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Chapter 459 – Mistakes

Outside, there was another “Again!” The same person always said it. Judging from his tone, they could hear that he was getting more and more anxious.

They had already failed three times and were getting ready for their fourth attempt.

Chen Guo stopped looking at her screen and watched Ye Xiu’s right hand attentively.

I’m right! It’s just a tremble!

Chen Guo confirmed. Under her watchful eyes, every time he attacked, there would be a tiny tremble in order to make a small swinging motion.

“Too scary…..” Chen Guo muttered. After ruining his image with doing a shady business like scrap picking, he immediately followed with incredible microing worthy of a God. Chen Guo didn’t know what to think of him. She wasn’t sure if it was because this God was too twisted or if she liked to be conflicted.

While Chen Guo was figuring out what Ye Xiu was doing, the leader outside was completely furious.

“What the f*ck are you guys doing!! How can you guys not do something so simple???”

He could no longer calmly say “Again!” and was now beginning to whip them into shape.

This was already their sixth failure. None of them realized that someone was making them mess up from inside the dog hole. All they saw was that when the Wilderness Escort went flying towards the hole, the Wilderness Escort would always hit a wall. In short, their angle was always slightly off.

The Battle Mage responsible for using Falling Flower Palm was sweating like mad. He clearly had the largest responsibility among everyone.

“Standing Foolishly, go there. Peaceful Justice, come here!” The leader had already lost confidence in this Battle Mage and had someone take his place.

As these shouts came, the sounds of battle never stopped. The Wilderness Escort wouldn’t stop for them. He quickly got up and attacked. The players had to deal with him.

After failing six times, the players responsible for sending the Escort flying into the hole didn’t dare be negligent. They carefully adjusted the Wilderness Escort’s position before launching him into the air.

Paying attention to the timing and position, the newly switched Battle Mage unleashed a Falling Flower Palm, hitting the Wilderness Escort.

In order to reduce the difficulty, they moved the Wilderness Escort as close to the dog hole as possible.

The Wilderness Escort flew like a bullet into the dog hole. The boss had high resistance, so the Blow Away effect from the Falling Flower Palm wouldn’t be too effective, but it was enough to send it through the dog hole. If not, they wouldn’t have chosen a Battle Mage to do this task.

After the boom from the Falling Flower Palm, everyone went silent. They stared at the flying Wilderness Escort and only sounds of him and the earth rubbing together could be heard.

“IN!!!” Seeing the Wilderness Escort’s head enter the hole, the Battle Mage Peaceful Justice turned ecstatic. He was just about to shout this out, when the Wilderness Escort’s shoulder knocked into a wall. His body went askew and he popped out of the hole.

Seventh failure!

Peaceful Justice swallowed his words back into his stomach.

“F*CK!!!” The leader’s rage was about to reach its peak.

“Can you be more careful!!” The leader roared. He couldn’t say this was an easy task, which was why he had been able to endure the first three attempts, but seven failures was too much.

The others didn’t wait for him to speak again and immediately went for their eighth attempt.

Inside the room, Sparse Fragrance was so shocked he didn’t know what to say. They weren’t able to see Ye Xiu’s minute movement outside of the game, so their shock towards this was a bit different than Chen Guo’s.

Besides the shock from Ye Xiu’s movements in the dog hole, they were shocked that Ye Xiu had caused them to fail seven times already without the other side knowing.

Ye Xiu’s covert actions made them respect him even more!

After this next attempt, they could only hear the other side’s fury. The other side had stopped shouting “Again!” They all snickered, thinking that the other side was about to collapse from anger soon.

Suddenly, there was a “Bang!” The sound of a Falling Flower Palm.

They were all startled by it.

But Lord Grim’s movements didn’t slow down. He immediately did his previous sequence of actions again. But this time, Lord Grim didn’t send out an attack.

While everyone stared in astonishment, Lord Grim rolled to the side, avoiding the incoming bullets. In the chat, he typed: “They messed up……”

Everyone immediately understood.

They were all Heavenly Domain players and knew that stuffing the boss through the hole wasn’t an easy task even without anyone making them mess up.

With Ye Xiu’s words, they now knew that Ye Xiu had even been paying attention to this. He was even judging whether the opponents would mess up or not in case he didn’t need to act.

