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Chapter 462 – To Catch a Band of Thieves, Catch the Leader First

The first person to almost fall over hearing Ye Xiu’s words was Chen Guo. Her complicated and conflicting feelings instantly grew even further. However, as someone who had broken away from Excellent Era and as a fan of Ye Xiu, Chen Guo was looking forward to what would happen next. She stared at Ye Xiu’s screen and even had the urge to grab Ye Xiu’s headphones.

In game, everyone on scene froze.

Lord Grim was Ye Qiu. This was an issue that was still being debated, however, most views pointed towards this. As normal players, they might not have much authority to say anything, but they were free to choose whichever side they liked.

To choose to believe or not to believe.

Ice of Dawn was a believer. Thus, at that instant, his emotions surged. He quickly realized what these words entailed.

This was as if Blue Rain’s Yu Wenzhou or Huang Shaotian appeared in front of them and told them to take down Herb Garden. Even if Ice of Dawn were alone, he wouldn’t hesitate to jump into the flames and do as he was told.

When these words came out, Mugwort’s expression immediately changed. Of course, in the game, the others could only see his character and not his actual face.

As for Excellent Dynasty’s players, when Lord Grim suddenly slid out from the hole, they were already in conflict.

Was Lord Grim really Ye Qiu?

This topic was without a doubt discussed the most intensely in Excellent Dynasty. The guild leader, Chen Yehui, saw this, but it wouldn’t be easy to stop them. He could only send a few of his trusted subordinates and have them lead the direction of the discussion. He wasn’t trying to prove that Lord Grim wasn’t Ye Qiu, but rather to destroy Ye Qiu’s image among Excellent Era players.

He had thought of doing this a long time ago, but he was always too afraid to do so. Up until now, using the Club’s public statements as a base, he used those as arguments to being carrying it out now.

However, using this chance to tarnish Ye Qiu’s image in Excellent Dynasty had only just begun. There hadn’t been any significant effects yet! Excellent Dynasty’s players were still relying on their own judgement to make a decision. Some of them firmly believed that Lord Grim was Ye Qiu. Some didn’t believe it, while some weren’t sure.

At this moment, Lord Grim leaped out in front of them and yelled out an “I’m Ye Qiu.”

Truthfully……… if he really was Ye Qiu, they weren’t convinced that he would be so direct. This was because although Ye Qiu was a God, he had never shown himself outside of the game. Fans knew very little about him. Otherwise, why would Chen Guo be so conflicted? She had her own thoughts on how this God would act, but his actions were inconsistent with her own thoughts, which was why she was conflicted.

Excellent Dynasty’s team leader Dreamland was one of the guild’s core members. When Lord Grim suddenly jumped out, claiming that he was Ye Qiu, and then gave an order, for a moment, he was unsure of what to do. Dreamland had his own thoughts on whether or not Lord Grim was Ye Qiu though. But at this moment, he was leading the team for Excellent Dynasty. Even if Lord Grim was Ye Qiu, if he carried out his orders, he would be blindly following his idol and perhaps not working in the guild’s interests.

What were the guild’s interests right now? It should be to first kill off Blue Brook Guild because Blue Brook Guild already had the damage dealt advantage on the Wilderness Escort. It didn’t make sense to cooperate with them and put an end to Herb Garden who was in a similar situation as them!

Thinking of this, Dreamland immediately typed out a message in the team chat, ordering everyone to stay put for now.

While he was typing out this message, a few Excellent Dynasty players had already started running towards Lord Grim. When the message came out, they were suddenly at a loss again.

Dreamland was having a huge headache. He immediately went to ask Chen Yehui for advice.

Chen Yehui was also very startled when he received this message. Was Ye Qiu finally using his identity as a weapon?

Chen Yehui regretted that the person he had sent to lead the team wasn’t his own trusted aide. However, since Dreamland was someone who had the power to lead a team, Chen Yehui also had a certain understanding towards him. This person understood the importance of working in the guild’s and the team’s benefits. At this moment, he probably had made his own decision already and didn’t listen to Ye QIu’s orders yet.

Thinking of this, Chen Yehui relaxed a bit. As he replied to Dreamland, he reminded himself to cleanse those who held different views. Excellent Dynasty’s core members had already tried to rope in as many non Ye Qiu fans as possible. In the beginning, Chen Yehui didn’t think that they would make any difference because he hadn’t thought Ye Qiu would actually come to the game to fight with them. Facing this type of situation, he should have cleansed them all long ago. Chen Guo was upset! Why hadn’t he done this earlier?

