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Chapter 460 – High End Setting

Because of how the Heavenly Domain was set up, the value and importance of many things were vastly different from the normal servers.

In the normal servers, the competition between the guilds for the dungeon records were life and death battles. They were mainly sought after for the achievement. Through achievements, the guilds could prove their strength. Through strength, the guilds could grab the attention of new Glory players and turn them into their members and their team’s supporters. This was the value of dungeon records.

As for the Heavenly Domain, the idea was different.

In the Heavenly Domain, it couldn’t be said that there weren’t any noobs. After all, you could directly buy a Heavenly Domain account card and directly skip the normal servers to this high end server. However, most of the Heavenly Domain players had gone through the normal servers and completed the challenge.

These players had all played Glory for a good amount of time. From playing the game and watching the pro scene, they already knew very well which guilds had Clubs backing them. For these players, the Clubs no longer needed achievements to attract their attention. For them, the names of these guilds were huge gold-lettered signboards.

In addition, the top guilds in the Heavenly Domain were fundamentally stable. They didn’t need to do much to prove their existence.

In the Heavenly Domain, everyone still competed for dungeon records, but these weren’t done to prove their strength. After taking down a dungeon record, the system rewards were what everyone cared about. It was just that once a record reached a certain point, trying to break it was very difficult.

For the Heavenly Domain’s dungeon records, you can’t look at just the team composition.

The dungeon records here stored countless famous names. These were characters from the pro scene.

Pro players and accounts were not restricted from competing in the game. This was something the Glory Alliance had put in great effort to fight for. The famous speech made by the Alliance’s chairperson at that time was still enjoyed by today’s players.

In that speech, the chairperson enthusiastically promoted a huge benefit in relying on the game’s competition: pro player interaction.

No sport had the same level of pro player interaction as Glory did.

Football, basketball, F1, or even any other eSport may have huge amounts of fans, but for those fans, pro players are a higher level of existence. Normal people would have a hard time ever meeting them.

But in Glory, with the game as the foundation for the competition, the distance between pro players and normal players could be closed through the online platform. In the game, you might be able to run into your worshipped pro idol or you might have the chance to team up with your favorite pro player, dungeon, and kill the boss together.

The core idea raised from this speech truly aroused a huge number of Glory supporters. At that time, Glory had only just pushed into the Heavenly Domain. In order to promote this type of setup, pro players would undoubtedly attract many fans, so they didn’t have any problems with it either.

The game company accommodated for this feature by allowing pro players to play freely in the Heavenly Domain.

In the early years, the dream the Alliance chairperson had imagined came true. Speaking of this, at that time, pro players were the first bunch of characters to reach the Heavenly Domain. Normal players truly were able to play with pro players frequently. However, as Glory developed, the player base rose and the maps expanded, pro players became more and more popular. That initial dream was rarely seen now.

Pro players not running over to the game to play wasn’t something the Alliance restricted. It was just that the pro players were too afraid to log into their accounts.

With so many people gathering around to watch, the pro player wouldn’t be able to really do anything in the game. The crowd watching was only one aspect. In reality, the pro player would even sometimes be attacked. The attackers might want the pleasure of fighting against a real pro player or they might be attacking for the equipment on the pro player. There were all sorts of reasons. As a result, with how popular Glory was, that beautiful dream had already faded away.

Today’s pro players would only come on to challenge the hardest dungeon records. Because of this, the Heavenly Domain’s dungeon records were set by the pros.

And the reason they set these records was for the resources given by the system’s rewards.


In the Heavenly Domain, the top guilds competed for resources.

The dungeon records were for this. The wild bosses were for this.

For the pro scene, the value of materials were far greater than the value of equipment. If one really wanted an equipment that dropped from in the game, it wasn’t too hard to get it. Self-made equipment were the high end equipment the Clubs pursued. And in order to create equipment, materials were necessary.

The production of materials in Glory spread throughout the game’s activities.

The levels of these materials weren’t the important point. Their rarity was what determined the material’s value.

