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Chapter 458 – Maximum Precision

“Not good!!” Sparse Fragrance cried. Their hearts leapt into their throats as they turned around to look towards the dog hole hidden by the pile of grass.

“Hurry up and run!” One person suggested.

“There might be people outside!” Sparse Fragrance seemed to be calm facing the crisis like a general. But his next words exposed his true feelings: “We’re so dead…….” It wasn’t that this guy was calm. It was that he had completely given up.

“Dead? Isn’t there still time to log off?” Ye Xiu was the real calm one facing the crisis.

“Oh oh, I forgot about that. Everyone, hurry up and log off!” Sparse Fragrance hastily said.

“I won’t send you off then!” Ye Xiu said.

“What?” Sparse Fragrance was just about to log off, when he felt like something was wrong with this statement. He immediately let go of the mouse: “You’re not logging off?”

“I’m not in a hurry……” Ye Xiu really was calm facing this crisis as he had Lord Grim look up at a 45 degree angle.

“For a height like this as well as a Level 65 boss’s resistance, in order to send it flying in, they would need to coordinate very well.” Ye Xiu came to this conclusion after carefully looking at the room.

“Oh?” Sparse Fragrance stopped the other four from logging off. Lord Grim was an expert, so he felt like they should put some hope into him.

“So if they want to send the boss into here, the easiest way would probably be to use a ground sweeping attack and send the boss flying through the dog hole.” Ye Xiu said.

“What?” Sparse Fragrance couldn’t understand what Ye Xiu was trying to get at.

“We can block it from coming in.” Ye Xiu said.

“Big bro, if they flip over the wall to get in, then we’ll all be exposed.” Sparse Fragrance said.

“Bro, if you look through that crack in the wall, you’ll see that no one is going to flip over the wall!” Ye Xiu replied.

Sparse Fragrance immediately understood. He immediately peeped out of the crack in the wall and sure enough, no one on the other side looked like they were planning to flip over the wall. When Ye Xiu had jumped over the wall, he had to go around in a circle. Ye Xiu had been afraid of alarming the boss when he did this, but these people didn’t have that problem. The boss had already been lured by them. These people had to hurry. As soon as they came up with the plan, they immediately began carrying it out.

“Listen carefully!” Ye Xiu said in the party chat.

There was no longer anything that could be seen from outside of the crack in the wall, but on the other side of the dog hole, all sorts of battle sounds could be heard.

“How are we going to block it?” Sparse Fragrance wasn’t sure what to do.

“If you’re familiar with your skills, you can do it.” Ye Xiu had Lord Grim move towards the dog hole.

“But if we block like this and the other side knows there are people in here, won’t they come in and kill us?” Sparse Fragrance thought about it for a bit and still felt like they should hurry up and log off.

“So don’t let them know. You have to make them think that it was their mistake.” Ye Xiu said.

“How are you supposed to do that?” Sparse Fragrance was still at a loss.

“Just watch.” Ye Xiu sent a smiley face.

“Get ready to log off at any time.” Sparse Fragrance warned.

On the other side of the wall, battle sounds could be heard more and more clearly. Only the Wilderness boss could make such loud gunfire. The attacks from the players were all mixed up, but Ye Xiu still listened intently and grasped information from these noises. The most direct information came from the players’ voices though.

“Pull it here, pull it here!!!!”

“Cleric, don’t heal so much! Be careful, don’t let it OT.”

“If I don’t heal, then they’ll die.” The Cleric objected.

“Increase the aggro! Don’t just run! Can you run faster than a bullet?” The brothers responsible for pulling the boss were scolded. The outside situation could be figured out from these shouts. The players had aggroed the boss and then impatiently ran over here. However, the Wilderness Escort was a long-ranged fighter! No matter how fast you ran, attacks would follow. As a result, the Cleric had to keep healing, but the pullers only ran and didn’t continue establishing aggro. It wouldn’t be long before the aggro switched to the healer.

“Stupid, just have the Cleric stand over here……” Ye Xiu couldn’t help but say, “Which guild are these guys from?”

“I couldn’t really see it clearly! Did anyone else see it?” Sparse Fragrance replied.

The others didn’t know either. They could see that there were people there from the crack in the wall, but the crack in the wall gave them a very limited viewpoint. If the player didn’t stand at a certain spot, then the name and guild tag on top of his head couldn’t be seen. As a result, no one saw where these guys came from.

“Pay attention to that side and whether or not there are people coming to flip over the wall.” Ye Xiu instructed.

“Understood.” Sparse Fragrance immediately had two of his people continue watching, while he continued to focus on the dog hole.