Chen Yehui was very careful with his reply to Dreamland. Dreamland was currently neutral. If he directly talked bad about Ye Qiu, it might have the opposite effect. Anyone could see Ye Qiu’s impact on Excellent Era’s achievements. Making them flip sides with just a few words wouldn’t be that easy. It wasn’t a good idea to do it at this time either. In Chen Yehui’s eyes, Dreamland wasn’t a reckless, brain-dead fan. Thus, his following command was to let Dreamland weigh the situation and give priority to the guild’s interests.

Give priority to the guild’s interests!

In Dreamland’s eyes, Lord Grim’s orders wouldn’t be working in the guild’s interests!

Dreamland hadn’t said anything the entire time. Besides the few in Excellent Dynasty who had slipped away in the beginning, no one else had moved. And once the ones who slipped away realized that their actions weren’t aligned with their team, they immediately returned. From this, it could be seen that such discipline in a Club guild was something that players guilds made for fun didn’t have.

Was no one in Excellent Dynasty as fan of Ye Qiu’s?

Seeing how some of them had run off, there were definitely fans!

However, when Ye Xiu blurted out an “I’m Ye Qiu’, some of them wavered.

It was similar to how Chen Guo almost fell over. Ye Xiu’s actions didn’t fit with their image of God, which was why they hesitated. The initial few saw that everyone wasn’t moving, so they began to waver too.

“Why isn’t anyone moving?” Ye Xiu said. Lord Grim walked over as if he were going to stand with Excellent Dynasty.

“Uh……” Dreamland wanted to say something, when Lord Grim suddenly stopped.

Dreamland was startled, when suddenly a shout could be heard. He turned his head. Lord Grim was now amongst Herb Garden’s troops.

Shadow Clone Technique!

What’s going on?

Dreamland was at a loss. Then, he saw Herb Garden’s Mugwort in the air. He wasn’t doing this himself. Lord Grim, who had suddenly moved next to him, had done it.

How was this done? Dreamland didn’t know. He hadn’t seen it in time. When he turned over, all he saw was Mugworts flying out as well as a bunch of shouts from Herb Garden’s players as they surrounded him and began to attack.

“Take him down!!”

Mugworts fell in Blue Brook Guild’s territory.

Ice of Dawn was also startled, but after hearing Ye Xiu suddenly say “Take him down”, he suddenly woke up with a start and also shouted a “Take him down!!” Blue Brook Guild’s players immediately surrounded Mugworts.

Mugworts might be a top player in the game, but there was no way he could fight against an entire group of experts. His Quick Recover had been done beautifully, but his hopes had already withered away.

Too careless!

He had seen that Dreamland wasn’t siding with the self-proclaimed Ye Qiu and was just about to tease him, but who would have thought he would suddenly sneak attack like that…….

Against a group of wolves, Mugworts only had half his heath left. He knew that he wouldn’t be able to be saved. He could only turn his head hatefully and see the same result for Lord Grim.

The results were disappointing though.

Ye Xiu hadn’t gone in on impulse. He had calculated everything beforehand. Before sending Mugworts flying away, he had already determined an escape route. When Mugworts looked back, Lord Grim had already run away.

“Beautiful!” Ice of Dawn praised. He ordered his subordinates to go to Lord Grim’s side to block the incoming Herb Garden players.

“To catch thieves, first catch the leader!” Ice of Dawn laughed as Mugworts fell. On paper, the number of players on Herb Garden’s side was about the same as Blue Brook Guild’s, but without a leader, it would be a one-sided defeat.

“You’re right.”

Ice of Dawn heard Lord Grim give a praise as well. Afterwards, he discovered that he was suddenly in the air as well.

What’s going on?

Ice of Dawn wasn’t sure what happened.

“Did I press jump?” Ice of Dawn looked down at his keyboard. His left hand was far away from the jump button.

After that, he heard a ton of angry shouts. Didn’t he just hear this sound before? It sounded very similar to when Lord Grim had been surrounded by Herb Garden’s group.

“Take him down!”

Then, he heard another shout he had heard before.

Ice of Dawn fell to the ground. He had even forgotten to use Quick Recover. When he looked up, he saw a bunch of “Guild Excellent Dynasty” tags……

Ice of Dawn suddenly understood what had happened. He was just like Mugworts. He struggled to adjust his camera, but he wasn’t even able to do that. As a mage class with only cloth armor, he died even faster.

There were now two teams without heads.

Excellent Dynasty’s players instantly understood what was going on.

“KILL!!” Everyone shouted.

But kill who? Who had they decided to kill?

Chen Guo had her mouth wide open as she stared at Ye Xiu. Ye Xiu was as calm as ever.

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