The unique materials dropped from some wild bosses were very precious. Every year, these wild bosss only spawned up to 52 times. If the material was necessary for research of a self-made equipment, then there were only 52 chances to fail every year. And that was under the scenario where one obtained the necessary material every time.

How could this type of material not be valuable? And how could equipment made by this type of material not be powerful?

The Level 65 wild boss Wilderness Escort dropped a unique Revolver, Wildfire. In a normal players’ hands, this weapon alone would be extremely valuable. But in the pro scene, this Level 65 weapon wouldn’t be looked at.

However, these equipment might be used while researching self-made equipment, though its uses were quite narrow. For example, Wildfire could only be used for Gunner weapons. The less uses there were, the lower the need. Its value would obviously be lower as well.

But no matter how low its value was, as long as it was unique, it would always be more precious than those uncommon materials that could be found in dungeons. As a result, it still had to be fought for. Even if a team didn’t have any Gunner classes and there was no value of this gun to them, it could still be used a bargaining chip. No matter how useless it was to them, it would be a weakness to whomever needed it. The competition in the pro scene extended down into the game in this way.

“Fight! Why aren’t they fighting!!!” Sparse Fragrance couldn’t control himself as he typed out in impatience.

“The Wilderness Escort isn’t considered that valuable. The items it drops are fairly limited in use. How will the guilds deal with this……” Ye Xiu pondered.

“Can you see anything from that hole?” Sparse Fragrance asked Ye Xiu.

“I thought you were more familiar with that hole than I was…..” Ye Xiu replied.

“I’m just more familiar with going through it……” Sparse Fragrance said. He lied down on his stomach and stuffed his head into the hole to see if he could see the outside situation. Although the battle outside didn’t stop, it was still just Blue Brook Guild’s players dealing with the Wilderness Escort. A large scale PK wouldn’t just have this miniscule amount of movement.

“He won’t be discovered by doing that right?” Chen Guo said.

“No. There’s grass covering up the hole outside.” Ye Xiu said.

“Then wouldn’t that mean he won’t be able to see anything?” Chen Guo said.

“There might be a few cracks between the grass…..” Ye Xiu said.

“How despicable…..” Chen Guo was speechless.

Outside the walls, Blue Brook Guild’s Ice of Dawn couldn’t really do much. They had the chance, but who would have thought that their luck would be so bad and they would fail nine times before the competitors arrived. Their numbers were lower. Against another top guilds, in a direct fight, they would certainly lose.

The person talking to him was from Herb Garden. He was called Mugwort. Dawn of Ice recognized him. Mugwort was quite a famous figure in Herb Garden. In an activity like this, there would certainly be a fight, so the top guilds wouldn’t just randomly send some troops over to charge in. There would definitely be someone with reputation to lead the team.

The one leading Excellent Dynasty was called Dreamland, a famous expert from there and a core member of the guild. The people leading teams would always be these types of people.

“Ha ha, you two are pretty slow!” Dawn of Ice shouted to these two leaders.

“This place, he he, I think I know what Senior Dawn is trying to do!” Mugwort said. Club guilds understood the system quite well. The guild leader, the secondary guild leader, the team leaders all had their own purpose. They weren’t just placed there randomly because they knew each other well or because they were skilled. These were true core members of the guild with their own specific duties.

Ice of Dawn was one of Blue Brook Guild’s Five Great Experts. It was hard to say how skilled they were in the game, but in terms of responsibility, their importance in Blue Brook Guild wouldn’t be low. Compared to Mugwort’s and Dreamland’s status in their respective guilds, he would be considered a bit higher and someone at a Senior level.

“Really?” Ice of Dawn half-heartedly remarked. His line of sight was towards these two opposing guilds and not the dog hole behind him. At this moment, a familiar “Bang!” boomed. The sound of a Falling Flower Palm.

“What!!” This sound startled Ye Xiu.

Sparse Fragrance, who had his head in the dog hole, shot out like a bullet. He rolled backwards all the way until he crashed into the wall. In the chat, he spammed: “F*ck f*ck f*ck f*ck!!!!”

“What’s wrong……” Ye Xiu immediately went down to the dog hole to take a look and even he stared in shock.

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