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Chapter 461 – A Traumatic Experience

Even the great God was astonished. Chen Guo turned her head towards Ye Xiu’s screen and saw the Wilderness Escort’s face staring back.

The Wilderness Escort had been stuffed in, but he wasn’t able to go completely through the dog hole because Sparse Fragrance had blocked his path. Falling Flower Palm’s Blow Away effect wasn’t strong enough against the boss, so it just stopped there unable to move any further.

As a result, the Wilderness Escort had half of his body stuck in the hole. Chen Guo could see the Wilderness Escort twisting and turning strangely and then the sounds of rapid gunfire.

“What is he doing……” Chen Guo stared.

Ye Xiu didn’t know whether to laugh or cry: “He’s trying to get up…… but he’s stuck in the hole. Does this boss know what that even means?”

“You don’t know this?” Chen Guo asked back.

“How would I know?” Ye Xiu was helpless. He knew some information on the Wilderness Escort, but he didn’t know about this sort of specific data similar to how he didn’t know of the existence of the dog hole.

“They’re probably going to try and push the boss in. The boss isn’t very smart right?” Chen Guo said.

“Hm or maybe……” Ye Xiu said.

“Could they want the boss to stay stuck there?” Just as Chen Guo finished saying this, the sounds of gunfire echoed again.

“He’s still trying to get up……” Ye Xiu was helpless.

When the Wilderness Escort got up, it would randomly fire and also let out a shockwave. Now that it was stuck in the hole, it couldn’t get up, but the random firing could still be done. However, the Escort couldn’t move his arm in the hole, so it could only fire at his own feet.

“Someone’s running this way!!”

At this moment, the two players responsible for observing the outside situation nervously reported.

“There’s nothing we can do! Log off!!!” Sparse Fragrance cried.

“Don’t be in such a hurry. Wait here!” Ye Xiu said, while having Lord Grim let out a Falling Flower Palm. With a bang, the Wilderness Escort was pushed out.

“What are you doing!!!!” Sparse Fragrance shouted. This would undoubtedly expose them.

“Wait for me here!!” Right as Ye Xiu said this, the others watched as Lord Grim slipped out from the hole. They stared dumbly for a moment, before suddenly realizing that he had slid out using a Sharpshooter skill.

After failing to send the Wilderness Escort into the dog hole nine times, they accidentally got it in on the next try. It made Ice of Dawn feel like God was playing with them.

With the other guilds already there, sending the Wilderness Escort into the hole was completely pointless. It was just that the players had done the same set of movements so many times that they inadvertently did it. The Battle Mage looked as if he were about to make a big gamble when he shot out the palm. Who would have thought that this strike would actually send the Wilderness Escort into the hole.

It hadn’t gone all the way through, but no one thought much of it.

After all, this had only been done accidentally. The Battle Mage hadn’t been very careful with his move and hadn’t paid attention to his position. As a result, even though the angle had been extremely accurate, the distance wasn’t optimal, so it made sense it would only stop halfway.

Following afterwards, the Wilderness Escort fired his gun from the hole directly towards the players outside.

Everyone outside and inside had been amazed at this strange scene. Just when everyone was astonished at this sight, the Wilderness Escort fired shots a second time trying to get up and then suddenly slipped out.

Even if the boss had been coded to be able to crawl out from the hole, it should be able to slid out so perfectly right?

“There are people inside!!!” Someone immediately shouted. Just as someone was about to go run inside and check, there was a woosh and sure enough, someone slipped out from the dog hole. That someone got up smoothly and shouted: “Everyone, don’t panic! It’s me. It’s me.”

“It’s me. It’s me.” was quite an arrogant thing to say. It was as if everyone should recognize him.

However, no one felt that he was arrogant once they saw the ID on top of his head. Everyone was surprised: It’s him!

Lord Grim. In recent times, he was an extremely popular character. Rumors even said that he was God Ye Qiu. The debate on whether or not he really was him was still going on.

Blue Brook Guild’s Ice of Dawn and Excellent Dynasty’s Dreamland had all sorts of feelings arise.

They had finally met in the Heavenly Domain.

These two had similar thoughts.

Ice of Dawn once gone with Changing Spring as well as the other great experts of Blue Brook Guild to try and save the situation in the tenth server. He could be considered as someone who had competed with Ye Xiu before, but had lost. They had practiced bitterly in order to set a dungeon record, but their efforts had been pointless.

