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Chapter 496 - Bullying

Liu Hao and the others saw He Ming’s Elementalist’s health rapidly drop. They didn’t need He Ming to shout for help in order to know that the situation wasn’t looking good. Even though their team had a Cleric, He Ming’s Elementalist wasn’t in spell range, so the Cleric couldn’t do anything.

In order to cast the spell, not only did the Cleric need to be close enough to the target, the target also had to be in the Cleric’s line of sight. Right now, He Ming’s Elementalist were separated by the wall and couldn’t be seen by them. Zhang Jiaxin stared with wide eyes, but couldn’t think of a possible solution. Listening to Liu Hao’s orders, the three exited the building as quickly as they could. Just as they reached the roof, Liu Hao’s icon turned gray, indicated his character’s death.

“F*CK!!” Liu Hao cursed. The dead He Ming quickly reported what had happened. The three pro players didn’t dare to make any rash movements. If they leaped down from the roof back onto the streets, they would be vulnerable as they fell, which would give the enemies a good opportunity to attack them.

Liu Hao could only shout fiercely at Sun Xiang in the team chat, but didn’t receive a response.

He Ming’s Elementalist had already died. Sun Xiang should have been able to see it too. However, Liu Hao reckoned that not only would Sun Xiang not be worried, he might even be thinking of how trash He Ming was to actually die in the hands of these weeds.

“What now?” Shen Jian asked Liu Hao.

Meanwhile, Zhang Jiaxin’s Cleric cautiously climbed towards the eaves of the roof to see if there was anything below. As soon as his head poked out, he heard a bang! Zhang Jiaxin immediately shrunk back. The eaves of the roof shattered into bits in front of his face.

“Let me!” Liu Hao had his Spellblade move carefully to the eaves of the roof. He raised his sword and cast a spell. An electric ball formed below. He was going to use an Electric Wave Formation to clear out a safe space for them to land.

However, as soon as he began to cast the Electric Wave Formation, the skill’s visual effects appeared, exposing his plan. This was one big weakness of using this sort of skill. When the electric ball appeared, Ye Xiu’s Lord Grim suddenly jumped up.

“Ha ha, too late.” Liu Hao laughed. He obviously knew about the huge weakness of the Electric Wave Formation. However, neither side knew where the other was located. By the time Lord Grim located him and shot at him, even if the bullet landed, he would have finished casting the spell. Liu Hao had calculated all of this before carrying out his plan.

Who would have thought that when Lord Grim jumped up, he didn’t shoot at him. Instead, Lord Grim had his back facing them and shot at the ground. He was going to use an Aerial Fire to fly up onto the roof!

Liu Hao was puzzled, but at this moment, a leg suddenly appeared beneath him. It was the Ninja skill, Annihilation…….

Liu Hao had been so focused on the Lord Grim in the air that he hadn’t thought someone would be hiding beneath the eaves of the roof. Only now did he realize that their opponents had a Ninja. By using the Disappearing Body Technique, setting up and ambushing from below the eaves of the roof was completely possible.

Unfortunately, in the time it took for him to figure this out, Liu Hao’s Spellblade had already been thrown into the air. Deception flipped onto the roof. He lifted up two shurikens and threw them at Xiao Jian and Zhang Jiaxin.

As for Lord Grim, after Aerial Firing his way onto the roof, he lobbed a grenade towards Liu Hao’s Spellblade.

The grenade exploded. Deception was also here, but he wouldn’t take any damage from it. However, Liu Hao was sent crashing towards the streets from the shockwave.

Zhang Jiaxin was a Cleric and didn’t have much combat ability. Their current situation was the same as the previous one. No one had lost much health, so there wasn’t much for him to do. This time, Zhang Jiaxin didn’t stand idly. He lifted his staff and cast a Sacred Fire at Lord Grim.

Ye Xiu used a Shadow Clone Technique to dodge it before pouncing towards Zhang Jiaxin’s Cleric.

A Cleric in close range needed protection. Xiao Jian’s Striker rushed over almost instinctively. At the same time, they heard several thumps. Behind them, Loulan Slash, Ocean Ahead, Night Tide, and Thousand Falling Leaves had jumped onto the roof.

Thousand Falling Leaves waved her staff and also used a Sacred Fire to force Xiao Jian’s Striker to retreat. Xiao Jian hastily leapt back to dodge it. Lord Grim had unexpectedly swapped off the Cleric and rushed towards him instead. Lord Grim stabbed forward with his umbrella spear. Xiao Jian was still in the air and couldn’t dodge, so he attempted to use an Empty-handed Blade Block. However, his hand failed to grab anything. Lord Grim’s spear stopped midway and didn’t follow all the way through with the stab. When his hand missed, the spear suddenly shot forward again.

Xiao Jian’s Striker landed on the ground, but the attack was now too close and too quick for him to dodge in time. The spear pierced into his body.

“You’re looking down on me too much. You should know just how much experience I have against Strikers!” Ye Xiu grinned and then swung his spear in a circle, slamming Xiao Jian’s Striker into the ground once more.