Outside, the gun sounds grew near and nearer. The Wilderness Escort was getting closer and closer to the dog hole. Suddenly, they heard a shout: “F*ck, OT!”

“Cleric, hurry up and go over there!”

“Long ranged……. He can shoot me from there……” The Cleric wanted to cry.

“You’re all dead! Move that way a bit.”

Amidst the flurry of footsteps and attacks, Ye Xiu was listening for the gunfire of the Wilderness Escort. He needed to know how much longer it would take for the Wilderness Escort to arrive.

It’s close. It’s getting closer and closer……

Ye Xiu could tell. These people weren’t bad. In the end, they were able to lure the boss to the dog hole.

“Get into position!” Someone emphasized.

“Ready!” Someone suddenly shouted.

After the sounds of several skills being used, a “Bang!” echoed. A single skill could clearly be heard.

Falling Flower Palm! Ye Xiu quickly determined. He immediately went onto his stomach and pushed down the pile of grass. From his viewpoint, he could see a black shadow about to fill up the dog hole. Ye Xiu didn’t hesitate. While laying on his stomach, he sent an attack into the dog hole.

Besides Ye Xiu, no one else knew where his attack was going towards. Chen Guo and the others waited nervously. They couldn’t see what was going on. However, Chen Guo had an advantage! She turned her head and looked towards Ye Xiu’s screen.

It looked like Ye Xiu had only sent a normal attack towards the Wilderness Escort, but soon afterwards, a “Crash!” boomed. Dirt from the earthen wall shook free. The grass near the the dog hole trembled. Outside, a voice could be heard: “Again!”

Their first attempt had clearly failed, but Chen Guo couldn’t tell if it was because of Ye Xiu or not. She didn’t know what effect Ye Xiu’s attack had accomplished.

“Move to the sides!!” Ye Xiu typed. His Lord Grim jumped up and rolled away from the dog hole. The others didn’t react in time though. A barrage of bullets whistled through the dog hole. Two people were hit by them.

“What’s going on!” The two people hit were scared out of their minds.

“Get up! Be careful.” Ye Xiu replied as he went back over to crouch down.

Outside, sounds of skills being used could be heard. After a short while, Ye Xiu once again heard a Falling Flower Palm.

He lay down and attacked.

Ye Xiu’s actions looked very simple. Outside, they could hear a depressed voice say “Again.”

“I don’t understand……” Chen Guo watched as Lord Grim dodged another round of bullets.

“What don’t you understand? I just need to slightly change his movement path so he hits one of the walls. That way, he won’t be able to get in.” Ye Xiu said.

“I understand this, but I don’t understand how you accomplish that!” Chen Guo said.

“That’s a really hard question……. The only answer I can come up with is that it’s because I’m Ye Qiu……” Ye Xiu was helpless.

“……” Chen Guo was speechless. The other side were going for their third attempt. This time, Chen Guo didn’t look at Ye Xiu’s screen. She paid attention to what Ye Xiu did that instant.

“Bang……” The ones on the outside thought that it was because they were making mistakes, which was why they kept on trying again. The skill responsible for blowing in the boss was the Battle Mage’s Falling Flower Palm.

Ye Xiu began acting when heard this sound.

Lay down, push down the grass, align his viewpoint with the dog hole.

Attack. To Chen Guo, it just looked like Ye Xiu was randomly attacking….

But she soon discovered that Lord Grim’s attack wasn’t a stab, but a flick.

Chen Guo was surprised. Because stab skills were point and click attacks, while slashes were sweep attacks, which required mouse movements to accomplish.

Lord Grim’s attack belonged in this category. However, Chen Guo couldn’t see any movements from his right hand.

Outside, a furious “AGAIN!” could be heard. This time, Chen Guo didn’t look at her screen and watched Ye Xiu’s right hand.

“Bang!” When Falling Flower Palm came out, his right hand twitched. Chen Guo stared with wide eyes.

After clicking……

So small!! Chen Guo finally saw the movement, but she didn’t dare call that a movement because Ye Xiu’s right hand didn’t really move. After he clicked, Ye Xiu’s right hand just looked like it trembled.

A tremble……. Chen Guo put her right hand in front of her. When she tried doing the same as Ye Xiu, her movement was much larger than Ye XIu’s!

Does that even count as a movement???

Chen Guo suddenly realized that it was possible because for a dog hole that was only big enough for a person to squeeze into, in order to let out a sweep attack with the desired result, the action done had to be extremely precise. If the movement was too large, the weapon would hit the wall and the attack might not come out.

Even though it was only a normal attack, it was an extremely precise one.

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