But at the same time, they also noticed that the previous Battle Mage’s skill must have been quite good. He hadn’t messed up the previous six times. As for the new one, it was only his second attempt and he had already made a mistake.

They thought about it for a bit and felt like it made sense. The other side wasn’t here to practice. In order to finish the task as fast as possible, they would obviously send out their best first. Unfortunately, this Battle Mage suffered an unjust wrong by Ye Xiu’s hands. The others saw that he was trash who couldn’t succeed after six tries and directly substituted him without giving a reason.

After failing eight times, roars of rage filled the outside.

He couldn’t be blamed for not having any patience. There just wasn’t any time for patience. They had gotten to their destination slightly earlier than the other guilds. If the other guilds arrived, even if they stuffed the Wilderness Escort into the hole, it would be pointless.

What he feared came true. As they began getting ready for their ninth attempt, someone suddenly shouted: “Herb Garden and Excellent Dynasty have come.”

“F*ck!” The leader was depressed, but he still ordered: “Everyone, hide in a corner. Have one team head in the other direction and have them see you run away.”

This was their last hope left. However, even he didn’t think their opponents would be so easily tricked by this. Right now, everyone was still looking for the boss. It wouldn’t be any trouble for them to split up their troops.

“This is probably our last chance!” The leader shouted. For this last attempt, he didn’t express his impatience. He hoped his calmness could raise their morale and let them succeed this time.

“You can do it!!” The surrounding players encouraged them.

The players responsible for this task had their morale boosted.

“We have to succeed……”

Ye Xiu and the others could hear how serious his tone was.

“I feel so sorry for them…..” Chen Guo sympathized.

The others used ellipses to express their sympathies as well.

They began their ninth attempt. Skills began being unleashed one after the other, clearer than any other time. Treasuring this final attempt, besides the players responsible for this task, the other players kept silent so that they wouldn’t disturb them in any way and prayed for their success.


In the end, the final skill used was the Falling Flower Palm.

Everyone gripped their mice tightly. Whether they failed or succeeded depended on this.

They failed…….

The Wilderness Escort knocked into a wall in the hole and wouldn’t go through. It struggled up and open fired.

Roars of rage echoed through the air!

However, no one denounced the players responsible for sending the Wilderness Escort into the hole. These players were their team’s best players.

They couldn’t blame these nine failures on their skill. It was an issue of luck.

“Increase the DPS!!!”

An order came out. They would now try to kill the boss.

“They’re coming!!”

Inside the wall, the ones responsible with observing the outside through the crack in the wall found that more troops were joining the scene.

“Oh! They’re busy!”

Outside of the wall, a weird voice could be heard.

They didn’t know who it was, but they at least knew that others had arrived. As professional scrap pickers, Sparse Fragrance and the others had never participated in the struggle for the boss, but they had been a part of the shady business involving this. One minute they might be allies. The next minute they might be at each other’s throats.

The team who had failed to stuff the boss into the hole weren’t in a good situation. Don’t look at how these players had found the boss first. Because they were the first ones to find the boss, they were destined to fail. The first team to find the boss would have a certain advantage over everyone in damage dealt. The distribution of boss drops depended on whichever team did the most damage, so the first team would be everyone else’s first target.

“It’s just a Level 65 Wilderness Escort. I’m surprised you would actually go to the trouble of personally leading the team, Dawn.” The weird voice continued to speak.

“Is he famous?” Ye Xiu asked the others.

“Icy Dawn! One of Blue Brook Guild’s Five Great Experts!!” Sparse Fragrance was astonished that Ye Xiu didn’t even know this.

“Oh, one of Blue Brook Guild’s!” Ye Xiu said.

“Blue Brook Guild, Herb Garden, and Excellent Dynasty. It’s about to get rowdy.” Sparse Fragrance was very excited. As a scrap picker, the larger the scene the better, the more experts the better. More experts improved their chances of picking up better items.

“A wild boss……” Ye Xiu lamented. Even though he hadn’t played the game in many years, he knew the value of a wild boss. It was a resource the top guilds needed to fight for. It couldn’t be shared. Winner takes all. Thus, everyone scrambled for it. Even if it wasn’t useful for them, if it was useful for their enemy, then it was also their weakness. The influence of this could directly affect the pro scene.

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