Xiao Jain was depressed! He obviously knew what Ye Xiu had meant by this. Ye Xiu had been rivals with God Han Wenqing for so many years, so, of course, he had tons of experience against Strikers. His little technical skills couldn’t compare to a fraction of Han Wenqing’s. However, in that instant, how could he have thought about all of that? He had done this out of instinct. Even if he had considered this point, he couldn’t have done much else.

Circle Swing forcefully knocked him down, so Xiao Jiao couldn’t do anything in return. When he turned his camera around, he saw Deception swing his blade. Countless water streams headed towards him.

Xiao Jian suddenly paled in alarm. What could he do? The Circle Swing had thrown him right into the water prison’s path.

Sure enough, the water prison formed the moment Xiao Jian’s Striker hit the ground. XIao Jian couldn’t do anything, but watch as the prison formed around him. He turned his camera to look to the side and saw the Berserker, Grappler, and Elementalist beating down Zhang Jiaxin’s Cleric.

No matter how good Zhang Jiaxin was, there was only so much a Cleric could do. No matter how amazing his mechanics were, they couldn’t be used to attack. At this moment, he could only dodge about and try to hang on. Fight back? Zhang Jiaxin only had a few skills that he could use to attack, but with the enemy’s Cleric still standing, attacking back would be a waste of mana. Furthermore, Loulan Slash and the others weren’t so weak that they couldn’t even take down a Cleric by themselves.

Meanwhile, after imprisoning Xiao Jian’s Striker, Lord Grim and Deception also rushed forward. With five players attacking together, Zhang Jiaxin’s situation became similar to He Ming’s.

Xiao Jian couldn’t do anything to help. Zhang Jiaxin wanted to cry, but no tears came out. Liu Hao’s Spellblade had finally made his way back onto the roof, but before he could even land on the roof, Lord Grim tossed another grenade at him.

Liu Hao was still a pro player. He swung his sword and knocked the grenade aside. However, he wasn’t as flashy as Sun Xiang and didn’t send the grenade back. Using the grenade’s explosion as a cover, three Anti-Tank Missiles sped away. Xiao Jian and Zhang Jiaxin saw what was happening, but it was too late to warn Liu Hao. Liu Hao’s Spellblade made his way out of the smoke, but ate three Anti-Tank Missiles instead. The missiles exploded and sent him flying from the roof.

They were all pro players, so they had the ability to judge the situation. The battle was over. Among their team of five, He Ming was already a corpse. Sun Xiang had disappeared to who knows where after chasing after one of the enemies. Liu Hao was unable to come up. Xiao Jian had been CC’d in a water prison and couldn’t break out. Zhang Jiaxian was being surrounded and beat down…...

“It’s over……” Xiao Jian closed his eyes. Zhang Jiaxin wouldn’t be able to hang on for much longer. When Ye Xiu’s Lord Grim joined the bullying, he pushed him into Falling Thousand Leave’s Sacred Fire. Sacred Fire silence enemies that it struck, making it impossible to use skills for three seconds. During these three seconds, the five enemies barraged him with attacks. After the three second silence had ended, he used an instant heal on himself, but it would only allow him to survive for a fraction longer.

Liu Hao didn’t dare to get onto the roof directly anymore, so he hastily took a roundabout way. However, by the time he arrived, Zhang Jiaxin’s Cleric had already fallen and Xiao Jian’s Striker was still stuck in prison.

Liu Hao could obviously tell how terrible the situation was. After eliminating Zhang Jiaxin’s Cleric, they smashed open the water prison surrounding Xiao Jian’s Striker and went to bully him next.

Xiao Jian struggled and resisted, but his opponents had a huge numbers advantage…… In addition, the enemy Cleric still standing, so they wouldn’t care about his pathetic struggles to fight back.

This was a perfect example of safety in numbers. They didn’t even need skill! They just attacked him with whatever they had until he died. Xiao Jian had planned on running away as soon as the water prison broke, but the enemies had surrounded him too tightly. Plus, with Ye Xiu controlling the situation, he had no way of escaping the encirclement and could only watch as his health fell to zero.

And Liu Hao? Liu Hao quietly watched the scene, but didn’t dare to move.

He felt like their loss was already guaranteed. Even if he went out and helped Xiao Jian escape, with just the two of them, how were they going to beat six players including a Cleric?

A loss! Another loss!

He had called Sun Xiang over. Excellent Era’s main team had come out to enter the fray, but they actually lost! Moreover, the amount of time it took…… was probably shorter than a normal pro match! Could these guys actually be better than a pro team?

Liu Hao was embarrassed and at a complete loss.

He wasn’t afraid of dying. As a pro player, how could he care about the equipment and experience loss of an open account? What made him the most depressed and hurt was their defeat. It should have been an easy victory. Why had he lost again? Why?

“Is there something you want to say?” Ye Xiu had Lord Grim turn around and look at the frozen Liu Hao.

“Where did you all run off to?! COME OUT!” At this moment, Sun Xiang suddenly shouted in frustration.

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