpose of using Heavenly Lightning Earthen Blaze. He had finished casting it, but he didn’t know where to throw it towards.

“Wherever there’s people……” Ye Xiu didn’t have time to say too much. It didn’t take much to say it, but the battle was constantly shifting. This wasn’t a single-player game where he could press pause and explain.

With these words, Ocean Ahead threw out his Heavenly Lightning towards a location with many enemies. At the same time, Ye Xiu reflected on his shotcalling. He couldn’t be too blunt and direct with them!

“If you were able to control your Heavenly Lightning Earthen Blaze, you would be able to maintain that water prison for a while longer.” Ye Xiu said and gave Ocean Ahead a pointer.

The Heavenly Lightning Earthen Blaze enveloped the water prison. Liu Hao had to dodge the attacks from the spell, so he couldn’t attack the water prison directly. However, the lightning and fire from the spell hit the water prison and assisted in breaking it. The water prison could be broken by anyone’s attacks, even those on the same team as the caster.

As soon as Sun Xiang broke free from the prison, his first thought was to find Deception, but under the cover of the Heavenly Lightning, he wasn’t able to see everything clearly. Sun Xiang decided to exit the range of the Heavenly Lightning first. He quickly reacted to the lightning and fire to dodge them. Right when he was about to break out of the area, a ray of light suddenly flashed in front of him. The light definitely wasn’t an effect of the Heavenly Lightning Earthen Blaze.

Loulan Slash’s Berserker was guarding this spot. This ray of light wasn’t actually a ray of light, but a bloody mist. It was the Berserker skill, Crimson Storm.

At this moment, the move had reached its peak. The huge blood blade was already just about to cut apart Sun Xiang’s Battle Mage. No matter how fast Sun Xiang was, he wouldn’t be able to break through it, so he hastily rolled back. Because of this, he wasn’t able to break out from the Heavenly Lightning and even took a few hits. However, the damage from it was much negligible compared to how much he would have taken if the Crimson Storm had hit him.

The blood blade crashed towards the ground and burst apart, mixing together with the Heavenly Lightning Earthen Blaze. Sun Xiang didn’t care about this though. He had just dodged the Blood Blade, when he saw a cold light fly towards him and felt a sense of imminent danger.

Sun Xiang was more than familiar with this effect.

This was the Battle Mage skill, Dragon Breaks the Ranks. The skill had actually been waiting for him to come.

Dragon Breaks the Ranks shot forward in a straight line. Battle Mages were a class with both physical and magic skills at their disposal. Although this skill didn’t do any magic damage, it had a magic effect. The shining light at the tip of the spear expanded into a wide circle, similar to how Falling Flower Palm hit opponents near the palm as well.

It was too late to dodge. Dragon Breaks the Ranks attacked all around and with this distance, there was nowhere to run to.

At this moment, Sun Xiang’s Battle Mage hastily raised up his spear too. Someone with good eyes could tell amidst the blurry surroundings from the Heavenly Lightning that the tip of his spear began to emit a faint light. However, the light instantly disappeared because Little Bei’s Dragon Breaks the Ranks had arrived and enveloped the area.

Boom! The sound of a huge explosion.

Little Bei thought his Dragon Breaks the Ranks had hit the opponent, but he discovered that he was the one flying backwards.

How was that possible!

Little Bei was astonished. For him to have been hit flying away, what had his opponent done?

Little Bei adjusted his view and soon saw that Sun Xiang’s Battle Mage was also flying away in the other direction. Even his posture was the same as his.

This was…….

Little Bei instantly understood. In that instant, Sun Xiang had also completed a Dragon Breaks the Ranks. The two sides had both used the same skill, so the results were the same.


Little Bei respected the play. He conceded that he didn’t have the skill to complete such a move in that situation. With this, Sun Xiang still took damage, but he didn’t let Little Bei get free damage off.

“How unfortunate.” Ye Xiu said, “If your coordination had been slightly tighter, he wouldn’t have had the opportunity to do that.”

Not only was Sun Xiang unable to break out of the Heavenly Lightning Earthen Blaze, he had even taken damage and had been pushed back. These chains of attacks were a result of Ye Xiu’s commands.

Heavenly Lightning Earthen Blaze wasn’t a damage skill at this moment. It was a cover. By utilizing it to obstruct the opponent’s view, they were able to successfully inflict heavy damage onto Sun Xiang. And the ones to do it were Loulan Slash and Little Bei, two players that Sun Xiang had considered weeds on the side of the road.

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