When the great experts returned to the Heavenly Domain, they came back dejected and depressed. At that time, they had even felt somewhat grateful for Poplar Beach. When Poplar Beach challenged Lord Grim, he became a huge focus in the guild. The guild leader had personally led experts to support him, but he returned in embarrassment.

After that, they quickly found out that Lord Grim was actually Ye Qiu. This information had been personally confirmed by Blue River and others. Even though right now, the media were obfuscating it, they had a hard time doubting it.

From a psychological perspective, if he really was God Ye Qiu, then that would be great.

From that point onwards, they knew that even though they had avoided competing with him in the tenth server, how could a person like God Ye Qiu not make any movements in the Heavenly Domain?

Especially after the Thousand Waves Lake campaign……

Ice of Dawn hadn’t participated in that battle, but Changing Spring had personally led the troops. Ice of Dawn was well aware of his own status. From then on, the resistance towards Lord Grim in the tenth server had disappeared. They began preparing for the arrival of the God in the Heavenly Domain.

At that time, they had analyzed as an unspecialized, he could only come at Level 50. They would have a 20 level advantage and a huge numbers advantage as well. Defeating him wouldn’t be a problem!

But then, when Lord Grim actually arrived, Changing Spring gave the order to sit and watch.

Changing Spring had said that there wouldn’t be any pressure, but when he actually came, they were told to sit and watch.

Ice of Dawn didn’t look down on this order. He even felt a sense of relief.

It was true that with a numbers advantage and a 20 level advantage, even if he was a God and an unspecialized, taking him down wouldn’t be a problem. Ice of Dawn had felt this was true at that time as well.

However, when Lord Grim actually arrived, Changing Spring’s orders weren’t wrong either.

The first order was a fight. The second order was to avoid first.

These two completely contradictory plans were both very reasonable.

In reality, his interactions with Lord Grim were very shallow. He had only lost once in that dungeon record competition. He wasn’t like Blue River, who had to toss and turn with Lord Grim the whole time. However, that single loss had left a huge shadow in Ice of Dawn’s heart. Because only they knew how hard they had worked for that low leveled dungeon record.


Even though it was a low leveled dungeon, they had done it to their limit.

Their limit had been completely broken without any effort. The sense of defeat in that instant was something outsiders wouldn’t be able to understand.

This was where his trauma came from.

Lord Grim’s next actions hadn’t been personally experienced by Ice of Dawn, but Ice of Dawn had paid attention to them. He had even noticed Blue River’s wavering.

Ice of Dawn admired this old friend greatly. He felt like his friend’s wavering had been a show of his resolve. Ice of Dawn could completely understand him.

It wasn’t that they weren’t trying hard. It was that their opponent was too terrifying!

Ice of Dawn couldn’t help but think of his traumatic experience in that low leveled dungeon and how hard he had worked.

When Lord Grim was in the tenth server, the guilds had watched him with great care. They had paid attention to Lord Grim’s movements.

But when Lord Grim stepped into the Heavenly Domain, their guild wasn’t the only one watching. The entire Heavenly Domain was watching.

He truly deserves to be called a God!

Ice of Dawn thought. A God’s Heavenly Challenge should be that eye-catching.

Afterwards, he began playing tricks one after the other. Lord Grim’s fame had began in the tenth server to the Heavenly Domain all the way to the entire Glory scene.

Pro players began watching him. The media began reporting on him, calling him a mystery man or whatever. All sorts of guesses, information, rumors, and drama flew around.

His fame seemed to have reached the entire world.

It even seemed as if Blue Brook Guild had forgotten their original purpose for watching him.

It’d be best to just keep watching like this!

After Ice of Dawn looked through all these news reports, he even had this type of thought. Today, without any preparation, Lord Grim suddenly popped out from a hole in front of him.

“Ice of Dawn!”

Ice of Dawn was startled. It seemed as if someone was calling his name.

“Haven’t we met before?” He heard the same voice continue.

He knew who was talking.

“I’ve been to the tenth server before.” Ice of Dawn replied.

“Yeah, I have a pretty good relationship with your Blue Brook Guild too! Would you like some help?” Ye Xiu asked.

“Ah?” Ice of Dawn stared blankly.

“Let’s ally with Excellent Dynasty and get rid of Herb Garden first!” Ye Xiu said.

It was Herb Garden’s turn to stare blankly. Following afterwards, the leader Mugwort laughed: “You think everything will go as you say?”

Lord Grim had already walked forward. Ye Xiu shouted: “Excellent Dynasty, stand with me! Didn’t you hear the news? I’m Ye Qiu!”

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